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Lit the Btreams fiow together, tet the winds and 

birds assembled come. 
Strengthen this sacrifice of mmei ye singers. I offer 

up a duly mixt oblation. 
2 O Burnt Oblations, aid, and ye, Blent Offerings, this 

my sacrifice. 
Strengthen this sacrifice of mine, ye singers.^ I ofhr 

up a duly mixt oblation. 

8 E^h several (brm, each several force I seise, and 
compass round this man. 
May the Four Quarters stren^en this my saorifioe. 
I oBEer up a duly mixt oblatioik 


Blsst be the Streams from hills of snew, sweet be 

spring Waters unto thee. 
Sweet 1^ swift-running Waters^ sweet to thee be 

Water of the Rains.. 

The Book oonsists of* misoelltaeoiM ooHeoUdQ of hymnii ehiefly 
pfimyenand chimnB for proteetiou and protpen^ The IISSL, which the 
•diton of the printed text have amended,, eontain nnmeroos and dni- 
0U8 misreadinffe which make titter nonsenae of aome parte of thb and 
the following Boole which are latev additiona te the onginy eoUeetioii. 
The hymn ia an aooompanfment ta the offmog of an oUation. 

1 Staosaa 1 and 3 are repeated, with Tarlatkme, from A. Y. L 15. 
If %, Jiixi Maiiom : oonaiating^of milk, batter, and the juioe of oom 
(probably a eort of beer)* 

S Force: referring to the variona powen that are- called npoikta 
make the eacrifioe effM^tnal^ Oompam roimd ikU mmm: ptoteot tha 
honaehdder who haa faiatitnted the aacrifiee.. Thefint linek 
with w^iatione, from A. T« I. S3. S. ' 

Addr mad tttall Wktere> 

«rJi!9 5.] 



May we be safe from threatening dan^r. Soften by 
sacrifice the wrath of Gods, O AgnL 


Thb first oblation that Atharvan offered, earliest 

sacrifice paid by J&tavedas, 
Even this I, foremost, with repeated worship, now 

offer unto thee. May Agni carry the saorificer'a 

present Hail to Agni I 

2 In front I set Intention, blessM Goddess. Mother of 

thought, may she be prompt to hear us. 
Mine, and mine only, be the hope I fashion I May I 
gain this that hath possessed my spirit. 

3 With Purpose, O Prajftpati, with Purpose oome thou 

near to us. 
Bestow on us a share of luck, and so be swift to hear 
our call. 

4 Prajftpati Angirasa with favour regard this word and 

this my settled purpose ! 
May he, whence Gods and Deities had being, K&ma 
attend us with bis gentle guidance. 


King of the living world and men is Indra, of all ia 

varied form that earth containeth. 
Thence to the worshipper he giveth riches : may he 

enrich even us when we have praised hioL 

A prayer, accompanying sacrifice, lor the attainment oC a wish. 
1 TkM€: Intention, Purpose, perunified and worshipped aa a Goddess. 

3 1% front : foremost, for adoration. 

4 Jngirtua: connected with the ancient Rishi Angiims or his dea- 
cendants. The name is more usually applied to BphaspatL i^4mm : 
Desire, Lore; the Greek Erte. Cf. 'Thereafter rose desire in the hegin- 
Bing» Desire the primal seed and genu of spirit' (^ V. X. 1S9. 4). See 
alsoA.V.IX.3.30-J4. . 

' A prayer for riches. The stanxa is* taken from ?! V. VIL 27. 3. 

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PcTBimHA hath a thooMod ams, a thauaand eyes^a 
tbonsand feet 

Ob every side penradtng earth he fills a space ten 
fingers wide. 
S He with three Quarters rose to heaven: here reap- 
peared a fonrtk of him. 

Thence he strode forth on every side to all that eats 
not and that eats. 
8 So mighty b his grandenr, yea, greater Chan this is 

Allcreatares are one-fourth of him, three-fourths 
what dietb not in heaven. 

TIm subjeot of this pMtkeistio hjmn, wluoh is tokea, with tmnspo- 
titioiis and TMriations, from ](L Y. X. 90, it iho mjrttical Sacrifioe of 

1 Furuika : embodied Spirit, or Man personified and regarded as 
the soul and original sourse of the uniTerse. Porusba is said to have 
« UUmmnd, that is, innumerable, «rsu, eye$, and fiH as being one with 
all created life. In the 1^ V. hymn a thousand heads instead of arms 
an aseribed to him. The transeriber seems to have substituted orsM 
to agrae with the number of e/es and feet A ^Mtee ten fingtm wide : 
the region of the heart of man wherem the soul was supposed to re- 
side. Although as the Universal Soul he pervades the universe, as 
the Individuia Soul he is enclosed in a space of narrow dimensions. Of. 
<The kins of Varuva mra both the oceans, and this small drop of water 
too, contains him' (A. V. IV. 16. S). Dr. Soherman (PhUosophisbhe 
Uymnen am der 9ig-und Atharvarveda Sanhiti, pp. 17—19) cites 
man/ passaaes from the Upanishads in support of this interprstation 
of ifofdi^if^ the ten-finger space. 

t To mil thai eait naitmd ikai eai$ : to $11 inanimate and anhnate 
cieation. According to S^vapa and Mahldhara, to both classes of 
eraated things, those capaUe of enjc/menti that is, who can taste the 
rewaid and punishment of good and evil actions, such as Gods, men^ 
and lower animal% and those that are incapable thereof; such as 
mountains and rivers--eile<aMMi or oonsdousi and aehHtmam or un- 
conscious cireation- 

3 WkaiUMknoi: all that is teempt from the development and 
deea/ to which iMrscreatarss or terrestrial beings are sn^^ 

itrMif «.] 

rSX ATBARtA^rtbA. 


4 Purusha is in truth this All» what hath been and 
what yet shall be — 
Lord, toO| of immortality— and what hath grown 
with somewhat else* 

6 When they divided Pultlsha hotr many tK>riions did 
they make ? 
What was his mouth? what were his arms? what are 
the names of thighs and feet? 

6 The Br&bman Was his mouth, of both his atms was 
the R&janya made< 
His waist became the Vaifya, from his feet the SAdra 
was produced* 

Sr The Moon Was gendered from bis mind, and from his 
eye the Sun iukd birth* 
Indra and Agoi from his mouth Were bom, and Vftyu 
from his breaUi* 

B i*orth from his navel came mid-air; the sky was 
fashioned from his head. 
Earth from his feeti and from his ear the regions. 
Thus they formed the worlds* 

4 iifuf whai kaih aroufti ^k iomeufhai dte t * Sinoe he beeame onit^ 
ed with another.'— Mttir. The meanmg is obsenre. The readmg of the 
l^gveda is ydd dnnendiMkaU^ * which (iramortalityf or the immortal 
World of the Gods) grows greater b/ lodd, that is, by the sacrificial 
offerings of inen«' oti ' [sinoe he] far transoeads what [eoists] through 
food,' as Ludwig renders the clause* 

6 Tk^: the Oodi. See staUSa 10. 

6 The Brihnum is called the mouth of POrosha as hatuigthespeclai 
privilege as a priest of addressbg the CMs in prayer. The arms of 
Furui£a became the Rij^ja, the prinoe and soldier who wields the 
sword and spear. His waist or, according to the ^ V*^ thighs the 
stronrat pai-t of bis body, became the agricultorist and tradesman, 
the chief supportem of society ; and his feet, the emblems of vigour 
and activity, became the $ddra or labouring man on whose toil and 
industry mi pfdsperitj ultimately rests. This is the only passage ia 
the IgUgveda whioh enumerates the four castes. 

8 Cf • the creation-mvth of the woiid-giant Ymlr m Old Northern 
poetiy« The hills are his bones, thsisky his skuU^ the sea h 
and the clouds his brains. See Corpus Foetioum BoieaK IL 468. 

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' 9 lo the begiaDiog rose Virt^ r Parusba from VirAj 
was boFD. 
As soon as be was born be spread westward and east- 
ward o'er the eartb. 

10 Wben Gods performed tbe sacrifice with Purusba as 

tbeir offering , » , x 

Spring was tbe butter, summer was the fuel, autuma 
was the gift. 

11 That sacrifice, first-born Purusba, they hallowed with 

the sprinkled Rains. 
The Deities, the SAdhyas, all the Vasus sacrificed with 

bi». .1. 

12 From it were horses borp, from it all creatures with 

two rows of teeth. 
JFrom it were generated bine,from it were goats and 
sheep produced. ^ 

18 From that great general sacrifice Jt'ohas and Sima 
hymns were born : , v • 

Therefrom the metres were produced: the Yajus 
'had its birth from it. 

14 From that great general sacrifice the dripping fat was 

gathered up : * . i 

ItTormed the creatures fleet as wind, and animals 
both wild and tame. 

15 Seven fencing-liigd had he, thrice seven layers of fuel 

were prepared. 
When, offering sacrifice, the Gods bound as their 
victim Purusba. • 

10 Tktmerifia: mdaiJOiH jf^^jfAaia, a menUl w imaginaiy tftori- 
ftee, aooordiDg to S^vaQa. . . » . « 

11 Halfomd with ihe ^nkted Baim : woA the Rainy Seami at 
lioly water lor aipenion. SAdhpai : see IX. 10. 24, note. 

13 MeU€$ : er magioal lijnini, tpolle and incantatione. 

14 General: all-prodacing. Dripping fat: •the mixture of onrOi 
snd butter.'— Wileoo. Creaimrti fleet m k»W ; or, creatura of the air. 

16 F€i^rim§4og9: guaids, pieoee Of wooi laid round a Baenfioiel fire. 
•SHja^a explains theee parilMfoh at the leven metree, or ae m 
•shallow tranehes dug round the fire, and an imaginaiy one round tbe 
•on. Mahldhaia sajs that the seven oceans may be inteng^d. 

mrvs 7.] 



16 Forth from tbeliead of tbe high Qod seven-aiid- 

seventy bright beams 
• 'Sprang into being, of the King Soma produced from 


Thi brilliant lights shining in heaven together, which 

through the world glide on with rapid motion. 
And Days, and Firmament with songs I worship, 
, . seeking the Twenty-eight-fold for its favour. 

16 Instead of this stansa the Rigreda has : ' Gids saorifioiuff saori- 
%oed the yiotim : these were the earliest holj ordinances. ThoMightj 
Ouos attained the height of heaTen, there where the Sldhjas^ Gods of 
■old, are -dwelUug.* 

This hjuMf which is generally called the Purusha434kta or Purusha 
hymn, is— as is shown by its enumeration of the four castes and by • < 
the use of the word grtekmi^ (summer) which does not occur in any other 
hymu of the ^Tcda, and vaeanttH^ (spring) which is found in only 
one other— one of the Tcvy latest pieces in that collection. It appcais 
to be an attempt to harmonise the two ideas of sacrifice and creation, y 
For further information regarding it, see Muir, 0. S. Texts, VoL V.v^ 

pp.367 — 377; Prof. ICax Mailer, Ancient Sanskrit Litorsture^ pp..^ 

^70 sq ; and especially Dr. Soherman who has most exhaustively dis- 
cussed it in his Philooophische Hymneu aiis der Rig-und Athanra-ve Ja y 
SanhiUL, pp. 1 1 — 23. The Rigreda hymn has been translated also by 
Oilobrooke, Miscellaneous Essays, pp. 167, 168 ; by Zimmer, Altindis- ^ 
cUos Lobon, p. 217 ; by Wallis, Cosmolo^ of the Bigreda, p. 87 ; hj ^ 

Sir M. Monier-Williams, in his Indian Wisdom ; by Prof. Weber, In 

<lisohe Studien, IX. p. 6 ; by Prof. Peterson, Hymns from the Rigreda, ^^ 
p. 289 ; and by Bumouf, Bhigavata Purity Prefsce to VoL L Wilson's • 
Translation should be consults! for the Tiews of SAyapa and the Indi in 
scholars of his own and earlier times ; Prof. Grsssmann's Tcruon, VoL 
II. p. 486, of his Rig-Tcda, should not be neglected ; and Prof. Lud- v^ 
wig^s Translation and com m entary will, as CTori be found of the gieat> • 
<sst service to the student 

. A hymn to the Sun and Tarious hcaTcnly bodies for pioteetioii and 

1 The Twentp^hi'/old: the lunar month with it* twenty-«ght 
msterisms or lunar mansions, the B^sees among the ctais oceiq^ed 
by Uie moon in its passage. 

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TBt arJtifa ot 


2 KrittikAs, Rohipi be swift to hear me t Let Mpga?!* 
. ms bleaa me, help me ArdrA ^ r ^^ _, * .?- 
. PunarvasA aad SAnptA, fair Pushya, the Sun, Asle- 

shfta, Magh&Mead me onward t ^ ^ 

8 My blissbe StAti/and benignant Chitrft, my right 

First Phalgunls aftd present Hasta. " _ , , . - 

/zi RAdhas, Vi^khad. ^acious AnurAdhA, Jyerfi^thA and 

' — ^'happy-starred uniiyured MAla*/;. 

4 Pood shall the earlier AshAiJhas grant me ; let those 

^9 that follow bring me strength and vigour ; 
io With virtuous merit Abhijit endow mel SraviMja and 

^^SravbhthAs make me prosper. 
6 Satabhisfiak afford me ample freedom, and both the 
^.V Prosh^hapadas jfuard me safely. 
Rjvatl and the Asvayujas bnng me luck, and the 
'^ Bharaqls abundant riches t 

* S fCriiHkdM t oae of the lunftr tnalisions, the Pleiades. -RoAwl ; a 
\^^lS^yii^. It is csUed RohijU the Ited, from the colour of 

Sirth or rixth lunar aaterism. Punarva^^: the fifth <*J»J^°"» 
knM^aeteriaiii. S^nfUd: Plea«itiie«i; s name of iJshaa «r ^^n. 
pX^^TtfTri times the eighth, hinar wterism. 

jlS^ l«nar asterism. M^^ghd: the tenth lunar 

•rteriam, iomctimet rtgatded as the wife of the Mooli. 

S 6'«fl» ; the star Arotunia, as forming the fifteenth lunar wtenm. 
Ck^^BnAU Spioa Virginia, the twelfth lunar mansion. firU 
- pt^lTfomui part of a double Nakshatim or lunar mansiod 
^STSm Ariuni iioita: Hand; the thirteenth lunar artensm, 
IdiSfiTby inni with part of the eonstellation Oorvus. Rddhoi: 
2S«r SySSf ; one^l the Kakshatras or ^^^J^^^^ 
j3Sw; ffinSng Welfare: the seTenteenth lunar mansion. j/jfoV 
fi^tot; th^St^ih lunarmanskm, called also JyeshJhaghnL See 
\nt: Ty. VL 110. %. MiUat the twenty fe urt h lunar mansion. 

^.»W the-iweii^'Mfeiith lunar mansioo. ^fWfo^a wa ^fratntimu. iui« 
t^^ Mterisma twenly-elght and one. 

EfUiMLiMkiik' Rsauirina a hundwd Physicians; so called because so 
JLfiliSi SaKcure a penKmVho falU fll while^e moou 
irta'thta.ulitweiity.fifthastarlim. iVoMjAc^niito / s donWe Kak- 


BiNiON to me be all those Lunar Mannons to which 

the Moon as he moves on dotii honour, 
All that are in the sky, the air, the water% on earth, 

on mountains, in the heavenly regions. 

3 Propitious, mighty, let theeigh&«nd-twenty together 

deal me out my share of profit. 
Profit and wealth be mine, and wealth and profit I 
To Day and Night be adoration rendered I 

8 Fair be my sunset, fair my mom and evening and 
day with lucky t^hase and happy omens ; 
With blessing and success, immortal Agni, go to the 
mortal and return rejoicing. 

4 Excitement and invoking cry, ill^mened sneesing 

and reproof. 
All sounds of empty pitchers send into the distance, 
Savitar I 

6 May we escape an evil sneeze, enjoy the sneeie of 
happy luck, 

vhatifa, the third and fourth asterisms. Rewaii : Splendid; the fifth 
asterism. Aqva^ujaM : Two Horse-Hamessers ; the head of Aries, fSorm- 
ing aooording to one account the first and according to another the 
sixth asterism. Bhar€U^U : three stars forming the setenth asterism. 

These Nakshatras or Mansions of the Moon, the asterisms in the 
Moon's path, were twenty-scTen in number aooording to the earlier 
ireokoning and twentr-eight in the later astronomy. Their names and 
order are somewhat difierently giten in the Taittirijra-Brihma^a and 
Taittiriya-Sanhitl In the Veda the^ are oonsidered to be the abodes 
of Gods, or the visible forms of the pious dead ; and in the later mj« 
thol^ they are the daughters of Daksha and the WiTes of the Moon* 
See Weber^s essay, Die Vedisohen Nachrichten von den Nakshatim. 

A prayer to the Lunar Mansions and other Powers lor protoetioo 
Mid prosperity. 

2 The-JSigh^-and-hHRtf : see the preceding hymn. 

4 BxeiUmeni and invoking erg: anukawdm pafikawim; meanings 
apparently, all sudden disturbing and alarming oalls. S m e aing : iw 
garded by the Romans also as an omen of good or eril fortune. * Ster- 
nuit, et nobis prospera vigna dodit* (Ovid. Her. 19, 161) ; *Stemntft« 
menta erunt <rt)servanda' (Cicero de DiT. 3. 40). So *Qod bless yon' 
k a common benediction Ui England when a penon i 

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And may oor nostrils smelling wh«t is pleasant pour 
fotth fragrant scent. 
6 These flames of Brahmapaspati borne to all quarters 

TolntSm Iflhither. Indra. and make them most 
gracious unto me. 

Ge»tle be heaven, gentle be earth, gentle this 
: G^arrwISSttey flow, gentle to us be plants 

and herbs I , xi. x i.- i. :- 

8 GenUe be signs of coming change, and that which is 

and 18 not done 1 i x n u^ /»«HaAiniia 

• Gentle be past and future. y«a, let all be gracious 

8 Qa"o^eLbyPraver.thisGoddessV4kwhostandeth - 

' B/wtm'tetwtrs'pell was made, even through 

her to us be peace I ^.. a +1..1 

4 Or, made more keen by Prayer, this mind that 

standeth in the highest place, xK,«„„h 

Whereby the awful spell was made, even through 

this be peace to us 1 

6 These five «"«'«-o'«•'»•.r^^ *':!,Zrt " 

sharpened by Prayer, abiding »« «»y t"*'*' . . _ ^^ 

By which the awful spell was made, even by these be 

oeaoe to us. . _ „ .. , 

« T!>.V«nr n« Mitra Varupa, and Vishpu. and Prajipati I 

• flSus to us^ Indr* and BTih aspati and Aryama n. 

^f;si!^St£;<«i5 i^^ ('«»-'->• ^'^'-^•' 

' AbymBorpmytriorgmieriaFataotkmindpw^ 


' 7 Favour us Mitra, Varuqa, Vivasvftn, and the Finisher, 
Portents on earth and in the air, and planets wander- 
' ing in heaven ! • 

8 Gracious to us be trembling earth, gracious the flam- 

ing meteor stroke I 
Gracious be kine who yield red milk, gracious be 
earth when sinking down ! 

9 Gracious be meteor-stricken constellation, gracious 

to us be magic spells and witchcraft ! 
Gracious to us be buried charms, and gracious the 
meteors and the portents of the region I 

10 Kind be the Powers who seixe the Moon, with R&ha 

be Adityas kind ! 
Favour us Death and Comet, and Rudras with pene- 
trating might I 

11 Kudras and Vasus favour us, Adityas, Agnis fi&vour 

us I 
p Favour us mighty ^ishis, Gods, Goddesses, and Bri- 
haspati I 

12 BrabmA, Dbfttar, Praj&pati, Worlds, Yedas» Agnis, 

Risbis Seven. 
^ Ail these have blessed my happy way. May Indra be 
my guardian, may Brahmft protect and cAielter me. 

7 The Finisher: Mptyu, the Ckxi of Death. 

10 Rdhu ,* Seiier ; mjthologically s Daitya or demon who i 
■wallows the fun and moon and thus caoses edipset. Aooording to 
the myth, he had four arms and his hody terminated in a taiL Dis- 
guised as a God he drank some of tlie Amrita or nectar produoed at 
the Churning of the iOoean (Bimiya^a, L 45X but the Sun, and Moon 
detected his fraud and informed Vishnu who immediatdy out off his 
head and two of his arms. As he had secured immortali^ by htf 
draught of Amrita his body was transferred to the stellar siihera^ the 
upper part, represented by a dnigon's head, being the ssoimding node^ 
and revenging itself on the Sun and Moon his betnyeis by ooosdonaUy 
swallowing them. The lower part of the body became Keio, the d»» 
ioending node^ which gare birth to eometsand fiery meteota Muirm; 
the sons of Rudra; Maruts or^Storm-Oods. 

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[B09K XlXi 


18 May all the Gods protect me, may the Gods united 

shield me well. , ^ . . . xi. u 

May all alleviations in the world which the Seven 

l^ishis know ^. , .. ^^ 

Be kind and graoiooa nnto me. Bliss and security be 

mine I 
14 Earth alleviation, air alleviation, heaven alleviation^ 
waters alleviation, plants alleviation, trees allevia- 
tion, all Gods my alleviation, collective Gods my 
alleviation, alleviation by alleviations. By these 
alleviations, these universal alleviations, I WfJ •» 
that is terriBe here, all that is cruel, all that la 
wicked. This hath been calmed, this is now aus- 
Let all be fiivourable to us. ; 

^ntiBBiK us with their aids Indra and Agni, Indra 
. and Varuna who receive oblations I 
Indra and Soma give health, wealth and comfort^ 
Indra and PAshan be our strength in battle I 
2 Auspicious friend* to us be Bhaga, ^aAsa, auspicious 
be Purandhi and all Riches, . ^ •, . 

The blessing of the true and well-conducted, and 
Aryaman in many forma apparent^ 
8 Kind unto us be Maker and Sustainer and the far- 
reaching One with g«dl»ke nature. 
Auspicious unto us be Earth and Heaven* the Moun- 
tam and the Gods' £ur invoeations. 

A pnyer for genwat protoetioii veA pmpwity. TI10 Hymn !• taken 

A«i^ be inSiiA FwJSkii PkntJ. or umO^ U) 
iJntAoiBy penonified. 

arUN 10.] 



4 Favour us Agni with bis face of splendour, and 
Yaruqa and Mitra and the Asvins, 
Favour us noble actions of the pious ; impetuoos 
y&ta blow on us with favour I 

6 Early invoked may Heaven and Earth be friendly, 
and Air's mid-region good for us to look on. 
To us may herbs and forest trees be gracious, graci*. 
ous the Lord victorious of the region. 

6 Be the God Indra with the Yasus friendly, and with 

Adityas Varupa who blesseth. 
Kind with the Budras be the healer Rudra, and with 
the Dames here Tvash^r kindly hear us. 

7 Kind unto us be Soma and Devotions, kind be the 

Sacrifice and Stones for pressing. 
Kind be the fixing of the Sacred Pillars, kind be 
the tender Grass, and kind the Altar. 

8 May the far-seeing Sun rise up to bless us : be the 

four quarters of the heaven auspicious. 
Auspicious be the firmly«seated Mountains, auspici* 
ous be the Rivers and the Waters. 

9 May Aditi through holy works be gracious, and may 

the Maruts, loud in song, be friendly. 
May Vishqu give felicity, and PAshan, and Air that 
cherisheth our lives^ and Vftyu. 
10 Prosper us Savitar, the God who rescues, and let the 
radiant Mornings be propitious. 
Propitious to our children be Parjanya, kind to o* 
be the field's beQign Protector I 

6 Lord neioritmBnf the regitm: lodfi^ tbe oliief Qod of the 

6 The haUr Rudra: of. {. 19. 3» note. Daime$: the ooniorttof 
the Gods. Trath^ur frequentlj appeen as their pompankn and eioort« 
Cr. 9* V. II, 1. 9; 38. 10; HI. 1. 9; 60. IS; X. 64. 10; 66. S. 

7 Sacred pm^f: the saoHfioial poets to whioh the viotiiiiaw«etied« 
10 Th4 fM9 imifM Proiedcr: mi&r Rudra or Agni 

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THE HYUm or 

{BOOK xrx. 

Mat the great Lorcfe off Truth protect and aid U8 : 

blest to U8 be our h»r8es and our cattle. 
Kind be tlie pious, skilful-handed Ribhus, kindi be the 
Fathers at our invocatioiw. 
2 Kind to us be the Gixb and Visve Itevaa, Sarasvatl. 
with Holy Thoughts be gracious. 
Friendly be they, tlie Liberal Ones, who seek us. yea^ 
those wha dwell in heaven, on earth, in. waters. 
S May Aja-EkapAd the God be gracious^ gracious the 
Dragon of the Deep, and Oceans 
Gracious be he, tite swelling Child of Waters, graci- 
ous be Ppsni who hath Gods to guard her. 

4 So may the Rudras, Va8tta,,and Adityw accept the 

new hymn which we now are making. 
May all the Holy Ones of eartband heaven> and the 
Cow's offspring hear our iavocatbm. 

5 Priests of the Gods, worthy of sacrifices, immortal, 
« knowing Law, whom man must worship, 

May these to-day give us broad ^ths to travel Pre- 
serve us evermore^ ye Gods^ with blessings. 

The hymn is a oontinostion of the preceding^ and' ia taken ftnonn 
the remaining portion (atansas 11—15) of R. V. VIl. 35. 
I Jfibkiu: the three deified arUficere. See VI. it. 3» note. 

3 AjorEhapdd: the Sun. Aja-EkapU is oalled in ?. V. X. 65. 13 
the hearer of heaven, *and the aeonptioi> of one foot to the Sun*, 
might be due to his appearance alone in the tk^r as opposed to the 
Pawns and the Afrins^ (Wallis, Cosmology of the Rigreda, p. 54). 
M. Beigaigne says (U Religion VWique^ IIL pp. 20—25): 'Aja- 
Ebm&dt then is * the unborn who has only one foot^' that i» to sa^,. 
who dweUs in the single isoUted world; the plaoe of mystery, m. 
opposition to the CM who UMmifosU himself in diveis worlds, to Agnv 
or Soma In their Tarious Tisible forms.** Droffom of ihs De^ : Ahi- 
bodhnya; a mysterious atmospherio deity, regent of the depths of 
the fihnament. Child t/ WrnUn: AgnL Ft^ni: mothei of the 

4 Tki Cmif$ oftpring: the Ifamts, sons of Prifni, the ^^;pp\M 
eow or variegated ekmd. Aoeordiog to von Both,, those wbo ai» 
•bom Mid live hi radiant heaveo. 

arUN 13.J 



Dawn drives away her sister's gloooii and through 
her ezoellenoe inakes her retrace her path. 

Through her may we gain Ood-appointed treasure, and 
with brave sons be^glad through hundred winters. 

Thbsi the two sturdy, manly arms of Indra, these 

that are wondrous, mighty, and suooessful— 
First, when the need hath come ¥riU I employ them 
by which the heaven of Asuras was conquered. 
2 Swift, like a dread bull sharpening his weapons, 
ranidly striking, stirring up the people, 
Loua shouting, vigilant, the one sole Hero, India 
subdued a hundred hosts together. 
8 With him loud-roaring, ever watchful, victor, bold, 
hard to overthrow, whom none may vanquish, 
Indra the strong whose hand bears arrows, conquer, 
ye heroes now, now vanquish in the combat 

4 He rules with those who carry shafts and quivers, 

Indra who with his hand bnngs hosts togetner. 
Foe-conquering, strong of arm, the Soma-drinker, 
with mighty bow, shooting with well-laid arrows. 

5 Conspicuous by thy strength, firm, foremost fighter, 

mighty and fierce, victorious, all-subduing, 
Overcoming might, excelling men and. heroes, mount 
thy kine-winning conquenng car, O Indra. 

A prayer to Ushas or Dawn for wealth and long Ufa. 

1 The first line^ in DvlpadA VirAj metre of twen^ qrllables^ ia 
taken from ^ V. X. 172: 4, and the aeoond, in Trishfop metre hoot 
B. Y. TI. 17. 15. Her juter^f glwm : the darkness of Night. 

The hymn, which, with the exception of stann 1, is taken, with 
transpositions and lectional Tariations, from JgL T. X* 103. 1-^-9, 11, 
is a prayer for aid and victory in 4x0110. 

1 Aturoi : the foes of the Gods by .whom they were finaUy oon- 
qneied, like the Titans of Qrcdan mythology and the rebellknia Angela 
of Paradise Lost. ^ . 


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6 Troop-yanquisheri kine-wiDoer, armed with thunder, 

who quells aa army and with mi^ht destroys it,— 
Follow him, comrades I quit yourselves like heroes, 
and like this Indra show your zeal and courage. 

7 Piercing the cow-stalls with surpassing rigour, Indra 

the pitiless hero, wild with anger, 
Victor in fight, unshaken and resistless,— may he 
protect our armies in our battles. 

8 Bfihaspati, fly with thy chariot hither, slayer of 

demons, driving off our foemen, 
Be thou protector of our bodies, crushing our ene- 
mies, destroying those who hate us. 

9 Indra guide these! Br'ihaspati, the Guerdon, and 

Soma, and the Sacrifice precede them I 
And let the banded Marut^ march in forefront of 
heavenly hosts that conquer and demolish. 

10 Ours be the potent host of mighty Indra, King. 

Varuqa, ana Maruts and Adityas. 
Uplifted is the shout of Gk>ds who conquer, high* 
^ minded G^s who cause the world to tremble. 

11 May Indra aid us when our flags are gathered : vie* 
^ torious be the arrows of our armv. 

May our brave men of war prevail in battle. Ye 
Gods, protect us in the shouts of onset 

I HAVE attained this goodliest place to rest in Both 

Heaven and Earth have shown me grace and favour. 
Without a foe for me be all the regions I We hate 

thee not May we have peace and safety. 

9 GwUihea: be the lesder of our troope. Tke Gtiml&m: HdkMifA; 
to be giTSD to the prieete who perfSorm the eseriliee that is offnred 
before the bettle. 

11 Wkm^mrjlipanga iht r^d: <appsientlj oompsimble with the 
frignk eolktU of the Bornsne.'— Lodwig^ 

A hjmn after Tiotofy. 

1 Tku : the eonquefed and tttbinieeiTe eneni^. 


itritN 15.) 



Ikdra, give us security from that whereof we are 

fielf) us, O Maehavan, let thy succour grant us this: 

drive foes and enemies afar^ 

8 We call on Indra, on the liberal giver : we will be 
prosperous in men and cattle^ 
Let not the hosts of cruel fiends approach U8» Drive 
off the Drubs to every side> O indra. 

8 Best, making household wealth increase, Indra our 
saviour, kills the foe. 
May he from outmost point be our protector, and 
from the centre and from west and eastward. 

4 Lead Us to ample room, O thou who knowest^ to 

happiness, security, and sunlight 
Strong, Indra, are the arms of thee the mighty : 
may we betake us to their lofty shelter* 

5 May air^s mid-region give us peace and safety, safety 

may both these, Heaven and Earth, afford us. 
Security be ours from west, fix>m eastward, fix>m 
north and south may We be free frt>m dangen 

6 Safety be ours from friend and from the unfriendly^ 

safety from what we know and what We know not* 
Safety be ours by night and in the day-time I friend« 
ly to me be all my hopes and wishes I 

A pttkjer tor peace and eecurity* 
' 1 The etaata ta takeiiTroiii ^ V. YUL 50. 11 

3 Dmht: epirite of miscbief. 

i Taken from $. V» VL 47» & 

6 FnmfrUnd: cf. the old mying, tfeaireH guard me irom my 
friend ! Tbe liymn hae been t^Mislated by Ludwig^ 0eif Bigfeda, llL 
p. 513. • ^ 

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' FiAOB hath been given us from the east, and from 

the west Becurity. 
* ' SaTitar guard me from the souths and from the nortn 

the Lord of Might I 
S May the Adityas from the sky protect me, Agnis 

from the earth. ^ ^ ^ ^ „ 

. May Indra-Agni guard me from the eastward, on all 

sides may the Asvins give me shelter. 
. May JAtavedas guard, sidelong, our cattle- 

Our shield on all sides be the World-Creators I 


AoMi from eastward guard .me with the VasusI 
To him I go, in him I rest : this fort I seek for 

refuge. . t •- 

' May he protect me, may he be my guardian. I give 

my soul— All hail I into his keeping. 
2 Ykpk with Air protect me from this region. To him 

I go, etc 
8 May Soma from the south, with Rudras, guard me. 

To him, etc. 

4 Varu^a with Adityas guard me from this region ! 

To him, eta 

5 S&rya with Earth and Heaven from the western 

region guard me well. To him, etc. 

A prayer lor seottrity from dwiger. 

I L^rfUighi: fdMpdHhf Iiwlra. Indwilcal litermture, Hor 
bud of Sttobl, thit b, of Might poroonified m hta oonaort. 
i WoMCnai^n: snoleut IfiMB who m dtmlttrgl orostad the unl- 
See VoL L Indtt, imdar BhttiJqritM snd (hf^atiTO ?irfU^ 

TWeiioiMiietriodhyiimlispniyerforprot^ from all dwgew 
tlial maj Uiroaleo the wonhlpperfrom any quarter of the earth or 
■kj. CL1.V.V. 10. — 

HTMN 18.] 



6 May^ Waters joined with Plants protect me from 

this region. To them I go, in them I rest : this 
fort I seek for refuge. 
May they protect me, may they be my guardians. I 
give my soul, — All hail I— into their keeping. 

7 May Visvakarman with the Seven ^ishis be my 

protector from the northern region. To him, etc. 

8 May Indra, Marut-girt, protect me firom this region. 

To him, etc 

9 Praj&pati, of generative power, with the Pratish^hA 

save me from the nadir I To him, etc. 
10 Brihaspati, joined by the Visvedevas, protect me 
from the region of^the zenith t To him I go, in 
him I rest : this fort I seek for refuge. 
May he protect me, may he be^my j^ardian. I give 
my soul-^AU hail I — into his keeping. 


Let those who vex me from the eastern region, sin* 
ners, praise Agni followed by the Vasus. 

2 Let those who vex mef from thid quarter, sinners^ 
. praise Yftyu compassed by tiie Airs mid-r^on. 

8 Let those who vex me firom the southern quartet*, 
sinners, mng praise to Soma with the Rudras. 

4 liCt those who vex me from thin quarter, sinners, 
praise Varupa connected with Adityas. 

7 FffMianMOfi/.theOiiiiiifio; the Arohiteet of the Unirene; a 
deitj reeembling and •omeUmes identified with PkajApeli, tiie Loid 
of Creation. 

9 i>hrtM(A4 ; a SAmen eepeoisUy dedicated to PkajApa^ 

A hymn somewhat simikr to the preoeding, being a piajer lor 
•eourity and peaoe on all ndee. CI X. T. 10* 

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t Let ibose who vex me from the western quarter, 
sinners, pntise Siirya linked with Earth and 

6 Let those who vex me from this quarter, sinners, 

give praise to plants' associates tiie Waters* 

7 Let those who from the north side vex me, sinners, 

praise Visvakuman with the Seven X^i^his. 

8 Let those who vex me from this quarter, sinners, 

pndse Ind^ with the Marat host about him. 

9 Let those who vex me from the nadir, sinners, extol 

Pngftpati of genial power. 
10 Let those who vex me from the zenith, sinners, extol 
Brihaspati with the Visve Devas. 

Hrnu arose with Earth. To that fort I lead you; 
enter i^ occupy it. Let it give you protection and 
. S VAyn arose with Air. To that fort, etc. 

8 SArya arose with Heaven. To that fort, etc« 

4 ChandramM arose with the Constellations. To that 
fort» etc, 

9 SacHfiqe arose with Priestly Fees. To that fort, etc. 

6 Ocean arose with the Rivers. To that fort, etc 

7 Brahma arose with the Brahmaehirta. To that for^ 


8 Indra arose with Manly Might To that fort, etc 

9 The Gods arose with Immortality. To that fort, etc 
10 PrajApati arose with Creatures. To that fort I lead 

you : enter it, occupy it Let it give y^u protection 
and defence. 

A non-metrioal hjinn reoommmiding the protection of Tftrione Qodi, 
7 ^rdbMMiUMt; felitfont stodents. 89f Y, 17. S; XI, fi, 

B7MN 11] 



my shield is the 
Let not miafor- 


Mav Soma, Yaruoa the King, both Asvins, Tama 
and PAshan guard us well from Mrityu — 

Death caused by men, which Indra- Agni, DhAtar, 
Bfihaspati and Savitar appointed. 

£ All that the World's Lord made, all that for orear 
tures Praj&pati and M&tarisvan fitshioned. 
All thiugs within the auartera and theur spaces^ let 
all these be my manifold defences. 

8 That which the Gk)ds bound on them when they 
battled for their royal sway. 
What Indra made bis shield, may that protect us 
well on every side. 
4 My shield is Heaven and Earth, 
bright Day, my shield the Sun. 
The visve Devas made my shield, 
tune fitU on me. 

OAvATBt, Ush^ih, Anush (up, Bfihatt, Trish^up, JagatL 

With the first five chapters of the Angirases, Hiul! 
2 To the sixth. Mail I 8 To the seventh and 
eighth, Hail I 4 To the Mack-clawed ones. Hail I 
A prayer for proteotkm from Death and mi«fortaiie. 
3 Th(UwhieKik$Ood$h<mnd<m ihem: an amulet or all-poweilal 
obarm; probably the Apftmiiga plant. See lY. 19. 4. WAtU Indrm 
mad€ kii MM: of. IL 27. 3. 

A dngle line giTing the names of the ehief Vedio melm. 

A proee hymn (with one metrioal ttania) of homage to various por* 
tioni of the Athanra-yeda, the Rithia, and Bimhma. 

1 ChapUn: AnuTikaa; aectiona or leaaooa. ThefiratfiyeoT theee 
comprise Hymna 1^38 of Book L Jngiram: that ia, Sooga of the 
Angiraaea; a name of the AtharrarTeda. See Vol. L, PkeCaoe^ p. UL 

3 The iiMik: oontainins Hymna 29— 35 of Book I. ngmwemtk mmd 
eighth: Hymna 1—5, and 6 -10, re^^eoUTely, of Book IL 

i BlaeMawid : the ^nmMMM. 

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5 To the golden-hued ones, Hail I 6 To the small 
• 4>ne89 Hail I 7 To those composed in strophes, Hail I 
8 To the first shells, Hail I 9 To the second shells. 
Hail I 10 To the third shells, Hail I 11 To the 
penultimates, HaII I 12 To the last ones, Hail I 
13 To the latter ones. Hail I 14 To the I^xAm, 
Hail t 15 To those with hair in tufts. Hail ( 16 
To the Gaoas, Hail I 17 To the great Oa^as, Hail I 
18 To all the YidagaQa Angirases, Hail! 19 To 
those two with separate thousands, Hail t 20 To 
Brahma, Hail I 
SI Collected manly powers arc topped bv Brahma. 
Brahma at first spread out the loftiest heaven. 
Brahmft was bora first of all things existing. Who 
then is meet to be that Brahmas rival ? 

Hail to the four-verse strophes of the Atharva^as I 
2 Hail to the five-versed I 3 Hail to the six- vers- 
ed I 4 Hail to the seven-versed I 5 Hail to the 
Hiight- versed I 6 Hail to the nine-versed 1 7 Hail 
to the ten-versed I 8 Hail to the eleven-versed I 9 
Hiul to the twdive- versed I 10 Hail to the thirteen- 
' versed I 11 Hail to the fourteen-versed I 12 Hail 
to the fifteen-versed I 13 Hail to the sixteen- 
versed I 14 Hail to the seventeen- versed I 15 Hail 
to the eighteen-versed I 16 Hail, nineteen I 17 
Hail, twenty I 18 Hail to the Great Section 1 19 

5 G^oUbi4«Mil ; the HariUa 

6 8mM <me$ : tlie KthudrM. Vanous portions and hjmus of the 
Athsr?a-T64m which tre not' desr^ identifiable^ aipe designated by 
theee and the remaining fantastic names. 

^ A prose hjmn of homage^ like the preceding hymn, to various por* 
tioos of the Athanra-Tcda classed according the nomber of yerses 
which their hymns contain. 1 Fomr-vitHd: chiefiy in Book I. t Five- 
wmd: hi Book IL 8 8i»4fened: hi Book XXL 4 .S^wm^Pined: in 
Book IT. 5 Eighi^mrHi: hyihns with from eight to eighteen Tersea 
ere Immdm Book y. Longer pieces are contahied hi Books VUL—XIIL 
and othen. 18 Ormi Shuim: or Book; judghig by its length, nam- 


arjtir u.] 



Hail to tJbe triplets I 2Q Hiul to the single-versed 
hymns I 21 Hiul to the little ones! 22 Hail to 
toe8ingIe-non.9iph-ver8edonesl 28 Ha« to the 
gohitas I 24 Hail to the two SAiyA hymns I 25 
Hail to tte two Vr4tya hymns I 26 nil to the 
two Praj&pati hymns 1 27 HaU to the hymn of 
^otoiy t 28 Hail to the hymns for happmess I 29 
xlail to £rahma I 


by Brahma. 


I loftiest fieaven. 

Collected manly powers are .« 
Brahma at first spread out the .vtu«.«, awv< 

BnihmA was born first of aU things existing. Who 
thenisfittobethisBrahmA'smal? * 


Do ye, O Brahma^aspati, invest for royal sway this 
man • * 

With toat wherewith the Deities invested Savitar 
the God. 

2 Invest this Indra for long life, invest, him for neat 
pnnoely power, * 

That I may lead him on to eld, that he may wateh 
his pnncedom long. 

8 Invest this Soma for long life, invest him for neat 
hearing power, * 

berot h^nns, and the praBminenoe of iu main mbjeot. Book XX. 

ofoMTeiwwdy.andnotbofTowed baai tlie>gwda. M&SS? 
^ohymn. of Book XIII., .ddrMMd to BohiU • fcSnrf^tlie SMLsi 

of Book XV. S6 PttfjApttti ifwuu: Ot* hjama b ^j,- ^-'^"^■ 

ii eqwdaQj honound. 

irhkb Ptajipati 

A benediction on a newly elected Ktng . 
1 r<.- thou and otberOoda; 

•^J *»^*«w.tW« King, eqnal to Sftna who bfc^aenUy flailed King; 

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THE nrum of 


That I may lead him on to eld, that he may watch 
o'er hearing long. 
4 For u, anrronnd him, cover him with splendour, 
ffive him long life, and death when age removes 
This garment hath Brihaspati presented to Soma, to 
the King, to wrap about him. 
h Advanoe to good old aee : endue the mantle. Be 
thou our heifers' guard from imprecation. 
live thou a hundred foil and plenteous autumns, and 
wrap thee in prosperity of nches. 
6 Thou for our weal hast clothed thee in this garment: 
thou hast be€K>me our cows' sure guard firom curses. 
- live thou a hundred full and plenteous autumns : 
thou living, fair thyself, shalt deal forth treasures. 
•7 In every need, in every fray we call, as friends, to 

succour us, Indra Uie mightiest of all 
8 Gk>ld-coloured, undecaying, blest with heroes, dwell, 
flying in old age, with children round thee. 
This is the spoken word of Agni, Spma, Bpbaspatii 
and Savitar, and Indra. 


I Ton thee with the mind of one unwearied still and 

first of all. 
Be thou a bearer up the hill : run hither bearing up 

thy load. 

4 Btpastad fraoi A. V. IL 18. S. FmtU of itMint 5 and 6 tre tsken 
firom Tsne 8 cf the niM hjrmn. 
7 t9km fram 9. V. L 80. 7. 
TlM hjnm hat been traiiktod by Lodvlgb I>er lUg^ 

Apptrmtlj a olianii to b« used whoi a young OK ia yoked lor tho 
iisttimt. ^ 



BYMN 27.] 



Gold that was bom from Fire and is immortal hath 

been deposited with mortal creatures. 
He who knows this deserves to own this jewel, and 
in extreme old age dies he who wears it . 
2 The men of ancient time with children round them 
longed for this Gold, bright with the Sun's own 
This shall endow thee, as it shines, with splendour, 
and long shall be the life of him who wears it 
8 Long life and splendour let it bring, bring enersr 
and strength to thee 
That thou mayst shine among the folk with all the 
brightness of the GK>ld. 

4 What Varuw the King knows well, and what the God 
And Indra, Slayer of the Foe, may that bestow long 
hfe on thee, may that increase thy splendid strength. 

Lit the Bull guard thee with the kine, the StalUon 

with the fleet-foot steeds. 
Let Vftyu keep thee safe with prayer, and Indrm 

with his mighty powers. 

2 Let Soma guard thee with the plants, Sil^a protect 
thee with the stars ; 
With breath let Wind protect thee, and the Moon, 
foe-slayer, with the months. 

A hymQ aooompanying inyootltoro with sn smqlet of gold. 
V ^^^^^ ^^' ^» produoed from Agni whose seed it bnid to 
be. See Sacred Booke of tbeEwt^ XII. S77; XXIX. 50, SSO. 
_ 2 With MHrm: whom the poeeoMioiiQl the smulei bfoaghtto 

•Hie hymn hae been tmneUted and aimotii^ 
lieder dee Atharraryeda, pp. 49, 192. . -^ -* 

A benedictoiy hyn^n. 

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% Three are the e»rth8,they say, and three the heavens, 
three are the atmosoheree, and four Jh® oceans. 
Threefold the hymn oF praise, threefold the Waters. 
Let these with triple song and triplets guard thee. 

4 Three vaults of heaven, and three seas, three hnght, 

three stationary ones, *^„*««i t 

Three MAtarisvans, and three suns, protectors, i 
arrange for thee. . . • . 

5 Increasing thee with butter I, Agni! with fetness 

Le?n<?JjagiSlns harm the Ufe of Agni or of Moon 
or Sun. 

6 Let not magicians mar your heat, your vital or 

di£Eiimve breath. „^^ 

Brilliant and aU-possessing Gods, run ye your course 
with Godlike power. 
T Fire they endow with vital breath. Wind U compact 

With^'fajfbJ!!!^^ Gods produced the Sun whose 
ISmsc turn every way. 

8 Live with the Life-Creators' life. Die not, live on to 

Lile°5itMhe'SSath of men with souls. Submit not 
to tiie power of Death. 

9 The secret treasure of the Gods which Indra, by 

pathways travelled by the Gods, discovered, 
TluTt ffoW the Waters with the triplets guarded. May 
theykeep thee with threefold hyma and tnplets. 

10 With friendly thoughU the Deities, ^fy^;^^^^^ 
and three great Powers preserved it m the Waters. 

4*«li<m«fyo.»«:or,ttaWirii6dbighlD^^^ The mesning of 
mM(c^P^ it nnoBrtain. 

8 2;d^Cr«torf: thsGodfc Cf. A. V. Ht 31. 8. 

9 mW^ft Into which Agni powd the gold. See SwrodBoDlis 

oftheE«sfc,Xn.S77. _ 


He made heroic powers with the gold that lies upoa 
this Moon. 

11 O ye eleven Gods who are in heaveu, accept this 


12 O ye eleven Gods who are in air, accept this sacrifice. 

18 Oye eleven GKmIs who are on earUi, accept this 

14,15 repeated from XIX. 16. 1, 2. 


On thee I bind this Amulet for lengthened life and 
, brilliancy. 

The rival-quelling Darbha grass that bums the spirit 
of a foe. 

2 Burning the spirit of the foe, vexing the heart of 
Darbha, on every side, like heat^ inflame all evil* 
hearted men. 

8 O Darbha, burning round like heat» consuming foes, 
O Amulet, 
Like Indra rending Vala cleave mine adversaries' 
hearts in twain. 

4 Cleave throueh, O Darbha, Amulet, my foes', mine 
adversaries heart 
Rise Uiou and batter down their heads like growth 
that covereth the earth. 

10 A •* Indra. The line is obeoure. 

' A ehann for the destruction of enemiee. 

1 Darhha grau : Sacrificial grass, especiallj Kofa gmss^ used for 
strewing the ground and other purposes in religious ceremonies. The 
plant is said to spring from heaTcn, and various sanotif/ing and oUier 
far-reaching supernatural powers are ascribed to it. See A. V. IL 7 ; 
YL 43; and VIIL 7. 20, where Darbha is identified with Soipa the 
King of Plants. 

8 Fato: the Cave; personified as a d^non who withholds the hesTenly 
waten, and who, like his brother Yfitn, was vanquished bj LkUm. 

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[BOOK XlX. . 

rum ». 

r, thou my md8.D»rbha. cleave the men who 

* Wn would fight with me. ^^^, ^^e meu who hate 
Caeave all who wish me evil, cleave » 

'"••/;r***lrival..Darbha.eto. (»« 5. r*^ 
6 Wound thou, my nyaw, xj 

tituting • wound for Cleave.; 

I S^ thou my rivals. Darbha^a^ 

Pir^:ji'we^li?reva.pie«.ihe.u.en who 
lute me, Amulet I 


"••^°°^Lj. DarW... eta. (- i« >• "* 

8 CJheck thou, etc. 

4 CJra8hihou,etc 

. 5 Shake thou, etc 

6 Bruiae thou, etc 

7 Bom thou, etc 

8 Consume, etc ^ ^^ ^j^^ fab 
» Slay thou my rivaU^ Darbha, 8iay w 

would 6ght ?>^h me. ^^^ ^l,^ hate 

Slay all who wish me eni, siay vu 
moi Amulet. 

aoootiiiu»tl<»^ t*»*P«^ 

arajf si.] 



Darbha, with that ^[ood shield of thinOi of hundred 
' guards till death in eld, 

Arm thou this man, and with thy might strike thou 
his adversaries down. 
2 Darbba, thou hast a hundred shields, thou bast a 
thousand manly powers. 
All Gknls have given thee to him to bear thee till 
extreme old age. 
8 They call thee, Darbba, shield of Gk>ds, they call 
tbee Brabmaoaspati. 
Tbey call tbee shield of Indra : thou proteotest king- 
doms from attack. 

4 Darbba, destroyer of the foe, vexing the hearts of 

An Amulet that strengthens rule I make thee, and 
the body's guard. 

5 What time Paijanya roared to it with lightning 

flashes in the sea, 
Thence came the drop, the golden drop, thence 
Darbha into being sprang. 

SAviTARmake all cattle grow and prosper in my 

stable with 
Amulet of Udumbara, helper of him who longs for 

wealth I 

A proteotive ohMm Moompanying inYMtiturB with an amulet U 
Darboa grass. 

5 The Darbha grass springs up at the beginning of the Bains amid 
the roar of the thunder-oloud and the flashes of lightning from tlio 
•eaofair. — ^ 

A oharm to ensure general prosperity, aooompanTing self-investitnia 
with an amulet of Udumbara. * 

I Udwmbora: the Glomeroos Fig-tree; Fiens Olomerata; Hindi; 
Dumbar ; a large tree, generally lou^ in and about Tillages, and on 
the banks of riTers and watercourses where the soil is rioh and ^oT 
Roxbuigb. Besides amulets, saorifieial posts and ladlss were i 
times UMde of the wood of this tree. 

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2 May he who was our Household Fire, the ruler of 
our cattle, strong ^ 

Amulet of Udumbara, endow us with prosperity. 
- 1 By power of the Udumbara Charm may Dhfttar give 
me plenty, rich 
In the kine'i droppings and in fruit, and, in our dwel- 
ling, food, and drinlc. 

4 I win great plenty, while I wear the Amulet of 

Udumbara, ,-11. 

Of quadrupeds and bipeds, of juices and food of every 


5 I have obtained abundant wealth of cattle, bipeds 

and quadrupeds, and corn in plenty. 
Savitar and Bphaspati vouchsafe me the milk of kine 
^d herbs* refreshicg' juices I 

6 Fain would I be the lord of herds of cattle : may _ he 

who rules o'er riches send me riches. 
May the Udumbara Amulet vouchsafe possessions 
unto me. 
^ To me with wealth and children come the Amulet of 
Udumbara, 1 . t j 

With splendour come the Amulet hastened by Indra 
on its way 1 

8 Divine, foe^uelling Amulet, wealth-winner for the 

gain of wealth — 
May it give store of beasts and food and cause our 
kine to multiply. 

9 As thou, O Forest Tree, wast born wiih increase 

when thy life began, 
So let Sarasvatt bestow abundant growth of wealth 

on me. 

10 Sarasvatl vouchsafe me wealth, household prosperity^ 

and corn I .^, , 

' Let Sinl v&ll bring them, and this Amulet of Udumbara . 

10 SMMi: see XIV. S. 11^ 31. Here she appears m a Qoddees 
of Ftoepefi^ imeonneoted with Im imal f anetkme as Imcii^ 

JErnKiV 83.] 




11 The Lord of amulets art thou, most mighty: ia thee. 

wealth's ruler hath engendered riches. 
These gains are lodged in thee, and all great treasures. 
Amulet, conquer thou : far from us Danish malign* 
ity, and indigence, and hunger. 

12 Vigour art thou, in me do thou plant vigour: riches 

art thou, so do thou grant me riches. 
Plenty art thou, so prosper me with plenty : House* 
holder, hear a householdei^s petitioiL 

13 Amulet of Udumbara, enrich us : vouchsafe us wealth 

with all good mein about us. I bind thee on for 
increase of possessions. 

14 For hero is this hero bound. Amulet of UdumWa. 
So may he make our offering sweetlyHMvoured, and 

grant us wealth with all good men about ua. 

For len^hened life I bind on thee the Darbha grass, 

the mighty plant. 
Excellent hard to overthrow, with hundred stems 

and thousand blades. 

2 They cut not off his hair, they strike no blow upon 
the breast for him 
To whom one gives protection by Darbha that hath 
uninjured leaves. 

8 O Plant, thy root is in the %ky, and thou art stationed 
on the earth : 
With thee who hast a thousand stalks we strengthen 
all the powers of life. 

4 Through all three skies the plant haih pierced, 
and the three r^ons of the earth : 
With thee I split in twain the tongue and words of 
the bad-hearted man. 

A dham, aooompanjing inyettitare with a Darbha giaiiaiiiiilet» to 
subdue enemies and win the afiedtioa of oihen. 
^ (hiimi6fkit(h^:t6^thi thiitig, h^i^ Ute'fdrtfer. 
3 2!^ rool w ^ Of ilf; ol. IL 7. S, note. 

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AThoti -rt Tictoriow in thy might : I mm endoweji 
' with oonquering strength:^ n' ^..u 

Possessed of overpowering foroe we two will qnell 
our enemios* i. r • 

6 Subdue our foeman, overcome the men who fiun 

would fight with us. , , 

Conquer ^ evU-hewted ones: make many weU- 
disposed to me. ^ , x x- j 

7 With Darbha that hath sprung fifom Gods, stationed. 

in heaven, full many a time, . 

* -With this have I Won many men, have won and may 

I win them stilL « *t - * 

« Do thou. Darbha, make me dear to BrAhman and 
' iSanVa, dear to ^Adra. and to Arya dear, 

YiTdei to every man' we love, to every man witii 

eyes to see. ... i. u^ 

9 He who first bom fixed earth in her position, he who 

established heaven and air's mid-region, 
• Whom sinner ne'er hath known as hissu^^ 

—this Darbha be our shelter and protection I 
10 First of aU plants itspran|fintoexistence,victonous, 

hnndred4rtemmed, the ^-snbduer. 
^ So may thisDarbha from all sides protect us : with 
. this may I subdue our foes in Uttle. 

' HuHBBiMriioiiD, succulent, and worth a thousand, 
. ^S R^JoRiS of pUints, the Waters' Agni, 
* T^this same Darbha guard us from M quarters. 
« ^^ oXe AiiuletS^ life endow us. 

.7 *nflif >V«* OoA,- ef. V. 4. 8. note, sod 7. 

• ApwtscllfssadbwidieaTSclismsoooi^^ 

ETMF 34.] 



2 Drawn forth from butter, juicy, sweeily-fiaTbiired^ 
firm as the earth, unshaken, overthrowing. 
Driving off foes and casting them beneath me, 
mount with the strength of mighty Ones, O DarbluL 
S Thou movest o'er the earth with <vigQtir: lovely ia 
lacrifice thou sittest on the altar. 
The ^shis bear thee as a purifier : cleanse thou us 
from all evil deeds' defilement. 

4 A stem and all-victorious king, foe^ueller, dear to 

every man — 

That energjr of Gh>ds and mighty power/ I bind this 
on thee for long life and welfim. 

5 Achieve heroic deeds with Darbha; wearing this 

Darbha never let thy soul be troubled* 
In splendour and precedence over others illumine 
like Uie Sun tiie heaven's four regions. ^ 


JANdipA, thou art Angiras: thou art a guardiap, 

Let Jangida keep safely all our bipeds and our quad« 

2 The atansa ia repeated, with the final pida altered, Iraiii Y. 28. 
14. MwaU : that is, be fastened todnd the maa'a neek. 

3 M<mtt o'er tke Mtih : the graia ipreada with great fapidily, le* 
rooting itself oontinnally. 

Lofttlp m merifiee: ssTon Imnohes are used for diffumii poiposea 
in a sacrifioe. See Hang's AitareyarBriLhmapa, IL p. 79. SUtmi eis 
ike altar : three bundles are loosened and spread Of«r the Yedi or 

A proteotive ohann addressed to the panacea 
I Jangi4at a plant or tMe.wbio|!.has not been 
4. 1. note. 

idsAtii&ed.8eft it 

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rat BTMM8 or 


STMS 30.] 



8 Dice-witdieriea. the fifty-three., the hundred witch- 

effeotoal force. ^ ^ . * -«r ♦v- 

9 Bi^ethelood fiustitiow h<wrf, wake unpoteflt the 

ATXiTiroher ,K«d. the d»afl, drive aw.y 

want. O J'angi^A' ^ . 

4 This counteracts the8or<«re88.ihUl>MiAwmali£.ity^ 

^n mi^Tictoriou. Jangida prolong the day* we 
have to live. _ ^^ 

5 Let Jangi^Ja'e protecting might encompass us on 

wffiT^he quell. Vishkandha and Sanskandha, 

.might by greater mi^ht. - . « *i.^ 

« T^uJ. the God. engendered thee fixt on the 

ThrBS^-S^rfS; olden time knew that thy 

name wa. Anj^ra.. v u r 

•.y The ancient plant, .urpaw thee not, nor any herb, of 

A'SSSJtISJm i. J.ngid., a mort felicitoo. defence. 
8 Then when thou .orangert into life. Jangida of un- 
meanured rtrength, . 

-iililJSSS^t^topKe of the tm^tdUpbUMrf J^ of 
!!a«^' ffl. VTX. 84. 8). ^ , 

Sf ^-«,S^ to BMnbUng; Mid yet thta eewM Iwdly P»hjMe. 
**rS!l^A«,f.» ««d"I •»^«' too«Mfagd.blUty « old f 



t' ; 

Indra, O mighty One, bestowed .great power apoa 
ihee from the first - - - . 

9 To thee ia truth, O Fcmst I^ Iiidn the nus^jT 
One gave strength. 
Driving away all maladies, strike thoa the demona 
down, O Plant. 

10 Lumbago and rheumatio pain, oonsqmptive eou£^, 
and pleurisy. 
And fever which each Autumn brings, may Jangija 
make powerless. 

WfliLB their lips uttered Indrali name the ^ishis 

gave us Jangida ; 
Which in the earliest time Gods made a remedjt 
Vishkandha's cure. 
2 So may this Jangida guard us, even as a treasure 
guaros wealth, 
Even this which Qods and BrAhmans made a midioe* 
quelling sure defence. 

8 Hard-heuted men, the eruel eye, the duDM who 
hath come to is. 
Destroy thou these with watchful care, O thou who 
hast a thousand eyes. Thou, Jangi4ay mrt my 

4 Guard me from earth and^^nardmefromtiieheaTenSy 

guard me from middle air, from plants protect me. 
Protect me from the present and the fotureu . F!rom 
every region. Jangiga preserve us I 

5 All sorcerers made by the Gods, all thai arise from 

mortal men. 
These, one and all^ let Jangi^ healer of all^ maik^ 

10 Which mek AMftmm MMg$: ^ g. a ^ notfc> 
A pvoteotits disim addrened t(^ the nsgioil JsDgldaL 

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Thi Hondred-haired haih banished hence fiends and 
^' ' Gonsamptions by its might 

With splendour hath the charm that scares demons 
of ill-name mounted up. 
2 It drives off demonii with its homn and sorceresses 

with its rooti 
. . It stavs Consumption with its waist : from this no 

wickedness escapes. 
8 ConsumptionSi light and serioost-and those which 
sounds accompany, 
All these the Amulet, Hundred-haired, scarw of 
fiends, haUi banished hence. 

4 A hundred men hath i<^ produced, hundred Consump- 

tions chased away^ 
All fiends of evil-name it hath smitten, and shakes 
the RAkshasas. 

5 The Bull that weareth horns of gold, this Amulet 

with hundred hairs. 
Hath cleft the demons of ill-name and overcome the 
4 Hundred she-fiends, a hundred of Gandharvas and 
Jl hundred of dog-mated nymphs, I keep away with 

i A Cham against diaeata and aril sphrita. . 

. 1 Ewiirtdrhmmd: or, Hundred-tailed; a powerful amulet nwule» 
'"^ apparently, of a great number of fifaret or filamenta o( some magical 

planli paibi^ the DarUia graaa of the preceding hjoma. i/einUerf 

'n^ : been raised up and fttftened round the neck. 

5 BM : the potent charm. 

6 JhgmtMim^mflit; see A^Y. IV^ 87. U ; XI, 9. 15. 






Tomehatb oome this word given by Agni, fame. 

force and miffht, and strength, and Ufe, and lustre. 

May Agni too bestow on me three-times a hundred 

manly powers. ■• 

2 For mighty strength, for action, I receive thee, for 

manly power, to last a hundred autumns. : 

8 For conquering strength and energy and vigour 
I festen thee for chieftainship, for bearinir royal 
/ dominion through a hundred autumns. - 

' ^a'd^ernded lifer*" ^^-^^ '^ V- 
With Bplendour of the perfect year we fitatea thee 
about the neok. 

Nf TBB Oonsumption, never oarse tooohes the man 
Anindhatl I ^^* 

Whom the delioiooa odoor of the healing fideUitun 

2 Oonsamptiona flee apart from it a« from a wild beast 
fly the deer. ^^ 

If thou, O Bdellium, art prodaoed fix>m Sindhn or 

bast come from sea. 
The quality of both hare I taken to keep tliis man 
unscathed. *^ ^^ 


deS^?* from t»»e Hill of Snow come, a divine 

Banish thoa aU Consumption, drive aU sorceresses 
faraway. «•«»«» 

4 S*v? S."jr* '"*"'• "If?"''^ **• P*^ 
- A proteetiT* ebium. 

: 1 JTiMAfAa : a medioiikA] aranatio plant, said to ba tiM C^mt^m n.^ 

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[BOOK XI f. ' 

S Eushtha, three sereral names hast thoa, NaghamAra, 
Nagbftriaha : let not mishap befall this inan, 
Vm whom I make a oharm or thee at eve, at morn* 
inff , and by day. 

5 JlvaUt is thy mother's name^ thy &ther^s name is 

Jlvala : let not mishap^ eta 
4 Thoa art the best amid the plants, even aa the ox is 
best of tame, the tiger of rapacioos beasts : let not 
mishap, etc. 

ft Bom thrioe from the Adityas, thrioe from Bhrigos, 
' thrioe from Angtras' sons, bom from the Visve 

De?as thrioe, 
Healer of every malady, that Kash^a stands by 

Soma's side. 
Banish thou all Consumption, drive all sorceresses 
' fitf away. 

6 In the third heayen above ns stands the Aisvattha . 

tree, the seat of Gknls : 
There is embodiment of life that dies not : thence 
was Kosh^ bora. 

ST There moved throngh heaven a golden ship, a ship 
with cordage wrought of gold : 
There is emMdiment of life that dies not : thence 
was Kush^ha bonu 

8 Where is the Sinking of the Ship, the summit of the 
Hill of Snow, 
There is embodiment of life that dies not : thence - 

S Kog/Umdra^ NiufiAriJM : tfaa mwming ol ths .wwda k nnoartaiik 

5 ./ImM; YiTifler; lif^Ting. 

6 Tlib«iidthslo|k»wiiigstiiiM«isnpeAlsd,wit^ 

8 Tk$ SUikmg rf CiU Skip: or the plaos wImm the lUp sank or 
riidad down; nMiblv the NMibMidlia^ 

faMim pMk A the HimftlAjM* to whioh in the grMt flood Ifann 
fiMtand hissUp-tlie Animtolthe HindAe. See the legend of the 
Dilnge^ SMfod Book! of the BMt» XIL 216 eqq j lUx MttUer, Anoient 
neeeiiH LiteMtai% p. 416 ; Mni^ 0. a Tort^ L 16S bm. SioM^k 
ly teNrifMiMSosMb henignsnllitedjtftthoa' <A.T. V. 4. 7.) 

^rir^40.] THM ATHARTA^YMDA. ^ 

^°^*^*^ooaU Consumption, drive aU soroeiesses 

9 Thou whom IltthvAku's ancestor, whom he who weU 
loved Kushfhs, knew. 
Whom VAyasa and Mfttsya knew, hence healerof aU 
liis art thou. 

" °F^. ^„ ^fr"^ "*■* *"• •-' 

Head-raokiDg Fever, tertian, oontinual, lasting for • 

Fob each defect of mine in voice and spirit I have ' 

approached One vehement and ardent 
WithaJl «ie Deities, fiUIy approving, Bnhaspati 

supply the want! -i rr "^ puwiiMi 

2 Disturb ye not oar inteUeot, O Watew, nor the 
power of prayer. 
Qhde on your way, strength^ving, Jnvooated: may 
I be vigoroos and wise. ' 

8 Mar not oar consecrating rite, oar intellect, or for. 
vent seal. - 

^"uaSwU. ^ *"«**""*^ ^«' P«»pitiow let the 

aUI^^lJS^^ ^^ V«iwmt» Mid fine Kioffof th. Sebr 

in iMrifio^ and far 

A pnjer for paidoa of «i 
•tnngtli, and life. 

3ir«a<ri.theByitenyaWattM. CfcL4.L 

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•4 Youohaafe to us, ye Asvins twain^ rooh strength as^ 
with attendaot light/ 
May thxoiigh the darkness carry us. 

DssiRiNO Uiss, at first, light-finding !(Ushis began 
. religions rite and holy fenronr. 
Thenoe energy was born, and might, and kingship: 
so to this man let gathered Grc^ incline them. 


Beabxa is Hotar, sacrifice : with Brahma are the 

stakes set up. 
From Brahma was the Adhvaryn bom, from Brahma 

hidden offering. 

2 ^rahma is fiitness-dropping scoops: with Brahma 
was the altar reared. 
Brahma is worship, len^hened rite, the ^ishis'who 
pay sacrifice, the victim's Immolators. Hail I 
8 To him who frees from woe mine hymn I offer, to 
the Good Oaardian, as I seek his favour. 
Accept this offering of mine^ O Indra. Fulfilled bo 
all the sacrificer^ wishes 1 

4 The ttania !• Ukan Iram 9. V. I. 46. 6. The dmrknm: in the 
, shape of pover^ or wanfc, aeoording to the Sehdiast. 

A benedietkm on a newlj eleoted King. 

1 BtUfUmtriU: dikMIn; aolemn preparatioo or ooneeoration for - 
■ome reUgioiit jmrpoee. H^pfiMowr: klftu; fenrent devotion, or 
teligioiia anstentj. 

. In pimiae ol Biahma, Prayer, or Derotioo. 

. 1 l^ifteicf: thoMerifioialpoeta. TiU itdAMtfyic : the priest who 
performs the piaotioal part of the saerifiee, and who isassoeiated with ^ 
the Hotar or chief priest i^Mlrfm ; prepaied in Tesiels: ooYered over 
with Darbha naas. 

' 9 ntn€9»-drofpMg9eoop$: ^aorifioial ladlesfrom which the elarified 
batter is poured into the fire. Lmgtkined rUi : taitrdm; saorifidkU 
sesskNi; a great Soma ceremony lasting manj days and pmrfonned by 
SHuiy oficiating priests. 




4 With prayer I call on him who frees from trouble 
Prince of Gods, Splendid, chief of sacrifices. 
I call the Waters' ChUd and both the AsWns. 
Vigour IS mine, and strength bestowed by Indnu 

Whither men versed in Brahma go, with fervour 
and the cleansing rite. 

Thither let Agni lead me, let Agnigiveme inteUi-^ 
gence. All hail to Agni 1 

2 Whither, etc. . 

Thither let V4yu lead me, let Vftyu vouchsafe me 
vital breath. All hail to VAyu I 
8 Whither, etc. 
Thither let Sftrya lead me, let SArya vouchsafe me ' ' 
power of sight. All hail to Sikya I 

4 Whither, etc 

Thither let Chandra lead me, let Chandra vouchsafe 
me intellect. All hail to Chandra I 

5 Whither, etc. 

Thither let Soma lead me, let Soma vouchsafe me 
vital sap. All hail to Soma I 

6 Whither, etc. 

Thither let Indra lead me, let India bestow upou 
me power. All hail to Indra I 

7 Whither, etc 

Thither, let Waters lead me, let the Waters give me 
deathless life. All hail to Waters 1 ^ T 

In praiae of Brahmm Pmyer,- or Dorotion. . • . 

1 Verted m Mma: WohmoMa^iUKtMA in .piritnil knowMn. 

4 Chandra: the Moon. 

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: 8 JJWJier, Ota . ^ ^ ,4 Biahmft give 


THO0Tt the lengthening of life, thy name is Urn- 

ThirOinto^ntl -end felicity; Wate«, «.nd hap- 

S T^' yXw tr^e feveridi heaiv the footing paio 

that rend. *1^« V";^»j._ v.^ the Ointment drive 
All the oon»amptive maiaay wi. wi» v/» 

from ont thy frame. ... * «;^n«. 

8 Let the adve bom nponthe earth, benignant, giving 

'j^XT^ rider on the oar rinle«. exempt fron. 

4 p;::::!J::-*'b-th. O ViUl Breath. ha.e merey 

. FZ^SaSL%?Ni;^ti do thou. O Niipti, d.Hvj - 

KoT«»SSS^r.Sj2.;5;:;. none f^m mounW^ 
; K:;^^^??rtt within, iiand-iaying: 

banished fli em. 

• iWkifiu CfeIV.9.8-10. — 

jsrririr 45.} 



8 Fall many a fiEJsehood, O fhou King YaroQa^ man 

bath uttered here : ' . 

Do thou who hast a thousand powers preserve us 
from that misery. 

9 If we have eried| O Waters I Cows I if we have cried, 

O Vanwfa 1 
For this, endowed with thousand powers t deliver us 
from misery. 

10 Mitra and Yaruoa# O Salve, have dosely followed 
after thee : 
May they, when they have followed ihee afiu; res* 
tore thee for our use. 

As debt from debt repay and send sorcery to the 

sorcerer's house. 
Split, Salve I the cruel villain's ribs whose evil eye 
bewitches us. 

2 Whatever evil dream we have, whatever be&ll our 
kine or home, 
Be this that is salubrity, the evil-bearted's foe, applied. 

Z Increasio^ from the Waters' strength and vigour, 
sprung mto life from Agni J4tavedas, 
Strong as four heroes, mountain-bom, this Ointment 
make for thee quarters and mid-points auspicious t 
4 On thee is laid the Chaturvtra Ointment : let all the 
regions give thee peace and safety. 
Secure like precious Savitar thou standest: to thee 
let all these regions bring their tribute. 

9 WaJUnl Own! : if we haTe dalj wonhipped ths odertial. 
Watan bj Galling on them aa eaored oowa and given of abnndanoa. 
The hymn eloeelj reeemblea in parte IV. 9. 

A coratiye and proteotiTe ohann. 

I A9d€h$fnmdM: aasmanietoma tohiaeiediterspariofwiiat 

JMl€y$: see note on IL 7. 0^ from whioh' this line^ withs lUghi 
▼ariation, is repeated. ' 
. 4 CiUiliirvChi ; 'hating the atiength of four heroee.' 

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[BOor xix: 

& Make one fhy salve, thine amnlet anoiberi drink one^ 
and with another bathe thy body. 
So let the Gbatarvlra keep na guarded from the four 
bonds of Nirpti and Gr&hi 

6 May Agni protect me with fire^ for inspiration and 

expiration, for strength, for energy, for vigour, for 
weal and prosperity. All Hail I 

7 May Indra protect me with his tndra-power for 

inspiration, eta 
iB May Soma protect me with Soma-power, eta 
9 May Bhaga with good fortune protect me, etc. 
10 May the Maruts protect me with their troops for 
inspiration and expiration, fot* strength, for energy, 
for vigour, for weal and prosperity. AU Hail I 

Fom manly strength Prajftpati bound thee on first,. 

This for long life on thee I bind for splendour, 
^ strength, and energy. Invincible, let it guard 
thee welL 

2 Erect, invincibly be this manli watchful keeper : let 
not the Pa^is br the sorcerers harm thee. 
Shake off thy foes as Indra scattered Dasyus : quell 
all enemies. Invincible, let it guard thee welL 
S Indra haih lent the power of sight, and vital breath 
and strength to this. 
Whom even a hundred combatants, striking, have 
fiuled to overcome. Invincible, let it guard thee 
well ' 

5 Ojm.* COS portioD of the peoioiit ointment, 
a This vme and the four following are in proio. 

A ehsm eoeompsnjring inyeetitiire with en smnlet thet enenree 
anfe^end Tietofj. 

S Fm^t mJevolMit deoMos. iSbiwrart; Titudhlnee; see A. V. 
1.7.1, note. AufMt.* Aendi^ioeoof theOoda. 

Tte hgr«a liM been tnoiektod bgr liedwig^ Dor BigTed% I^^ 




A Around thy limbs I place the mail of . Jndra who;hatb 
become the Grods' imperial Sovran. 
Affain let alttbe. Peities bring th^ hither. Invincible 
let it guard thee well. ^ 

, fi One and a hundred manly powers, a thousand lives 
. . hath this Amulet» unconquered ever. 

Go forth a tiger, strike down all thy foemen : let him 
who would oppose fiill low beneath thee. Invin- 
cible, let it guard thee well. 

.6 Drawn forth from butter, rich in milk and sweetness, 
hundred-lived, thousand-homed, bestowing vigour. 
Kindly, delightsome, full of sap, and mighty, invin- 
cible let it g^ard thee well. 

7 That thou mayst be pre^tuinent^' slayer of rivals, 

. May Savitar cause thee to be chief and controller of 

thy kin. Invincible, let it guard thee welL 


^ Nioht! the terrestrial realm hath been filled with 
the Father^s power and might; 
Thou spreadest forth on high unto^ the seats of 
Heaven : darkness that strikes with awe domes 

2 Each moving thing finds rest in her whose yonder 
boundary is not seen, nor that which keeps her 
' separate. 

O spamous, darksome Night, may we uninjured reach' 
the end of thee, reach, O thou blesskl One, thine 

A hymn to Night lor proteotioik from fieiide, robbery neketi end 

1 rffmlrMlriete: the etmpephere that is immediately ebore the. 
earth. * Poii«* «iii MMfAl y or, wondhNie wotks. 

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TBE UYUlta 0/ 

\B0OK XtX. 

5 Tby nioety-nine ezAmmers, O Nighty who look ttpon 

Eighty-and-eigbt in number, or Beren-mnd-seventy 
are they. 
4 Sixty-and^x, O opulent, fifty^nd-five, OhapoyOne, 
Forty-and-four and thirty-three are they, Q thou 
enriehed with apoiL 
i Twen^-and-two haat thou, O Night, eleven, yea, 

and fewer atilL ,* \n. *x i.x 

With these protectors guard us welL O Daughter 
of the Sky, to-day* 

6 Let not a fiend or spiteful man, let no ill-wisher 

master us. ^« li. x i 

Let not the robber seiie our cows, nor the wolf take 
* our dieep to-day. • 

7 Let not the thief, O BlessM, seiie our horses, nor 

she-fiends our men. * ^ 

Let thief and robber run away on pathways most 
remote from us. 
' 8 Far from us let the Hope with Fangs, fiur from us let 

the wicked flee. 
Do thou make Wind and headless. Night, the serpent 
with his pungent breath. 
9 Crush the wolfs jaws in pieces, strike the robber 
dead a^inst a post .« i 

In theeTo Night, do we abide: we here will sleep. 
Be watchful thou. 
10 Giw tbou protection to our kine^ and to our horses, 
and our men. ^ ' 

cilul. Mid no i««on oMi be glT«i for the postal cOiotoa of t^ 

ofl^nsorHesTeii. ^ «f*. • 

11» Imna lM« teeo twndOed by Ladwift l^r lUgteds, nt 
Midliy2imiBer,AHindiMlMiLMMl^p.n9. ^ 

BTMJg^ 4&] 




Thsn all that we Acoi^muUt^, al} that the treasure* 

chest contains. 
All this do we entrust to ihee. 

9 Entrust thou us to Dawn, Q Mother Kidit 
Mar Dawn entrust us to the Day, and Day to . 
O splendid One. 

8 Whatever Airing thing be hercj whatever thing that 

creeps and crawls. 
-Whatever fastens on a joint, therefrom do thott 
protect us, Night. 

4 So ffuard thou us from west und east, protect us from 
we north and south. 
splendid One, preserve*us : we, the singers of thy 
praise, are here. 

9 They who are followers of Nigh^ fuid they irho 

watch o'er living thiogs. 
They who protect all cattle, they keep watch and 

ward over our lives, over our herds keep watch 

and ward. • 
6 Verily, Night, I fcnow thy name, propper of Fatness 

art tiiou called. 
Thee Bharad vAja knew as such : M eobh be Watchful 

o'er our wealth. 

A hymn to Night for proteotUNi. 

1 Tfr$(ma^4knt : die tnmk or eheit attsehed to a esr or wafoa. 
Bntrmdioikm: ooniigntothygooiilisnihlpdaripg thehooiy oldsfk* 
neie wheo wf ore ssleepk 

6 Tk^wk^mrtfiihmn^ Bigh$: the 'ewniaon'oreeiitiaelaef 
hjum 47. 2. 

6 BtQjf]^ ^fW^Amimi bohniag the earth with^gentloTiTifyii^ dew. 
(k «Thy paths diop/ataesi' (rHOm 65. 11). Matw^f^.* aoelebnted 
Qiehii to whoop f^ of the h/mne of book TL of the 9v^^<^ s>e 
aioribedC " ^ ^..•* 

20 / ; . 

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[BOOK xa. 

Fbiihd of the home, the etrooff and youthfal maiden. 

Nighty dear to Sayitar the Qod, and Bhaga, 
All-compaasingi idl-glorions, promot to listen, hath 

with her greatness filled the eartn and heiEtven. 
Over all depths hath she gone up, and monntedt 

most mighty One, the sky's exalted summit. 
Over me now the loving Night is spreading with her 

anspioioas GkxUike ways fike Mitra. 
ExceUent, high-bom, blissfnl^ meet for worship. 

Night, thou hast oome : stay here with friendly 

Guard OS, the food for men that we have gotten, 

and all prosperity that comes of cattle. 
Wfth eager haste hath Night assumed the vigour of 

leopard, tiger, or of tawny lion, 
The horse's neighing and ' the wild-man's bellow*- 

Thou takest many a form when thou appearest. 
Kind through the Night be absence of the sunshine : 

Mother of Frost, may she be swift to hear us. 
^kke notice of the hymn, thou highl;^ fisivoured, 

wherewith I worship thee in all the regions. 
Even as a King, O splendid Night» thou takest 

pleasure in our hymn. 
May we through Mornings as they flush have all 

our mod men round us, and become possessors 

of sJl wealth. 

A hjma of p»iM sod prayer to Night 

S LOU liiira: st oomploUl/ st tho CM oT Dsy hiiMolf. 

3 Foodfvr aimii .- or, nuudl/ powori.— Uidwig. 

4 Nu^iing : hnmdfSm ihould be reed Insteed oT hrodhOM, epleiu' 
lOHee j(leiiB.'^Lttdwig. WUiHmMufi hdUmi pinalkM^a 

bsw prDbeMy ii eys n u i U wy fl^ en etil being eimilertoniea; origi- 
wOltj petfaepib a Isrge monk^. Lodwig tnuieletee diffHrently: *dee 
^ ^t the boaea bebg'e eeH 

RYMN 50.] 



.7 Yea, Rdmyft is the name thou hast assumed. 

men who fiun would spoil 

My wealth do tbou annoy, O N^ht, that not one 

robber may appear, none may a seoond time appear. 

8 Thou like a well-wrought onp, O Night, art lovely : 

thou, a young maid, art formed in perfeot beauty. 
Thou lovingly, for me with eyes to see them, hast 
bound on thee heaven's stars as thbe adornments. 

9 Whateverrobber oomes to^y, ^mischievous mortal 

Let Night go forth, encounter him,;and amiteaway 
his nook and head ; 

10 His feet that he may walk no more, his liands that 

he may do no barm. 
The robber who oomes hitberward goes orushedand 

mutilated hence, 
Ooes hence, goes faraway from US| goes hence and 

bears no spoil away« . 

Blind him and make him headlessi Night t the sel> 

pent with the pungent breath* 
Strike fi*om his head the wolfs two eyeS| and dash 

the thief against a post. 

2 Those oMn that are thlne^ O ^ight»'With sharpeiied 
' " horns and rapid pace, 

With those transport us safe to-day oW difficulttea 

d Uninjured in our bodies may We pass throtigh each 
succeeding nig[ht| 
And let tntdignities t$Sl to ptoi, as ineii without a 
boat the depth. 

■'■ ' ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ •■ ■ . * • ... - 

7 Bdmyd : Dark. The word may inieaa eUo lotdy aUd delfgbtftiL 
The h/nm hae been tnokdated by Ladwig^ Der 9«gTed% I^ 

A ^nrnm to Nigbt tanf (Myteetioti iiiicl ptotipnitf. 
' 2 7%oMo»mrtheeteieiriththefarcJveiwt«HflJduig isyei liie *msa«b 
lioniedeiidnimbleoien'efqL Y.»L 104.e. *. ;. . t7 

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[BOOK Jr/Ji> 

t4: Aft millet iMirtM tlnotigli the mit befon us is beheld 

no morSy 
; So oAoie ihe nma'ttf vaniab. Nighty who plane to do 
.V . viojaryt 
:ff l%e thief best iboolsei^ fir away, the robber diiv* 

. ofoinrkine, ^ , , , \ ^ 

: Etod him who hanog JDOvered up the horse's bead 

. would lead him off. 
if If dealing treasure thou bast eome to-day^ O h%hljr 

Csivoured Night, 
* Ckuae thob us to e^jqj it eU so that this may not 

pass away. 
.7 Do thou eutntst us to the Dawn, all of us free flfom 

sui,0 Night 
! Mar Dawadeliverua te Di^| and Day to tbeOt O 

glorious One. 


tisDiSTraBD am I, nndistnrbcd is my soul, undis- 
. - tttrM i^iOe ^» undisturbed mine ear, undisturbed 

is mine in-breathing, undisturbed mine out-breath- 
ji iUg».UQk<^^sturbedu^diffu«Te breath, undisturbed 

the whole of me. 
I Uudet th9 impuls* of the GK>4 Savitar» seat forth from 

the arms of the Af vine and both hands of PAshan 
r I k*ve.tJ*eu thee. 

4 jr««i*; ir*s4Sb^;ytoiimis IVi^^ 

5 O^Hred^AMhrninhmd: to prmol Ui numiiig a^njr bouM^ 

S TkU: 



% Tlmi^ Mk^Mia er porlkto of HAvk «f SMrifiokl l«od whieh 
BnhBMMi «sla JSm Y«ft4se49ikU% HI. 9. . 

MTMN «.] r//« jLraAttrAna>d. 


HTMNUI. . i 

Thereafter rose Deeira in the beg^niag; Deiire^ the 

pdmal seed and germ ^^pirit; J 

O kftma dwelling with the lofty Eulma, gite ^wth 

ofridies-toilbe saerifioer. ;. z 

2 Thou, Kftma, art victorious, fiunOM, jM>tent, spleudid^ 

a friend 'to him who Seeks thy friebdship. 
Mighty and 49verpeweriifig ift battle, {^Ve strength 

and vigour to tho aacrincer. "^ h 

8 They beard his prayers, and they *begOt, by EAma» 
heavenly fiffht for4ihki 
Who from a mstanoe longed fbrit^i jlsater ready to 
' oAohangO. ■■'''■ Z 

4 O KAma, with whatever wish weittalDe this <^erinir 

ioihee, • , » 

May it be all fulfilled to us. Tbeu<tiUite thissaerifice. 

Alihailt r) 


Pflouncv thousand-eyed, «ud uiideeaying, m hone 

witii seven reins Tune bears us oawaid; 
Sa^es inspb^ with holv knowledge mount Iiiai : 
ms chariot wheels are all the worimof creatures. 

A k jmn to Klma. 

1 A$in: K4m% Erte, LoTi. SiyiQS eipkint tU woid hm W 
jtjrAtM, dasira to creato; ^"lo Iin« >» tek«n fmn |L Y.X.J^J^ 
"CL A. V. IX« 3* 

2 Sm tl|[» Glorifie«tibn of Kfttfft tfl I3L ^ 

S TiM aettiiitg appMin to be that ChB €kMU hatd. thmurli klok 
end Sn sittirer tn ttcpitncdtfodf^ grr«a ottetftQ^ t^U to^ dtitabt 
wofshipporwliogiTM pnjeraiidimaM in ordM* tet^Caia tho M— «^*^ 

^Mln*^(aiitair<tf%ht (% 'Seronto th«.«M.wheSd du^ioti^ 
?^f?H5^»?*^'^*^**^ *"**** *^**^ rfLtr. 

Mid bf Sajs^a to bo tU priMtt. • • 0?^ 

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% lUa Time bath M^n rolling wheels and seyen naves: 
immortality is the oharioVs axle; 
This Time bnngp hitherward aU worlds aboqt us J as 
. . primal Deity is he entreated. 
8 Oo ISme is laid an overflowing beakers this we behold 
^ in msAy a place appearing. ' 

Se carries fix>m ns all these worlds of creatures* 
They call him EAla in the loftiest heaven, 

4 £(e only made the worlds of life, he only gathered 
the worlds of living things together. 
Their son did he become who was their Father ; no 
. ^ other higher power than he ei(iateth« 
V KAla created yonder heaven, and 3B^. made [.these 
realms of eiurth, j . 

By KAla, stirred to motion^ both what is and what 
. shall be expands 
6 KAla created land: the Sun iu K4la hath his light ' 
and heat* 
Xu KUi^ 1^ «U things that be ; in EUadoth the eye 
^ 1^ In SLftla mindi in KAla breath, in KAIa name are fist 
and joined. 
These living creatures, one and all, rejoice when 
^1^ hath approaobedt 

% 8i9m rolH$ff^9kt$U: pntiAps tho «ii( pain of monUit and the 
Ihir^Milh or i||tei9iilM7 moath; or tho leven diTiikm o( tb# jMur. 
polftioe, MMOO, montba fortnight^ daj, nigbt^ lioor^ St9m naim; 
fnb^ ^ irwa g^wio Vedio mi*f^ 

Aoooi4iiitftoD9.8lua(De9 MTthnsdet Tama, pp. 116, 117), U»a 
mwm whaetaiMPS t^ M^roi^ worldt wliioh ooostititto the unhreiM; the 
mwm QaTM afo th^ pe^on aeaMKi^ wMp^ tre prodaoedbjiko annual 
MoiMof tho Boa wbieh ii bvongbt alKV^t 1^ Timo^ i«d the ailo 

ita tha W^4 <4 Inmor^^ ▼hkOk.iwviM 

I an ohangas of TUno «n4 9iMMmt 

jrrior S4.] 



8 E&la embraces Holy Fire, the Highest, Brahma, in 

Yea,EAla,whowasfSAther ofPraiftpati,is Lord of 

9 He made, he stirred this universe to motion, and on 

him it rests. 
He, E&Ia, having now become Brahma, holds Para- 
meah^bin up. 
10 EAla created living things and, first of all, PraiftpatL 
From E[AIa self^nade Eafyapa, from EAla Holy Fire 
was born. 


Faon EAIa sprane the Waters, sprang the regions, 

Brahma, Holy Fire. 
The Sun ascends by Kl^ and in KAla sinks again 

to resl 
2 By Eftla freshly blows the wind, mighty through EAIa 

is the Earth: onEftla rests the mighty Sky. 

8 ffol^ Fir0t reliiB^aa ferrour, doTOtioiii or aastority; *rigoioma 
abstimctioik'*— Muir. Brahma : * diTino knowledge.'— Mair. 

9 In thiaitania Muir teanalatea hr6kma hj 'divine eneivj.* Sober- 
man auggests *heilige Wissentkiaft'^ in this and the preoedSng stann 
if it ia thought neoenaxy to txanalate-the word. 

10 Sdf^madi Ea^ptt: Kamp» b a diT&io being s&nilar to^ or 
identified with, Piajipati; and, aa Moir obaervea, wajfamhktl^ adf- 
bom or ael^made — an epithet whioh ia elaewhere aj^lied to BiahmAi 
the derired and phenomenal demiuxgQ»or ereator-*-* mutt be rogazded 
a» not meaning, anything* more than one who oomea into eiiitenoe in 
an eztcaoidinaxy and aapematnral mannwr/ HUf Fir$ z aee atann & 

The hjmn has bee» tranalated bj Muir, 0. S. Testa, Y. p. 407; 
Lndwig^ Der ^ig^^^ IIL p. 191 ; Sir IL lionier-Williama, Indian 
Wi8dom,p. t5;-Grill,.'Handert Liedei^ pfL.7d^ 193; and, with anno- 
tationaaod oommenftaiy, by Scherman, Philoeqphiaolie Hymnen ana 
dmr ^Sg^nnd Atharva-tedk^ Sanhitl^ p^ 78; 

A hymn to KHa ^ m eontirtnatron of the preeeding-hymn. 

1 Uiir ttanalates hrdkma ia the fint Ime 1^ *diThie knowiedge^^ 
bat learea idpoM (Eofy 11re)nntiMahit<d ^ Lading sad Schansaa'^ 
bethmidiiathe>etigiaalwEB«. * . 

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.8 UKiU^trtih^ text prodaoediflMifcia tod wtot i» 

> vSa Kftia ^mfig the '^tshaa^ uiA firoto K41a >Rras 

the Yigos mfo. 
4 They fbrmed iu KAb eadrifi^ ^terMd portion t^r 

the Gods. , ^ . i. 

In EAlA the OiOldharYwi tod ApArasee tod worlds 


•» Athtfvto And thLi Angiitt in EAla Are supreme o'er 

Both this world and the world thftt is moat lofty, the 
pnre worlds and pure intermediate epaoes,— 
C Yoa, haviog conquered all the worlcto by Brahma, 
Klia as God Supreme is supplicated. 

HYMir liV* 
Bbinoiho, as 'twere, with care unceasing foddet^ night 

lifter night to f^idd this stabled Courser, 
Joying in food and in the growth of riches, may we 
• thy neighbours, Agni, ne'er be iigured. 
ft Hefe is thine own deiiire for wealth: through this 
be giraeiouiEinkilb tus. i» • t.w^ i^ i. u. 

jToying ih food tod in the jfrowth of riohJj^ inajr Ve 
thy heighbduJfs, Agni, ne'er b0 injured. ^ 

8 Bach w^ that comes our household's Lord is Agni, 
showing his loving-kindness every mommff. 
Bestow upon Its treasure after treasure : enkindling 
thte miy w t> Ihereaito thy body. 

littMokl IbraMiks} tk« Tijsi^TScU. 
The bjim iia. bete tiioidslaa BjT M^^^ 

RYUS 56.] 

r^Tir ATUARfA^Y^Dl. 


4 Each morn that comes our household's Loi^ is Agoi^ 

showing his loving^kindness eveiy evening. 
Vouchsafe uiB treasure after treasure : kindling thee 
may we prosper through a hundred winters 

5 Never may I come short of food to feed me. 
Glory to Agni, Rudra, the consumer and the Lord of 

food I 

6 Protect my company, protect its courteous*meftnben, 

courteous Gkxl I 
Only throu|;h thee, O much-invoked, may I be ever 
' rich in kine. 

7 Only to thee bringing our tribute, Agni> ea<a& day as 

fcNdder to a stabled courser. 
Joying in food and in the growth of riches, may we 

thy neighbours, Agni ne'er be iigured. 
Ttf Ou brt conke hither boxxk the world of Yataia : ^ou^ 

resolute, affectest men with rapture. 
Thou, Sleep, created in the Asura's dwelling, goest, 

well-knowing, with the solitary. 

% At first the all-containing depth beheld thee, ere 
Night was born, when only Day esisted. 
Thence hast thou come, thence. Sleep, hast tfaou Cptai^ 

hithBr, botrcealing, deep within, all form tod figure. • 
(yome from the Asuras in lolftyfflcMy, he hath mp* 

preached the Gods in seardi of greatness. 
Wmners of heavenly iiriit, the Three^bd-Thhty en- 
dowed thiA Sieeb ^th his 6upi«me dominion. 
-■•••' • — • • t • - -'^ i"- •• J. 


A htttm to Sleep. 

1 /oMa. 'the Baler of thdI>eperted.Gf.XyL&l-M^ir]ie^8Ieebft 
ceUed Mri^ dr tfad Ood'of Besdi himsetf. Boaftr WMke ef *SMb 
Aod I)estK thoee feetbered twins' (Il|ad, XVL eSlvGbtoMii's M^ 
Utioo); eo'Dealili end Us brother Sleep' (Shellev); *Dto^'s twin, 
brother' (Tennysoo). Tlu A$mW$ dweUimg,: the bom^ of Tmiul 

thsl*ii4tcldle»:'witfiT)aUiMm?2:iMawi^^ «••«»«« 

S Tki €h<kt the Tbie^iia-Thirtir Mtte U iMstitt. mUk4it 



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TBJt HTMirs or 


4 Of him iMHT Fathers nor the Gods have knowledge, 
the Gbds whose eeotle talk is still aboot him. 
Urged by oommaod of VamQa the Adityas, Heroes, 
transported Sleep to Trita Aptya. 
ft ThoQ whose severity hath reached ill-doers, anci whose 
reward the good bare gained in shimber, 
Belightesi heaven with thy most lofty kinship/ bora 
frem his spirit who was worn and weary, 
ft Of old we know all pJaoes whence tho» oooiest. O 
Sleep, we know him who is here thy ruler. 
Ftoteot us here illnstrious with glory^ GU>, firom 
afiur, with poisons,, into distaaoe^ 

As men discharge the otmost debt, collect the eightb 

and sixteenth part,. „ , , .,. 

So to the foeman we transfer together all the evil- 


' 4 fftmhumledff€ : M tubjMt to^hifr power. The AditjM.vbo nerer 
tfumber (R. V. X. SS. 4) bMiithad Sleep ftom beaten to the abode of 
TritaAp^ lbs diatukt limba ioi wbiok thraatened oalamitiee weis^ 
Modgnsd CAI Y. VI. 46. a, note). 

a Snmig: pnnlibmeat ht tike sbape of tonnenting dreama. If¥ 
OmAer: eL >Foraabe giTeth [to] bia beloved [in] sleep' (PMlm. 
XS7. SV iSTw «w«*.- porbapa Yama, aa the aetting 8Uii» mar be in- 
UodtHC Aa be ina the^fint wh» died (A. Y. XYIIL 8; IS) be maj^ 
a]ao bo i«gP«^M( as. the hiiEentor and parent of aleep. 

e PktmwkmfikmcmiH: etXYkSa—S. AooordlngioLiidwig^ 
ygy^^ y^ means *ehildren,' that 1%. I anp^oee^ dreaaua Him tvAe 

Uhtnik^rvHir: apparentlj the poeeeeeor ol the eharm whiohjrm 
doBMteloUin.. JVwMAAw'^^vsnhefore thou comeat near na. Here 
Sleep b addreHod and depieoated aa the tender of eril dreama. 
no hymn baa been iTMidated bf lAdwig^ Per BSgred^ IIL p. 46T. 

▲ ehsnn agi^sai aril dreamii. 

1 no atann k takan, with'a Tariatkm, fram 9. Y. YIIL 47* IT; 
fV4Aa/bi8Mm/ seootdfaig ta the ?. Y. raadSn^ *nnta Ap^' tha* 
k^toMftaAptipk'^ Sue the pieeedingkgrinnit8taaia4| sola. 


2 Frinoes came together^ debts oame together, Kushfhiuli 

oame together, 
• Sixteenths came together. The whole- evil dream 

that bath visited us we send away as a bad dream 

to the. man who hates OS. 
8 Child of Gods' Consorts, minister of Yama is the 

good Dream : that wbioh is my trouble we drive 

away to the enemy. 

4 Thou whose name is Rough art the mouth of the 
Black Bird. 
As such we know thee. Dream, as such we know thee 
well Like a horse art thou, O Dream. As they 
bind girth and surcingle on a horse, so bind the 
ali^n mischief-maker, the scomer of the Gbds. 

The evil dream that threatens us, threatens our cattle 
or our home. 
That let the scomer of the Oods, tbe.alien mischief- 
maker bind as a gold jewel round his neck. 

6 Having measured off nine cubits' distance from us we 
give away the whole of the evil dream to the man 
who bates us. 


Still equal be the flow of butter ever causing the 

Year to prosper with oblation. 
Still be our hearing, sight, and breath uninjuied: let 

us lose nothing of our life and vigour. 

2 Primeu : wboee presenoe makea the anemblj oompleta. IkU$ • 
portiona of a debt aocnmnlated till repayment of the whole can ba 
made. JriiOfAot: preoioQamedioinalplittta brought from the Sbowr 
Moontaina for aal« (of. V, 4. 3). Theae examplea ol gatherinff to- 
gether are apparently intsonded to iUnatrate the ooUeotion of theparta 
of theevfldr^amandtlietnmaferof thewholetoanaQemT. 8t£na 
B— 4, 6 are non-metrioaL 

4 Bioek Burd: the laTon or omr, wbioh waa legai^ed as abM of 
illomeq. Cf-XILaiS, •'^^wi aa a mm oc 

The hjrnm hss bem trimdatedby Iiiidwfg; IW 

A piajavfor pioepevit^, aodompanying a taovMM, ^ 

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X 8 Let fiveljr btMih MidteHs: weMlI Tk«I brMtbjta 
▼irit OS. ' ' - 

•^ 'Earth and «ir'8 4Biiddle rMko ha^e gathered, ^ina» 
Brihaepati and DlMurtar gathered Y%oan 
Z The earth and heaven faaretetne to 6e two gatherers 
«p of tig^roos tinighi. 
80 let tti gather vigoilr 4ip<and isleaely follow after 

With glorr oome the eows and stand beside ihe imas* 
ter of the herd, liet ns when we have gathered 
fiune and glorjr dose^ follow Earth. 

4 Prepare the eow^tsU, ^finr thens •drink your heroes : 

sutoh 70 the ooats of armoor, wide ana many. 
Make iron ibrts Hiefying atf assailanto : let n'si your 
4>itdier leak ; stay it . seoiire^. 

5 The eye of saoriBoe, sooroe and beginning with voice-^ 

ter, spint tinto him I offer. 
. To this ^va saorifioe, wrought bjr Visrahartnan, may 
« the Ckxls oome gmoioos and kindly -heariedk 

g Let the Gods' Priests and those who* merit Worshfp, 
to whom oblation as their share ^is <iStt^ / 
CSome to this hofy senriee with their Consorts, and alt 
Gkids revel in the fixx) we bring them. 

a 'DibirMr; ISbib ftipporiar; moiillj tMk app6llAtk»i*of tndtokr 
4 TIm ttenn k lak«i Irmh 1^ Y. X. lOl. 8. Th$ ww^taU: m 
flgtmOiTe opvettion lor the pkM wfam the Soma juioo is .aKUmotadU 

-j«ioa /f«ii>Mi;Ml«ga«4ioliUittidliyaMrM^ 

S'BspMiltdttoiatLlRl.ft. Viff«lGMtiia^ilM«y«bMir66^'i^ 
;|;iiiibiiJS of aMi{ao^ bpiobililjanappenatioaof the OttoiAe AgoL 

4 Awtfi: r»^9^4^: isgukrly ■w rift oi nsf ti wt a Tho-twe Cdai- 

Hid iHdlsMMd««ie«Mafy iav«ksd oa Hsni mfl AilRgr% er kfpA 

and Yar«9i^ or Yampa and ldHgra(MO Max Iff SUer, AnoftMit Bia^kifi 

l;iWal«Mb> M)- th^ A«iriDS al^ tbo laHTaiyoii Triditar tU 

torFiie-Miidlw,aiidJlitmthoU^¥alrtairot^P^^ /, 


To be adored in saered rItM. 

• rtP^^^'y^^ **»<*«» w knowledge, ' 

Soii» who bath entewd ioto Brtlunaiur^*^ 

execQie what work we maj aocompUeb. ^^ 

• . ^ Agni-for he kaows-Hwmpleto the wonhin 

He « the Prfeet : let him fix rfti and iJSS"'^ 


ness, and moeh atreogth m mine arm*. 

•ted&stnesa m my feet Ifky afl my memirSa 
., nnmjuwd and my aool unimpaired. '"^"'*»*^ 

"^foll^LfireT""^'^^- -"' I •W the 

1 TU itMa k tdMo tow, 9. V. Vm. IL 1. 

A pt.y» tepwiMt bodily iaa,a„rtU h«ythn4 *igoor. 

A l»y« far kiig life and i«.p«ri^' «a aa^ ^,,^^,1,^ j^ ^^ 

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TBM Ejusa or 



HYMNLXII. , , , ^ 
. Mau me beloved among the Gode, beloTed among ~ 
(he IPrinoeSf make 
Me dear to everyone who sees, to 9Adra and to. 

Aryan man. ^ , «.,»» 


Bui np, Brahmaoaspati ; awake the Gods with 

Stwn^lKen the SaoriBoer : aid Ufo, breath, and off- 
1 spnog, oattle, fame. 

PoB lo% J4tavedas I have brought the fuel hither 

May he who knoweth all bestow fiuth and intelli- 
gence on me. ' I [ . 
^ "With fuel and with fkmbg wood^ we, J&tavedas, 

■ strengthen thee ; r-. 

• So do <hou strengthen ns m turn with ohildren ana ^ 
, with store of wealth. 

8 Whatever even be the logs which, Agni, we lay 
• down for thee, . «. ^ xt 

Propitious be it all to me : iwjcept it, O most youth- 

fa] Ood. 

4 Agni, these logs are thine: with these be, fain to 

burnt a flaming brand. , * 

Vouchsafe us length of life «id give us hope of 

immortality. . . ■ . 

rit tfoA ; Ii«» BriUiMM^ who haw tta^ Mid t«Mk jMi^l*^ 
•komui CMa* (SMnd Books at the EMt, Xn. S0») IM intMidad. ex. 

A. V. XDL S8. k ^^___^ 

A pngrtr, aoooinpMqriag MwrUoa, lor lodg life and pmpMfiQr. 

' A M»J« to Agni lor el^ild^OI^ Ion* We, oad tKloM Moirfopfc ^^ . 
t >toMV«MM(: thoMM^ki&dJing-otiokorbw^NnuidwithwUA 
Iho Cio k liriitod, M dtotiiMt from tho Mikai4 or fooL 
. iAJlJiSvh^t dMOodbobg rtgMdodMidMitioiatritli the 
■thktlM*UadlMtlMTiHta«r — 

BTMJf 68.] 




, A ooiOM Eagle thou hast soared with light to heaven. 
Those who would harm thee as tbou fliest skywaid 

Beat down, O JAtavedas, with thy fury. The strong 
hath feared: to heaven mount up with lights O 
SArya. ^ 


Thi Asuras with iron nets, mandans, who roam 
about with hooks and bonds of iron. 

With wrath I make thy thralls, O JAtavedas. Gome 
as a bolt foe-quelling, thousand-pointed. 

A HOHDRin autumns may we see. 2 A hundrad 
autumns may we live. 8 A hundred autumns may 
we know. 4 A hundred autumns may we grow. 5 
A hundred autumns may we thrive. 6 A hundred 
autumns may we be. 7 A hundred autumns may 
we bide. 8 A hundred, yea, and even moreu 

Both of the broad and narrow I with magio power 

unclose the mouth. ^ i~ww 

With these when we have raised the bunch of nass 

we pay the holy rites. » •— 

mI^m. tu 

tobo uMd 

A hjmn to Agni idontified with the Son. 
^JIIJj^ •Jjlj^'^ *^ <*«•• dMM»» of derkMi, ebd 

A hjrnm to Agni •■ the Sun. '^~" 
Attirttt! demon* ofdMknesa. Irvn tuU' 
Sun, the CeleetiU Biid. the Oolden SyT* 

' Aprft7«rforlonglife. 

Ajp«el!minai7 Morifidkl focarakr* 

•«to, » huaoh of Owbha gruewhioh puiee fhn iMto^ 
dini.^^ ^onn«ce of » -wrifio* ~HmJ«^^ 

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rif » ATHAR7A'7MJ>.U 



Yi are aKTe. I bin would Uve. I fein would Ure 
my complete term of life. 9 Ye live dependent. 
I )Wn would live dependent. I &in would Uve 
my complete term of Ufe. 8 Ye remain alive. 
I fein would remain alive. I fiun would hve my 
complete term of life. 4 Ye are life-giver* I 
fiun would Uve. I fiun would Uve my complete 
term of life. 


Javn, Indra. Live. SArya. Live, ye Ooda. I fiua 
would Uve. Fain would I Uve my complete term 

""^^^^ HYMNiLXXI. 

Lw my libations, giving boona, adoring, further the 

Twice-bom'e soog that honours Soma. 
Go ye to BrahmA'a world having ennched me with 

Ufe and breath, with children and with cattle, with 

bme and wealth, and with a Brahman a lustre. 
WiTHW the chest whence we before iBXtraoted the 

bunch of grass, thU do we now deposit 
Wrooffht is the sacriBce by power of Brahma. 

Through this assist me here, yeOods. with gervonr. 

MmA tfrmt: ••• XIX. f8» w»»* 

ApniTWordwmforloiigUte. ... 

M tU worahippw k depoMlMit OB tiM Godi. 

AdMnaiorlaBf Ul*. 

A liyiUH MMmpuijing Ubfttioni, for wMttb and pntpMi^' 

- 'i 





Tbbb, Tndra, we invoke, the Bull,- what tame the 

Soma hath been pressed. 
Drink of the sweetfy-flavonred joioe, 

. 2 The best of guardians hath the man i^ithin .whose 
dwellidg-plMO ye drink, 
O Maruts, giants of the sky. 

3 Let us serve Agni with our hymns, Sage who oon- 
sumeth ox and cow, 
Who beareth Soma on his back. 


Lit the Marttts drink Trii^htups from the Potar^s eup, 

according to the season Soma from heaven. 2 Let 

Agni from the Kindler's cup drink Trish^ps, ao* 

cording to the season Soma from heaven. 8 Let 

This Book, which, with Book XIX., is not a iMurt of tho ongioal 
Athanra-T8d*, oontaina — with the ctxceptioii of the Kimtipa wotioa 
(CXXyn— OXXXVn— oomiaete and oomponte \kjmm addFeiMd al- 
moct ezdutiTelj to Indra and generallj taken direotl j and without 
▼ariante from hymns and portions of hymns of the ^igreda. 

1 Taken from 9. Y. IIL 40. 1. 

2 9. ▼• 1* 86. 1. 

3. 9. y. VUI. 43. 11. Wk^ hwM, Samm es Aw Uiek: on whom 
the lihatkn of Soma jvioe Is poured. 

^^^^^ ^ 

Thb prose h jmn*is oomposed of fingments el 9* V* U* 36 and 37. 

1 Drini TritJkftgfi: aooept hymns of prsise in Trish^p metro 
accompanying the lihation. Tki. Pfi^t cup : the Soma bowl of the 
Prahman's sssistsnt the PMar or Purifier, one of the ^liztesn offiofating 
priests at a sacrifice. 

% KimdUr: the Agnldh, the priest who lights the SMrifidal fire. 

3 flu BrtAman : this title Is noi-giTen to Indbra in t^ eorrespoiid- 
ing 9. Y. pasBsge. • ' • 


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lodra the Brahman from the Brahman'a ^op drink 
Triah^ps, according to the aeaaon Soma from 
heaven. 4 Let the God, Granter of Wealth, from 
the Potar's cup drink Triab^upa, aooording to^ the 
aeaaon Soma from heaven. ^.^ 

OoMB, we have preased the jaice for thee : O Indra, 

drink thia Soma here. 
Seat thee on thia my aacred graaa. 
S Let both thy bay ateeda, yoked by prayer,' long« 
maned, OIndra, bring thee nigh. 

8 We Soma-bearing Brahmana call thee Soma-drinker 
with thy friend. 
We, Indra, who have preaaed the juice. 


Comb unto ua who poured the juice, come hither to 

Drink of the juice, O fair of face. 

H I pour it down within thee, ao through all thjr mem- 
oera let it run. 
Take with thy tongue the pleasant drink. 

S Sweet to thy body let it be, delicioua be the aavouiy 
Sweet be the Soma to thy heart 

4 QtwUiit 9f W%tMktlkKfvi^MM*, Ml appellation «l Agniaatlia 
ladla tor through whom the pfcma obtain ridhaa 

Tho hjraui b tikaa from 9. Y. YIU. 17. 1-4.^ 

3 IFftli <ilf >VMatf ; thy ooottant oompankin, tbo tho^^ 

' A (DontiniiAtkm ol tho praeedlng h jmiH takon ikom ttanma 4^6 of 
\ Wmfi^jiimi or, harlng ]aig% strongs or handtomo jawi « 




, ' LiKB women, let thia Soma juice inveated with its 
raimeut, glide 
Most active ladra, dose to thee. 

S Mighty in bulk, sfaron^-necked, atout^urmedt • in - th^ 
wild rapture of the juice 
Doth Indra smite the foemen dead. 

8- Indra, advance, go forward thou who by. thy. might 
art Lord of all. 
Slay, Yfitra-alayer, alay thy foea. 

4 Long be thy grasping-hook wherewith * thou gireat 

treasure unto him 
Who poura the juice and worahipa thee. 

5 Here, Indra, is thy Soma draught, made pure - ujpoa 

the sacred grass. 
Run hither, come and drink thereo£ 

6 Famed for thy radiance, worshipped well I thia juice 

is shed for thy delight : ' 
Thou art invoked, Akhao^al^ I 

7 To EuQdap&yya, grandaon'a aon, grandaon of Sfingae- 

vpsh, to thee, 

To him have I addressed my thought 

— "^ - 

A oonthraation of tho pveoeding hymn, taken fiEom 9^ Y. YIIL 17* • 

1 Lihi womm : who mova sbwij on, dnwiod in white gMmt nt Si 
JU roiwumi : the milk that ooloun it 

4 Ortupinff-^ook : Indra's hounteona power b likened to the hook 
with whioh the branohea of fruit-laden treea are drawn down wiUiin 

6 Fanud/or ikf radiance, wankippeduM: the words thus rendeiw 
ed, fdekigo and §AckipAjamft, haye not been aatiifMtorily explained 1^ . 
the oommentator, and their meaning ia atill nnoertain. Aoooidinff to*^ 
Sija^a the former maj mean < thou whoee oattle are strongs* or*^oa'' 
whoee radianoe ia renowned,' and the latter < thou of renowned adora-^ 
tion' or * whoee hjrmns are renowned.' See Profeeaor Wilaon'a note. • 

Tkau art invoked, Akf^i^iaU I : or, Thou, Deetiover, art invoked,* 
Thia appellatkm of Indra doea not ooour'again in the lUgveda. 

7 JTufdo^^d^a and ^fingaffriih appear here to be namea oC man. 
Aeooiding to SAja^a fa ifi fiy ^y b the a«me of « partiealar' 

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[BOOK jrx 

Thbb, lodra, we invoke, the Bull, what time the . 

Soma is expressed. 
So drink thoa of the savoary joioe. 
S Indra^ whbiri tDanyland, aooept the strength-confer- 
ring Soma jaioe. 
Qoaff, ponr down drink that satisfies. 
i India, with all the Gods promote our wealth-bestoW- 
ing sacrifice, 
Thou highly-lauded Lord of men. « 

.4 Lordofthehrave^to thee proceed these drops of 
Soma juice expressed. 
The bright drops to thy dwelling-plaoe. 

5 Within thy belly, Indh^ take Soma the juice most 

excellent: < i . 

The heavenly drops belong to thee. 

6 'Drink our libation. Lord of hymns : with streams of 

meath thou art bedewed': 
Our glory, Indra, is thy gift. 

7 To Indra fp the treasures of the worshipper which 

never fail : 
He drinks the Soma and is strong. 
•8 From far away, from near at hand, O Vptra-slayer, 

come to us : 
Accept the songs we sing to thee. 

S^ATA, thou mountest up to meet the Hero famous 
for his wealth, 
. Who huris the bolt and works for man ; 

esranoDj, iuA the offepring of ^fimgawtUk is Indra hisMalf. '(Indra) 
whowarttheofibpringof l?p»gsni^f^<^ wliom ths kwi4Api$fa nts 
waitlMi>rol60tor,(tlMtaget) have fixed (of old) their minde upon 
Ihia eeremoDT.* See Plofesaoi! Wileon's note who obeerres that the 
cdnetnietiop ie looee, and the e xplanat ion not yety itkiaotoiy/ 

The hyimi ie taken fh»i y. V. IIL 40, 1— 8> ^ 
• Stsniat 1---S are taken 9. V. y in. 81 1-^ knd stania 4 i| repeat, 
edfaom the pieoe^h/mn of this Book. 



VTMS^ 9.] 



2 Him who with might of both his arms brake nine- 

and-ninety castles down,^ 
Slew Vfitra and smote Abi dead. 

3 This Indra is our gfaciousFriend. He sends us In a 

full broad stream 
Biohes in horses, kine, and com.. 

4 Indra, whom many laud, accept the strength-ooi^er- 

ring Soma juice. 
Qua^ pour down drink that satisfies. 

Dbikk as of old, and let the draught delight thee : 
hear thou my prayer and let our songs exalt thee.. 
Make the Sun yisible, make food abunoiant : slaugh- 
ter the foes, pierce through and free the cattle. 
2 Come to us ; they have called thee Soma>loyer. 
Here is the pressed juice: drink thereof for rapture. 
Widely-capacious, pour it down within thee, and in*» 
▼ocated hear us like a fiftther.* 
8 Full is his chalice. Blessing I Like a pourer I ha?e 
filled up tiie vessel for his drinking. 
Presentea on the right, dear Soma juices have 
brought us Indra, to rejoice him, bither. 
As cows low to their calves in stalls, so with our 

songs we glorify 
This Indra, even your wondi<6us God who checks 
. atbtck, who joys in the delicious juice. 

2 ifiM-myA-mmUp fia»iU$ : Ahe ooontleea oloud-forti!eeiee of the 
demons of drought 
Aki : the serpent or drsgon who obstniots the peMop^hle rain. 

S|»n» 1 i9 token from ?. Y% YI. 17. 3; 3 fkom L ^0^9; and S 
from IIL S3. 15. 

1 Pierce ikratufh and free ike eaule : penetrate and dispene the 
thiok doud and liberate ifie lights of day. 

Stanns 1, 8 aie taken finxn Ry.yiU. 77. 1, $, sad staattsS. i 

from VnL 8. 9, IC. 

1 Cim : Bulked for saorifioial pnrposes, th e i r balTSS being drat.up 
during the performance of the rel^ousoesemon J. 

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i Celestial, boanteous GiTer, g;irt about with might» 
rich, moQDtain-like, in preoionB tbioge-* 
Him swift we seek for foodfal booty rich in kine/ 
brought hundredfold and thousandfold. 
8 I crave of thee that hero strength, that thou mayst 
• first regard this prayer, 

Wherewith thou holpest Bhpgu and the Tatis and 
Prasks^ya when the prise was staked. 

4 Wherewith thou sentest mighty waters to the sea, 
. . that, ladra, is thy hero strength. 

.For ever unattainable is this power of him to whom 
the worlds have called aloud. 
Tbisb songs of ours exceeding sweet, these hymns of 

E raise ascend to thee, 
e ever-conquering chariots that display their 
strength, gain wealth and give un&iling aid. 

5 The Bhrigus are like suns, like Eaovas, and have 
. gained all that their thoughts were bent to win. 
Th^ living men of Priyamedha's race have sung 

exalting Indra wiih their lauds. 
FoRT-RBUDiB, Lord of Wealth, dispelling foemen, 

Indra with lightnings hath overcome the DAsa. 
Impelled by prayer and waxen great in body, he 

hath filled eartii and heaven, the bounteous Giver. 

S /«lM ; Ml MioieQt riM of aaoetios oonneoied with tha Bbrigui^ 
SBd,«oooidUigtoontlvgmid,«dl toh»T« taken part in thsoraniioQ 
el the worid. Prafkt^^a : mi MMMot (tithi, dasoeoiAnt of tho oelebimt- 
sd Ka^va and aear of loaia hjmoa of Books L, VIII., and IX. of the 
9lffvoda. Wim UUprim mt^iittktd: whon thay fowght lor boo^. 

'• TULon ftom 9* ▼• Vin« 8. 16, IS. 

t Ftilfamidkaf a {Uihl, of tho laonily of An^iaib SHr of aovMal 
hyans of tho (tigvida. 

Ikkta from 9. Y. III. 34.' . 

( 1 /M-mfd^; bnakoi^doim of tho olond-oastloa of tho demona 
who withhold tko laia Si Witt aa of tho stfongholdi of tho hottilo 1 
liyaa tribis. 

UTMN 11.] 



S I stimulate thy seal, the Strong, the Hero, decking 
my song of praise for thee Immortal 
O Indra, thou art equally the i^uler of heavenly 
hosts and human generations. 

8 lioading his band Indra encompassed Vritra ; weak 
grew the wily leader of enchanters. 
He who burns fierce in forests slaughtered Vyansay 
and made the milch-kine of the nights apparent 

4 Indra, light-winner, days' creator, oonauered, as 

guardian, hostile bands with those who loved him. 
For man the days' bright eosiy^n he illumined, and 
found the light for his great joy and gladness. 

5 Forward to fiercely fidling blows pressed Indra, hero* 

like doing many hero exploits. 
These holy songs he tauebt the bard who prMsed 
him, and widely spread these Dawns* resplendent 

6 7%ey laud the miffhtv acts of him the mighty, the 

many glorious deeds performed by Indra. 
He in his strength, with all-surpassing prowess^ 
through wondrous arts crushed the malignant 

7 Lord of the brave, Indra who rules the people gave 

freedom to the Glods by might and 1>attie. 
Wise singers glorifywith chanted praises these hia 
achievements in Vivasv4n*a dwelling. 

S IKi ti4o 6tcriu/mt ia/irMte: porfaapa. tho thondinfaolt. 

rjMMia.* thonamoof onoof thodomonaof dfooght. SootLY. L 
101. t. and 105. 9i 

Mad4 ik$ mii e kr k m i ^ <JU ni^lt$ mf^pwrttUs aooordlhg to 8lja9a» 
*mado manifiBtt tho (ttoloa) ooiri(that had booahiddon) in tht night;' 
that i% reoovortd tho fays of light. 

7 'ik fMwtodA'ft iliicieM^^lnthoaaorifloial diambor,'tlio' abode of 
tho taorifioor vrho loprsaotita Vivasflo who^aaorifiooo lor tho Goda hi 
hoavook ^ ' 

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THE H7iiN3 OF 


8 ExcoUaai^ oonqoerw, the viotorj-giyer, the winner 
of the light and g<Kllike waters, 
He who hath wob tiiis broad earth and this heai^n, 
—in Indra they rejoice who love devotions. ' 

9 He gained {possession of the San and horses ; Indra 
obtained the cow who feedeth many. 
Treasure of gold he won ; he smote the Dasyos imd 
gave protection to the race of Aryas. 

10 He took the plaints and days for his possessioii; ha 

gained the forest trees and air^s mid-region. 
Yiua he cleft, and chased away opponents : thus was 
he tamer of the overweening. 

11 Gidl we on Maghavan, auspicious Indra, best Hero 

in the fight where spoil is gathered, 
' The Strong, who listens, who, gives aid in battles, 
who slayk the Vptras, wins and gathers treasures. 

Pbatiss have been offered up through love of glory: 

Vasish^a, honour Indra in the battle. 
Be who with might extends .through all existence 

'hears words which I, his fitithful servant, utter. 

S A ory was raised which reached the Qods, O Indra, 
a try to them to send us strength in combat 
None among men knows his own life's duration: 
bear us in safety over these our troubles. 

8 The Bays, the booty-seeking car I harness: my 

prayers have reached him who accepts them gladly. 

Indra, when he had slain resistless Vritras, forced 

with his might the two world-halves asunder. 

• • '• ^ ■* - 

9 Tk$P9mwkofiidMmanp: bothdiiMjUr, with milk, mud iodiraoU- 
^ thioogh the norifiois lor which ihssttppliM the sMootiAl ohla^ioos. 

11 l%«fiaMi/^f3Nu: sooofding to Sajb^s, the nMmt tribe or 
ovder, mMidiig the iMt dulse r 

tskso IroiB ^ y. VIL 23, sod etsam 7 from y. 40. 4. 
t ji srv 4MM rmi9$d: I follow Pioftiioc PSeohel'i intmietatioa of - 
Isvsiydifiooltstsiim.. Am yedisohe fittodien, I pp^sl— 36. 
S lViifa«wiMslMi«MiMbr;o<.A.y.iy.L4,iiotebSiidyiII9.«. 



HYMN 13.1 



4 Like bsrren loows, moreover, swelled the waters : 
the singers sought thy holy rite, O Indra. 
Come unto us as with his team .comes V4yu : thou, 
through our solemn hymns, bestowest booty. 
6 So mav these gladdening draughtarejoice thee, Indra» 
the Mighty, very bounteous to the singer. 
Alone among the Oods thou pitiest mortals: O 
Hero, make thee glad at this libation. 

6 Thus the Vasishthas glorify with praises Indra, the 

Mighty One, whose arm wields thunder. 
Praised, may he guard our wealth in kine and heroes. 
Ye Gk>ds, preserve us evermore with blessings. 

7 Impetuous, Thunderer, strong, quelliDg the m^hty. 

King, potent, Vptra-slayer, Soma-drinker, 
May he come hither with his yoked bay horses. 
May Indra gladden him at noon li^tion. 


Lords of fifreat wealth, Bphaspati and Indra, rejoic- 
ing at this sacrifice drink Soina. 
Let the abundant drops sink deep within you: 
vouchsafe us riches with full store of heroes. 
2 Let your swift-gliding coursers bear you hitherward 
with their fleet pinions. Come ye forward with 
your arma 
Sit on the grass; a wide seat hath been made foryou: 
delight yourselves, O Maruts, in the pleasant food. 
8 For J&tavedas, worthy of our praise, wul we frame 
with our mind this eulogy as 'twere a car. 

4 Boffmwm: whieh sie fitter tiisn othera 

Sttam 1 ii taken from B. y..iy. 60. 10; etaim t ikom L 05. 6; 
stMua 3 from L 94. 1 ; aod etanm 4 from IIL 3. 9. 

3 ^ 'liMfvaoffr; M a oarpoDter ooottruotiaoMrorwidii. Ifoie. 
over the hjma it frequentlj called a ohariot, as it tnvele swiftij to the 
Qoda. Similarij Pindar apeaki of eoog aa a diaijot, MoMiy Sr^Aoc. 

?• •• ?^^l• ^' ^^^f^r^ptof^. p- lo. 35; mo^is^ 

IfkiiM, L7. 38. Vii Am at«0M6/|f: among thoae who haTs met tosether 
to wonhip him. Or the meaning mi^t be: good, or ftntpiflSiML h 
hie piOTidBnoe or lofing cart of ua ». ... * ^^. 

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THs ariijrs or 

[BOOK zx. 

For good 10 his assembly is this care of oars. Let os 
not ID thy friendship, Agni, satkr harm. 
4 With these, borne on one car, Agnt, approach us ; 
or borne on manv, for th v steeds are able. 

Bring, with their Dames, the Gk>ds, the Three-and* 
Thirty, after thy Gknllike nature, and be joyfoL 


Wi call on thee, O peerless One. We, seeking hetpv 

possessing nothing firm ourselves. 
Call on thee wonderful in fight : 
I On thee for aid in sacrifice. This youth of ours, the 
bold, the mighty, hath fone forth. 
We, therefore, we thy friends, Indra^ have ehosen 
thee, free-giver, as our guardian Gh>d. 
i Him who of old hath brought to us this and that 
blessing, him I magnify for you, 
Bven Indra, O my friends, for help : 
I Borne by bay steeds^ the Lord of heroes, ruling men,. 
« for it is he who takes delight 
The Bounteous Lord bestows on us his worshipped 
hundreds of cattle and of steeds.. 


To him most Kberat, k>% Lord of tofby wealt]i,Terily 
powerful and strong, I brinff my hymn,— 

Whose checkless bounty, as of waters down a slope^ 
is spread abroad for all that Hire, to give them 

1UmiJbpia«. y. Vm. 91.1,9 and 9, 10. 
t 7%M|fmrt4^Mirt^ tlMnol>l€^tkeiiitlitiilorof tlisaaacifio^ 
ssgODSOUtoaawariiksSKiMdltMNu * 

IUmi tem 9^ y. L 57« ' 







urus 16.] 



2 Now all this world, for worship, shall oomo after 

thee— the offerer's libations like descending floods, 

'When the well-loved one seems to rest upon the hill, 

the thunderbolt of Indra, shatterer wrought of 


'8 To him the terrible, most worthy of high praise, like 
radiant Dawn, bring gifts with reverence in this 
Whose being,for renown, yea, Indra-power and light, 
have been created, like bay steeds, to move with 

.4 Thine, Indra, praised by many, excellently rich! are 
we who trusting in tby help draw near to thee. 
Lover of praise, none else but. thou receives our 
laud : as Earth loves all her creatures, love thou 
this our hymn. 

5 Great is thy power, O Indra, we are thine. Fulfil, 

O Maghavan, the wish of this thy worshipper. 
After thee lofty heaven hath measured out its 
strength : to thee and to thy power this earth 
hath bowed itsel£ 

6 Thou, who hast thunder for thy weapon, with thy 

bolt hast shattered into pieces this broad massive 
Thou hast sent down obstructed floods that they 
may flow : thou hast, thin^ own for ever, all victo- 
rious might 

9 Wkmik4W4U'io9edon$: whso tlis lightoing-lsdso eloud is fsstiog 
en the mountain omd pimj to Indm that ho may diaohaigo his ooUs- 
tial artilloiy and bring down tho lain. 

8 Lik$ r^ifttu Dawm : at dawn brings tho light Whon thoobjoot 
oompared is tho poison addressod, tho objoot to whioh it is oomparsd 
is often in tho vooativo oaso, as horo. 8oo Oiassmann's Bifl-voda Dio- 
tionaiy under nd. Bring: tho wovdiippor addiossss himso£ Bntsss 
Lodwig's Oommontary (V. 18), who tnmslates and aplains diffMU^y, . 
taking itbkaird {i bhaia in tho Pkda text) as tho first person siagiilac 

^ Jfterikm: heaven has taken thy mi|^ and majes^ as a.pattsm 
for its own* 

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LiKi birds who keep their watch, plashing in water, 

like the loud voices of the thanderioff raia-doud, 
Like merry streamlets bursting from the mountain, 
thus to.feirihaspati our hymns have sounded. 
2 The son of Angiras, meeting the cattle, as Bhaga, 
brought in Aryaman among us, 
As Friend of men he decks the wife and husband. 
As for the race, Bphaspati, nerve our coursers. .. 
8 Bphaspati, having won them from the mountains, 
strewed down, like barley outofwinnowing-baskets, 
The vigorous, wandering cows who aid the piou9» 
desired of all, of blameless form, well-coloured. 

4 As the Sun dews with meath the seat of Order, ^d 

casts a flaming meteor dow^ from heaven. 
So from the rock Bribaspau forced the cattle, and 
cleft the earth's skin as it were with water. 

5 Forth from mid-air with light he drave the darkness, 

as the gale blows a lily from the river, 
like the wind grasping at the cloud oi Vala, Bphas- 
natigathered to himself the cattle. 

6 BTihaspati, when he with fiery lightmngs clef% 

through the weapon of re viling Vala, 

The hymn, •ddiwed to Bfihwpati, is Uken fi^om 9^. X. 68. 

^hTAsKinl n«oflll&;theimpriwiiedbeMMof light; Aebngh^ 
TtjL iS«5«:Godof good fortune. JirnwaJi; th^ lepweentatiTe 
of mMriege ; here meaning marriage itaelt . ^ *v^ 

r0^^nnamng4HukU$: iMvibkfah: the ei«)t mewimg of the 
iw«digaomewh»tnnoert»in.hutiti8eTidentiy • »«««^]f»l[f^ i^ 

SSimiSlt^^ 5^We«i,Uafc*«nedwlth*^i25'. 

oeoSnTx. S7. 15, Slid is eaid by S^ya?» to mea^ 

• 22? IW.WIbcii xwden aiiMh^ah in thie place 6y*faoii^*e 
SSifiei^TbeoowibertoiredVy B|ihan*ti w oounlileif M g»toP^ 
&barieyonthethierfiing.floororwinnowing-plaoe. . 

. tS%75S.aoco«lingtoSAyapathe.a»ee.^ 
Vallianeria OeUadn. a oommon aqnatio plant. . ^ .'. v^ 

8J.ttlie«tfne woidmeani^eihanrtion.* j 






iltka 16.] THB ATHAMVAVSDA. 335 

Consumed him as tongues eat what teeth have com- 
passed : he threw the prisons of the red cows open. 
7 That secret name borne by the lowing cattle within 
* the cave Bphaspati discovered. 
And drave, himself, the bright kine from the moun* 
tain, like a bird's young after the eggs' disclosure. 
.8 He looked around on rock-imprisoned sweetness as 
one who eyes a fish ia scanty water. 
Brihaspati, cleaving through with varied clamour, 
brought it forth like a bowl from out the timber* 
9 He found the light of heaven, anfl fire, and Morning: 
with lucid rays he forced apart the darkness. 
As from a joint, Bfihaspati took the mairrow of Yala 
as he gloried in his cattle. 

10 As trees for foliage robbed by winter, Yak mourned 

for the cows Bphaspati had taken. 
He did a deed ne'er done, ne'er tb be equalled, where- 
by the sun and moon ascend alternate. 

11 Like a dark steed adorned with pearl, the Fathers 

have decorated heaven with constellations. 
. They set the light in day, in night the darkness. 
Brihaspati deit the rock and found the cattle. 

12 This homage have we offered to the Clond-Gk>d who 

thunders out to many in succession. 
May this Brihaspati vouchsafe us fulness of life with 
kine and horses, men, and heroes. 

8 8wu*n€99: the iweet milk ; that is the oowa wlio prodnoed it. 

Liki a howl: whitfh already existi potentially in the wood from 
which it ia prodnoed by cutting. 

. 9 Prof: Wilson, following Sdyapa, paraphimses the eeoond line »— 
'he seised (the cattle from the rook) of Vala sornranded by the kine 
as (one extracts) marrow fkom a bone.' 

11 the TiMnr$: *The connection of the fathers with the \^t» of 
which they are both the embodiments and the guardians, is alone 
sdfficienft to explain their action in placing the stars in the skj.*^^ . 
Wallis, Comologp of Oe f^igndti^ p. 6a 

12 Toimimy: *eows' is, apparently,, understood. SAyaya supplies 
r^ikM ;•* who recites in order many (sacred stansas).'---Wilson. .. 

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Iv perfect oniaon all yearning hymns of mine that find 
the light of heaven have sung forth Indra 8 praise 
As wives embrace their lord, the comely bridegroom, 
so they compass Maghavan about that he may help 
f Directed onto thee my spirit never strays. fi»r I have 
set my hopes on thee, much-invoked I 
Sit. wonderful I as King upon the sacred grass, and 
let thy driuking-place be by the Soma juice. 
8 Prom indigence and hungerlndra turns away: Ma* 
ghavan hath dominion over precious wealth. 
These the Seven Rivers flowing on their downward 
path increase the vital vigour of the Mighty Steer. 

4 As on the fair-leafed tree rest birds, to Indra flow 

the gladdening Soma juices that the bowls conUin. 
Their face that glows with splendour through their 
mighty power hsth found the shine of heaven for 
man, the Aryas* light. 

5 As in the game a gambler piles his winnings, so 

' Maghavan, sweeping all together, gained the Sun. 

This mighty deed of thine none other could achieve, 

none, Maghavan, before thee, none in recent time. 

6 Maghavan came by turns to all the tribes of men : 

the Steer took notice of the people's songs of praise. 
The man in whose libations Sakra hath delight, by 
means of potent Somas vanquisheth his foes. 

7 As waters flow together to the river, thus Somas to 

Iiidra flow, as rivulets to the lake. ^ 
In place of sacrifice saces exalt his might, as the 
rain swells the corn by 'o^**^**''^ •*"* ^'^°* heaven. 

8Uii«s 1^11 sie tskenlkwn ?. T. X. 48, sod ttsnm IS Ifwa VE. 

S fW«.i*f .• Slj^y^ mslias •Winj^ tnndliTS i-' May Iniia 
te lU fSBMmr sf thiitt sod hoiiger/--^in]mi. 

5 ^««i«rftti &ia. oonquosdliimlnr tskingawsy bis m^^ 
iMid slifortwl nly 




> • 



1 -i 

BYMN 18.] 



8. Herashes through tb« reg^onlikea fiirioa8balI,he who 

hath lUAde these floods the dames of worthy lorda. 

This Maghavan bath fwand Uebt for the man who 

brings oblation, shed* the jaioe, and promptly 

pours his gifts. r r ^ 

9 Let the keen axe come forth together with the light : 
here be, as erst, the teeming cow of sacrifice. 
Let the Red God shine pure with his refulgent ray, 
and let the Lord of heroes glow like heaven's 
clear sheen. 

10 O much-invoked, may we subdue all famine and evil 

want with store of grain and cattle. 
- May we allied, as first in rank, with princes^ obtaia 
possessions by our own exertion. 

11 Bfihaspati protect us from the rearward, and from 

above, and from below, from sinners. 
May Indra from the front, and from the centre, as 
friend to friends, vouchsafe us room and freedom. 

12 Ye twain are Lords of wealth in eanh and heaven, 

thou, O Bphaspati, and thou, Indra. 
M^n though he be, give wealth to him who lauds you. 
preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessing*. 

^'fSid *^"' ^ ^^^ "^^ implore : as thy devot- 
The Eaova* praise thee with their hymns. 


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: 2 Naught else, O Thonderer, have I praised ia the 
skilled singer's eulogy : 
On tbjr land only^ have I thougfat. 
8 The Crods seek him who presses oat the Soma ; they 

desire not sleep : 
. Incessantly they punish sloth. 

4 Faithful to thee we loudly sing, heroic Indra, songs 

to thee. 
Mark, gracious Lord, this act of ours. 

5 Give us not up to man's reproach, to foeman's. hate« 

ful calumny : 
In thee alone is all my strength. 
, 6 Thou art mine ample ooat of mail, my champion, 
Vfitra-slayer, thou. 
With thee for Friend I brave the foe. 

O Ihdra, for the strength that slays the foe and con« 

quers in the fight 
We turn thee hitfaerward to us. 
2^0 Indra, Lord of Hundred Powers, may those who 
praise thee hitherward 
Direct thy spirit and thine eye. 
8 O Indra, Lord of Hundred Powers, with all our 
songs we invocate 
Thy names for triumph over foes. 
. 4 We strive for glory through the powers unmense of 
him whom many praise. 
Of Indra who supports mankind. 

5 For the foe's slaughter I address Indra whom many 

, To win us booty in the wars. 

6 In battles be victorious. We' seek thee, Lord of 

Hundred Powers, 
O Indra, that the foe mav fall, 
y In splendid combats of the hpstan, vii glteies where 

the fight is won, 
, Indra, m victor over foes. r 

nkao iroa 9* ▼• HI- 37. 1—7. ~ 




O Indra, Lord of Hundred Powew. 

These, Indi», do I olaim of thee. 

We make thy might perpetual. 
fe?away ~*^'' ^~°* ^^' ^'' 9^ «»m. from 

'°&d'i:::sre^*'^ '•"••-- *^ "«>--. O 

* ^tlfaiS^^"^"*'*'^^'"' ^-^ •^•» mightj 
For firm is he and swift to act. 

And good shaH be before US stilL 
' ^'^uritj?' "«***"• "^ "»• '^o'W ^i I»<1« .end 
The foe-8ubduer, swift to aoi 


t*^nr4i~;ii?a*^ *« ^ V. lu. 87. 8-11, ttd«,s;;:izr 

* fOm; Mighty <W • 

■ss -... 


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For he hath ne'er found wealth in those who seem 
to sleep ; tiiose who give wealth to men accept no 
paltry praise. 
8 Giver of horses, Indra, giver, thou, of kine, giver of 
barley, tiion art Lord and guard of wealth : 
Man's helper from of old, not disappointrog hope, 
Fnend of our friends, to thee as such we smg this 
8 Indra, most splendid, powerful, rich in mightv deeds, 
this treasure spread around is known to be thine 
Gather therefrom, O Conqueror, and bring to us : 
fail not the hope of him who lovea and slugs to 
^4 Well-pleased with these brfght flames and with these 
SomadroDS, take thoo away our poverty with 
steeds ana kine. 
> With Indra scattering the Dasyu through these 
drops, freed from theur hate may we obtain abund- 
^ ant food. 
>6 Let us obtain, O Indra, plenteous wealth and food, 
with strength exceeding glorious, shiniog to the 
May we obtain the GToddess ProvidencOr the strength 
of heroes, special source of cattle, rich in steeds. 
. 6 These our libations, strength-inspiring Soma draughtsr 
gladdened thee in the fight with Vptra, Hero- 
What time thou slowest for the singer with trimmed 
, grass ten thousand Yptras, thou resistless in thy 
might. ' 

naM t«yb fMM 10 9k^: India dmretno advMiiags fiom tBoae 
•.wko MS ranin in their reUgiouf dutisi. 

e AaOoiiiaiMl rr»<ftM : countisM dsmoiis Uks Tfitkm. 



f ^ 


M7MN 2U] 



7 Thou goest on from fight to fight intrepidly, destroy* 

ing castle after castle here with strengto ; 
Thou Indra, with thy friend who makes the foe bow 
down, slowest from fistr away the guileftd NamuchL 

8 Thou hast struck down in death Karanja, Par^aya 

m Atithigva's very glorious going forth : 
Unyielding, when ^lijisvan compassed them with 
^ge, thou hast destroyed the hundred towns of 

« With all^utstripping chariot wheel, O Indra, thou 
far-famed, hast overthrown the twice ten kinn of 
men, ^ 

With sixty thousand nine-and-ninety followers, who 
came in arms to fight with friendless Susravas. 

10 Thou hast protected Susravas with succour, and 

TArvayA^a with thine aid, O Indra : 
Thou madest Kutsa, Atithigva, Ayu subject unto 
this king, the young, the mighty. 

11 May we protected by the Gk)ds hereafter remain thy 

very prosperous friends, O Indra. 
. Thee we extol, enjo^ng through thy fitvour li&Ione 
and joyful and with store of heroes. 

Kami' M thj oonMeiata. ^ / ««• wnn 

^«j|ticW; «noii4oowr(af tliah«^T«il^ 

8 Xa^ra^ Panfopa.^od Vamgrida m Amtni or damont; AU^ 
ih^gwa It another name of the liberal prinoe DiTodUa, and Riji^ui is 
a pioiu wonhipper oppieeaed l^ Da^3nie or barbariana SeliR. Y. 

9 Ai(n»a«, ud 3Viwv49« in th« Mxt Tww M. Mid to b. kwgi. 

10 XirtM ia mmtiooMl (9. 7. L 8». U.) m . foTOorit. of lodn, Imt 
•id^ '•Pi^MDUd. togtOut with Atithignt ud I711, M eii.«^ ib^ 

p^fhape ^fttflt y 

Tkii Hv : Snfraira^ or TArfajApa; theM 
the tame IndiTiduaL . . ^ 

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Hrao^ the Soma being preaaed I poiir the jnioe for^ 

thee to drink : ' 

Sate thee and finish thy oarouse. 

5 Let not the fools, or those who mook, beguile thee 

when they seek thine aid : 
Jjove not the enemies of prayer. 
8 Here let them with rich milky draught oheer thee to 
^preat manifioenoe : . . " 

Brink as the wild boll drinks the lake. 

4 Ptaise, even as he is known, with song Indra, the 

guardian of the kine, 
The Son of Truth, Lord of the brave. 
8 Hither his bay steeds have been sent» red steeds are 
on the saored grass j 

Where we in oonoert sing our songs. 

6 For Indra, Thunder-armed, the kine have, yielded- 

mingled milk and meath, 
What time he found them in the yault. 

Ihtokid to drink the Soma juioe come with thy bay 

steeds, Thunder-armed I 
Come, Indra, hitherward, to me.; 

5 Our miest is seated true to time ; the grass is regu- 

larly strewn; 
The pressing-stones were set at morn. 

8 These prayers, O thou who hearest prayer, Are 
offerecL Seat thee on the grass. 
Hero, enjoy the offered cake. 

il— 8mtdcen!iomB.y.TIIL4ft. SS— 24, 
4-4!iomynL58.4— e. ^ 
' 6 ITAcfMI; orCkmifti tfaaBosGMinia. 

e Inik»m¥Ui ^intlMoavi^of tlM8oiiiST«tML*< 
^horison.*— Lodwigi <MMrst]Maid.'-4Slj«9s. 

As kgrm li tiken Ikpm 9^ y. UL 41. 

Both; Jon 



\ ^ 

Song-loving Indra, iHth oor kodi. 
Indra, as mother-oows their oaI£ 
Yield not thy sbger to reproach. 
Thoo, Vasn, dearly lovesi tu. 

Here glad thee, Indra, Lord Divine, 
9 May Wmaned oooners, dropping oil brimr «.-. • 
^ on swift oar hitherward, ^^^ ^ ^"^ "^ 
Indra, to seat thee on the gnUs. 


Indra t blent with milk- ?«■"<«» » Soma, 

Come, fiivoaring a., thy bayHl»^„ car I 

^/""^ '2 *^" gladdening drink, placed on th. 
Wat «iou not drink thy fiU thereof? 

To tamlim to the Sonuwlraught. 
* ^ttrsTnL'jSS^^^P'^-^ caU Indra to drink 
Wm he not oome to us by laodsf 

7 rM«;or,aoodLotd. 

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5 Indra, these Somas are ezpreasecL Take them within 

thy belly, Lord 
Of Handred Powers, thou Prinoe of wealth. 

6 We know thee winner of the spoil and resolute in 

battles, Sage t 
Therefore thy blesdng we implore. 

7 Borne hither by thy stallions, drink, IndrSi this juioe 

whioh we have pressed, 
•Miogled with barley and with milk. 

8 Indra, for thee in thine own place I urge the Soma 

for thy draught: 
Deep in thy hwrt let it remaio. 

9 We eall ob thee, the Anoient One, Indra, to drink 

the Soma juioe. 
We Kusikas who seek thine ^d* 

Ihdri, the mortal man well guarded by thine aid 
^bes foremost in tiie wealth of horses and of kine. 
With amplest wealth thou fillest him, as round about 
«the waters olearly seen afiur fill Sindhu full. 

2 The heavenly waters oome not nigh the priestly bowl : 
they but look down and see how tar mid-ais is 
The Deities oonduct the pious man to them: like 
suitors they delight in him who loveth prayer. 

8 Praiseworthy blessing hast thou laid upon the pair 
wiio with uplifted uuile* serve tiiee, man and wife. 
Unohecked he dwells and prospers in thy law : thy 
power brings blessing to the saorificer pouring giftiL 

9 JTuftftM: memben of Um iMnily of Kofiks Um lither or giMid- 
lalitr of tho gnsft fUahi Yifrlmitm wbo it ti^e teer of tho h jmiL 

SUant 1-4 am tsken Ihm 9- ^* I* 89> sad ttaiiift 7 IhMii X. 104. 3. 
3 Mmm andwifg; Um tost hM only wUtkimSi a oouple. Tho word 
sppftfOBtlj mmxm htm Um ^fisfwr of Um Morifioo sad hit wifo, wbo 

took port intlM 
tailor of irMaHtnt 

84709ft oiploliio l| St tlio gnin imd |bo 





ffTMJir 26.] 



4 First the Angirases won themselves vital power, 

whose fires were kindled through good deeos and 
The men together found the Pau^s hoarded wealth, 
the cattloi and the wealth in horses and in kine. 

5 Atbarvan first by saerifiees laid the paths; then, 

guardian of the Law, sprang up tiie loving Sun. 
Usan& K&vjra drove the kine hither with him : let us 

With offerings honour Yama's deathless birth. 
(6 When saored grass is trimmed to aid the auspicious 

work, or the hymn makes its voice of praise sound 

to the sky, . . 

"Where the stone rings as 'twere a singer skilled in 

Jaud, — Indrawn truth delights when these come 

near to him. 

7 To make thee start, a strong true draught I offer to 
thee the Bull, O thou whom bay steeds carry. 
Here take delight, O Indra, inrour voices while thou 
art hymned with power and all our spirit 


f N every need, in every firay we call, as friends, to 

succour us 
Tndra the mightiest *ofalL 

2 If he will hear us let him come with succour of a 
.thousand kinds. 
And all that strengthens* to our call. 

4 Th€ Patfi it tlio illibond domon wbo withholds tho raio. 

5 7%s pM$: wftji of oommiiniofttion botwoon mon ood Gods. 
Ufani KivTft is the name of a odobrated anoient ^ishL Tho 1 

ing of tho latter half of tho seeond Torse is obsooi^;: Lndwig 

•it * ipeek we to win bj saerifioe the immortalitj iHiioh has sprang 

if fCMn Yanuu* 

7 To sMiU Om ««an.- on tho joorn^ to lisit ns^ 

Stanns 1-^ are taken from fL Y.X 30. 7^-9. 
liomLe. 1— 3. . 

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t I call him, mighty to resist, the Hero of oar tfaoient 
Thee whom my sire invoked of old. ^ 

4 They who stand round him as he moves harness the 

bright, the ruddjr steed : 
The hghts are shining in the skyr . 

5 On both sides of the ear they yoke the two bay oonr-- 

sera dear to him. 
Bold, tawny, bearers of the chie£^ 

6 Then, making light where no light was, and form, O 

Men I where torm was not, 
Wast born together with the DawnSr 


If I, Indra, were, like thee, the single sovran of 

all wealth. j 

My worshipper should be rioh in kinor 

S I should be fiun, O Lord of Might, to strengthen- 
and enrioh the sage, 
■ Were I the lord of nerds of kine. 

8 To worshippers who press the juice thy goodness^ 
Indra, is a oow 
Yielding in plenty kine and steeds. 

S Utn pf 9mQimdmihmi$: intelaxy ddtj of our lunilj. 

4 Tktff wAa ti/omd rvmid: lokairapafforiinah prd^fimai^ *thd liTing^ 
beingt of Um thise woridii* is Sl/apa's eipUnatioii. Piobablj tbr 
llnnits, Indra's ooostmt oou^Miiioo^ are inUndad. 

Tks hngkit Of nuUp tUei (brodAmdm amtkdm) is proBabl/ the 
8oii» with wbiom Indra is frequent^ oomooted. 

5 On hoik tida : w^Mk tk tu d : b s n isssed on diJfeimt aidss. . 

6 TAoUf L a Um Sun. Mmi im porfaapa merelr an «solaiiiatioi> 
ox pr Mi l Ta of admiration. If SMsydil* msn, bo takan %ct moan the 
Uamli^ tho woids Moi^ mslwi^, mM bam, altbongh in tlio aingidar 
nombor, may appl/ to tbaso Goda regardod as ooo boot or oompanr 
andbocnatooob&tb. 8oo IL Mflllor, Yodio Hjbum» Ptot I^ pp. 14 
aq(|., and of. Ladwig^ Uobor dio nonotton Arboiton aof dom tiobioto 
dv lUgfoda-lonobni^ p. Sw Iteg^ 189^. 

' IWk« from 9. r. Via 14.1-47 





arujf 29.] 

fffX ATBinVA-VMJ>A- 


4 None is there, Indra, God or man, to hinder thy 
The wealth which, lauded, thou wilt give. 
• 5 The sacrifice made Indra strong when he unrolled 
the earth and made 
Himself a diadem in heaven^ 

6 Thine aid we claim, O Indra, thine who after thou 
hast waxen great 
Hast won all treasures for thine own. 


In Soma's ecstasy Indra spread the firmament and 

realms of light 
When he cleft Vala limb from limb« 

2 Showioj; the hidden he drave forth the oo^ for the 
And vala he cast headlong down« 

8 By Indra were the luminoua realms of heaven es^ 
tablished and secured 
Firm and immovable in their place. 

4 Indra, thv laud moves quickly like a joyous wave of 
Bright shine the drops that gladden thee. 


Fob thou, O Indra, art tho Qod whom hymns and 

praises magnify : . ^ 
Thou blessest those who worship thee. 

6 Diaimi cpa§Am; too CUdnor, VodiwOio Stndi«B, L p. ISS. 

TUcon from ^ y. Vm. 14. 7--iq» in oontiunation of tbo pcoooding 

1 Spr$qd: tbat k, mado mid-air and boavon vkiblo bj wloorfng 
tbo impriaonad ajs ol li|^t. 

Ttikm, in oontinnation ol tbo prootding bymn, froBiB.y»VlIL 
14. U— 1ft, % '^' . T^ 

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9 Bay hones wi& their long manes bring lodra to 
drink ti»e Soma juice, 
The Boontifol to oar samfiee. 
S With waters* foam thoa torest 0$; Indra, the head of 
Namuchi, . 
Snbdning all eontending hosts. 

4 The Dasyns, when they fria ironjd dimb bj magio 

arts and meant to heaven, 
Thoa, Indra, oastest down to earth; 

5 As Soma-drinker oonqaering all, ihoa soatteredst to 

every side 
Their band who poared no gifts to tbee, 

In the great synod will I laud thy two bay steeds : I 
prise the sweet strong drink of thee the Warrior*- 

His who poors lovely oil as 'twere with yellow drops. 

Let my songs enter thee whose form hath golden 

t Ye who in concert sing pnto the gold-bujed placei 

like bay steeds driving onward to the heavenly seat, 
For Indca land ye strength allied with tawny steeds, 

land him whom cows content as 'twere with yellow 


S WUk waUr^/oam: with a thiwderbok in Uie form of foun, ao- 
ootding to s later legend. Seo ll«ir, 0. a Texts, V. p. 94. Nawntcki : 
Konlooeer; Hold<^att; ademoD alain bj India. See Pkof. Max Mai- 
Wsiemarke (Aoed^j, Oct 32, 1893, No. 1068) on Prof. Bloomaeld'e 
explaneftkmoc tlie eie^ ef Naanohi is Ue Oeotributioiis to tlie Inter- 
pietation of tbf V^da. 

Ttkminm^.^.X,^^.!^'^ Tiiroiighoot the hymn the poet rings 
the ehangee oq wqh^ eabjL to be deriTat&es of the root Ar»* .to take, as 
karwmtd, delightf id, hArptm, loring^ Un, bay or tawnT, karii^ greeo, 
yeliow, or goldniokmre^. Theee wofde are eeojeotaralijr explained bjr 
the Goouaantator, and axe eoeoeptlMe of Tarioos lenderingKi 

1 Oil: IMneei; |M9i^ rain. 

9 Cmmt «ilke4<y ■•gMdal ynr poeei. ^ 




I I 





i His is that thunderbolt, of iron, ]^lden-haed, gold- 
coloured, very dear, and yeUow m his arms ; 
Bright with strong teeth, destroying with its tawny 
rage. In Indra aiB set fieust all forms of golden hue. 
4 As if a iovdr ray were laid upon the sky, the golden 
thunderbolt spread out as in a race. 
That iron bolt with yellow jaw smote Ahi down. A 
thousand flames had he who bore the tawny^hued. 
i Thou, thou, when praised b^ men who sacrificed of 
old, hadst pleasure in their lauds, O Indra golden- 
AH that befits thy son^ of praise thoa' welcomest, 
the perfect pleasant gift, O golden-hned from birth. 

Thisi two dear Bays bring hither Indra on his car, 

thunder-armed, joyous, meet for laud, to drink his 

Many libations flow for him who loveth them : to 

Indra have the gold-hued Soma juices run. 
% The gold-hued drops have flowed to gnttify his wish : 

the yellow drops have urged tiie swift &tys to the 

He who speeds on vKth bay steeds even as he lists 

hath satisfied his longing for the golden drops. 

3 At the swift draught tiie Soma-drinker waxed in 
mi^ht, the iron One with yellow beard and golden 
He, Xiord of tawny coursers. Lord 4>f fleet-foot mares, 
1^ bear bis bay steeds safely over all idistress. 

S TVnmjf raff : pedum fiith lef erenoe to the effiMte of aqgtr on 
4ie oolour of the Aoe*— -Lndwig. 
i 7A# tmNfOiMif the titandeibolt wielded by India. 

Tiken, fai ^QOtinnation d the preeeding hymn, irott 9. T. X. 96. 
^—10. ' 

8 TktSirmgi to Indra; thatthqrinay h% bsmeMed aa^ am 
IMm to the eaorifiea. 

9 n$ir9n(h^: 'ifKf^lmxi^Sihiih^^ 

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fax tituita 0/ 

{hOOK XX. 

4 His yellow-ooloored jaw8^ like ladles, move apart^ 
what timei for atreligtbi he makes the jellow-' 
tinted stir, 
Wheiii while the bowl stands there, ke grooms his 
tawny steeds, when he hath drunk strong drink^ 
the sweet joioe that he loves. 
: £ Tea, to the dear one's seat in homes of h^tVen and 
earth the bay steeds' Lord hath whinnied, like a 
horse for food. 
Then the ffreat wish hath seized upon him migbtilVi 
and the oelovM One hath gained high power of X\\9. 

Thoit, oomprehending with thy might the earth and 

heaven, aooeptest tiie dear hymn for ever new and 

O Asdra, diselose thou and make visible the Oow^s 

belovM home to the bright golden Sun. 

S O Indra, let the eager wishes of the folk bring thee 
the golden-jawed, delightful, on thy oar« 
That, pleased with saorinoe wherein ten fingers toil^ 
^u mayest at the feast drink of our offered mead. 
9 Juioes aforetime. Lord of Bays, thou drankest, and 
thine, and only thine, is this libation* 
Gladden thee, Indra, with the mead-riob Soma : pour 
it down ever. Mighty One, within thee. 

4 t9t iirmigthf te iteeiigtlMiiiiig food. Mi ydlmHmHd: IA» ' 

5 Tk$ dmircm: tbe Soma, feand Doth in bMVen Mid on earth, the 
of Gode and men. ▲ooording to S&japa, Indra himaelfle 
Tk$ Ul&M On$ : hidfi, whose Tital Tigoor it qniokmed and 
11^ the Soma Ubalione whioh he dfinktr 

Ttimh in eontinnatlon of the Moedin^ hjmja, Ikom the oonelnd' 
log Tonei^ II— 13, of 9- V. Z. 9& 

1 n$ Om/i h€loM ham: the eoir may be the em, whoee home 
la the mihrene whieh Indra wffl allow SAiya to fflnminate. 

S AKTiflM/aooofdlQgto SATa^a, the aaeriScial Soma joioe wUob 
ii pnomd ont, poiifled, and pt^aied by the Sngem ol the prieek 

STUF Si.] 



Dbink of the juioe which men have washed in waters 

and fill thee fuU, O Lord of tawny horses. 
O Indra, hearer of the laud, with Soma which stones 
have mixed for thee enhanoe thy rapture. 
% To make tiiee start, a strong true draught I offer to 
thee the Bull, O thou whom bay steMs cany. 
Here tidke delight, O Indra, in our voices while thou 
art hymned with power and all our spirit 
8 O mighty Indra, through thine aid, thy prowess, 
obtaining life, zealous, and skilled in worship, 
• Men in the house who share the sacred banquet stand 
singing praise that brings them store of cnildron. 

Hi who,*Ju8t born, chief Ood of lofty spirit^ by 

power and might became the Gkxls' protector, 
Before whose breath, through greatness of his valour, 
the two worlds trembled. He, O men, is Indra. 
S He who fixed &stand firm the earth that sti^ggered^ 
and set at rest the Sjgitated mountains, 
Who measured out air's wider middle r^on and 
gave the heaven support^ He, men, is Indra. 
8 Who slew the Dragon, freed the Seven Rivers, and 
drave the kine forth fi^m the caveof Yala, 
Begat the fire between both stones, the spoiler in 
warriors' battle, He, O men, is Indra. 

Taken from 1^ ▼• Z. 104. S— 4. 

tru$s effi»otaal; whioh prodaoea.the leenlt en p eo te d in the ahi^ 
of laTonr, The stanm ia lonnd alad in H jiyn SS. 7 ol thia Bool(. , 

The hymn ia a repetition, witd tfaiee addltiomj atamaib of f. T, 

%. Widtr: Ui poivwqnenoe of tlM aeparation of heafen and earth. 

3 TJUJhaaok: the great eeipen^ AIU, tfte chief of the demoneof 
drought Mr€ hitmm both MiMf ; that ii^ the li^itniag be|we«| 
heafen and earth* 

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4 By whom this onivene was made to tremble, who 
ohaaed away the hambled brood of demons, 
Who, like a gambler gathering bis winnings, seiced 
the foes nohes. He, O men, is India. 

« Of whom, the terrible, they ask, Where is He for 
venly they say of him, He is not 

He wastM the foeman's wealth like stakes of aua- 
biers. Have fiuth in him for He, O men, is Indra. 
« Stirrer to action of the poor and lowly, of priest, of 
suppliant who sings his praises J *^^ 

Who. feir-fiwed, favours him who presseth Soma 
with stones adjusted, He, O men, is lodra. • 

•S^tl»?tfc« wi!^ "t J«I»t«; n»T, w« know from tho V«d* it, 

V VTtrni M\ ..I , ")*"»•>«*« it by ♦«»« wratobed! mm} (R 
'2ib^ 4h^2,iJl5lSrPH2^^ U- do«W. o^lSS 



'2rrirv S4.] 







8 To whom both armies cry in olose enoonnier, foe 
against foe, the stronger and the weaker ; 
Whom two invoke apon one chariot mounted, ' each 
for himself, He* O ye men* is Indra^ 
. 9 He, without whom men conquer not in battle, whom, 
warrinc^, they invoke for help and succour ; 
He, all this universe's type and image, who sbakea 
what never shook. He, men, is Inua. 

10 He who hath smitten, ere they knew their danger, 

with bis hurled weapon many grievous sinners ; 
Who pardons not his boldness who provokes Um, 
who slays the Dasyu, He, O men, is Indra. 

11 He who discovered in the fortieth autumn Sambara 

dwelling in the midst of mountains ; 
Who slew the Dragon putting forth his vigour, the 
demon lying there. Me, men, is Indra. 

12 Who drank the iuice poured at the seat of Order, 

subduing Sambara by superior prowess. 
Who hoaraed food within the mountain's hollow 
wherein he grew in strength. He, men, is Indra. 

13 Who, with seven guiding reins, the Bull, the mighty, 

set ihe Seven Kivers free to flow at pleasure ; 
Who, thunder-armod, rent Bauhi^a tn pieces when 
scaling heaven. He, O ye men, is Indra. 

S Ba^ anme$: krdttdoH; taken hy sofne in ths 
r6da$t, heaven and eartL Tuo : tlie warrior and the eharioteer. 

11 4^(m6ara; a demon of drought MamUnm: thiok elpoda. . 

12 The stanm it not tahen tnm the 9igv«da; and the manoeeripta 
on which the printed text is bfMed are oomqit and unintelligible aa 

13 With Mem gmdni^ reim: *to gnide him.'— PetevMO. With 
eeren bright raya (mit aiben strtUenX aooofdhig to Lndwig, whioh are 
explained bj SAya^a aa aeren forma of India. S^tJk^ : legaided 
aa a demon; originally, like the other fieada of drooght, a daik poiple 
elond that withhdda the aeasonaUe lala. - 

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14 Heaven, even, and the earth bow down before him, 

before his very breath the mountains tremble. 
' Known as the Soma-drinker, armed with thunder,- 

the wielder of the bolt. He, men, is Indra. 
1$ Who aids with favour him who pours the Soma, 
and him who brews it, saorifioer, sinffer ; 
Whose strength our PWW ^d offered Soma height- 
. en, and this our gift, He, O ye men, is Indra. 
16 Bom, manifested in his Parents' bosom. He knoweth 
' as a son the Highest Father. 
He who with vigorous energy assisted the companies 

of G(ods, He, men, b Indra. 
•17 Lord of Bay Steeds, who loves the flowing Soma, 
He before whom all living creatures tremble ; 
He who smote Sambara and slaughtered Sushpa, He 
the Sole Herb, He, men, is Indra. 
18 Thou verily art true, strong God whosendest wealth 
to the man who brews and pours libation. 
So may we evermore, thy friends, O Indra, address 
the synod with brave sons about us, 


To him, to him swift, strong, and Wgh^xalted, I 
bring my song of pnuse as dainty viands ; 

|4y thought to him resistless, meet for praises, pray^ 
ers offered most devotedly to Indrat 

16 Tliif sod Um foDowiag ttaqn •«• iK^ taken hom the 9ig^«^ 

17 tkukm: 'the Drier up*; the demon who wp t e eenU the ezcet* 
ii^h^rSdfjQ^ thel4)<l(tl^psrio<PeilBaiii.. 

The hjnn is # vepiodnotion of 9- "^^ ^ ^^t 
. 1 f^eiyftl; Otm: defeat medifaftioii in tiie ehsM of a hynn; 
fiom the loot ^ to lefleot jkeeofding toSiTa^^ the memsg is 


B7MW Z^\ 



2 To him I offer praise as ohoioe refreshment, bring 

forth, my song, with seemly laud besiege him. 
For Indra, Lord of olden time, the singers shall deck 
their hymns with heart and mind and spirit. 

3 To him then with my lips my song of praises, excel- 

lent, winning heavenly lufht, I offer, 
To ma^ify with hymns of invocation and eulogies 
the Lord, most bounteous Giver. 

4 Even for him I frame a laud— so fashions the wright 

a chariot for the man who needs it — 
Songs for wise Indra hymned with invocation, a song 
composed with care and all-impelling. 

5 So with my tongue I deck, to please that Indra, my 

hymn as 'twere a horse, throagh love of glory. 
To revercDce the Hero, bounteous Giver, Stmed far 
and wide, destroyer of the castles. 

6 Even for him hath Tvashtar forged the thunder, most 

deftly wrought, celestisl, for the battle, 
Wherewith he reached . the vital parts pf Vptra, 
striking — the vast, the mighty — with the striken 

7 As soon as, at libations of his mother, great Vishnu 

had drunk up the draught, he plundered 
The dainty cates, the cooked mess ; but One stronger 
transfixed the wild boar, shooting through the 

3 WUh mjf lip$ : with the serrioe of the poet, m d»i|tif^yiiiih^ ffom 
that of miiiieteriiig and saperiBteDdingprieati. 

4 Far the man wAo needi it : the exact meaning of tdiditd^ ia on. 
oertain. WUson renden H^ after S^ja^a, bj«(tEat the driTer) mar. 
thenee, (ohti^Q) food.' Oiaeamann Ibllowa the interpratatioo of thel^t. ' 
Petersburg Lexioon which I also adopt Lndwig's SKplaoatioii CDer 
BigTeda,V.pp.l8,l»)isdiffewnt *^ ^^ 

5 Ca$Ue$: stnmgholdsof thedmigbt^emoiisof theaii^tbei 
slouds whioh withhold the seasonable tmin. 

6 Tket^^: the thonderibolt ; the weapon of India as It %as of 
Zens and Jupiter. Bamman, the Assjxian God of the air. is similariT 
frmed; and Bel-Merodaoh bean adouble trident, xeptesentiiiff lish^ 
iMn£^ with whieh he o?erthfows the dragon Tiapiat. 

7 This Toiae is difficult. Siya^ Wilsoo, Benfey, and GiaswnaMi 
take eMvi^to be an sppeUatiTe ct epithets India, and nodm ths 


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p To .him, to lodra when he slew tbo Brngon, the 

Dames too, Consorts of the Grods, wove praises. 
. The mighty heaven and earth bath be enoompassed: 
thy greatness heaven and earth, combined, exceed 
9 Tea, of a troth, bra magnitude sorpasseth the mag-- 
nitnde of earth, mid-air and heaven. 
Indra whom all men praise, the Sovran Ruler, waxed 
in his home lood-voiced and strong for battle. 

10 Through his own streaeth with bolt of thunder 
Indra smote piece-meal Vfitra, drier np of waters. 
He let the floods go free, like cows imprisoned, for 
glory, with a heart inclined to bounty. 

irofd^ rapeotiTeIjr» by Mrvatya jfH^t^ n^hxh, the penrador of tb» 
vniTerse, the hero» the eotiTa 8irya^ explaine pmehuidm (dressed, 
moked) ee the ripe treMuie ef the Asyims— en ezpUnatioD which is 

not sopported bj the text end is merelr founded oa a Utev legend. ^^ 

Beofej waden^ttoA paekatdm to mean the thunderbolt in preparation,, 
which, he thinks, Indra stole from the heavenlj uaker(mdtu^) or 
artist TVash)ar. Ifnir (a a Texts, IV. S7) translates: ^Having at 
the libatioos of that great measurer [ot the worlds, %. e, Indra], drunk 
the'potioo, and [eaten] the pleasant oblations,- the impetuous Vishnu 
straightwaj stole the oooked mess, -pierced the boar and shot through 
the monntaitt.' Ludwig would prefer to read hkrdiv^ brother, in- 
stead of wMiih (which in the first edition of mT Hymns of the 9ig- 
Yeda I have rendered, according to its etymological deriTation, by 
IftskerX end thinks that if eidli^ must be retained it must mean the 
motherof Vritra. The sim^est and best way }m to take *Ubations 
ef his mother' to mean the Soma given by his mother to Indra at hie 
birth a. J^V. Ill 48.2, S;m98.S. See Royal AsUtte So- 
ele^s Journal, Januaiy, 189fi, pp. 181 sqq. mhere the stansa and the 
whole legend are thoroughly discussed by Prof. A. A. If acdonelL 

See also Bergaigne, La Beligion VMique, III. 60, where the Terse is 
diAMontly translated and explained. The general meaning appears to 
be either that India strengtheoed himeelf by consuming certain saori- 
idal oftrinc^ and then buried his bolt through the mountain of ck>ud 
and pieiced the wild boar, the demon Vritra; or that Vishnu ate the ' 
food nnd left to Indra the taek of slaying YfitA. I agree with Lud^ 
.vig in prstefing the lattsr interpretation. 


a Tk§ Jkum: according to Slya^a, the Oivatri and other perMmi- 
of theV^da. The deified Waten of heaTen may be intended. 

► tCfi .^ 

f -J 

nrujr 35.] 



il Tbrougb bis resplendent power still stood tbe rivers 
wben witb bis bolt on every side be stayed them. 
Witb lordly might, favouring bim wbo worsbipped, 
be made a ford, victorious, for Turvlti. 

12 Yastj with thine ample power, with eager movement 
. against this Yptra cast thy bolt of thunder. 

Rend thou his joints, as of an oz dissever^, with 
bolt oblique that floods of rain may follow. 

13 Sing with new lauds bis exploits wrought aforetime, 

tbe deeds of bim, yea, him who movetb swiftly, 
When, hurling forth bis weapons in tbe battle, be 
with impetuous wrath lays low tbe foemen. 

14 When be, yea, he is bom tbe firm-met mountains and 

the whole heaven and earth tremble in terror. 
May Nodbas ever lauding the protection of this dear 
Friend win straightway strength heroic. 

15 Now unto bim of these things hath been given what 

he, who rules alone o*er much, electetii. 
Indra helped Etasa, the Soma-presser, contending m 
the chariot-race with SArya. 

1 1 The riven : meaning here the waters of earth. fWrtClt.: a heio 
frequently mentioned in the Rigveda ae having been pioteeted and 
aided by the speeial intenrention of Indra. CI * Thou. for Tnrriti 

boldest still tbe flowing floods, the riTer-stream for Tiyya eanly to 
pasB'(B.y. U. IS. 18); and « Thoa for the sake of V&yya, for TnrWti, 
didst stay the great stream, flowing^ all snstauung' (B. Y. IV. 19. 6). 

Prof. Max Mttller obeenree (India, What oan it Teaeh nsf p. 181) 
"This is not Tory different from the Psahnist (Ixxriii. i;S): *He dtrUf- 
ed the sea, and caosed them to pass throngh; and he made the mtefs 
to stand as an heap.' ** 

14 ilTodAoi: thefishi or inspired seer to whom the hymn was n- 
Tealed^ _ 

15 Praises and saorifioe have been ofiined to Indian He himsslf 
possesses all besides. Suoh offerings indooed Indra to help £tafa 
bis worshipper in a eonteet with SArya-*«n aUosion, peihapsb, to «b 
eclipse of the son. Or Sllrya may possibly be a man's nams^ and, ae 
Siya^a says, the word rendered by <in the laoe of steeds' (mtimppe) 
may be apatnmymie, son of Svafm (Lofd of Good HofaesI mmlifnas 
H[nt€. 8eeBei)ipMgne,UBdigiooY4cUq^ ■ ^ 

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)y Google 

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MM BY UN a Of 

{BOOK Xi. 

16 Thus io thee, Indrat yoker of bay oonrsen, the Gkn 
.= tamas have brought their prayers and praises. 
. 36stoir upon them thought, deoked with all beauty. 
May he, enriched with prayer, oome soon and early. 


/ • With these my hvmns I glorifv that Indra who is 
alone to be invoked bv mortals, 
The Lord, the Mighty. One, of manly vigour, yioto- 
rious, HerOi true, and full of wisdom. 

% Our ancient sires, Navagvas, sages seven, while 
urffing him to show his mi^ht^ extolled him, 
, DweUer on heights, swift smiting down opponents, 
guileless in word, and in his thoughts most mighty. 

^i We seek that Indra to obtain his riches that yield 
much food, and men, and store of heroes. 

. : P Lord of Bay Steeds, bring, to make us joyful, 
celestial wealth, abundant, undecaying. -- 

. 4 Deqlar^ to us— if at thy hand aforetime the earlier 
singers have obtained good fortune— . 
'What is thy share and portion, strong Subduer, 
Atiura-slayer, rich, invoked of many ? 

' |K Se wbp fpr cari^bome, thunder-wielding Indra, hath 
a hyinn, craving, deeply-piercing, fluent, 

• 10 Gqlmma$ : datoendfnti of €totMiis, msn of tlie Iftmflj of which 
IhslQUshiolthslj^^nniiitsmsoibar. ht^ nkridud wUkpfo^ffr : Ix^itt^ 
invoked bj msaj wonhippen, or aoriobad bj the hTmn that hst just ' 
beeareoite^ TIUiflnslpAds forme the buraenol the Imi^ 
fQjTpaMi- ^ ^^ n^r^m (Seared ^ookeof the jEeeti XXXIQ, 
Hurt L pp. IS^ IM. 

rv.vl'm! '""^ 

S NwMfm$: eeeXIT. l.M; XVIII. 1.68; 8.20. Thejerebereb 
ime«mt]v, SdentiM iHtb the An^^ 

I' Wkti M $ki^ lAori mid pattiam: due to thee bj tbv worebipperK . 
Wbst eftaet We oAr to thee in eider that we may obteui snob tmy&ak 
•^bs tiMMi beet ebowa to our pvedeoeeeoie t 

i The eonelnMtiea el the etamia ie eomptieated and obeoore. See 

J(«4wlg^ Der Bifffeda^ y. 108. Oeeietfliear lAeii^^^' *^eaeoiuit«i« 
(wilb eoaJdeoeey 4be «aleMent>*->Waeen> : . ^ -. *^ 


t. * 

' J 

MTMS 88.] 



Who sends a song effectual, firtnly-grasping, and 
strength-bestowing, he comes near the mighty. 
6 Strong of thyself I thou with this art hast shattered 

with thought-swift Parvata, him who waxed airainst 
thee ; ^ ^ 

And, Mightiest I ragerl boldly rent in pieces things 
that were firmly fixed and never shaken. 
.7 Him will we fit for you with new devotiovthe 
strongest. Ancient One, in ancieqt manner. 
So may that Indra, boundless, fiuthful leader, ooa- 
duct us o'er all places hard to traverse. ' 
8 Thou for the people who oppress hast kindled the 
earthly firmament and that of heaven. 
With heat, O Bull, on every side consume them : 
heat earth and flood for him who hates devotion.^ 
» Of all the heavenly folk, of earthly creatures, thoo 
art the Kine, O God of splendid, aspect. 
Inthyriffht hand, O Indra. grasp the thunder: 
Eternal I thou ilestroyest all enchantments. ^ ' 

10 Give us confirmed prosperity, O India, vast and 

exhaustless for the foes' subduing. 
Strengthen therewith the Aryans hate and DAsa's • 
and let the arms of Nahushas be mighty. * 

11 Come with thy teams which bring all blessings, 

hither, disposer, much-invoked, exceeding holy I '' 
Come to ine swifdy with these teams of coiisers, 
^^^ ^hich no fiend, no God may stay or hinder. 

6 Parvaia: the Geniiie of moontaine and mooDtam-like ekmdiL . 
irequenUyaeeocUtedwitblndnu Aooorfhig to 84 jana r««Suw^ 
•^^r^A the maoj-knotted tbtfodeibolt ietoteai^il^rS^ 
m^QMHM* 9Ms$ i y (itra. 

8 n*ftt!pUt»ho«fprmt BikthMw ud bnoun 

Sm Maii^ O. 8. Tma, L 


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TSE ETMirs or 

[MOK xr^ 

Hiy like a bull with sharpened horns, terrific, singly 
^ ezoites and agitates all the people. 

Thou givest him who largely pours libation his wealth 
who poors not» for his own possession. 

't Thoa verily, Indra, gavest help to Katsa,* willingly 

lending; ear to him in battle, 
^ When, aiding Arjaneya, thoa sabduedst to him both 

Knyaya and the DAsa Sosh^a. 
t O Bold One, thou with all thine aids hast boldly 

holpen Sudfts whose offerings were accepted, 
' P6ru in winningland and slaying foemen, and Trasa- 

dasyn son of jPorukutsa. 

*4 Ai the Gknis' banquet, Hero-souled I with heroes, 
Lord of Ba^ Steeds, tho4 slowest many Vptras. 

• Thou senteat in swift death to sleep the Dasyu, both 

Chumuri end Dhuni, for Dabhtti. 
'5 These were thy mighty powers thai,Thander-wielderl 

tiiou swiftly crushedst nine-aird-ninety castles. 
^ Thou capturedst the hundredth in. thipe onslaught ; 

Ihou siewest Namuchi, thou slowest Vritra. 

9. y. TIL 19. Ths hymn is awNnbed to the 9idii VMithfluu 

1 EmiMnmid mgUaim: m God ol BtMm. Thou: Indim. This 
abrwBt oluMigo tiom tho Uiiid pcsioo to tho •aoood is not nnasusl in 

* S Aim : 4 fUshi IsToand (si»d somotlmM penaoated) by Indrt, 
fioqqsntly msntioosd in tho ^igreda and the seer of some of iu 
hymns. Aij^m&ifa : Kutss, son of Arjnni the son of Aijnns. Ku^fOfn t 
Spoiler of Hsrrest ; one of the demons of drought. 

. 5 Suddi: King of the Tfitsus. See 9. V. VIL 1& P^lm: * prot^ 
oif Indm; King or ohief of the Punis. Tra$ad<ujtu: He before whom 
Dsi^yns tremble ; * pcinoe eelebrsted for his liberslity end IsToared 
end pto t soted by the Gods. See Hymns of the 9>£^^^^ ^^ Indei. 

•4 /asiK^ dmiki literally, es^ to sky; mikdmim being tskenas* 
iatl ^nsl^ring Mimmnm end dktbtitm See Ladwig. Ckimwri umd 

Mtmis deoMos. DmMU: * proMg^ el the Afrins end of Indrs, 
CL •Thorn, with sleep whelming Chomuri end Dhnai, siewest the Dss* 


STMUt 87.1 



6 Old are the blessings, Indra, which thou gavest 

Sud&s the worshipiper who brought oblations. 
For thee, the strone, I yoke thy strong bav horses: 
let them approach our prayers and wealth. Most 
Mightyl • 

7 Oive us not up. Lord of Bay Horses, Tictort in this 

our time of trouble, to the wicked. 
Deliyer uis with true and &ithful succour : dear may 
we be to thee among the princes. 

8 May we men, Bounteous Lord, the fiiends thou 

lovest, near thee be joyful under tiiy protection. 
Fain to fulfil the wish of Atithigva, bow Torvasa^ 
bow down the son of Yadu. 

9 Swiftly, in truth, 6 Bounteous Lord, about thee mm 

skilled in hymning sing their songs and praises. 
Elect us sharers of their love and friendship who by 
their calls on thee despo^ed the niggards. 

10 Thine are these lauds, O manliest of heroes, lauds 

which revert to us and give us riches. 
Favour these, Indra, when they strike the foemen, 
as Friend and Hero and the heroes' helper. 

11 Now, lauded for thine aid, heroic Indra, sped by our 

prayer, wax mighty in thy body. 

To us apportion wealth and habitations. Ye Gods^ 
protect us evermore with blessings. 

8 AUMg9a : probably * deeoendant of Sudls who must hsTS Ihred* 
long before the oomposltion of this hymn, as the fsTOur ehown him 
bj Indra is spoken of as old in stansa 6. ' Turwofa : the epoi|ymoiis hero 
of one of the great liyan tribes. He is generally mentiooed la eon- 
nenoa with Yada who seems to hsTe been his lather or hrotheB. . 

% iriiceiif; thatis,letnsshare the Uesrings whiish thoa with* 
boldest from the illiberal ehnils who oflGMr no oblatkn% and givest tir 
those who hooonr thee with prayer and sscrifiee. • 

10 T€Qod$: the tMoai eenchttion oi t|ie hymai el As yasishthas.' ' 

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rax uxMss op 



CoMiyWe have pressed the jaice for thee. O Iiidr% 
drink this Soma here* ^ 

. Sit thoQ on this my saoied grass. 

a O Indra, let thy loog-maoed Bays, yoked by prayer^ 
bring thee hitherward. 
Oive ear and Esten to oar prayers. 
8 We, Soma-bearing Brahmans, call thee, Soma-drinker, 
with, thy friend, 
W4, Indra, bringing joioe expressed. _ 

4 Indra the sinmrs with high praise, India reoitera 

with their lands, 
' indra the choirs have glorified. 

5 Indra hath ever close to him his two bay steeds and 

word-yoked car, . ^ 

. Indra the golden, Thunder-armed. 

6 Indra hath raised the San aloft in heayen tiiat he- 

may see afiur. 
He burst the mountain for the kine. 

Fob you, from every side, we call Indra. away from 

other men : 
Ours, and none others', let him be. 

?. V. VIIL IT. 1—3, sad L 7. 1— S. 

t Yoked h0 profit : haniaMad and bringing Indn to ths SMrifioe 
whin tha wonhippsr iiiTokat hin^ 

3 njr frwidi India's oooitant oompsaioa and sUj, thi thunder- 
bolt. 'WithiiiitsbtopfsiM/— WilMtt. 

4 Ckoin: lofonriiig, perhspii both to the dngm of the eMrom 
and tho fooitefs of the fCMfroM. 

5 WorifoUi: olthor haraoMed at Indra's mero woid, or at tho 
pfmyorof the wonhippor Ai in ttanm 2. GM^: TiMjAMin,t^ 

6 Th$ wwmUam : the moontain-ahaped man of thiok olood in wbioh 
tho oowa, whieh ai^ aomotimoi tho Tanitbod rajs of light ^^Mmo- 

th* watMof tho aeaMiablo rain ara kopt bnpiiaonod by tho 
lof dailuMiordiMight. ■- ' ' 

> Y. 1 1. 10; rm. 14. T-10. 

I ■ 

■• ; 


2 In Soma's e<»tasy Indra spread the firmament and 
realms of light. 
When he cleft Vala limb frona limb. 

8 Showing the hidden eows he drare them forth for 
the Angirasee, 
And Vala he cast headlong down. 

4 By Indra were the luminous realms of heaTcn efetab- 

lished and secured» 
Firm and immovable from their place. 

5 Indra, thy laud moves quickly like a joyous wave of 

waters : bright 
Have shone the drops that gladden thea. 

Matist thou verily be seen coming by fearless Indra^s 

side : 
Both joyous, equal in your sheen. 

2 With Indra's weli-belovM hosts, the blameless, hast-' 
ening to heaven, 
The sacri6cer cries aloud. 

S Thereafter they, as is thwr w<Mit» threw off the state 
of babes unl)om. 
Assuming sacrificial name. 

4 L mmi m oui 

•ee tho pcoooding hTBin^ 
: or, Inoid ^ihorao. 

9.V.L6.7,8^4. . 

I now. * ihoUamt boat JbfOMt: or bringing gladnesi. 

% Thi merifiar cnm aimdi this ia tho intorptotation giTon If 
l^rof<lfazM(ai6r(yedioH7mns,PartI p.14), bntit ianotthofooghly 
oonViaoing. Aoooiding to Pkoi Lndirig tho moaning ia *Tbo Warrior 
(India) ainga trinmphantlj/ 

' S Thnw of: aeo Ludwig^. Uober dio noneston Arbeiton anf doaa 
Gobieto dor ^gfodarfoxaohang. .Phig:. 189S. Saer^/leialt hf which 
thej ate to bo addrenod and wonhipped. Tbo Ifamta ate ropnaontod 
aa bttiating forth into aotivo lila and^ okUniog tho adoimtioa dno la 
Goda :•: ■ .., .,; . . : • . 

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With bones of .Dadhyaoh for his arma^ India, resist- 

less in attack, 
Stmok nine-and-ninety Vptras dead. 

S He, searching for the horse's head, removes! 
the moanmns, fonnd 
At SaryaoAvin what he sought 

8 Then verily they recognised the essential form of 
TvMhtar's Ball ^ 

Here ia the mansion of the Moon. 

B. y. L S4. IS— 15. 

1 Dadki^: or» in * Ister form, DidhtehA, it said to KaTO been * 
lUdiiy eon of. Athairmn, be and hit ftttber being legaided as the earii^ 
inttatntoft ol tacrifioa He it detoribed at baring had the head of a 
hone giTen to him by the Afrint in the place of bit own which India 
had tiraktened to ont off if he ditoloted to any one the mystic Ifadbo- 
▼idyi — the. knowledge of tweetnetti that is, of the true nature of the _ 
Aoma — which be bad taught him. Dadhyach imparted this lore to 
the Afrins ; and Indra thereupon cut off the supposititious head. With 
the bones oif Dadhyach, or, as the lesend says, the bones of this horse^s 
bet^ conTcrted into a thunderbolt^ India slew the Vritrat or demons 
who withheld the ram. The Vedio legend, which was modified and 
amplified in later times, m%y bare been connected in its orisin with 
thi^ of Dadhikris who is often mentioned in the Veda and described 
as a kind of divine horse, probably a personification of the morning snn. 

Dadhyach may be the old Moon whose bones, when he dies, become 
the stars with which Indm slays the fiends of darkness. 

S £r#; India. Tk4 hor9^i head: Perhaps the last crescent of the 
dying Moon, sup p osed to be ffiTcn to him by the Afrins, the Gods of 
morning twilight. Semowed mMttff ihi wnnaUaim: hidden in the 
morning chmds. §mrywfMUk : aeomding to tradition, a lake and the 
adjoining distriet in Kuruktbetia, near the modem Dillt or Delhi, a 
koiy place in ancient timet where India may be taid to have found 
the honest bead— the dying orescent rerired—«t one of the New Moon 
I which wen aelelMmted there. 

•' ■ . 



S T9Qtk^$ Bull: apparently, the Sun. The meaning may 
that when, after tiie Bauis^ the bright nights of moonlight 

ieoogniaed the lict that the light was' borrowed from the tun. 

The best eommentary on these, reiy obseuie rerses may be found 
in Udwfg's disBortatien • Ueber die aenestta Aibeiten Mf dem Qebiete 
4mr * * 

iiTMjra.1 TSB ATBABTA'TBbA. )e» 


From Indra have I measured an eight-footed and 

nine-cornered song, 
Delicate, faithfol to the Law. 

t Indra; both worlds complained to thee when ottaring 
thy fearful roar. 
What time thou smotest Daqrus dead. 

8 Arising in thy might thy jaws thou shookest» India, 
' having quaffed 
The Soma poured into the bowls. . 


1)rivb ail our enemies away, smite down the foes 

who press around, 
And bring the wedth for which we long ; 

2 O Indra* that which is concealed in firm strong place 
precipitous : 
Bring us the wealth for which we long : • 

A Great riches which the world of men shall recogniae 
as sent by thee : 
Bring us the wealth for which we long. 

9. V. VUL 65 j(76. M. Miiller). \% 11. 10. 

1 Fnm Indra: origiaatiiig in bim as subject or inspirar. BigkU 
JooUd: tbe original bynm consists of triplets, each of wbieb eootaina 
nine p4da^ parts or balfJfaMs, of eij^t feet or syUaUesfadL Tbat 
i% tbe metre is Anudi^np, and tbe triplet eootains tbise ^^ft tftt in 

tbat metre or nine ootoijUabie pAdas. 

. 3 CiHiii>«oMW(f .• tenrlfied by tbe fWous Toloe ol tbe^ 

8 rA|fi«ii»rtoii«*ocaw«;asasignof bavingfinisbedandenio^ 
tbe drangbt. . . 

5. y. yiIL>6. 40— 4S. /~" 

a JNrmiir.ngpl^prtcipiimu:^^ wfawnoe^ piobably. to tbe 

«i^of ««ealingtiea«ueaindeepeaTi6esoltbeio(toandbitbs 
iidesof wsOa . >. ^ ... 

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THE RTMjrsor 



i pBAUB.Indra whom our aonga most lood^ great Sot* 
ran of mankind, the Chief 
Most liberal who oontrolleth men. 
; S In whom the hymns of praise delight^ and all the 

florr-giTine songs, 
e the floods' longing for the sea. 
8 Him I. invite with eulogy, best King, effeetive ia 
the fight, 
Strong for the gain of mighty spoil - 


This is thine own. Thou draWest near, as the dove 
tameth to his mate. 
. Thou carest too for this oUi^ prayer, 
a O Hero, Lord of Boanties, praised in hymns, may_ 
power and pleasantness 
Be his who sings the laud to thee; 
S fiord of a Hundred Powers, stand up to lend ns 

sncoour in this fight : 
. In others too let ns agree. 


Hoc who advanees men to wealth, sends light to lead 

them in their wars. 
And quells their foemen in the fray : 

9. y. yuL i«. 1— 3. 

9. y. L 80. 
' 1 Tkii u M it e t M f thii BdUA libiOon b<ioo» g^eciafly to thes. 

S Oi»*pn^«r;neit]i6rolferiiigiiorpn7«rlMiiigaoeqp^^ 
«U othsr. 

S /• ikujipki : tlM ot^gM bynm being s pnjer te aid in sa 
sipMldlbs^to* _i_ 

iLy.yin.i«.io-ii. • * . . . 


h •* 

y ; 

; ' 

MTMS 47.1 



2 May he, the saTipar much-inyoked, may Indra bear 
us in a ship 
Safely beyond all enemies. 

S As such, O Indra, honour ns with wealth and trea- 
sure : further us. 
And lead us to felioiiy. 


Wb make this Indra show his strength, ta strike the 

mighty Vritra dead : 
A vigorous Hero shall he be. 

2 Indra was made for giving, most powerful, friendly 
in carouse, 
Bright, meet for Soma, famed in song. 

8 By song, as 'twere, the mighty bolt> which none may 
parr^, was prepared : 
Lofty, invincible he grew. 

10 They who stand round him as he moves harness the 

bright, the ruddy Steed : 
The lights are shining in the sky. 

11 Tbey yoke on both sides to the car the two bay 

coursers dear to him. 
Bold, tawny, be^urers of the Chief. 

T f 7' V^l £? ^?^}l^ ^«^> ^-•' ^- ^- ^-^i Via. 17. 1-3; 
I. 6. 1 — 3; L 50. l-rSt . 

3 ^If iM^: <in, or oat of, * numnUii^' sooovding to Ladwig. 
fJ!!T*l trl"* "IT^ ^*^ Hymn 38. 4-€, and ftanaa 7-^9 

?»«J»ta^ IndrjV ooo«tant oprnpanioiu^ mo probably mteoded. Bat 
•ee i^adwig, UeberdieneaeBtea Arbettooaaf dooi Qobieto dor Bffrodv 

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THE srujrs OP 


sriijr is.] 



12. Thou, making light where no light was, and fornii 
O Men I where no form was, 
Wast bom together with the Dawns. ; 

IS His bright rays bear him up aloft, the (3od who 
knoweth ijf that is, 
Sikrya, that every one may se^. 

14 The constellations pass away, like thieves, together 

with their beams, 
. Before the all-beholding San. 

15 His herald rays are seen afar refulgent o'er the world 

of men, ^ 

Like fiery flames that burn and blaie. 

16 Swift and all-beautifol art thoa, O Sikrya, maker of 

the light, 
Illuming all the radiant realmv 

17 Thou goest to the troops of Gk>ds, thoa oomest hither 

to mankind. 
Hither, all light for as to see. 

18 Thou with that eye of thine wherewith thou seest, 

brilliant Varuoa, 
The active one throughout mankind, 

19 Fervadest heaven and wide mid-air, meting the days 

out with thv beams, 
Sun, seeing all things that have birth. 
SO Seven bay steeds, harnessed to thy car, bear thee^ 

O thou far-seeing One, 
Ood, S^a, thee with radiant hair. 

«ipratiT6 ol sdmirstSon. If mttrjfdt^ men, be taken to dm 
Maniti, tlie woids, ikou, making^ waH hwm, although in the i 
number, maj apply to these Gode regarded aa one host and 
one both. W Max MiOler, Yedk Hjrmni, Part I. p. 80. 

, 13 Tibif .' the Son. Mmt: perhape, mer^T an ezoIaniatSoD 
aipieetiTe el admiration. II wunyd^, men, be taken to mean th^ 

^m'' . ^^ . J. ^1,.^. «M^UU^ MmmmS JU«^ ^T»K/ W 1«» K Sm f)k^ # fIM^llar 


r Hynmi, Part I. p. 

IS Thai iwerpm^ mof m: aooocdtng to Beigaigne (La* BeIigioi\ 

1$ Avlftsal Feriivs.' identified with the Son-Ood. The wor4. 
Piri^g ^ aoooiding to Slja^a, need here aa an appellatiTO applied ta 
8&^a. 8lja9a^«iplsinsttaa«iMii^aiit«^^ 


21 Sikrya hath yoked the seven bright mares, the dauirh* 
tersoftheoar; with these, , . 

His own dear team, he travelleth. 

Tab swiftly-moying songs of praise pour on thee 
streams of vital strength ^ 

. As mother oows refresh the oalf. 

2 Swift move the bright ones while they blend the 
milk with vital vigour, as 
A dame her infant with her heart 

S Fair hymns bring glory to the Strong, and Indim. 
vigour ; Unto me 
Fatness and milk and length , of days* 

4 This brihdled Bull hath eome and sat before; the 

Mother in the east. 
Advancing to the Father Heaven. 

5 As expiration from his breath she moves aloncr the 

luoid spheres : . ^ , 

The Bull shines forth through all the sky. 

6 Song is bestowed upon the Bird. It reigns supreme 

through thirty realms 

Throughout the days at break of mom, 

aiiwr^*T^*****^'^'^^°"^* •daughters Of the plob^' 

Stanzas 1-^ are not taken fixwn theRiffreda. The mmntu^^iwAM ^ 
whioh the printed text i. ba«Hl ara eoriSS^ 
.tand; and the tnmdation ia only a eonjeetnna ^^T^j 
ooojeotoral readings. Stanm4-^aroarepiodnotion<rfiLY £]S^^ 
which appean, with TariaUons, in A. V. VlfsL^^ ^ v.*. 1W» 

i TkUhnmdUd BmUt ^bi»SxuL Tfu Moiltf: Jhrntk 



"> rv.. 

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Whin voioes, £un (o wia mid-ftir, ascended to the 

The vigorocis Gk>d was filled with joy. 
2 Pndee with the voice the Mighty, praise the awful 
' with th^ voice i in heaven 
He, the most bonnteons, hath been glad. 
8 Praise with the voice the Mighty : he rules in each 
realm. In transport he * 

Hath sat upon the sacred grass. 

4 As cows low to their calf in stalls, so with our. songs 
' we glorify 

This Indra, even your wondrous Ood who. checks 
attack, who joys jn the delightful juice* 

5 Celestial, bounteous Oiver, God, with power atid 

might, rich, mountain-like, in precious things. 
Him soon we seek for foodful bootv rich in kine, . 
brought hundredfold and thousandfold. 

6 I crave of thee that hero strength— that thou mayst 
. first regard this prayer— 

Wherewith thou holpest Bbpgu and the Yatis and 
Praskaova when the prise was staked. 

7 Wherewith thou sentest mighty waters to the sea— 

Indra, that manly strength of thine. 
For ever unattainable is this power, of hin^ to whom 
Uie worlds have cried aloud. 

StsoMsl— SiMocttskflufhrn tbs IglgTedA. Tte tfst Hm been 
'cooJMHiisUy TCtlored bj von Both mmI whitMjr ttom the oomtpt 
iMdiDgi of ths mtmiMripts. Btumt 4» 5 are ta«i from 1^ V. Vllt 
n. 1, S; and ttiimiT 6, 7 horn (L V.TIIL S. 9, la 

4 (7mm/ whooa oslvas sro thntiqp^ while tho motben ere being 
Mfflied for eeerifioiel pnmeee. 

6 Bkfigu: eee II. 9.3; V. 19. L TMi/ en eneieni iMnily of 

4Meetieeeonneoted«lththe Bh]igu% and, eooM^ingto ime legend, 

eeidto havetdken pari in theeraetiofi of theworid. FradMuimi 

.nSleU, fUirvi^'» epo, to wbon .ewe lijiim ^ tlM l^ed# aif 

7 Tk$mrU$: aU neob or aO living oreatniee. 

'. i 



ilTJiS 51.] 

raM ATBUlYA'Viil^A. 


HYMN L. , , 

* What newest of imploring hyuiDS shalV then, the 
zealous mortHl sing? 
For have not they who laud his might and liidra* - 
power won for themselves the light of heaven ! 
3 When shall they keep the Law and praise thee mid 
the Gods ? Who counts as Rishi and as tege ? . 
When wilt thou ever, Indra, Bounteous Lord, come 
' nigh to presser*s or to praiser's call { 

Fob you will I sing Indra's praise who gives jgood 

gifts as well we know ; . ^ 

Praise of the Bounteous Lord who, rich in treasure, 

aids his singers with wealth thousandfold. 

/2 Kb with* a hundred hosts he rushes boldly on, and 
for the offerer slays his foes. 
As from a mountain flow the water-brooks, thus flow 
bis gifts who feedeth many a one. 

3 Sakra I praise, for victory, far-&med, exceeding 
' bountiful. 

Who gives, as 'twere in thousands, precious wealth 
to him who sheds the juice and worships him. 

4 Arrows with hundred-points, unconquerable, are this 

Indra's mighty arms in war. ^ 

He streams on liberal worshippers like a hill with 
springs, when juices poured have gladdened him. 

?. V. VIIL 3. 18, 14. """^ ^' 

d Mid iki Oodt: or, ae Lndwig takee It, 'in gOttliehkeit,' hi tiieir 
quality of divine prieete. The queetione are rhetofioal : now ie the 
time to pimiee thee; the pieeent ehigeis are ^iehie and eagee; and 
thit ie the time for thee to oome to the invoeation of thoee mho are 
pouring the Sonia and offering praieee to thee. V ...;..> 

B. y. YAlakhilja, 1. 1, S; S. V^CVIIL 49. \,i; M, 1, S, >las 

Mttller). ^- . . 

S A$ mtk a kmMdndJUUt: flflee a wea^«ithahttldleded0Mi^<- 
^^«l^ , , ^ , ; f ... • .1. - „, f 

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yr% oompass thee like waters,, we whoee graas i» 
trimined and Soma pressed. 
^ Here where the filter pours its stream thy worship* 
pars roond thee, O vritra-elayer^ sit. 

pi Men, Vasal by the Soma,, with lauds eall tbee if> 
the foremost place. 
When comest tnoa atbirst onto the jiuiee as home,. 
O Indra,. like a bellowing bull t *_ 

. Who knowawhat vital power he wins, drinking be- 
side the flowing juice ! 
. This is the fair-cheeked God who, joying ia the 
draughty breaks down the eastleain his strength. 

1 As a wil4 elephant rushes on^ this way and that way, 
mad with heat, j [ 

None may restrain thee; yet come hither to. the-. 
• draught : thou mavest mighty i* thy power. 
. H When he, the mighty,, ne'er overthrown, stedfast, 

made ready for tbe fight, 
, When Indra, Bounteous Lord, lists to- his praiser's 
call, he will not stand aloof, but come. 


Of one accord they made and formed for kingshfpi 

I : . Indra, the Hera who in all encounters overcometh,. 

Most eminent for power^ destroyer in the conflict^ 

fierce and exceeding strongs stalwart and full of 


.1 LihiWMitn: as wstaisMnmindsft islet. Stream: dSomsjaioek: 
' S rcMi.«>or, ObodLonL At Uwm,: ss^ Ismilisr to tikes se thins 
mm dweQIng-pbee in hesveik ^ 

. TskfBabooi4LY..VnL8«.^MilleiV>K):iO^--I£ ' 
1 Tkeifi tkiQodSi. * '\ ' • 

STJiJf 5tf.l 



;2 Bards joined in song to Indra so that he might drink 

the Soma juice, 
. The Lord of Light, that he whose laws stand fast 
. might aid wiw power and with the help be. gives. 
3 The holy sages fotm a ring, looking and singing to 

the Ram. 
. Your very bright inciters, void of all deceit, are with 

the chanters nigh to hear. 

Orr, ofi I call that Indra, Maghavan the mighty, who 

evermore possesses power, ever resistless* 
Holy, most liberal, may he lead us on to riches,- and, 
thunder-armed, make all our pathways pleasant 
for us. • . 

2 Indra, what joys as Lord of Light thou broughtest 
from the Asuras, 
Prosper therewith, O Maghavan, him who lauda 
thatdeed, and those whose grass is trimmed for thee. 
'9 The wasteless share of steeds and kine which, Indni^ 
thou bast fitst secured, 
Grant to the worshipper who presses Soma and gives 
guerdon, not unto the ch'urK 
Indra, foe-slayer, bath been raised to Joy and power 

by the men* . . 

'Him, verily, we invocate in battles whether great* 
or small : be he our aid in fights for spoil < 

S n« iKtm: Indra the Warrior CM; the fighting run being tbe tjp# 
of puguaoitj. Cf. 9^ y. L 10. 3 ; 51. 1 ; 53. 1. Aooording to Sljave. 
the r^erenoe n to s legend whiob aaji that India oame m the form of 
^ ram to Medhitithi't ■aorifioe and dnmk the Soma jnioe whi^ thaa. 
9iahi had prepared. See 9. y.'VIIL 3. 40. . 

. Taken from 9 Y. VIIL Se. 13, 1, 3. 
3 •/bff# :' joj-giTing riohes. Atmrtu : 
r demone, aoooraingp to Siyafa. 

from thepowerfol 

- Taken from ?. V. I. 81. 1—$. 7— IT." 

'« I The wum: the ministeruig priests wh» enlt sad 

Indra with libatiofis of '^ 

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/ Google 

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% For, HerO| thoa art like a hosti art glrer of abaodaDt 

Strengtbening aveo tbe feeble, tboa aidest tbe aaori-^ 
fiper, thoa gtvest tbe worshipper ample wealth. 

* 8 When war and battles are on foot; booty is laid before 

the bold. X 

^ Yoke thoa thy wildly rashing Bays. ' Whom wilt 
thoa slay aod whom enrich? Do thoa, O Indra, 
make as HcIl 

* 4. He, righteoas-bearted, at each time of raptare gi^es 

OS herds of kine. 
Gather in both thy hands for as treasares of many 
handred sorts.. Sharpen tboa as» and bring us 
wealth. ' 
5. Refresh thee, Hero, with the juice outpoured for 

bounty and for strength. I 
- We know thee Lord of ample store, to thee haVe sent 
our hearts* desires : be therefore our protector thou. " 

•^ These people, Indra, keep for thee all that is worthy 
- or thy choice. 

IKscqver thou, as Lord, the wealth of men who offer 
up no gifto: bring thou to us this wealth of theirs. 

As a good cow to him who milks,, .we call the doer of 

fiiir deeds 
To our assistance day by day. 

2 Come thou to our libations, drink of Soma, Soma- 
drinker thou 1 
The rich One's rapture giveth kine. 

• rA«wjM«^:,ll^ wonhippen here^ 

Titoi from 9* y. L i. 1-^; 1X187. 8-11; IL 41. 10^13; Vm.. 
as. 7^«, 1—8. 

S Tbs sihiUntioii prodooed by drinking tlie lennanted Soma jaiW 
■dmnUtas Indim'i warlike an^i^e^ and dimoMs.lum togife,«oat<^ 

kia boondlMi liehsi^ libwal rewards in tha. Miapa qf oattk and cUtar. 
waaltklo Ikbtt wko kaTa wonhippad kiin. ' . 



8 So may we be acquainted with thine innemost bene- 
volence : 
Neglect us not, come hitherward. . • 

4. Drink for our help the Soma bright^ vigilant^.and 
exceeding strong, 

O Indra, Lord of Hundred Powers. 

5 Satakratu, powers.which thou mid the Five Baces 

iaat displayed. 
These, Indra, do I claim of thee. 

6 Indra, great glory hast thou gdned. Win splendid 

fame which none may mar. 

We make thy might perpetual. 

7 Come to us either from anear, or, ^akra, oome from 

Indra, wherever be thy home, come thence, O Caster 
of die Stone.' 

8 Verily Indra, conquering all, driveth even imghtf 

fear away. 
For firm is he and swift to act 

9 Indra be gracious unto us : sin shall not. reach us 

And good shall be before us stilL 

10 From all the regions of the world let Indra send 
security, - 
The foe-subduer, swift to act. 

14 We compass thee like waters, we whose grass is trim*, 
med and Soma f>ressed. 
Here where the filter pours its stream thy worship* 
pers round thee, O Vptra-slayer, sit. 

4 Viffiianii aooording t6 Slja^a, Sofna prefsnta ilaipu* 
7 Coiftfr a/ a« iS^|4Mm;. Hurler of tka thunderbolt I 

U Stknna 11— 18-A.y.ZX.UIL, and 1^ 15«XX. UL mar: 
the wooUen atrainer through whioh the Soma juioe ia nm to puf^T ^ 

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1$ If eo, Ymii, by the Soma with laacU call thee to the 
foremost place. : _ 

When comest thoa athirat unto the juice ashomci 
O India, like a bellowing bull ? 

16 Boldly, bold Hero, bring as spoil in thoosands for 
the KaQvas' sake. 
O active Magbayan, with eager prayer we crave the 
yellow-huM with store of kine. 


, ;TuBNiiro, as Hwere, to meet the Sun, enjoy from 
Indra JtU good things. 
When he who will be bom is bom with power we 
look to treasures as our heritage* 

S Praise him who se^ds us ivealth, whose bounties 
injure none. Good are; the^ gifts which Indra g^ves. 

.: He IS not wroth with one who satisfies his wish : ha 
turns his mind to granting boons. 

-8 Verily, S4rya, thou art great ; truly, Aditya, thou 
art great 
As thou art great indeed thy greatness is admired r 
yea, verily, great art thou, O Gbd. 

4 Tea, S6rya, thou art great in fisime : thou evermore, 
O God, art mat 
By greatness thou art President of Ghxls, divine, fiur- 
. spread, inviolable light 

15 T^m: or, Good Lord. Jt Amm ; si funiliftr and detr fo that 
M Hunt own dweUing-plAoe in 1imt«ii* 

IS Tk$f Hi 9wM h t d : gM; tlie «nbttMitii0 io not ezpnoMd. . 

'J{L y. yin« 88 (IL Manor, 99). 8,4;90(ltltl01> 11^ IS. 

1 ThkoUnnisdiAoaltoiidolMMmio. MahtdhaiVi oiplMUfction ks 
'Tbo gitiiarins (»/•) pioooadingtothoimdMtribnU all Indim'a tn*- - 
mum (to Uwiojg boiiig% to. as imin, oon, oto.); maj wo too bj our . 
powiT ksvo tlMM traaanreo aa an Inhoritanoo to bim who baa baon or 
wmboboni.' 860 Pkol. CowoU'o wMo in WUaon'a Tianalation. 

i Mnw; tho Son-God, idiatiflod witb India. 








3 His portion is eicoeeding great^ like a viototioua 

soldier^s spoil * " ' 

Him who is Indra, Lord of Bays, no foes aubdue. 
He .gives the Soma-pourer strength. 

4 Make for the holy Gk)ds a hymn that is not mean, but 

well arranged and fair in form. 
. Full many snares and bonds subdue not him who 
dwells with Indra through hissacrifioe. 


Fob so thou art the hero's Friend, a Wanier tee act 

thou, and strong: 
So may ^y heart be won te us. 

2 So hath the offering, wealthiest Lord, been psid by 

all the worshippers^: ^ 
So dwell thou, IndFa,^even with me. 

3 Be not thou like a slothful priest, O Lord of wealtk 

and spoil: rejoice 
In the pressed Soma blent with milk. 

4 So also is his excellevce, great, copious, richincattley 

A ripe branch to the worshipper. 

5 For verily tiiy mighty powers, Indra, are savinghelps 

at once - 

Unto a worshipper like me. 

J6 So are bis lovely gifU : let laud be said, and praise 
to Indra sung 
That he may diink the Soon juice. 

9. V, VIIL4. W, W; VIL 32. 13. IS. Btanaaa 1, S-Hjinn X. 
iof tbiaBook. . 

\ wbom Indra boMnda. .. 

1 ifMjMTlmitbf portion joftkoi 
9^T. Tm. 8LS8-^i fcS. s^ia c •:: = 

'<. \ \ \ 

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^ ' '•- HYMNLXL ; 
Wi sing this. Atrone and wild delight of . thine which 
^' oonquers iD'the fray, 

^Whioh, Qftster of the Stone, gives room and shines 
V : like gold. ^ 

2 Wherewith thou also foundest lights for Aya and 
r; • Ibr Mannas sake t 

, Now joying in this saoired. grass thou beamest forth* 
• i This day too singers of the hymn, praise, as of 6ld», 
, -this, might of thine. ,. 

Win thou the waters^ day by day, thralls of the. 
; strong* 

^'4 Sine forih tobim whom many men invoice, to hink 
whom many land : 
Invite the potent Indra with yoor songs of praise ; 
'Ji Whose lofty might-^for douUy strong is bo-Hiup- 
ports the heaven and ear(^, ! 
And hills and phdns and floods and light with manly ^ 
1*;.' . power. • 

. 6 Soob, piaised by many f tbott art King : alone thoa 

. smitest foemen dead, 
,* To gain, O Indra, spoils of war and higjti renown. ' 

S To Indra sin^9 Sftman, sin^to the high Sage a lofty 
^•: 'song,. J ' ' 

To him who keeps the Law/inspired and fain for! 
' praise. . 

II' m i >^Tfw<T* 

B. T. VlII 15. 4-^ l^^ 
I W%idd$l$gki: prpdooed bfdrsogbtrcif 3k>au^*jq^^ . . 
S Fm^JprnrndfutMamt^Mioki: that is for Airsn man. Ira wis 
Im MB el PocAiaTss and Urrafi; sod Mftim of TlTMHit. 

> rtf^sKrj/tWiSiiPV.veQn tw dl^ and J iapriaoiied by Vtitns tte 
el drcm0lit» » 

8t«bM 5~r aie taim hoa, ^ Y. YIIL S7 (tf . Hsller, 98). 1—3; 
d ituma a— 10 fipoca (L Y. VIIL'ia. 1— ft. Stanias I*-4 an xa- 




STMF ^] 

rjsrr ATBAsrATEPA. 


< 6 Thon, Indra, art pt^minent: thou gavest splendoitar 
to the Sun. ' 
Maker of all thtnga^ thou art mighty and AllXJod. 
:7 Badiantwith light tboa wentest to this, sky, the 
luminous realms of heaven, . - - 

The Gods, O Indra, strove to win thee for their 
. • friend. \ ^ 

^ 8 Sing forth to bim whom many ncien invoke, to hink 

. whom many laud : ^ . 

. Invite the potent Indra with your songs of praise ;. 
9 Whose lofty might— for doiub^y strong ia he— sup-. 
•^ w ports the heaven and earthy 

And hills and plains and floods and light with manly 
power* . :. ' 

10 Suoh, praised by manv I thou art King. Alone thou 
smitest foemen dead. 
To gain» O Ittdra, spoils of war and high renown* ^» 


Wc will, with India and all Qoda to aid ns, bring 
these existing worlds into subjection. 

Our saerifioe, our bodies, and our offspring, let Indra 
form together with the Adityas. f 

2 With the Adityas, with the band, of Marots, may 

Indra beV^^^^.^^^^"^ *^'^ » 
As when the G^ods came, after they had slaughtered 
.! the Asuras, keeping safe their godlike natoror: 
8 Brought the Sun hitherward with mighty powers^ 
. ' and looked about them on their vigorous Gtod-head. 
With this may \re obtain 'strength Opd-appointed, 
and b»v6 sons gladden: w throttgb a hundred 

Stantts I-«-5 ai« takea from 9. T.Z. IGTr; and YL 17. M^', s^m^m 
trooL L 84. 7—9 ; and tlaiMa 7— • ffijn YIIL 1% V^^:^ -*^ "l 



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*'4 He who alone 1>e8towetli might od mortal man who 

offereth gifta, 
The rmler <m reaiatleaa power, la Indrat anre. 
a When win be trample like a weed the man who hath 

no gift for him f 
"^ When ¥01117 will Indra hear onr aonga of praiae I 

6 He who with Soma joioe prepared among the many 
f ^ harbonra thee,— 

Verily Indra gaina thereby tremendona might. . <^ 

7 Joy, migbtiert Indra, Imown and marked, apmng 

moat «rom Soma draughta, wherewith 
Thou amiteat down the gveedy fiend, for that we 
3 Wherewith thoaholpeatAdhngn, the great Daaagya^ 
Who atira the annlight^ and the Sea, for that we pray. 
9 Wherewith thou dnwest forth Uke eara Sindhn and 
all the mighty flooda 
To go the way ordained by Law, for that we pray. 


^ . CoMi unto n^ O India, dear, atill oonqneiing, an- 
Vaat aa A moontaan apread on aQ aidea, Lord of 
heaTen* v 

3 O tmihfal Soma-dribker^ then art mightier than 

botii the worlda. 
Thou atrengtheneat him who ponra libation. Lord of 

4 For ISion art lie, O Indra, who atermest alleaatlea of 

the foe, . . •^ 

JSlayer of Baqroa, maa'a anpporter, Lord of heaven. 

- 5Umi fromf. Y. ¥IIL 87<1L lliU«r 98). 4— 6 ; VnL 34. la-ia. 
* 1 UmeommMU: or, fma whom notldng «hi ba <o n oeatod: cna 
nbo Math all, MldanlilM with tka Sua..; .. 



BTMN ee.] 



A. minbtering prieat, poor oat of the aweet jiiioe 
what gladdens moat. 
So ia the Hero praised who ever proapera Ma. 

i Indra whom 'tawny 4X>ursera bear, praiae aneh aa 
thine, preeminent^ 
None by hia power or by hia goodneaa hath attuned. 

(S We« aeekiog gloiy, have invoked thia Maater of all 
power and might 
Who must be glorified by constant aaorifiee.' 

-: Come, aiDg we praise to Indra, frienial the Hero 
who deserves the laud^ " 

Him who ^ith none to aid o^ereomea all tribes of men. 

;2iro bim who wins the kine, who keeps no eattle back, 

celestial God, 
. Speak wondrous apeeeh more aweet than batter and 

than mead. 

3 Whose hero powers are meaaoreleaa, wfaoae' bounty 
ne'er may be surpassed. 
Whose liberality, like light, is over alL 

As Vyasva did, praise Indra, praise the strong an- 

fiuotuating guide ^ 

Who gives the foe's possessions to the worshipper. 
2 Now, son of Vj^as va, pcuse thoa him who io the 
tenth time still is new. 
The very w ise, whom living men must glorify. 

l!'^tkflivbiooAtaMislio|i«l the popeoedang hjrmii, from 9. V: THL 24^ 
TskoBi in oolitiimstkm U tl)e preosdiiig hjnnii, Iram 9. V. yilL S4. 

1 Vjfaf9a: s ^Ushi frequeDtljr mantioaed in ths 9» T!., lohsraf 
TifTMiuuiM to whom tome hjows mo s«oribe<L 

% Who hupi no caUU baek: either UtenJly« whs aids his vonhtp- 
pen to oanj off the enemjr'eesttlA And gives them sll the hooly; oi; 
who leiidfl forth «U the kine 4x wj%id light that he hasieoofrerad 
Irom the powen of dsrfcnesi. Acooiding toSijsvs, 'who lejeots ne 
l^mlM.' am Umm: eontuuul^ xenewi^^lihenai^ tons. . 

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t Thoa Iraowe8t» Indrat thnnder^armedt how to avoid 
deetractive Powers^ 
As one Moore from pit&lls each saooeeding day. 


;| Thi poorer of oblations gains the home of wealth, 

ponring his gift conoiliates hostilities, yea, the 

hostilities of Gods. 
Pouring he strives, anchecked and strong, to win 

him riebes thousandfold. 
' Indra gives lasting wealth to him who pours forth 

gifts ; yea, wealth he gives that long Shall last 

2 Ne'er niay those manly deeds of yours for us grow 

old, never may your bright glories fiill into, decay, 
never before our time decay. 
What deed of yours, new every age, wondrous,, sur* 
ring roajD, rings forth, 
batever, Matuts, majr be difficult to gain, grant us 
whate'er is hard to win. 

3 I think on Ajrni, Hotar, the munificent, the gracious. 

Son of strength, who knoweth all that live, as holy 

Sage who knowetb all. 
Lord of fair rites, a Ood with form erected turning 

to the Gods, 
He, when the flame hath sprung forth from the holy 

oil, the cTered fistness, longeth for it with his glow. * 

^^■^i^^^^— ■— ^'— ■^^— ^'— ■ ■ ■■ ■ ■■ —— — ^— ^— — — ^i^»^i— 

Sunn 1 is tftken from (L V. I. 13S. 7; itaim 8 from L 1S9. 8; 
■tona 3 from L 1S7. 1 ; tUomt 4—6 from IL 36, % 4, 5; AodsUna 
7 from IL 37. S. Plurto of Um hjmn AKaddnsMd to tbe Marats and 
JlgnL StniM 1—3 are taken from hjmna aaoribed to the Qwbi 
PamobeUMpa. One of tbe peonliaritiee of thrne b/mni^ wblob are 
'MMffalfy obeouie and freqoentlj nninteUigible it 'to reiterate a 
toadlng wotd wbieb ooeon tbe tbird or foartb from tbe end of tbe 
ftnt Sm^ and ■ometimee alao of tbe tbird, and to repeat it as tbe 
ket iraid of tiie line. Tbua we ba^e bere [3^ line 1]. SCmMimwakamf 
JUamimmm^ Wj w^ ei nm JAtmindaum ; tbia fe little oleo tban a kind 
of allitetalife ibigie^ bat tbe eoboliast^tbinka it ne^ e m a iy to amigip 
to tW rspeOed woffd a dietiBetdgnifieatioiL'-^Wttpon- 









4 Bosied with sacrifioe, with spotted deer and spears, 
. . gleaming upon your way with ornaments, yea, oar 

Sitting on saored grass, ye sons of Bbarata, drink 

Soma from the Potar's bowl, O Men of heaven. 

Bring the Gknis hither. Sags, and offer saorifioe. At 
the three altars seat thee willingly, O Priest. 
Aecept for thy delight the profiEered Soma mead : 
drink from the Kindler's bowl and sate thee with 
thy share. 

6 This is the strengthener of thy body^s ttutnly might: 

strength, victory for all time are laid within wine 
Pressed for thee, Ma^havan, it is offered onto thee : 
drink from the ohalice of this Brahman, drink thy 
fill. - 

7 Him whom of old I called on, him I call, on now. 

He ip to be invoked : his name is He who Oives. 
Here brought by priests is Soma mead. Glanter of 
Wealth, drink Soma with the Seasons from the 
Hotar^s Cup. 

4 Addressed to tbe Marute. Buned with meriJU$: all natoral 
pbenomena, and eepeciallj tbe fall of tbe periodical nine, being 
regaided as intimatelj eonneoted witb tbe saorifioea oiTezed on eartb. 
Sp0tUd deer: * tbe reoocpaieed animals of tbe Marats^ originallj, m 
it would seem, intended for tbe imin-c]ond8.'^M. Mfiller. Spemn: 
tbonderbolts. OmatmetUi: tbe ligbtning-flssbee wbicb aooomnany • 
tbe Storm-Qods. BharataT tbe Warrior . Bndnu Lodwig- tiansiatea 
diiTerentlj, making hkarataeva depend on harUi : * einnebmend des 
Bbarata barbis-sics» sfibne [Bndra's und der Pr^].' PeCor^f 6o«pf .* 
tbe sacrifioial vessel beld by tbe Potar (Cleanser, Purifier) one of tbe 
officiating priests. 

6 8tm: wiseAgnL TktmalUn: fine^taiibkeartbaorieoeptaoles . 
for tbe Abafanlja or lire for oblations, tbe QArbapalya or House- 
boldei^ saored western ilre^ and tbe Bsksbioa or fiootbem Five* 
XindUr: tbe Agntdb« tbe priest wboUgbte tbefire andoMnrieaa 
firebrand round tbe Tiotim at a jaorifioe. GL A. Y. XX. S, note. 

7 Agni is inToked as Dmripodaa - or Wealtbt^er. Wkk Oe 
Semmmei witb tbe ^Utus or deities wbo pmide over tbe mmoqs e| 
tbejear. '-i 

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' u ■ ■ 


TSMBTMirs or 


' 4 Gk> to ibe wise uneoDqaered One, ask thoa of Jiktnir 

skilled in song, 
:~ Him wbo n better tbait ihj friendsr 

S Whether the men who mock us 887, Depart onto 
:.'. another pkoe, . ^ 

Te who serve ladra and none else ; 

' fi Or whether, Ood of wondrous deeds, all our tme 
people eall ns blest. 
Still may we dwell in Indra's care. 
' 7 Unto the swift One bring the swift, man-cheering, 
* grace of sacrifice, 
Tlmt to the Friend gives wings and joy. 

; 8 Thoo, Satakrattt^ drankest tbia and wast the VpfiW 
stayer; thou ' i 

Holpest the warrior in the fray. . 

* 9 We strengthen, Satakratu, thee, ye% thee the poweiS_^ 

fill in fight, * • * ^ 

Thaty Indra, we may win as wealth. 

10 To him the mightyjBtream of wealthy proa»pt Friend 

of bim who pours the juice, 

• Tea, to this Indra sing yoitr song. 

11 O come ye hither, sit ye down: to lodra sing ye* 

forth yoor song, 
Companiods^ bringing hymns of praise. 

TiJcen ftom igi V. L 4. 4— ia(ttanM 1— S-Hyma LVIt l^Z of 
thk Book), Mid L 5. 1— 1 ^ 

6 The generml mMiiing^ol this Mid the two preoedfn^ v e lB OB seems 
to bo : indim is the best fHend Mid protootor, mmI so kmg ss wo enjoj- 
bis friendship Mid proteotion wo omto nothing for tbo toriUngs of tho 
ango^wbomboksiovrlMthhil wonhipt ' • 

' T Tkt9w^ Om€T Indfm. Tho Sooui juieo wbfob osbilM«tes mov 
or heroeo sod oosoiapMMes or grsoes tho ssoriSoe is slsoeollod swif^ 
both beesoso il flows quiokly mm! beeonso it makes Indvs hssten Uk 
tho soleiitnitf. Tkt FrUnd: india wbon tho foSm sshilsmtes MidF 
ssods onioldy to tho ssorifioo. .-• ' .- 
; 11 Opmfmmmi th# asllJssddvenedlatfaojDistoC tho officiating 


12 To him the richest of the ri«K «. t > 

. exceil^ot, ^^^no\ ibe Lord of treasore^ 

: ^""^^^ith Somk juice outpoureA 


9 Nigh to the Sbmanhinker annZ r i:* 

these bright ^T^""^" ~^' ^^ ^ • Wment. 

The Somas mingled with the curd. 
* "Ott, groFn at once to D^rf«Af •♦ x. 

ta drink the Soml iJ^^llnt^'^^^J "^ ^^ 
Eminence. ^ ' ^^^^^ ladh^ for pnK . 

7 Indra, whose stroeottr i&v«r fc.i 

' £t:;S:;r^^^^-*-«'le*— ahort cue 

Tafao|p their saorifioialnaae. :^ 
«VL 4-« of thk Book).-. • ',f- '-* <»*««- »-ir-H7«. 

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Thou, Indra, with the Tempest^Godfl, the breakers 

dowD of what is firm, 
Foandest the kioe eren in the cave. 
8 Worshipping eyea as they list, singers laad hiin who 
findeth wealth, . ^ r^ 

The far-renowned, the mighty One. 
Z Then, faring on by Indra's side, the fearless, let thy- 
self be seen. 
Both graoions and in splendonr peers. 

4 With India's well-belovW hosto, the blameless tend- 

ing heavenward. 
The saorificer cries aload. ^ 

5 Come from this place,. O Wanderer, or downward 

from the light of heaven ) 
Our songs of praise all yearn for this. 
« Or Indra we implore for help from here, from heavenr-- 
above the earth. 
Or firom the spaoions firmament. . 
7 Indra the singers with high praise, Indra reciters 
with their lauds, , .^ . 
Indra the choirs have glonfied. 

•" lUm from ?. V. L «. 5-10; 7. 1—10; S. 1-4. 

CSSTtoDow their sffWoii. TiU sstr : tlis thick daik ^ood whwJi 
Mib the impriaooed w*te« sod which Indrm d^^Tce awnd^ with hic 
thyndcrbolt or lightning. * 

a ThpmV^ the host of ILurutc Acooiding to Benfej, the Son. r 

' 4 TU meH/Utr etki tdomdt thit it the intcrpietation mycn by 

M.£xUmZ^titiM conjectafml and not •hogcthcr ^^^^^^ 

KSqrSu^^ .MightaTtW«a.thsiscriiloi'; •ndLndwigr-tho 

' varrior dngi triomphMitl^.' ^„ t ^ ' 

Wmmdtr^ri parifmtm; a^ovipg sronnd ; h«cw apidicd to Indis 
i4«atifidl with the 9an: .*. 

. 7 flienqiT 11^ siw i spc st s j itwX T. XX. Sa. 4-r«. : . 








BYUH 70.] 



8 Indra hath ever close to him Us two bay steeds and 

word-yoked car, - ^ 
Indra the golden, Tbcinder-afmed. 

9 Indra hath raised the Sun on high in heaven, that 

he may see afar : 
He burst the mountain for the kine. ^ * 

10 Help us, O Indra, in the frays, yea, frays where 

thousand apoils are gained, 
With awful aids, O awful One. 

11 In mighty battle we invoke, Indra, Indra in lesser 

The Friend who bends his bolt at fiends. 

12 Unclose, our manly Hero, thou for ever bounteous, 

yonder cloud. 
For us, thou irresistible. 

13 Still higher, at each strain of mine, thunder-armed 

Indra's praises rise : 
I find no laud worthy of him. 

14 Even as the bull drives on the herds, he drives the 

people with his mig^t. 
The ruler irresistible : 

15 Indra who rules with single sway men,, riches, and 

the fivefold race. 
Of those who dwell upon the earth. 

16 For your sake from each side we call Indra away 

from other men : 
Ours, and none others', may he be. . 

17 Indra, bring wealth that gives delight, the victor's 

ever-conquering wealth. 
Most excellent, to be our aid ; 

16 Tk$JI/9rf6ldrm^Uc: Benfejozplains thit ••' the whole inhabit- 
ed world.' Ba* the ezpreetioo teems to mean the Arjtn tettlemente 
or tribet oalj, end not the indigenout inhebitentt el the ooontrr. 
The Sto tribet or tettlemente were prdbeblj the oonfedermtion of the 
Tnrrtft^ Tados, Annt, Dnihyut, end PAnit. Sftjaoa't expknetioa 
it*thotewhoerefitforliebitttiont,'andthephrMeit teidto implj 
the four eettee end Nithidet or indigenout beibtrient. Bat there 
w4re no tnoh dittinotiopt of OMte when the h/mn wee < 

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18 By means of whteh we may repel our foes in battle 
nand to hand, 
By thee assisted with the car. ^ 

^i9 Aided by thee, the Thander-armed, Indra, may we 
lift up the bolt» 
And conquer all our foes in iighi 
20 With thee, O Indra, for ally, with missile:darting 
heroes may 
We conquer our embattled foes. ^ 

MioHTT is Indra, yea, supreme ; greatness be his, the 

Thunderer 1 
Wide as the heaven extends his power ; 
2 Which aideth those to win them sons who come as 
heroes to the fight, ; i 
Or singers loving holy thoughts. 
S His belly drinking deepest draughts of Soma Uke an-~^- 
ocean swells, ^ . 

Like wide streams from the cope of heaven. 
7 Come, Indra. and delight thee with the juice at all 
the Soma feasts, r 

Protector, mighty in thy strength. : 

. 8 To Indra pour ^e forth the juice, the active gladden- 
ing juice to him 
The gladdening omnific God. 

IS Wiih Oe ear: irvatd, Utoimllr, with a hone, w explained by 
84yAOs to meMi fighting on hovBebaiJc. But honee seem to haTO been 
mid^ war as drawers of eharioU only, a»d ditjmtd here stands for 
ywMMa, with a car or ehariot 

19 ifoy tM/i/kt|p<^Ml; the thunderbolt here vpoken of is saeri- 
ftoe whioh, when emplojred against enemies, is as powerful a weapon 
; as the bolt of Indra. ,^ 

• The hymn is a eontinnation of the preoedinff hymn, stanias 1—6 
• /of ^Hikh 4—6 are repeated trom A.T. XX, 60. 4— 6) being taken 

1 , 

: i 




> 9 O Lord of all men, fair of cheek, rejoice^ thee in' the 
gladdening lauds. 
Present at these drink-offerings. ; / i. 

10 Songs have outpoured themselves to thee^ Indra^ the 

strong, the guardian Lord, 
And raised themselves unsatisfied. 

11 Send to us bounty manifold, O Indra, worthy of our 

For power supreme is only thine. 

12 O Indra, stimulate thereto us emulously fain for 

And glorious, O most splendid One. 

is Give, Indra, wide and lofty fame, wralthy in oatUe 
and in strength, \ ^ 

. Lasting our life-time, failing not. 

14 Grant us high fame, O Indra, grant riches bestowing 

thousands, those 
Fair fruits of earth borne home in wains. 

15 Praising with SQugs the praise- worthy who'oometh 

to our aid, we call 
Indra, the Treasure-Lord of wealth. 

16 To lofty Indra, dweller by each libation, the piousmaa 
Sings forth aloud a strengthening hymn. , 

Ih all libations men with hero spirit ui|^e thee, Uni- 
versal, One, each seeking several light, each fain 
to win the light apart 

10 Umsatiified: 4i<khdfk ; that is, ever renewed, and nneatiefied 
with their attempU to praiee him as he should be pimieed. Lodwig 
obeenres that the Sftmaveda has' preserved the ooneot reading «|^ 
Mdi^ * with one aooonL' 

U Bome kom in wnm : * meaning, Slja^ says, those artides of 
food which are oonveyed in oars, carts, or wagsons,- from the site of 
their prodnction; as rice^ barle/, a^ other kinds of gimin.'— Wilson. 

Taken from R. V. L 131; 2, S; 6. The hymn" is ascribed -to Pkra ^ 
diohhepa: seeA.*¥.XX. Sr.Vnota^v:;^ % •; r x -. :. v.;^ . ^ 

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Thee, fiurthering like a ship, will we set to the chariot 

pole of streD^th,^ 
As men who wm with sacrifices Indra's thought, men 

who win Indra with their lauds. 

8 Couples desirous of thine aid are storming thee, 
pouring their presents forth to win a stall of kine, 
TK>uring gifts, Indra, seeking thee. 
Wnen two men seeking spoil or hearen thou bringest 

fiioe to £Btce in war. 
Thou showest, Indra, then the bolt thy constant 
friend, the bull that erer waits on thee.. 

8 Also this morn may he be well inclined to us, mark 

at our call our offerings and our soog of praise, our 

call that we may win the light. 
As thou, O Indra Thunder-armed, wilt^ as the Strong 

One, slay the foe. 
Listen thou to the prayer of me a later sage, hear 

thou a later sage's prayer. 

Ail these libations are for thee, O Hero : to thee 
' I offer these my prayers that strengthen. 
Ever, in every place, must men invoke thee. 

2 Never do men attain, O Wonder-worker, thy great* 
ness. Mighty One who must be lauded. 
Nor, Indra, thine heroic power and bounty. 

8 Bring to the Wise, the Great who waxeth mighty 
your offerings and make ready your devotion : 
To many clans he goeth, man's. Controller. 

4 When, with the Princes, Maghavan, famed of old, 
comes nigh the thunderbolt of gold, and the Con* 
troUei^s car 

S O^fUfin : moMotn^ sad their wiTet who are aeeoeiated with them 
ia the pMrfonMooe of divine wonhip. TAe kuU : the fieroelj mehmg 
thondeffboU. — --^ 

Tlie hjma is UJua firom 9* V. VUL 33. 7, 8; 31. 10; X. 33. 3— 5. 

4 IFi^fAiiVMMet/eoompooiedl^theMeruteiWhoMeeeDedpra 
eeib SAfiib ^ wealthy instHalon of storifiee ia the asaie way ae India 

' "i 

aruir u.] 



Which his two tawny coursers draw, then Indra is 
the Sovran Lord of power whose fiune spreads fitf 
and wide. 
• 5 With him too is this rain of his that comes like herds: 
Indra throws drops of moisture on his yellow beardj 
When the sweet juice is shed he seeks the pleasant 
place, and stirs the worshipper as the wind disturba 
the wood 

6 We laud and praise his several deeds of valour who. 
fatherlike, with power hath made us stronger; 
Who with his voice slew inany thousand wicked 
ones who spake in varied manner with contemp* 
tuous cries. 

O SoMA-nnuiKiB, ever true, utterly hopeless though 
• we be,' 
Do thou, O Indra, give us hope of beauteous horses 

and of kine. 
In thousands, O most wealihjr One. 
2 O Lord of strength, whose jaws are strong, great 
deeds are thine, the powerful : 
Do thou, O Indra, give us hope of beauteous horses 
and of kine, 
' In thousands, O most wealthy One. 
8 Lull-thou asleep, to wdke no moroi the pair who on 
each other look : . 

is tbeBoonteoua Lord, the MegfaaTsn /mt mmMmi^ end the type of 
human saorifioers. ^'^ 

5 Drop» of moUlwrt: meaning pethape^ as Lndwig soflgestSL the 
ram which he poors upon the lightning which may be i^^^ as hie 
beard. TUj^MoMpUMi the sacrificial enoloeote. TUwonhipptr: 
acooidmg to Sftya^a, his own bod/. Theio is no woid in the test 
here to express the object of tfan rerb. 

Taken ftxxm 9. V. L 29. -~^ 

S Theywrwkoim^Metlook: or,whoshowaltefnatelj. «Ths 
test IS TeryelUptical and obscure. It is UtermU/ ; Put to sleep th« 
two redpiocaU/ looking: let them sleep not being awakened. Tho 
eohdiast caUs them the two female meesengerBof Tama-'^Wilaon. 
•Die beiden abwechselnd schaunden [dee Tama botinnenV^Ladwig 
In $.¥. II. 91. S, the same epithet is spplied to Night aiid Ifocnii^ 

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Do thoa/ O Indrsy give us bope of beanteoos horses 

In thoasAQds, O most wealthy One. 

4 Hero, let hostile spirits sleep, and every gentler 

G^enios wake : • 
Do thoo, O Indra, giro ns hope of beaateoos horses 

In thoosands, O most wealthy One. 

5 Destroy this ass, O Indra, who in tones disoordant 

brays to thee : 
i Do thon, O Indr% give us hope of beauteous horses 
and of kine, 
In thousands, O most wealthy One. 

6 Far distant on the forest fiul the tempest in a oirol- 

Do thou, O Indra» giye us hope of beauteous horses 

and of kine, > I 

In thousands, O most Wealthy One. 

7 Slay each reviler and dest^y him who in. secret' 

. injures us : 

Do thou, O Indra, give us hope of beauteous horses 
' and of kine. 
In thousands, O most wealthy One. 

CouPLid desirous of thine aid are storming thee, pour- 
iog their presents forth to win a stall of kine, pour- 
ing gifts, Indra, seeking thee. 

5 TkUau: our adverflaiy, nys the loholiMt. * Therefore ie he 
celled en eei^ m hfeying, or uttering henh eoonde intolereble to 

i' ' 

6 On (iUybml.* mey thecjeloiieortempeeteipeiidiufaiyeiithe 
nood, end not eome neer iie. The word ihi^fMydcAi; the inttrumentel 
eeee of whioh I have rendend in eeoordenoe with S4jr»^ meene else- 
where e eertein kind of animal, a lisard aooording to Sija^a. The 
meaaJngthenaui^he: 'may the wind £eU on the foreet with the 

' lyken liroinR» T. L 131. S^^ The hjmn ie aeerihed to Famoh* 
ehheea: 4ee A. T. XX. 67. 1, notei 
1 ' Thie etanM is lepeated Ikooi hynn 71. t of thie Boohr 

B7UF 76.] 




1 , 


••, .When two men seeking spoil or hearen thou bringest 
faoe to face in war. 
Thou showest, Indra, then the bolt, thy constant 
friend, the bull that ever waits on thee. 
2 This thine heroic power full well the people knew, 
-wbovMrith thou brakest down, Indra, autumnal 
forts, brakest thorn down with oonQueriPg might. 
Thou hast chastised, O Indra, Lord of strength, the 
man who worships not^ 
' And made thine own this great earth and these water- 
floods, with joyous heart theee water-floods. 
8 And they have bruited far this hero might, when thoUt 
O Strong One, in thy joy holpest thy supplianta 
who sought to win thee for their Friend. 
Their battle-cry thou madest sound victorious in the 

shocks of war. 
One stream after another have they guned firom thect 
eager for glory have they gaineo. 
As sits the voun^ bird on the tree, rejoicing, ye, 

swift pur, have been roused by clear laudation. 
Whose Motar-priest throu^^h many days is Indra, 
earth's guardian, friend of men, the best of heroes. 
2 May we, when this Dawn and the next dance hither, 
be thy best servants, most heroic Hero I 

2 TAe/Mop^; |HM«al^; or, the PArae» one of the Five IfyanTribee. 
AutummU/^fU : probably, etrongholde on high ground, oooapied aa 
plaoee of nfuge by the non-JUyan inhahitanUcf the eoontiy daring 
the hea^y laine. — .. 

Taken from B. v. X. 39. 

1 The meaning of the etama ie obeeiue^ and th# teit of the fint 
half line ie unintelligible. I foUow the roading wbieh Sftja^a giree 
in hie CommentaiT, vdp0 iaimA of «d j^. *A» (the biid) whodepo- 
nteite young (in lU neet) in the tne/ie> eegeriy looking aiound.^- 
Wilion, Sii^pair: Afyine. 

2 DanceAuktr : or, oome danoingt Op. MUton'e 'Now the bright 
morning etar, Kla/e hari)inffer, Ootfiee daheing from the eaet' Tr^ 
ipUmdout: pethape withrclereiMto Agni, V4yu,and86mL--Ladwig.' 
J£$mdrmi e(i0 : as Profeeeor Qimeemcnn euggeete, the Marats may- 
be intended, 'hundred' being UMd indefinitely. JTMs; IttdnV 
favourite eoBtpanion. •■ "•-••■•.• ... •- , , -,:. ^ -..,- ^ 

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rat BTitFaor 


Liefc the yiotorioas car with triple splendour bring 
hitherward the hundred chiefs with Kutsa. 
8 What was the gladdening draught that pleased thee, ' 
Indra ? Speed to oar doors, our songs, for thou 
art mighty. 
Why comest thoa to me, what gift attYau^'thee t 
Fain would I briog ihee Ibod nidst iheet to offer. 
4 Indra, what fame hath one like tbee tnid heroes ? 
With what plan wilt thou act ? Why hast thou 
sought us f 
As a true friend, Wide-Strider I to sustain us, since 
food absorbs tiie thou^t of each among us. 
b Speed happily those, as Biirya ends his ioomey, who 
meet his wish as bridegrooms meet their spouses ; 
Men who support, O Indra strong by nature, with 
food the many songs that tell thy praises. 

6 Thine are two measures, Indra, wide, well-meted, 

heaven for thy majesty, earth for thy wisdom. 
Here for thy choice are Somas mixed with butter : 
may the sweet meath be pleasant for thy drinking. 

7 They have poured out a bowl to him, to Indra, full 

\>f sweet juice, for faithful is his bounty. 
O'er earth's expanse hath he grown great by wisdom, 
the friend or man, and by heroic exploits. 

8 Indra hath oonc^uered in ms wars, the mighty : men 

strive in multitudes to win his friendship. 
Ascend thy chariot as it were in battle, which thou 
shalt dnre to us with gracious favour. 

4 Indis w i%miDd«d that ths protMtioii of hit wonhippera k hit 
ipecisl glorv. Wn^trid^t: *widel/ ranownad,' seoording to 6ir 
7A|UL Food: the hvmo appeus to havs b^n 'sosn' or royoaled In 
a tiiBO of dearth or lamiiM.'-— Ludwig. 

5 ifMl Am i9M;iatiefyhK India'iiloiigisg for fiooialibati^ . 
C Tkm$ mn Hio i wi e i sryi ; thj majee^ or matiieM is Taet and 

kf^ ae heaTon, and thy wiedom ie vide as earth ; or, *with oonfndon 
of the meaeore and the thing meanuei,' thoo haet meaMited oat the 
hea^bythTgMtneieandtU eaith>rthjwi«loaA. SeeWallie, 



STUN T7.] 



Impituous, true, let lilagbayan come hither^ and let 

his tawny coursers speed to reach us. 
For him liaye we pressed juice exceeding potent: 
here, praised with song, let him effect hS visit. 
2 Unyoke, as' at thy journey's end» Hero, to gladden 
theelUMlay at this libation. ,.,i f i. ;,. - 
Like UsanA, the priest a laud shall utter, a hymn 
to thee, the Lord Divine, who markest. • 

8 When the Bull quaffing praises our libation, as a 
sage paying holy rites in secret. 
Seven singers here from heaven hath he begotten, who 
e'en by day have wrought their works while singing. 

4 When heaven's fitir light by Hymns was made ap^ 

parent, (they made great splendour shine at break 
He with his succour, best of heroes, scattered the 
blinding darkness so that men ^w clearly. 

5 Indra, impetuous One, hath waxed immensely: he 

with his vastness hath filled earth and heaven. 
E'en beyond this his majesty extendeth who hath 
exceeded all the worlds in neatness, 

6 Sakra who knowetb well all human actions hath with 

his eager friends let loose the waters. 
They with their songs cleft e'en the mountain open, 
and willingly disclosed the stall of cattle. . 

TalLOQ from ]|L V. lY. 16. 1^-8. 

1 Impetuoui : aooording to Sftyapa, rH^Mi the word in the text^ 
meant accepter, or drinker, of the epiritl^ Soma, of the Soma when 
iu essence or strength has passed away. Professor Lndwig foUows 

2 Lih$ Ufand: the 9ishi XTfanI, or Ufanis, eaUed also K&¥ja or 
KaTi's son, appears in the VedA aS the especial friend of Indra. 

3 The Bull: the mighty Indra. SMmmngen: the meaning of this 
line is not dear. Professor Wilson, following SHja^a, tnnsktes: * and ^ 
this generates the seren efficient (jMt) from heaten, which, heing 
glorified, have made (manifest) the obje^ of (human) peroention.' 

4 SeaUeMi.€ie: w, 'iMhioned blind tuW daiknsss so ttat men 
sawcleariy.* . , . \ . 

6 ifwec^eryWiiMii; theMarata, / 

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7 H« smote away the flood*8 obstrueter Vptra : Earth 

ooDsoions lent her aid to speed thy thunder. 
Thoa sentest forth the waters of the ocean as Lord 
through power and might, O daring Hero. 

8 When, Mudi-invoked t the waters' rook thou deftest, 

Saraml showed herself and went )>efor^ thee. 
Hymned by Angirases, bursting the oowstalls, thou 
foundest ample strength for us as leader. 

SiNO this, what time the juioe is pressed, to him^ your 

Hero much-invoked. 
To please him as a mighty Bull. 

8 He, eicellent, withholdeth not his gift of power and 
wealth in kine 
When he hath listened to our songs. 

8 May he with might disclose I for us the cows* stall, 
whosesoe'er it be. 
To which the Dasyu-slayer goes. 

O Jhdra, gire us. wisdom as a sire gives wisdom to 

his sons. 
Guide us, O Much-invoked, on this our foray : may 

we, living, still enjoy the light. ' 

S S m r wmA : th» boand of Indim, who timoked the ttokn oowt. Ct 
9. y. L S8. 3 ; 73. S.' SmmhA Appean to be tho D^wii or the moraing^ 
b gptia which guided India on hie way. 

TViken from 9. V. VL 46. 23—24. 

3 Wko9t$$t^$r i$ hi: the VMmnmg oi htwdmif^ here is eomewhat 
nnoMrteiB. Sijifa expkine it ee^ of KoTitee, a oertein penon who 
doee much harm. The meaning appean to be^ inaj Indra open for lu 
the eow-etaU and give oe the cattle of any BUju whom h«^ thatia, 
we nader hk guidance, maj attack. 

1 Fmw^ : Apparently eome cattle4ifting eipedition. The original* 
kymn ia a pivsr, with aacrfScib te snceem in a coming limy. 





HTUN 83.] 



2 Orant that no mighty foes, unknown, malevolent, 
unhallowed, tread us to the ground. 
With thine assistance, Hero I may we pass through 
all the waters that are rushing down. 

BRina us, O Indra, name and fitme^.enriching, mighti- 
est, excellent, "i-f'r' o ,-r\..-T^ 7,1 ^*-,j 

Wherewith, O wondrous Gk>d, fkir-cheeked and thun- 
der-armed, thou hast filled full this earth and 
heaven. " 

2 We call on thee, O King, mighty among the Qods, 
ruler of men, to succour us. 
All that is weak in us, excellent Qod, make firm: 
make our foes easy to subdue. 


Ihdra*, if a hundred heavens and if a hundred 
earths were thine— 

No, not a hundred suns oould match thee at thy 
birth, not both the worlds, O Thunderer. 

2 Thou, Hero, hast performed thy hero deeds with 
ixiight, yea, all with strength, O Strongest One. 

> Maghavan, help us to a staUe full of kine, O Thun- 
derer, with wondrous aids. 

If I, Indra, were the lord of riches ample as thine 

1 should supoort the singer, God who : scatterest 
wealth ! ana not abandon him to woe. 

2 Each day would I enrich the man who sang my 

praise, in whatsoever place he were. 
^ No kinship is there better, Maghavan, than thine : 

a father even is no more. 

Taken from |Ly.VL4S.S,e. ' '"' /-• • ■ . ■ ' ' 

Taken from B. T. YIIL S3 (70). 6, C 
!MMn Ikom 9. T. TO. 33. IsfiyZ. - 


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O iKDEit gnmt * happy home, a triple refiige, triply 

1 atrong. 

Bestow a dweUing-plaoe on the rioh lords and me^ 
and keep thy dart afiur from these. r 

2 They who with minds intent on snoil subdue the 
foe, boldly attack and smite him aown,— 
From these, In<^ Bounteous Lord who lovest 
song, be olosest guardian of our lives, 
' O Thdra marvellously bright, oome, these libations 
lonff for thee, ^ . 

Thus bv 6ne finmrs purified. 
8 Urged by the hdy singer, sped by song, oome, Indra, 
to the prayers 
Of the libation-pouring priest 
' 8 Approach, indra, hasting thee, Lord of Bay 
Horses, to the prayers : 
Take pleasure in tne juice we pour. 

GLOnnr naught besides, O friends ; so shall no sor- 
tow troubfe you. 
^ Praise only miffhty Indra when the juice is shed, 
and say your lauds repeatedly : 

2 Even him, eternal, like a buil who rushes down, 

men's conqueror, bounteous like a cow ; 
Him who is cause of both, of enmity and peace, to 
both sides most munificent. 

Takm Ihtt 9. v. TI. 46. 9, 10. 

1 Bick hrd$ : tU iioUts who inttituU MoriHot and libtisU j fs- 
wud Um priesli. «>r^ 

IWkm torn 9. Y. I. 9. 4. 6. 
1 l%iif ; or, sliU, flMsoiog oontinaoiii^. 

Takon horn JjL. Y. YIIL 1. 1—4. 

9 Sa%mUau$ /O* • opif ; tho adjooliTS is not in the toiti bat miut 
botntfpliodinoidertomskotiieooaipsriionistdligibl^ B^V$dUck$ 
AWmm, 1,109. raMt«tf(M.« tbtiioiiiigon sndUioiiiititatolsof 







8 Although these men in sundry ways iuYoke thee to 
obtain thine aid, 
Be this our prayer, addressed, O Indra, unto thee, 
thine exaltation every day. 
4 Those skilled in song, O Maghavao, among these 
men overcome with might the foeman's songs. 
Come hither, bring us strength m many a varied 
form most near that it may succour us. 

Thosi who are yoked by prayer with ]^rayer I bar* 

ness, the two fleet friendly JBays who joy together. 
Mounting thy firm and easy car, O Indn^ .wise and 

all«knowing come thou to the Soma. 

Pbiists, offer to the Lord of all the people the milked* 

out stalk of Soma, radiant-coloured. 
No wild bull knows his drinking-place like Indra who 
ever seeks him who hath pressed the Soma. 
2 Thou dost desire to drink, each day that passes, the 
pleasant food which thou hast had aforetime. 
Indra, gratified in heart and spirit, drink eagerly 
the Soma set before thee. 
8 Thou, newly-born, for strength didst drink the Soma ; 
thy mother told thee of tiiy future greatness. 
Indra, thou hast filled mid-air^s wide region, and 
given the Oods by battle room and freedom. 
4 When thou hast urged the arrogant to combat, 
proud in Uieir strength of arm, we will subdue them. 
Or, Indra, when thou fightest ffirt by heroes, we in 
the glorious fray wjth thee wul conquer. 


Tsksn from 9. Y. VIL 98,* 
. S 2^ vMlUr. •Aditi,wlionjs (9. ¥.18. 4WKeps6r 
smoiig tboss bom slimidy, nor Somoc tboss viis iMl bs U 

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'0.1 will declare the earliest deeds of Indra, and recent 
acts which Maghavao hath accomplished. 
When he had conqaered godless wiles andmagic,- 
Soma became his own entire possession. 

' 6 Thine is this world of flocks and herds aroand thee, 
which with the eye of Sikrya tbou beholdest. 

'• -Thou, Indra, art alone the Lord of cattle : may we 
enjoy the treasure which thou givest 

7 Ye twain are Lords of wealth in earth and heaven, 
thou, O Brihaspati, and thou, O Indra. -^ 
•Mean though he be, give wealth to him who lauds 
you* Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings. 


Hnc who with might hath propped earth's ends, who 
sitteth in threefold seat, Brihaspati, with thunder. 

Him of the pleasant tongue have ancient sages, deep- 
thinking, noly singers, set before them. 

2 Wild in their course, in well-marked wise rejoicing 
were they, Bphaspati, who preyed around us. 
Preserve, Bphaspati, the stall oininjured, this com- 
pan/s raining, ever-moving birth-place. 

S Brihaspati, from thy remotest distance have they 
sat down who love the law eternal 

Taken fiom 9. V. IV. (K). 1—6. Tbe h jnm it addresied to Brihas- 
pati, Lord of Prayer. 

1 /m ikr^^fiM mai: heaTen, mid-air, 9iod earth. 3u brf^nt tksm: 
for adotatioo; or gireo them the foremoet place in laorifioe. 

8 Th€f..,wko pnmd ground u$ : apparent!/ the Marats. Tke iiall: 
•the boimdleiB etaU'cf 9. V. III. i. 14, the aerial home of the Mamts. 
This eampamj^i ; the teit haa onl/ a$ifaf of this. I follow Prof. Lud- 
wig'a interpretation of this rtarj diflleolt etann and anppl/ gat^ntiOf 
troop or oompany, «. e. of the liarute. Aooording to Siya^a, Bfihaa- 
pati la aaked to pvoieot the worihipper or inatitator of the aaeriiloe. 

S Bnm ik^ midmm: probably the Ifamti are intended, and not, 
aaSiya^aeajl^ the hoTM of BiihMpatL WtlU springing Jrom iks 
m9Mmimin§.' reeerioiw of Soma inioe pr eettd out hj the etonee, .have 
been prepared: the void Mri ngnifying both moontain and atoiie. . . 





For thee were dog wells springingfrom the moantain, 
which mnrmoring roond about poar streams of 

4' Brihaspati, when first he had his being from mighty 
splendour in supremest heaven. 
Strong, with his sevenfold mouth, with tioise of 
thunder, with his seven rays, blew and dispersed 
the darkness. 

5 With the loud-shouting band who sang his praises, 

with thunder, he destroyed malignant Vala. 
^: Brihaspati thundering drave for& the cattle, the 
lowing cows who make oblations ready. 

6 Serve we with sacrifices, gifts^ and homage even 

thus the Steer of all the Gods, the Father. 
Brihaspati, may we be lords of riches, with noble 
progeny and store of heroes. 

Even as an archer shoots afar his arrow, o£fer the laud 

to him with meet adornment. 
Quell with your voice the wicked's voice, O sages. 
Singer, make Indra rest beside the Soma. 
2 Draw thy Friend to thee like a cow at milking: O 
singer, wake up Indra as a lover. 
Make thou the Hero haste to give us riches even as 
a vessel filled brimful with treasure. . 

8 Why, Maghavan, do thev call thee bounteous Oiver? 
Quicken me : thou, I hear, art he who qoickena 
Sakra, let my intelligence be active, Mid bring us 
luck that finds great wealth, O Indra. 

4 Sevet^fM mouik: Bphaiif^ being identified with Agni who has 
aeren tongoee of flame. 

5 neiowj-ik^miinghandrtlm AngirMee whoaoooipanied BrihaanatL 

6 TAeiSStMr.-orChiet ™ "™- ^ 

Taken from RT; X. 43. M^^ui^-.: ,'t >i . . -. . 

1 ThMwitht^M MMi^«thepraiftia .of j«v sdfenariea.'--Wilaon. 
Ai^/ wiaeprieeta. •:.■• ,".T-i, • ^ .;-•.- ■t. . . .,- -w. .i^ i..; : 

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4 Standing, in battle for their rights, together, the 
people, Indra, in the fray invoke thee. 
Hun who brings gifts the Hero makes his comrade : 
with him who pours no joice he seeks not friendship. 
Whoso with plenteous juice for him expresses strong 
Somas as much quioKlv-coming treasure, 
For him he overthrows in early morning his swift 
weli-weaponed foes and slays the tyrant. 

6 He unto whom we offer praises, Indra, Maghavan, 

who hath joined to ours his wishes— 
Before him even afar the foe must tremble : low be- 
fore him must bow all human glories. 

7 With thy fierce bolt, O God invoked of many, drive 

to a distance from afar the foeman. 
O Indra, give us wealth in corn and cattle, and make 
thy singer's prayer gain strength and riches. 

8 Indra the swallower of sti'ong libations with their 

thick residue, the potent Somas, 
He, Maghavan, will not restrict his bounty : he brings - 
much wealth unto the Soma-presser. 

9 Tea, by superior play he wins advantage when he, 
• a gambler, piles his gains in season. 
Celestial-natured, he overwhelms with riches the 

devotee who keeps not back his money. 
10 O Much-invoked, may we subdue all famine and evil 
want with store of grain and cattle. 
May we allied, as first in rank, with princes, obtain 
possessions by our own exertion. 
H Bphaspati orotect us from the rearward, and from 
above ana from below, fit>m sinners. 
Hay Indra from the front and from the centre, as 
mend to friends, vouchsafe us room and freedom. 

4 Tk$ Aro f Iiidis. 

6 A$ mmok fMdp^wmw^ irmiWM: wpnuiathkg tlis wmlih which 
the offMng of ths libalioos k sipeoted to produoa. 

iolhidisntti,fWMpiiigaU together, giined the ^^ (9. T. X. 45. 5). 

H7MN 91.] 



SiBvsD with oblations, first-bcMm, mountain*render, 

Angiras' Son, Bribaspati the hol^. 
With twice-firm path, dwelling in light, our Father, 

roars loudly, as a bull, to earth and heaven. 
2 Bphaspati who made for such a people wide room 

and verspe when Gods were invocated— * 
Slaying his foes he breaketh down their casUes, 

quelung his enemies and those who hate him.. 
8 Bphaspati in war hath won rich treasures, hath won, 

this God, the great stalls filled with cattle. 
Striving to win waters and light, resistless, Bfihas- 

pati with lightning smites the foemian. 


This holy* hymn sublime and seven-headed, sprung 

from eternal Liaw, our sire discovered. 
Ay&sya, friend of all men, hath engendered the fourth 

hymn as he sang his laud to Indra. 
2 Thinking aright, praising eternal Order, the sons of 

Dyaus the Asura, those heroes, 
Angirases, holding the rank of sages, first honoured 

sacrifice's holy statute. 

TULen from $. Y. VL 73. The hymn ia addnsied to BfihMpttL 
1 MouiUain.rmder: eL ^Bfihaspati oleft the moimtain' (^ V. L 
6S. 3), that it, the t^jiok doud whieh iiopmmecL the nys of light 

S i?iieAaiMqfi<i.' aogoodapeople. WimtkeffotUwenimvoemUd: 
in battle. 

3 ITia^^AMiivr or, with sonligfatV* with s^^ 

tUcen from IgL Y. X. 67; The hymn it addrened to BrihaspatL * 
1 iS(fM»-AecK{0i;haTiiigaeTeiidiYisioiia., AocompaiiiedhytheBeTea 
troops of the Manite, or having aoTen metra^ aooording to SftjaQa. 
Spnmgfrom: that ia, made in aooordanoe' with,' ' Our dr§: Ancura% 
the anoeetor of Ajlajtk to whom the hymn was revealed; lor, penapey 
Ayiaya himself, a» ^wig^ «q?M«*;; |lk/ow:A,*,oi^ ft«Mpi^ Am 
strongs Tietorioiia. - ' "" ' " ' '"■ »''^'' '% ., /v ' ^^^-.-t^v^-v- 
26 !.v ^ ■ ^ 

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Z Girt by his friends who cried with swanlike voices, 
bursting the stony barriers of the prison, 
Bphaspati spake in thunder to the cattle, and uttered 
praise and song when he had found them. 
4 Apart from one, away from two above him, hodrave 
the kine that stood in bonds of falsehood. 
Brihaspati, seeking light amid the darkness, drave 
forth the bright cows : three he made apparent. 
When he had deft the lairs and western castle, he. 
cut off three from him who held the waters* 
Brihaspati discovered, while he thundered like Dyaus, 
the dawn, the sun, the eow, the lightning. 
C As with a hand, so with his roaring Indra cleft 
Vala through, the guardian of the cattle. 
Seeking the milk-draught with sweat-shining com* 
rades he stoTe the Papi^s kine *and left him weeping. 
Sr He with bright faithful friends, winners of booty, 
hath rent the milker of the cows asunder. 
Bphaspati with wild boars strobg and mighty sweat- 
ing witii heat hath gained a rich possession. 
8 They, longing for the kine, with fiuthful spirit incited 
wiUi their nymns the Lord of cattle. 


3 TkeeaitU: the loit oowt of the AngiiBsee, ] 
ol I!gfatwliiohlUidbMustorensadhidaenb7thsP«9ts<Mr< 

4 Apart finmpiu,mni^J^r9mimar tBd ommi^ is nnoerta&i ; per- 
liapt, M^Lodwig miggetta, «t a distaDoa from iho mxth, and beneath 
heavea and the firmamaut. Faiakood: the wiokednen of the male*^ 

. voleat P^^ia. XJhnM: haav«ii^finnamest». and earth. 

a We$um eattUr Mi laobeoore. Pior.Liidw%eiiggeits that ^^ 
dUannaj mean *hoetflo* or 'detested.* Tkrm: heaven, firmament 
aiidearth,aainstattm4. JKm who hM tk^ waUn : the demon Yak,. 
who kept the lain^ as well aa the oova or rajs of h$^ i m pri nmed. 
fUcam: tbBwaaaMgfkt, i > 

:' a ^MMwdW/htofythMfriendaihalOrata rOtfloart; thaetroog 
ietoe lisrota; aooofding to 847a9% ^bettiere of euellent water/ 
. I 7. ni iCeerf ^MlCk^ B{ihaipati who had fiesd the cows fr^ 




Bphaspati freed the radiant cows with cocnradea 
self-yoked, averting shame from one another. 
' 9 In our assembly with auspicious praises exalting him 
who roareth like a lion, 
.May we ia every fight where heroes conquer rejoice 
in strong Bfihaspati the victor. 

10 When he had won him strength of every nature and 

gone to heaven and its most loftv mansibns, 
. Men praised Bphaspati the mighty, bringing the 
light within their mouths from sundry piMes. 

11 Fulfil the praver that begs for vital vigour: aid in 

your wonted manner e'en the humble. 
Let all our foes be turned and driven backward. 
Hear this, O Heaven and Earth, ve all-producers. 

12 Indra with mighty strength hath cleft asunder tiie- 

head of Arbuda the watery monster, • 

Slain Ahi, and set free the Seven Rivers. O Heaven 
and Earth, with all the Gods, protect us. 

. .Praise, even as he is known, with song Indra the 
giiardian of the kine, 
The Son of Truth, Lord of the brave. 
2 Hither his bay steeds have been sent| reid steeds are 
on the sacred grass 
Where we in concert. sing our songs. ' ' 
8 For Indra thunder-aniied the Une have yielded 
mingled milk and meatb. 
What time he found them in the vault. ' 

10 Tlu Ug^: that ii, the hjnmt of praiae whieh wm hrinf tl|6tt 
the light of help. The ttaum £• obeoure. ... 

'. \% Tk€ waUrp moiuter.* the fiend who dominated the sea of ai& 
:iAi^- orthedrB^on: Vptim or hii hrother. 

The hrmn fit taken from ]^ Y. YIILlie (If. ICtfller, 69). 4— IjBI^ 
and 69 AL Mfiller, 70). 1—6. Stanieft 30, 31 aio i«|hiated Ikon 
A« Y . XX. ol • ' 

^ 8 ill a« ea«a:'*in the cavitj of the Soma^voeeiL^^tm Botfc; 
^onthehociaon.'— Ludwlg; 'nearathandt'-^SAjavatr ^ '.{-' 


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4 When I and Indra monnt on high up to the bright 

One's place and home, 
We, having druok of meath, will reach his seat whose 
Friends are three-times-seven. 

5 Sing, sing :^e forth your songs of praise, ye Priya- 

medhas, sing yonr soo^ : 
Yea, let young children smg their lauds : as a strong 
castle praise ye him. 

6 Now loudly let the viol sound, the lute send out its^ 

voice with mighty 
Shrill be the^ music of the string. To Indra is the 
byncin upraised. 

7 When hither speed the dappled cows, unflinching, 

easy to be milked, 
§eise quickl]^, as it bursts away^the Soma juice for 
law's dnnk. \ 

8 Indra hath drunk, Agni hath drunk : all Deities 

have druok their fill. 
Here Yaru^a shall have his home, to whom the floods 
have iung aloud as mother-kine unto their calves. 

9 Thou, Yaruoa, to whom belong the Seven Streams, 

art a fflorious Gk>d. 
The waters flow into thy throat as 'twere a pipe with 
ample mouth. . 

10 H9 wb9 hath made the fleet steeds spring, well- 
harnessed, tp the worshipper, 
He, the swift guide, is that fair form that loosed the 
horses near at hand. 

4 TU irighidiU^tpku$: the station of tbs Sun. W^o$tfri€nd$ 
pr€ lAfwMMMMmn; |ii4iai tl|e friend of the llMmts whoM nomlMr 
Is laid to be aeren or vaniag multiplee of aeTon. See A. Y. I. 1. 1, 
nolo. I follow Ladwig m makiag one oompoond woid of the tr{l^ 
M^«ilU^of thetext Sijapa^ explanation if diffmntt * let ua 
be nnited in the ^wentj-fin^ ephere of the (miivaiMl) friend.' S^ 
ttote in Wileon'e Tranriation. 

9 Tern9a'ithioM»arpi^ktfbliiaidt9aeiuit)MfifeiiQ^ 




11 Indra, the very mighty, holds his enemies in utter 

He, far away, and yet a child, cleft the cloud smitten 
by his voice. 

12 He, yet a boy exceeding small, mounted his newly- 

fashioned car. 
^ He for his Mother and his Sire cooked the wild 
mighty bu£GEtlo. 

18 Lord of the Home, with beauteous cheeks, ascend 
thy chariot wrought of gold. 
We will attend the heavenly One, the thousand- 
footed, red of hue, matchless, who blesses where 
he goes. 

14 With reverence they come hitherward to hiin as to 

a sovran lord, 
That they may bring him near for this man's good 
success, to prosper and bestow his gifts. 

15 The Priyamedhas have observed the offering of the 

men of old. 
Of ancient custom, while the^ strewed the sacred 
grass and spread their sacrificial food. -. • . , 

16 He who as sovran Lord of men moves with his cha« 

riots unrestrained, . . 

The Vritra-slayer, queller of all fighting hosts, pre« 
eminent, is praised in song. . . \lr. 

17 Honour that Indra, PuruhanmSrnl for his aid, in 

whose sustaining hand of old 
The splendid bolt of thunder was deposited, as the 
great Sun was set in heaven. - 

13 BUUoUurandkuSifi Hearen end Earth. The ii^to ie the 
dark lain-oloiid whioh Indra pieroet with hie lightning; or perfaape 
the demon Vala ia intended. 

13 ThM Utmidf On$ : the eun whioh it India's eheHot. nmutmd^ 
footed : bright with oountleee njn of light. 

14 2*Aw eMii'f :. who inetitotet the ■aocifiee. 

17 PwruKamman: a 9iihi of the family el Angina, the aeerol the 
hymn. • ' . * ' 'V 

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18 No one by deed attains to him who works and 

strengthens evermore : 
No, not b]r saorifioe, to Indra praised of all, resist- 
less, daring, bold in might; 

19 The potent Conqueror, invincible in war, him at 

whose birth the mighty ones. 
The kine who spread afar, sent their loud voices out, 
heavens, earths sent their loud voices out 

20 O indra, if a hundred heavens and if a hundred^ 

earths were thine— 
No, not a thousand suns could match thee at thy 
birth, not both the worlds, O Thunderer. 

21 Thou, Hero, hast performed thv hero deeds with 

might/yea, all with strength, O Strongest One. 
Magbavan, help us to a stable full of kine, O Thun- 
derer, with wondrous aids. ! 


Mat our hymns give thee great delight Display thy 

bounty, Thunderer. 
Drive off the enemies of prayer. 

2 Crush with thy foot the niggard churls who bring no 
gifts. Mighty art thou : 
There is not one to equal thee. 

8 Thou art the Lord of Soma pressed. Soma unpressed 
is also thine. - 

Thou art the Sovran of the folk. 

: 4 Swaying about, the active Ones came nigh to Indra 
at his birth. 

And shared his great heroic might 

Tdcea from ^w V. VUI. S3. 1—3; X, 15S. '^ '■ * 

3 Ui^prmed: In its natuiml sUte in the tUlkt of the plant; or 
«• ^^ Mf^ti^ the oelestial Soms wbioh Indn drinks in hMYeil 

4 The hjma from which stsntM 4--8 sm taken Is asoribiMl tA 
O oddss s ss flMy bs mMit. 

VZMir n.] 



i Based upon strength and victory and power, O Indra 
is thy birth. 
Thou, Mighty One, art strong indeed. 

6 Thou art the Vritra-slayer, thou, Indra, hast 'spread 

the firmament : 
Thou hast with might upheld the heavens. 

7 Thou, Indra, bearest in thine arms the lightning 

that accords with thee. 
Whetting thy thunderbolt with might * 

8 Thou, Indra, art preeminent over all creatures in 

thy strength : 
Thou hast pervaded every place. 

Mat Sovran Indra come to the carousal, he who by 

holy Law is stroofl^ and active. 
The overoomer of all conquering forces with his great 

bulMike power that bath no nmit 

2 Firm-seated is thy car, thy steeds are dooile : thy 

hand, O King, holds, firmly grasped, the tiiunder. 

On thy fair path, O Lord of men come quickly : we 

will increase ikij power when thou hast drunken. 

3 Let strong and mighty steeds who bear this mighty 

Indra, the Lord of men, whose aria wields thunder. 
Bring unto us, as- sharers of our banquet, the Bull of 
conquering might, of real vigour. 

4 So like a buU thou rushest to the Lord who loves the 

trough, the Sage, the prop of vigour, in tiie vat 

Ji 7Ao«i, i/^Aty One :cr,0 Bon, then srt a BoU indeed. 
7 LigkUing : or, pimise-song, hymn. fiULyava eiplsins m 
by ttutgam : thy Uudshie or sdonble thunderbolt . • . 

The hymn is taken bom ^ Y. X. 44. 

4 Th$ Lord: Soma. The trwigk : the wooden ▼esssl which reodres 
the filtered Soma juice. ColUei ihem in4kgt^: Hake ns into thyseU.' 
— Wilson. Of the wise: hemip^SUUn is thos explained 1^ the Coinmen> 
tators, but the meaning aeems doubtftil. Pm^Lodwig thinks that 
'the master tf the car$f' that ii^ the steersman, is intended. PkoL 
Gnuismanntimnslates4«iit>4fidsiby *Fhitgebieter,' ContraUeisof the*. 
Floods^' meaning periiapi^ the demeaswbo withhoM thewateiaelheafea. 

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Prepare thine energied, collect them in thyself : be 
for our profit as the Master of the wise. 

5 May precious treasures come to tis, — so will I pray. 

Gome to the votary's gift offered with beauteous 
Thou art the Lord, as such sit on this holy grass : 
thy vessels are inviolate as Law commands. 

6 Far went our earliest invocations of the Qods, and 
^ won us glories that can never be surpassed. 

They who could not ascend the ship of sacrifice sink 
down in desolation, trembling with alarm. 

7 'So be the others, evil-hearted, &t away, whose horses 

difficult to harness have been yoked. 

Here in advance men stand anear to offer gifts, by 

whom full many a work that brings reward is done. 

*^8 He firmly fixed the plains and •nM>untains as they 

shooL Dyaus thundered forth and made theair'a 

. mid-region quake. 

He stays apart the two confronting bowls ; he sings 
lauds in the potent Soma's joy when he hath 

9 I bear this deftly-fashioned goad of thine wherewith 
thou, Maghavaq, shalt break the strikers with the 
At the libation mayst thou be well satisfied. Partake 
the juice, partake the banquet^ Bounteous Lord. 

/» di9olaiim: lrM^«l^iyioi^— Ludwig. TrmiUing in miarm: 
lof ai d ead i , aooording to Y&aka't interpraUtioD of k^pai^, 

7 W%omkm'9mdifieuUiakarn§$$kaMbempoimi: mhoBeill-o^^ 
•d attemiili to ptrfmm Aoceptoblo Merifioe baT« b^g^ In 

mdwttmm: beforo doatb, Mooraiog to SAjspa. 

S ii4: Indm. At ikif Aooh: of. «He wlio fixed fMt and fiim the 
outh that ataggwtd, and Mt at rest the agitated moiintams ' ($. Y. 
IL IS. %y Two €m^9mUn§ homU: heaTon and earth, hemiapherieal 
in appeafiaee aad eeeming to meet at the hoffiaoo. . 

t Q^ad: the hjmn of piaiae whioh wgee India to aotkm. Th9 
9$nktnwM$k$ko^: %6bmoi YitndhAnaaordemooesei. 'thehoof* 


STiiit W.] TBB ATBABVA'fBDA. 409 

10 Much-invoked, may we subdue all fitmine and evil 

want with store of grain and cattle. 
May we allied, as first in rank, with princes^ obtain 
possessions by our own exertions^ 

11 Bphaspati protect us from the rearward, and firom 

above, and from below, from sinners t 
May Indra from the front and from the centre, as 
mend to friends, vouchsafe us room and freedom. 

From the three jars the Great and Strong hath drunk 

drink blent with meaL With Visbou hath he 

quaffed the flowing Soma juice, all that he would. 
That hath so heightened him the Ghreat, the Vast^ to 

do his mighty work. 
So majT the Qod attend the God, true Indu Indra 

who is true. 
2 Sing strength to Indra that shall set his chariot in 

the foremost place. 
Giver of room in closest fight, slayer of foes in shock 

of war, be thou our great encourager. Let the 

weak bowstrings break upon the bows of feeble 
. enemies. 
8 Thou didst destroy the Dragon : thou sentest the 

rivers down to earth. 
Foeless, O Indra, wast thou bom. Thou tendest 

well each choicest Uiing. Therefore we draw us 

close to thee. Let the weak bowstrbgs break upon 

the bows of feeble enemies. 

10 Thia and the following 
10, 11, and d9. 10, 11. . 

are repeated from A.. T. XX. 17. 

Taken from $. V. IL 82« 1 ; X 133. 1—3. 

1 Ffwm tk* three jart : Soma-TOMela. Aooording to SAjapa, * At tbe 
Trikadrakae,' tbe first three dars of the religioaa 
Abhiplava. The Ood : Indti, the deified Soma. 

3 In iMe/tremoii place : in the Tan of onr armjt to lead ua i _ 
the enemj. The original h/mn, aaeribed to Sndla (eee 9^ Y* YII« 
18, 19) is a piaTor lor Tiotofy in battles 

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4 Destroyed be idl malignities and all our enemy's 

Thy bolt thou castest at the foe, O India, who would 

smite us dead : thy liberal bounty gires us wealth. 

Let the weak bowstrings break upon the bows of 

feeble enemies. 

TiWB this strong draught that gives thee vital vigour: 

with all thy chariot here unyoke thy coursers. 
Let not those other saerifieers stay thee, Indra ; 

these juices shed for thee are ready. 

2 Thine is the mice effused, thine are the juices yet 

Co be pressed : our resonant songs invite thee. 
O Indra, pleased to-day with this- libation, come, 
thou who knowest aU, and drink the Soma. 

3 Whoso, devoted to the God, effuses Soma for him 

with yearning heart and spirit^— 
Never doth Indra give away hiscatUe: for him he 
makes the lovely Soma famous. 

4 He looks with loving favour on the mortal who, like 

•a fich man, pours for him the Soma. ^ 
Maghavan in his bended arm supports him : he slays, 
unasked, the men who hate devotion. 

5 We call on thee to cume to us, desirous of booty, and 

of cattle, and of horses. 
For thy new love and &vour are we present : let us 
invoKc thee, Indra, as our welfare. 
« For life I set thee free by this oblation from the 
unknown decline and from consumption ; 

Thii oomiwriU bynm i« taken from ^L V. X. 160. 1--6 ; 161- 1-^^ 
168 ; ISa 2 164. 1. BImiim 6-» luive ooourred, with slight wiAtioiiB, 
in a1 V. IlL 11. 1—4. For «tMiM IT— 2S of. the timilwr hymn, 
ci:A.y.ILSS. ^ 

4 Wlm hfnU d€99tim: 'halan ol BrAhmans,' Mootding to SAyav** 
6 The original hymn from whicAithiattMiia and the fofur following 
mie tiken itl ebann to eoie the diMie called Mjayakthma, Coneump- 
tkQ or Atrophy. IZiifcwwPitifeciMM.'iomehiwdiouediieaie differing fip^ 
palaoaMyOoMiimptioo. See lU. H. If Dcte. 




« Or, if the grasping demon have 'possessed him, Clree 
him from her, O Indra, thou and AgnL 

7 Be his days ended, be he now departed, be he brought 

very near to death already, 
Out of Destruction's lap a^ain I bring him, save 
him for life to last a hundred autumns. 

8 With thousand-eved oblation, hundred-autumned, 

bringing a hundred lives, have I restored him. 
That Indra for a hundred years may 1^ him safe 
to the farther shore of all misfortune. 

9 Live waxing in thy strength a hundred autumns, 

live through a hundred springs, a hundred winters. 
Through hundred-lived oblation Indra, Agni, Bp- 
haspati, Savitar yield him for a hundred I 

10 So have I found and rescued thee: thou hast return- 

ed wiA youth renewed. 
Whole in thy members! I have found whole sight 
and all th;^ life for thee. 

11 May Agni yielding to our prayer, the Bakshasrkiller, 

drive away. 
The malady of evil name that hath beset thy labour- 
ing^ womb. . 

12 Agni, concurring in the prayer, drive off the eater of 

thy flesh, 
. The malady of evil name that hath attacked thy babe 
and womb. 
18 That which destroys the sinking germ, the settled, 
moving embryo. 
That which would kill the babe at birth, even this 
will we drive far away. 
14 That which divides thy legs that it may lie between 
the married pair, * 
Tnat penetrates and licks thy side, even this will we 

Grofpmg d$mtm: OrikL 
i^i^ a hundred: jear% understood. 
11 This and the five following etaniM 
to exoreiee fariona evil qpirite that beeet 

incantation designed 

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rax ETJiSs OP 


15 What rests by thee in borrowed form of brotheri lover, 

And would destroy the progeny,— even this wiU wo 
exterminate. , ^ , . j 

16 That which through sleep or darkness hath deceived 

thee and lies down by thee, • 

And will destroy thy progeny,— even this will we 

17 From both thy nostrils, from thine eyes, from both 

thine ears and from thy chin, 
Fortii from thy head and brain and tongue I drive 
thy malady away. 

18 From the neck-tendons apd the neck, from the breast^ 

bones and from the spine. 
From shoulders, upper, lower arms, I drive thy 
malady away. i A, ^ 

19 From viscera and all withm, forth from the rectum, 

from the heart, 
From kidneys, liver, and from spleen, I drive thy 

malady away. * i. t. i j 

SO From thighs, from knee-caps, and from heels, and 
from the forepart of the feet, ^ 

From hips, from stomach, and from grom, I drive 
thy malady away. xt. u • 

21 From what is voided from within, and from thy hair, 
and from thy nails. 
From all thyself, from top to toe, I dnve thy malady 

away. . . ,. xi. x 

82 From every member, every hair, disease that comes 

in every joint, \ - 

From all thyself, ftom top to toe, I dnve thy malady 
S8 Avaunt, thou Master of the Mind I Depart and van- 
ish &r away. ^ ^ «^ ,. f 
Look on Destruction &r from us. The hve mans 

fenind is manifold. .. ^____ 

IT ThkMidthsiHrefelkmiiigrtwtfMftrsmohaTO^ 


fiiRB verily yesterday we let the Thunder-wielder 

drink his fill. 
So in like manner offer him the juice to-day. Now 

range you by the Glorious One. 

2 Even the wolf, the savage beast that rends the sheep, 
follows the path of his decrees. 
So, Indra, graciously accepting this our praise, with 
wondrous thought come forth to us. 

8 What manly deed of vigour now remains that Indra 
hath not done ? 
Who hath not heard his glorious title and his &me, 
the Vptra-slayer from nis birth t 

That we may win us wealth and spoil we poets verily 

call on thee. 
In war men call on thee, Indra, the hero's Lord, in 

the steed's race-course call on thee. 

. 2 As such, Q Wonderful whose hand holds thunder, 
praised as mighty. Caster of the Stone, 
Pour on us boldly, Indra, kine and ohariot-steeds» 
ever to be the conqueror's strength. 

MiN with their lauds are urging thee, Indra, to drink 

the Soma first. 
The Bibhus in accord have lifted up their voice and 

Rudras sung thee as the First. 

'^ lUen from fL V. Via 65 (66). 7-^9. .• \ ^ 

% Tks woff: Mooidiiig to Saj^Qi^ the tMm. 

IUl^ from 9. T. TL 46. ), sT^ 

*Tftkenfrpm9;T. yil|.8. 7— ft. ' 

1 (tibku^: mBcleitMieop p^ olsdiritlitheaaMOQtwVAM^wgnktod 
^ V 4f Sun i4ffAt^^ intht or laade to pliiM bj, Ib^ IMhu.-tU 
Msniti^ tho poiiitMi^ oomptniont ol Indin, . . ^' 

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t Indra inoreased bis manly Birengib at saorifioe, in 
. . Uie wild rapture at tbis juice ; 
And living men to-day, even as of old, sing forth 
their praises to bis majesty, 

HYMN 0. 
Now have we, Indra, Friend of Song, sent our great . 
wishes forth to thee, 
J Coming like floods that follow floods* 

t As rivers swell the ocean, so, Hero/ our prayers in* 
crease thy might, 
Though of thyself, O Thunderer, waxing day by day* 

.S With holy song they bind to the broad wide-yoked 
car the bay steeds of the rapid Qod, 
Bearers of Indra, yoked by prayer; 

AoNi we choose, the messenger, i the herald, master 

of all wealth, . . T. ! 
Well skilled in this our sacrifice. ^ 
. S With calk they ever invocate Agni, Agni, Lord of 

the House, 
^ Oblationrbearer, much- beloved* . 
Z Bring tbe-Gods hither, Agni, bom for him who 
strews the sacred grasa 

Thou art our herald, meet for praise* 

t • 

.Biihmavt^ L 1* S. 13* 

T«kenlkoiii9.y.Via87(98). 7--9/ 

I OiMW^Iifti/bocb.' in oiowdf* The lint k •btmre. 'Asmen 

. UkM IktMD 9. y. L 12. 1— 3w 

I Th$ muHmg$ts >ths medirtor betwcn man and Oodi bjr wafting 
ablatkxis tobMvsn. T^U iUnoU; <i0fdliitf«idA«4lAraM, inyiter or sum- 
nonar ol lbs Qoda, Is S&y»9*'t ezi^MiAtkm of kMram bere. 
: .3 B0rm: mtmlf prpdaood bjr sUritkNi for tbo man who has trim- 
mad aikl fpread^tba MMsiiloial gian aa aaaat lor tba priaataandtbe ; 
a^aalsd daitki»" ' /-•:•>>• ,'t^ -^ -r* *. jit'-v r • 


BTMS 104.] 



Meet to be lauded and adored, showing in beauty 

through the dark, 
Agni the Bull is kindled well. 
, 2 Agni is kindled as a Bull, like a horse bearer of the 
Gods: . 

Men with oblations worship him*, 
8 Thee will we kindle as a Bull, we who are bulla our*, 
selves, O Bull, 
Thee, Agni, shining mightily. 

HYMN cm. 
SoLicrr with your hymns, for aid, Agni the Gk)d with 
r pier(»ng flame. 

For riches famous Agni, Purumllha and ye men, 
Agni to light our dwelling weD. . 
'2 Agni, come hither with thy fires : we choose thee as 
our Hotar-priest. 
Let the extended ladle full of oil balm thee, best 
priest, to sit on sacred grass. - 

8 For unto thee, O Angiras, Son of Strength, move 
ladles in the sacrifice* 
To Agni, Child of Force, whose locks drop oil, we 
seek, foremost in sacrificial rites* 

Mat these my songs of praise exalt thee,-Lord who 

'~ hast abundant wealth. 

Oykan fmn 9. V. HL 37. IS— li^* ."■"■' 

I' 2%< .^iftf .* or, tba ttroDg. 

lUao from ]^ v. Yin. 60 (71). U ; 49. 1, 1 

1 PwrumUha : an auaiant sago of tha lamily of Angir>% and ona of 
tha two Riahia. to whom tha oijginal hjmn is aaoribad. Tha ab^^ 
■lay ba addraaaing hxmaeli 

3 Anginu : m nama of Agni aa fint and gnataat madiator batwaan 
men and Goda: S<m qf St/nnfflh : aa fira piodiioad bj tha Tiolant agi- 
tation of tha drilL CkUd of iWca haa tha aama meaning. WkoH 
fa«it«4lvx99oa/ «battar-hairad.'-l-Wi]aoii. ^ 

Tkkan from]^ Y< tllL.d. 9^ 4; 79 {»). h^ 

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Men skilled in holy hymns, bright with the hues of 
I ,., .')firei have sung them with their lauds to tbee^ 
2 He, with his might enhanced by il^ishis thousand- 
:/>i; rifold, hath like an ocean spread himself. 

His majesty is praised as true at solemn rites, his 
♦.'^^.poyer where holy singers rule. . _- 
'8 May Indra, who in every fight must be invoked, be 
f,o -rneartous. 

, i^fjBkj the most mighty Yptra-slayer, meet for praise, 
'^ *' boine to libations and to hymns. ^ 

A Tbouai^t the-best of all in seudiog bounteous gifts, 
true art thou, lordly in thine act. 
We claim alliance with the very Glorious One, yea, 
'*^^^ i^th ihe mighty Son of Strength. 


^^^"T^ov in thy battles, Ii^dra,! art subduer of all hostile 
bands. ,. , . . . — 

. Father art thou, jstn-conquering, cancelling the curse, 
^-''- thou Vifetor of the vanquisher. ^ \ 

2 The earth and heaven cling close to thy victorious 

' niigbt, as sii:e avid mother to their child. 
'"^ l^hen tboti itttackest Yfiira all the hostile bands 
•* ^^'^^tefcA^d faiht, Ihdra at thy wrath. 
"6 fifnilg" *ib your aid the Eternal One, who shoots and 
none maV shoot at him, 
Xnoitef, Iwifb, victorious, best of charioteers, Tngrya's 


.1 f«5i^,**^V/?' <w, Wgbt •■ igni is. 


That lofty energy of thine, thy strength and thine 

intelligence, ' 
Thy thunderbolt for which we long, our wish makes 
^ keen. ' 

2 Indra, heaven and earth augment thy manly 
power and thy renown. 
The waters and the mountains stir and urge thee on. 
8 Vishpu, the lofty Ruling Power, YaruQa^ Mitra sinjf 
thy praise: , ,. , * 

In thee the Maruts' company hath great delight. 

BsFOM his hot displeasure all the peoples, all the 

men bow down. 
As rivers bend them to the sea. 

2 This power of his shone brightly forth when Indra 

brought together like 
A skin the worlds of earth and heaven. 

3 The fiercely-moving Vfitra's head he severed with 

his tiiunderbolt. 
His hundred-knotted thunderbolt. 

4 In all the worlds That was the best and highest 

- whence sprang the mighty God, of splendid valour. 
As soon as born he overcomes his foemen, he in 
whom all who lend him aid are joyfuL ; 

^ Taken from ?L V. VIII. 15. T— 9; , , ' 

1 OurimA.- onrhopMandwiBhMeipreMed in pmk^ ptajw. sod 


SUniM 1—3 wf laken hem ^L V. VIH. 6. 4-^ ; stSMM 4—12 
Ifom X. 130; stania IS tom'A. V. XIXL S« 34; sad 14, IS torn 
^L V. L 115. 1, a. 

S Braugkiif^ikerUhiM iftm/ thatii, sprwdthelisavBBSomUis 
aarih as a akin is laid on the ground for a oarpst. 
: 4 rAal;meaoing,acooidinfftoSiya^Biahina theorl^ 
of thenniTene. . StaMat 4-1 S .appear wiA TsAtooo^ as Bj«n t 
ol Book V. ol the Atharra-Teda. -^ - 

ST • 

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«^ Grown mighty in his strength, with Mnple vigour, 

. he as Ar foe strikes few into the D&sa, 
'•:^ Gaffer to win the breathing and the breathless. 

All sang thj praise at banqaet and oblation. ' 
^^Ail ooneentrate on thee their mental vigour, what 
. - . time these, twioe or thrioe, are thine assistants. 
* *^^BIend what is sweeter than the sweet with sweet* 

ness : win qoiddj with our meatk that meath in 
.^y battle. i . 

7 Therefore^in thee too, thou who winnest ribhes, at 
***'' -eteiy banquet are the sages joyful. \ 

With mightier power, bold Ood, extend thy firmness : 
.^••^^ -{at^normalignant YitudhAuas harm thee. 
^Q« P£Ou<lly wd put our trust in thee in battles, when 

' we behold great wealth the prize of eombat. 
. I with my words impel thy' weapons onward, and 
^ 'lihlarped with my'pmyer thy vital vigour. 

4^ ^orthy of. praises, many-shaped, most skilful, most ' 
I ''^ eniergc^p^Aptyaof the Aptyas :. 
^^^e.v^it^.his might destrovs the seven D&nos, sub- 
Suing many who were deemed his equakk 

S^^ j ' sV']j'^ ". • ' ' — ' ' ^ — '■ ' — 

' 5 Bager Ibtpiii; Frof. Lodwiff makesalMH m» infiaitiia; Sa$nH 

autj be thsoometrMuling. See QnnwVntnn, WikrUrbmA Zwm Ri^nda. 

*m# hn^Mmg §md tk§ brmUkUnt the animate and the Inanfinate 


6 MmMai fngmt: krditm: ^adoration.*— Wilson. Tkem: Soma 

]4|ete:l^?IWpiorlAr»M; with refeienoe^ perhi^M^ ta the three daily 

libatiena Wkmi i^ nmeit r $kan tk§ mo9fi: thine own oefeetial Soma. 
JljigEMMr.fxi^ne tlteatania'diffmntly :— >*To. theo all <wonbippm) 
^,l4Ei^<M3onitjpnii«,^ther,t^oee piopitiaton be two or three. Combine 

tm .wl^ieh kjrir^iBter.tlian the tweet with'jweetneai^ nnite that hone/ 
' wi&'hM^f.'— Wileon. . The Uwo or threes' aooording te 84va9a, are 

the aaorifioer and hie wife and ohild, and the eeoond half ef the etan^ 
•^notadnraj^rt^ ; 

^ ' .9' 4l^ 4'^ m^oaV Va dan ofr deitiee of whom tvila Aptja is 
•^hitf... ^lioeiadeeeeibleof ,^e .aeoeasibla'— Wileoo. The ftnt l»ae W 
^liikhoiitalnKk ' I lipuM l|«i< ina^ nndentood. Mmm: 

: a ,_ 

fiYHN 107.] 




10 Tliouin that hpuse whioh thy protection guatdeth 

bestowest wealth, the higher and the lower. 
Thou stablishest the two muoh-wandering Mpthen, 

and bringest many deeds to their completion. 
Brihaddiva, the foremost of light-winners, repei^ta 

these holy prayers, this strength to Indra. 
He rules the great self-luminous fold of cattle,,aad 

all the doors of light hath he thrown open. 
1.2 Thus hath Bphaddiva, the great AUuirTan^ ipokea 

to Tndra as himself in person. 
The Mfttarisvaiis, the spotless sisters^ with power 

exalt him and impel him onward. ' ^ 

18 Blight Presence of the Gkxis, the luminous. herald, 
SArya hath mounted the celestial refriona. 
Day's maker, he hath shone away the darkness^ ahd 
radiant passed o'er pbu^ hard to traverse./' 

14 The brilliant Presence of the Oods hath riseii,'' the 

eye of Mitra, Varupa, and AgnL \ 
The soul of all that movetb not or* moveth; Siixya 
hath filled the earth and air and heavebw' -'^ 

15 Even as a lover followeth a maiden; sb'doih'th^ Sua^ 

the Dawn, refulgent GFoddess : w V*^-' c^- --- 
Where pious men extend their generittontf before th# 
• Gracious One for happy fortune. '' ' " * .V ' 

, \0 Tk4 highm^ and Ou 
^Ilearen and Earth. , 

. 1 1 FvnmaU ^f iigki ^ nmin 

of bearen. 
^ 12 TkggmU Ai 
liimeelf 'with the'G 
ezplaina mdiariq^a 
M^ttn bei^g thef 

' 19 TheesaotuM 
As I baTe.reiiderii 

Ti^ nnder "tbe tN 
1^/119^ paM{»himae 

; heaTonfy and earthlj. M^Oma: 
chief o£i|tiahir who^eigo^ the 1%^ 

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Vcceij.V^ VT'. 


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jis/OInsiu, biiiiff great strength to us,. bring valour, 
. SatakratOy tnou most activoi bring 
A kero eonqaering in'war. 

<S.*7^r>;igraoioa8. ^takratni thou liast ever been a 
motner and a sire to as, 
So now for blin wo praj to thee. 

^8. To thee, Strong, Maoh-invoked who showest forth 
thj strength, O Satakrata, do I speak : 
So grant thou as heroio might ^ 


^ TBigaieexof Soma thus diffused, sweet to the taste, 
the bright Cows drink 
.Who of splendour olose to mighty 
. Indm^s^side rejpioe, good in their own supremacy. 

L 2 Craving his touch the dappled Sine mingle the Soma 
. with tlieir milk . 
The milch-kine dear to Indra send forth his death* ^ 
dealing thunderloioli, good in their own supremacy. 

.3. Witb<;Yenei^tion) passing wise, honouring his victori- 
\ 'op^ihi^bt, 

^if^ wlow close his- man^ laws to win them due 
preeminence, good, in tHeir own supremacy. 

_ ' i ^VryMri. '" ■ '^'^* ■■■'•''- - :_ — 

moiii«^0iU>)IldMd for) agoa' S&jap* propo«M mi ftltehiatlTe rander- 
iog bj |ftkiiig*jfi^0Af (gtMvstkmi, agas,) to ummi * jroket for jMoqgha '.; 

•for, aiMiVtsoo, bmd Meking to propitiato tlio gods by Hm piofit 
which iigiimiltiue jMda, •qi4p^ic,p|oii(^ 

• lUcfoiEroiiit 

. 'l^kanlb^JEI 

1 Th€ hrigki liink Um Soma 

jnioa with whiab ^ or imitod with, 

^ladm wbon oifiu l. 

' . 8, ^kl%t^ /#rM i and. t^agthen 

.Indn, tAd ioolt^ rmeaoiDg of tho 

vefnio of this tr lg6A7•iM^t 

litr'abidin lu^^j."^ 

BTUlf 111] I. «1 


> For Indra, lover of carouse, loud be our songs about 
the juice: ' ' . zi. 

Jjet poets sing the hymn of praise. . . : « r^i >^ 

.2 We summon Indra to the draught, in whom all glorvte 

rest, in whom • :i r '♦ r/./. jia 

The seven communities rejoice.- • v: :«.'.* ^.;t o>^, 

.'8^ By ihe three Soma jars the Oods spaiTs^eriftoa ih&t 

stirs the mind : >^ i.-^.r -i?::' ->•• 

Let our songs aid and prosper ituJ j^z^ :2.r\ o'c.* 


-^' Ir, indra, thou drink Soma by Viith^ttVCpfHl^rita 

Aptya's side, ' - - - 'rY-'i -*^^ 

' . • Or with the Maruts take delight in ^dwing. d^s ; 

2 Or, Sakra, if thou gladden thee afiuf^or'^nrnhe sea 
of'air, • - ^.ti ; j^f-iv"^-*'^'-^ - 

Rejoice thee in this juioe of ouns-ifi^liwltf^-^ropa. 

d^ Or, Lord of Heroes; if tbou^ald the'^bli^j^Who 
V sheds the juice, ' - • ^- : ; ..v.:ji!^ a-iii^fea 

Or him whose laud ddightS-tlie^'Wld>^4iis* flowing 
drops. i^a^rii • jj . 

>-- ••' * •• HYMN CX!lI; ^-^ '^^••- ^^^^' 

Whatevir, Vritra-slayerr thou; Si 
.... 4ipon to-day, - o . -•?> . • 

That, Indra, all is in thy power. 


Taken from 9. V. VIlf/81 (M^'ie-^ii? ''^ 
2 Tkg HHm eammumtUiji Mpti icnImUSb. 
the people: 'the leven usdiBiAted prieitiuS^^ 

Z By th§ thru 8<mM jan : tcclming, 
drukM,' on the.fint three daje -of Ufe'AI 
Mcnfioe beiiiff Tegeinded as * long jimtnpk^ 

Tkken from R. V. VIIL 12. 16-1^^- -«* ^^ 
'^'TrUaljpii^i: TriU Op«riiape Ai 
tiMi waten or watenr douda of tbeW'of — . 

01 baivTiii T 

^, ^hi dwii^in 

bi \ui^^ R'xll to 4.. nl9i> 

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^ ? 

'ti% ^ ^ TBS HTMNSVr ^ {BOOK TX. 

S When, Mighty One, Ijoni^ of the Brave, thou ^think- 
'*) vj^est^ I 8Diul>never die. 

That thought of thine is true indeed: *. 

S Thon, Indra, goeet nnto all Soma libations shed for 
. jv; thee,- . ' 

Both fiur away and near at hand. = i 

HYilN CXIli. 

Both boons— may Indra hi therward tnmed, listen to 

this prayer of oars, 
And mightiest Maghavan with thought inolined to 

us oome nigh to drink the Soma juioe. 

^ 2 -For* him;: strong independent Ruler, Heaven and 
Earth have mhioned forth for power and might 
' -3^u seatest thee as first among thy peers in place, 
for thy soul longs for Somi^ juice. 
^.i: or V V : HYMN CXIV. 

j.Q ^Ikdea,, from all anoieni time rivalless ever and 
oompanionless art thou : ' 
/• In war thou seekest comradeship. 

S Thou findest not the wealthy man to be thy friend : 
* ^ •' those scorn thee who are flown with wine. 
What time thou thunderest and gatherest, then thou, 
even' as* IS father, art invoked. 

3 rjiWr fimr^Zf/'ef. '«S6 lutTe I YmrA Indr&oi called moct for- 
tvnate. luwng^.timi.BBmei, For imtw ihaU.liMr Gontort die in futurt 
toM thnragh leo^ of daji* (9. Y. X. BS. 11). 

1 B^iom§: IadimisMkadtoli6Mrlbspcayar«ndto drink the 

. . ..V.'' ... .* - U**/ :^-.*jJ. J: '., ■ .' ^ 

IttsQ Ipom fL V. TTIL SI. I3p Ji. 

. 1 iW tosr ikm §mk$ti e^mradekkipj UIMndMt th/ ironhipiMa 
vkan tlMgr BMd thj MiistMiMin-Ut^le. 
a ArttoM / tte ebndi tha briog the wekooM Mis; * 

JrJfiT 117.] 



I vaoM my Father have received deep knowle4ge of 

the holy Law: • ' . ^li •* '^' • -rv-.r/ -/ ^ 
I wasbomlike.unloiheSwi.r -ri. r.. »•* io// : 

2 After tiie lore of ancient time I make, like-Eai|va, 

beauteous songs, r ^r . . " , •».: 
' > And Indra's self gains strengthr thereby- 

3 Whatever Bishis have not praised thee,' Indra, or 
'>■"' bavekuidedthee, '^ -' " 'V'-' ' .: / 

By me exalted wax thou strong. ; */^ * ^' 

' ,HTMN- OXVr 7'' -V. ' • 
. NivxB may we be cast aside and strangers, as. Ui 

were to thee, , *' " ^ ^ 

: We, Thunder-widding Indra, count ouzs^^ luJ.trecs 
rejected and unfit to bum.. : ., .. ;-. • •*' ' 
^2 Vfitra-alayer, we were thought slow and unready 
for the fray i . 
Yet once in thy j^reat bounty may>e have d^ight, 
O Hero, after praising thee. ' ' ., ; '/ 

HYMN pXVIL r . .^ 

Drink Soma, Lord of Bays, and let. it cheer thee : 

Indra, the stone, like a well-ffuided courser, ; 
Diiected by the pressor's arms hath pressed it 

2 So let the draught of joy, thy dear oompanion, by 
which, O liord of Bays, thou slayest foemen. 
Delight thee, Indra, Lord of princely, treasures. • 

Taken torn ?. V, VUL 6. 10— 12. 

1 /VtMiwf F4Uk€r: frwn Indis the tro* pwtaetflir, iceoiding tm 
ttjApa.' ••* ""^ . ••^•»»' •: i -i .- ,: 

S i/atfiio«|ir«Wrt€e;lttwenHp«it«d thasyrt, tfcsii^ wai 
pniae thee kmslter.— Ludwig. 


'}' !*'-< w 

.Tbksn from ?. V; VIIL.l. IVl*- 

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8 Hark oloseljr, Maghavan, the words I atteri this 

eulogy recited by Yasishtha : "^ 

'•' 'Accept the prayers I offer at thy banquet ' ^ ^ 

Indka with all thy saving helps give us assistance, 
* . Lord of Power : 
^ 'For after thee we follow even as glorious bliss, thee, 
Hero, finder-out of wealth. 

- 2 Increaser of our steeds and multiplying kine, a golden 
well, O God, art thou ; 
For no one* may impair the ffifts laid up in thee. 
Bring me whatever thing 1 ask. 

S Indra for worship of the Gh>ds, Indra while sacrifice 
Indra as warriors in the battle-shock we call, Indra 
that we may win the spoil. \ 

4 With might hath Indra spread out heaven and earth, 
with power hath Indra lighted up the Sun. 
In Indra are all creatures closely held ; in him meet 
the distilling Soma drops. 


A5 ancient praise-song hath been sung : to Indra 

have ye said the prayer. 
They have sung many a Brihati of sacrifice, poured 

forth the worshipper's many thoughts. 

2 In zealous haste the sin^rs have sung forth a song ' 
distilling oil and rich m sweets. > 
Biches have spread among us, and , heroic strength: 
with us are flowing Soma drops. 

y-nMtf^: tlM saoMot fishi to whom ths Ignnns of Book YIL of 
l^-f/V.amsaoribtd. » '- ; ^ 

.r^v.p...- -i. .' . — -7^ . • •.• >^ •' " 

^•k«*« ^Li?* VIIL W (SIX 5, 6i «. ^ 6.^- : ; 

^SMkm fftNA VUiU^ja 4* 9, uiaX 10 (U. ItflUsr ](Ly. TUL 51 9, 
and M. 10)^ , ci- ci M .i I .H 'uoii .i :- 1 







y '^0 '• ■ 



Though, Indra, thou art called by men eastward.^md 

westward, north and south, . , 
Thou chiefly art with Anava and Tiuvasa, brave 

Champion I urged by men to come.' ' '' * ': ' 

2 Or, Indra, when with Buma, Busama, Sy4^^kt» and 
Kfipa diou rejoicest thee, 
Still do the Blaavas bringing praises, with, ^ their 
prayers, Indra, draw thee tutheir ;, come. ..^ ' 

■• ^ . . . HYMN OXXI.'' vrrii -'.'iU. 'V. ':r^ 

OvSR the three great distances, past the Five Peor. 

pies go thy way, ' * ' ;^ 

O Indra, noticing our voice. . ^ . . . ..i',.' 

2 Send forth thy ray like SArya : let my songs attnot 

thee hitherward . r . ,,, .;• / 

Like waters gathering to this vale,^ ^ ^ ^ , 

HYMN OXXIL '> ./ * ' 

WrrH Indra splendid feasts tie ouinf^ cfnriclied with 
ample spoil, wherewith, '1 

. Wealthy in food, we may rejoice. . ' ^ ^ ^ '-f^r > ^ 

-: : ■'■■• . ' ••^-- , 

ilWwn from ^LV.Vra.i. 1,1 -^ ! V.' * 

1 Jnawa and IW«afa ; the trib«t of tbs! Anus mod '^MTomfM 
of the Fire Aijan Katioiiib ' " ; !'i .. ;: '•.: jd', .i i 

2 The men mentioned ia.ths ilnt line appear W be pruiMi e|ieeud-^ 
1/ fsToor^l^ Indn. • i,^.;, ^. /v,;, (./-., OAif«T.';?. \}VLi: r» ;i;,i 

Taken from 9. Y. VIIL Si 22, 33. ' /^ ! 

1. Tk4, tMm.grfcU diuqtuft .•; tbespi^ in fimtioC tlieeb beUnd Om^ 
and at thj tide. Noiicimg ^mr f»im : beaiiogandsttsndinf tooorio- 
vocationt. Come to ue who aie thy. true wonhippen, and paae W 
othen who wonfaip thee, in the h^ of beiol^ aTonged vpoo their 
enomiee or of obtaining paidon for eome ein. . 

Takenfnn?. T»L M. IS— 1«., 

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.^' -YEJg STMirsor 

'(0OOK t:^. 

^3 Like thee, thyself; the siogera* friendi thoo movest 
, fi ^ MB it were, besought, 

Bold Onei the axle of the bar, 

9 That, Satakratnu thou to grace and please' thy prais* 
^., - * ers^asit were^ ; :, 

^'. JStirrest the axle vith thy streagtlL 

i^i^'^ HYMN OXXIII. 

..' This is the' Godhead, this the might of SArya : be 
haUi withdrawn what spread o*er work andnished* 
When he hath loosed his horses from theur station, 
' straight oyer all night spreadeth oat her garment 

In the Afn lap the San this form assumeth fyr 

Mitra and for VaniQa to look on« 
His ba^ steeds well maintain his pow^ eternal, ^i 
, '*[ one nme bright and darksopie' at another. 


, r*^ : Wrra what helfl will he come to os, wonderful, ever- 
waxing Friend, 
jy,r 'TVith what most mighty oompany ? 
2 What genuine and most liberal draught will epirit 

{ < thee mth juioe'to bdrst 

► t . ., ■ _ 

,S The Bnet In this and tli« fdHowlDg ttania referring to the axle 
end tlie ohuiot or win «ro aomewhai obeonre and hare been Tarionel j 
iatenNted. ' lAMiflrig^e e»lanatk», wkkk I foHow, appears to be the 

- ^mpfeit andthe best. . The expression, morest^ or sturvesti the axle^ * 

* wbioh is the firmest anid strongest part of the cur, is intended to signi- 
jfyrindm^ great strength exerted at his worshippers' pnjer*' 


1 ii0 katk mikirown : that is, ssjs ^Ison, 'the oaltiTatoror artisan 
* \l«sists tool his laboiir,* ftlthoogh onfinished, npontbe setting of the 
t^iian;' whsothesim 'has withdrawn Onto hhnsdf) the diffosed (light 
vhioh has been sh4d)'npon the nnfinished task.'^' 

Tbken fcmn ?. T. nr. 91. 1— sTx! 157 ; TL 17. 11 Staasas 4t^ 
;M»:fepeated fvenl^y. XX ea.. ,-.. .... ,•.-.-. ^ ^ ,. 

,.i^QimMi^$m^mto§tUbtrQ^i and caui^ 

BTJiJSr 125.] 


* Open e*en strongly-guarded wealth ? ^ ' : ' - 
3 Do tliou who art protector of as thy friends who 
praise thee = • 

'^ With hundred aids approach us* 

'4 We will, with Indra and all Gkxls to help us, brings 
. these existing worlds into subjection. 
Our sacrifice, our bodies, and our ofl&pring shall 
Indra form together with the Adityas. 

5 With the Adityas, with the band of Maruta, may 

Indra be protector of our bodies. .- 
As when the Gods came after they had slaughtered 
the Asuras, keeping safe their (jodlike nature, 

6 Brousht the Sun hitherward with mighty powers, 
• and looked about them on their vigorous Godhead. 

With this may we obtain strength God-appointed, 
and joy with brave sons through a hundrea winters. 

Sain all our enemies away, O Indra, the 'western, 

mighty Conqueror, and the eastern: ;: 
Hero, drive ofiTour northern foes and ^southern, that 
, , ' we in thy wide shelter may be joyful. .>■ '; ^7 

2 What then? As men whose fields are foil of barley 
reap the ripe corn removing it in order, 
^.^ So bring the food of those men, bring it hither^ who 
, . come not to prepare the grass for worship. ' 

8 Men come not with one horse at sacred seaiBons; thus 
they obtain no honour in assemblies. .,/ . 
Sages desiring herds of kine and' horses* strengthen 
the mighty Indra for bi^ frietidship.^^ '.r-^. r^- 

-> II I ■ I ■ ■■■ t ■ i^i n ! ^ 1 III! « ' ■■ i ■.■■. ' ■■ ., ; , . 

theetobemoetbountifuL -5cr0M^y^iHNvMiiwi/4^rtobuntopeiLtl^ 
treasure-houeoe of oar eoemiee and giTe ua their eonteata ; oc:tJbe 
aUiisioDma/beto U>ewatei»eliatiipiiitlMeloada :*<> 'p,* ..;.j» 

::--TakenfhMii9.y.X.-lSl..f / r:-'- r. Vf 7..^ , t* Vf- . 

3 With diM AoTM ; it seeme to tiave been WsidenSd ^tndl^fi^ and 
.disreputable for a wealthy man to oome to the aaerlfiee in a ^ne-hone 
dar; but the preciae mei^i^^ th^^finttbe Si aomavhai woertaia. 

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■4 Ye, A^Tiofli Lords of SplendouTi dtftnk full draughts 

of gratefal Soma juioo^ 
^V' And aided Indra io his work with Namuohi of Asura 
*-». '^ birth. 

5 Am parents aid a boD| both Asvins, Indra, aided thee 

with their wondrotls powers and wisdom^ • 
^ - When ihoa» with might, hadst drunk the draught that 
gladdens, Sarasvatt, O Maghayan, refreshed thee. 

Hii Indra is strong to save, rich in assistance : majr he, 

possessing: idl, be kind and gracious^ 
;^ ''.Maj he disperse our foes and |^ye us safetjr, and 

may we be the lords of hero vigour. 

7 Ma^ We enioy his favour, his the holy : may we enjoy 

his blessed loving-kindness. 
1 3.:||£|ty ihis rich InHn, as our good protector, drive off 

and keep afio* all those who hate u& 

Mek have abstained from pouring juice ; nor counted 
^^; IndraasaGod/ 

inThere at the votary's store mj friend VfishAkapi 
^ ' halhMriiilkhis fill. * Supreme is Indra over all. - 
2 Thou, Indra, heedl^ passest by the ill Vfish&kapi 
'"''^ 'ha^ wrought; 

Yet nowhere else thou findest place wherein to drink 
JJ the .Sof^n j^<^« ,>; Supreme is Indra over alU .* r 

4 Tlie'myth lefenjBd toin this and the- foUcwing ttonsa. has v^ - 
Ueniwetenrad; See Weber, Ueber den Bija»6ja, pp: 95/ lOl. ,. .^ 

'^TaiNfnifroiii|^T.3L86. ' - . »• ' r 

- 1 S^^apa asoribea thir etalica to IndiA; oiben make Indii^r the* 
speaker. -^ YpabAkapi is eaad to ha^^e monopoliaed the ofikings-tbati . 
■bMiMtSaT^'been pneented to India. rrMdktg^i^UtmXlj •itiJ- 
■titobgaepc;''di^< the male itpe'-^ppean to lie a edirt of intermediate, 
being between a demigod aiid a demon-; but' it ia not idimf to ezae^ 
detettfi^^iis ttftoM.' SlLfi3^:c$Jtk him the lon^bMndhu* He ia 
aWb mA'Hb bm^tbe Aettiataf 4ttii^lMfdthe'eiiii whduiiaws np rspoofaiid 
Mgm^MAA^t^^^AMMng to M; Beigaignv L^JUligum V.m^ 
II..S70^ he was a mythieal SMrifioeo.-! ^^^i^f idvL^^ ^i;. f ua ;;«i Loj^i^a; 
t Indrlv) Msmss India for his apathj. jt^^^^o snhal S 




8 What hath he done to bjure thee, this tawny; beast 

^' With whom thou art so« angry now? What ia the 
votary's foodful store ? Supreme is Indra oveir all, 

:4 Soon may the hound who hunts the boar seise, him 

and bite him in the ear, 
v^ O Indra, that Vpsbftkapi whom thou protectest as a 

friend. Supreme is Indra over iJl. u. 

5 Kapi hath marred the beauteous things, all deftly 

wrought, that were my joy, 
i . ^In pieces will I rend his bead ; the sinner^s portion 
shall be woe. Supreme is Indra over alL 

6 No dame hath ampler charms than I, or greater 

wealth of love's delights. 
;* None with more ardour offers all her beautv to her 
lord's embrace. Supreme is Indra over, aiL, ' 

7 Mother whose love is quickly, woti, I say what veri** 

ly will be. : .v • . ^ 

Mv breast, O mother, and my head and .both my 
hips seem quivering. Supreme is Jndra overall 

8 Dame with the lovely hapds and arms^ irith., broad. 

hair^Iaits and ample hips, j i ; 

Why, O thou hero's wife, art thou angrv with^our 

VfishAkapi? Supreme is Indra over alL ., ) 

* . - 

- 3 India speaks. ' Wka$ U iJu vaUurft foodfiA ifanf: why ahoohl 
his appropriation ol the wonhippet's offerings make thee so aognrt 

4 Indiiolis the speaker ol this staim imd,^ the two^ or threes 
that follow. 

5 Et^: the ape; an abbreviation ol Viishlkapi.;^ Batkwmrnd 
tk$ beavieoui ihin^ ;. aoooiding to SVma, hath spoilscl. the.obla^ons 
prepared for me bjmjworshippefs. Mtitssems mors prpbaUe th|it 

Vrish&kapi has assaulted Indi^pt and inflioted injnries ooi hsr person. 

6 IndHt^i speaka with pride ol heriolaptaoiis ehwMkwhiph indtsi' 
Vfishlkapi to his amorous assault ; -,■ f\ v .. ^^ \^.,-ra**.r •• * 

7 Thisstansa is ascribed by lttja|^:to TrttbAkf^i.^ Itiaiai^j 
intelligible; but, aaiPrbi Lndwig^aj% ii-.smns io^ber mim by 
Indrilpt, espmring her indignStJoaatViidAkapfliiSlklMa^^^^ 
makes all her body qniTerwith lagsi -L-rMri u-iiUvni > ^rv ^.l ,Ove i r 

S India speaks.' viitjiiii nil wli-tbiil Voui<;M hikthi:^ 

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V.» ThU -noxioiw. er^ture look* oo taoM one beteft of 

hero'a love. , . ., x i * ♦ j 

..r Yet heroes for mj sod^Uto I, the Marats fnend 

c ..and iDdra's Queen, Supreme » Indra orer alL 
10 JFrwn olden time the. matron goe» to fenat and genenl 

i, .nShOT S heroea, India's Queen, the rite'a ordainer 

,1 is extolled. Supreme is lodra over all. 
Xr'So have I heard In^rlpl oaUed most fortunate among 

. Forneie'shaliherConsortdieiiifuturetimethrough 
" • ' length of days. Supreme is ludra over alL 
IS Never, IndrM, have I joyed without my friend 
•^■" ' Vrishikapi, ■ " 

Whose welcome offering here, made oure with w^ter, 
" goeth to the Gpds. Supreme »• Indra ovei-.all. 
18 Wealthy VTishWckpAji, West with sons and consorts 

'^ IndL*vJirtit thy bull*, thy dear oM*ti<« that effect 
-.■•'■" eth miioh. "Supreme is Indra over all. 
^li'FiftMn' in 'number, ti»en, for me a ecoife of bullodcB 

. --ibdYESfthe fat thereof: they 6U my beUy fnU 
^ .,,,.. with:|bo4 Supreme IS Indra over all; , 

^ iWri^>q>Mb ^ Mia th* Miowfaicr •»«». .*»y» V*«*»> 

JiM • iriM hM no In»v« biMbMid to P(OtM* l>*<^- . ^ ^ 

jtSiSTt?^^* to4tl-» W n«k- !«»»'. c«-ortd«ii«t 

\IIll-I*h»«p*toU»li>W«tatoIto*riiigirtMtt.^ y 

1* Bnokan bv VrfiUUtM *o Us «ltt''-VfWiik»|Ayl wfc» » awd to 

14 Indim speftki. AA««- •■iiorifl«w; P«*^ •!!? 


jftn/ir 126.] 


15 Like as a batt wtthpoioked horo^ Um^^ belbnr^ 

amid the herds, 
' ' ' SWeet ta tbioe heart; O Indra; IS' the brew wUcli she 

who tends thee poiin.^^ Supreme ie Indra over alL 
la O Indra, this Yfish&kapi hath found a slaih'wild 

animal : '?r j« j 

l>resser, and new-inade paii,' and knife, and''waffon 

wicb a load of wood. Supreme is Inara over alL 

19 Distinguishing the D&sa and the iugrai^^^^ ^M, 

,. IgO. . .. . ^,.r :-' ^\' 

Flook upon the wise, and drink th^ simple votaryV 
Somajuiee. Supreme is Indra over all 
• 20. The desert plains and steep idesoents^' how^ maajr 
leagues in length they spreadi ; • ^ ; , r- 
Qo to the nearest lM>UBes,,]go. unto" 

VrishAkapl Supreme is Indra oyer i^. , ^.; . 
21 Turn thee again VpshAkapi;^ we twwn w^^^ 

- thee happmess. . ,k '- v,r :*.:;. .^; i ... 
Thou goest homeward on tby.wa:^ along tlus path 

whioh leads to sleep* Supreme is India over alL. 

15 Iiidri9-q>edk8,eiMieavottringta«tt|rMth^ 
iDtUMdol the ofiferlngs d ViiabUuipL' ' ^ * ^ ^ 

I pM» OT6r Staun 16 Moid 17, wbUskoabnot be imaMAj tnaNbtedL 

- 18 Indift^^ epeak^ but ber speeeb ii diffioult to vndentend. . WUd 
ummai : Prof. Both cobjeotiunes ^wild ftss* as the' meariiiy ' cf ptiru^ 
^atiiam herer The wild biiffiJo nmj perintw be iotcDded. Drtmtr: 
or elanghtflfHieach. '«A ftvet^koe (io oook itV— Wilaoii. Indrtyft 
■eems to speak.depreoiathigly of a eaerifiee oflbred by V^fiahikapt a* 
eoniiatiag of an vnauitable vietioB^' mpand witb iuatromenta and 
maaos which dianoe baa tbrowD in hta wajr. PmI. LwUrig thnika 
that VpabAkapi ma/ repieaent the liooki :wboee apota aiw^fiyteifiill/ 
^ODgidered to be.the object^ mnntiovied^ IpdiM, > / • «. \ 

le ll»A: withfikfoim :ir4eaMi^fefafy iithe:woM%iparw|to 
elfon bia libation in a ainoers apiiit of defolkMk The atanaa.BBd 
IhetwoloUovingaire.asqkenrligr'Indciu j. -o* *-.-*v.7i irihni- r. 
•;11M> Vfiabikapi appeaia to.meditjBte^ffigbt rate Aalaat!dea«ta!-t» 
aaoapO'fvQin the >vni^alindKi9V: Tndhf dIppadeaAiMtnnal pjtomiaih 
toieoonoilelndtiyitohiia. .c^ukf* 

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22 When; Indra and Vpahikapi, ye traveUed upward 

io your home, x-x ^i. 

Where was that noisome beast, to whom went it, the 
beast that troubles man f Supreme is Indra over alL 

23 Daughter of lianui Parsu bare a soore of ehildren 

at a birtb* , 

Her portion verilr was bliss although her burthen 

eaused her grieC 

Si Ths two oonoliidiiig iImiim Mem to be spoken by Indrini.- 
BUnn 2i is obeovra* sod stMin 23 bas no disooTeisble oonnesion 
witb tbe net of the bynuL 

SS DoMhUt ^ManM: tbai ii» of bnman ntoe. Nothing more it 
ViioiaTof Pmm. llnoh of this hymn Appears to be inexplicable. 
U. BentaigBe thinks that Vfishlkapi, Indra^s friend* represents Soma, 
and InchM the wife of Indis repraeats Pnyer. «Tbis bisarn myth 
would symboliie the fi^ueatly eipwssed idea that Indm lovM neithw 
the saorad bevwnge withoat prarer • nor fMnayer without Uie saored 
btfwaco. He wShM thofolofe his unio^ with Pnyer lobe aoem^ 
. MaisdbT the union of Pfemyer with Soma, and he negleeU ssonfioe 
HlMMthiounionof the two essential elements of worship remains 
^^ -V^.SmlmEdi9imr4ditm.lL%7(K%n. 



..^..v- f > »• 


^ i;-i.-'/f- 

.-;: •■.^i 

'*»s»\i ♦-< 




LiSTiR to this, ye men, a laud of gloriouf bounty 
. shall be sung. - -^ ' ' ^yr^ ^^ ' * "' i^- 
.^ ^Thousands sixty, and nineiy we, Kaurama, among 
tbe Rusamas have received ' ^ i ^ 

2 Camels twice-ten that draw the oaTf^with females by 
, ./„ their side, he gavjB* >*.,... in ,;i.>v».« n i'. ^J •.' 
iPain would the obariot's top bow down escaping 
» :• from the stroke-of hearen. • *• • '^ »* . * '• ; 
8 A hundred chains of gpld, ten wreaths, .upon the 
Tlishi he bestowed, . . .:>./•* ^*.i^<i^ 
And thrice-a-huadred mettled steedst ten*times-a^ 
. • ' . thousand cows he gave;* • ' ' • ; * -f"' ^-j 

4 Qlut thee, Singe^^, glut thee like % bird ouV'.iiB»| 
. .^ fruited tree. / '; v V /"- ;•. vt«ii«#» 

Thy lips and tongue move/- swiftly- Uk)e'Ab^Bhstt<p 
blades of a pair of shears. 
' 5 Quickly and willingly like kine forth come the singers 
and their hymns : 
Their little maidens are at home, at home they wait 
^ upon the cows. 

KuntAp* is said to be the name of eertain organs or islands, twon^ 
in number, supposed to be situated in the belly. The seetion of this 
Book which -iMars the name is * strange misoeUaneous ooUeotion of 
hymns, saorifieial formulas, incantations, riddles, and odds and ends. ^ 
Aese'songs have no religious oharaoter, but, aooording to tbe Aitarejib- ' 
Brihmaya, the j are to Im recited by the BriLhmaykthohluuBSl after the 
VrishAknpi (Hymn 126 of this Book). 

A hymn in praise of the liberality and goodgoreinment of Kanrama 
King of the Bufamas, m neighbourinff people. 

1 iUioii^<JUiSMfniia«.*oL9.. V.Y. so. 12-^16, where the poet eeU- 
brates simUar liberiJity onjthe part of J^UQanohaya, ft Kinff of tide peoplai * 

5 TJUjfwaii «gMii iJU cowr; tbe girls were tiie miUMnaids of the 
family. Cf.the8anskrit<fii4tlar (from<fa<*,tomilkXgoglish,ilsiytor/'. 
Zend dvghdkar ^ Cbisk ikugJUrs fltrthiiti; doMhiUtCi Pesiiaa rfufl^sr/ • 

• » ^ ,* ' ' " . 

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. 6 O Staffer,' brin^ thoa forth the hymn that findeth 
oatUe, fiDdeth wealth. . 
^Even as aD archer aims hk shaft address this prayer 
unto the Gk)ds. 
' 7 list to Parikshit*sealogy, the sovran whom all people 
love, ' 
The Eling who roleth over all, excelling mortals as a 
•i^air God. 

8 'Moantinghis throne, Parikshit, best of all, hath 

* >'t i 'ffiven US peace and resV 

Saith a lotoravya to his wife as be is ordering his 
^ —. , house. ' 

9 * Which shall I set before thee, curds, gmel of milk, 
*-ii or barley-brew r. 

Thus the wife asks her husband in the realm which 
: p King Parikshit roles. i 

10 Up as it were to heavenly light springs the ripe com 
-r: above the cleft. ^ * ! 

Happily thrive the people in the land where King 
j^/ Jrarikshit reigns. 

11 Indra hath waked the bard and said. Rise, wander 
t ri > Mnging here and there. 

' Praise me, the strong : each pious man will give thee 
; riches in return. . 

12 Here, cows I increase and multiply, here ye, horses, 

here, men. 
/ Here,^with a thousand rich rewards, doth P&shan 
also seat himself. 
18 O Indra, letihese cows be safe, their master free from 

• i/.:\:iDJury.*M • rm'c'' r •■;>• • r, . 

'-:- Let not the hoMile^hearted or the robber have control 

J 7 P#fidb0USif«'isi&im ^. Fftrikahit vmmH to luiT« baeo a K«iifm?jMi 
•r dMOtndMit of wvofimoX Kura. In Uie AiteiOTi^BiihiiiavA, VI. t%; 
Ibii Iteikdii^ (B(e«lUir«diiiid) is bo Agni, Or tbo jtar r'o^ AgBi 
*livoo iioriDd tUrpoopK and tho pooplo liTOiroimd him,' and tlio ^jaos 
iiBi'iiwiiifl i^pwtJtt«nt> ind joitfot dwoU ioitiid.oboiK^llM<joar.^ -' r^ 
S A Kmmwffm ; ooo of Pteikohilfs mibjtoia • - '^- ^-'t v, 



14 Oft and again we glorify the hero with our hymn 6f 
praise, with praven with our auspicious prayer. " 
• IWke pleasure m the songs we sing: let evO never* 
fall on us. 

HYMN C:pCVIII. ; ' , 

Thi worshipper who pours the juice, for gathering 
. . and assembly fiti \ < ..! ; 

And vender foe-destroying Sun,«^these have the 
Gk>d8 designed of old. -. . / ij' 

2 He who defiles a sister, he who willingly would harm 
.. a friend, w • ; ^ ; /• .£ 

The fool who slights his elder, these, they say, must 
suffer down below. * >^i;' r 

8 Whenever any good man*s son becometh bold and 
spirited, • •. '• 

Then hath the wise Gkndbarva jsaid this pleasant 
upward-pointing word. ^ » - m . 

4 The most unprofitable churl, the wealthy man who 

brings no gift, • • 

These, verily, as we have heard, are cast away by 

: all the wise. ; ' • 

5 But they who have adored the God% and they; who 

have bestowed their ffifts. 
Those liberal lords are filled with wealth like SArya 
risen up to heaven. ,/ , 

.. ' I ' [ ■ '" . 

Tho hTmn oootitU of gioupo of TOCMa wfaidh aro loeilod as aaoriioial 
lonnolaa. Thofifstil?oarooallodinUioAiUfi^j»-Brlhma9athoi4t> 
#M or oriontaUon% ttinm whloh fomi tho difootkMM or dotormhio tiio 
points of the oompata.* For fagr lodtiiig thaao va r N a odo lor oaoh 
oaidinal point and odo lor tho sanith or q^aoa abofo tham - tha priwt 
ionna(l«{pc9ialt)thodiiootionaoriigtoiMof thoalgr. . ^ 

S Oamdkmyn : a Oaniti% aloaal/ oonnaatad with tha Son^ who da- 
olam tho aaorata of haaran and diving tmthai Uymardpomiuiff : ^pw^ 

of Itanaa f. . ■-.'. z'^" ;.f<'-ani,'i t- :rT '^'^'t-rj/A }. t 

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:.6. With unanointeid eyes aad limbs, wearing no gem or 

rin^of gold, 
.. ,. No priestly no Brahman's son is he : these things, are 

* ordered in the rules. 
^.7 yfMi well-anointed limbs and eyes, wearing fair gem 
' '" ^d golden ring, 

Go^d priest is he, the Brahman's son ; these things 
' are ordered in the xnles. - 

,8 Ppols with no place for drinking, and the wealthy 
man who g^ireth naught, > .^ 

*The oretty^girl you may not touch, these things are 
ordered in the rules. 
, 9 Pools with ffood drinking places, and the wealthy 
man who treely gives, 
The pretty girl who may be touched, these things 
are ordered in the rules. 

10 The favourite wife neglected, and the man who 
■ . safely shuns the fight, I 

I'' A sluggish horse whom none may guide, these things 
are ordered in the rules. 

11 The fitvourite wife most deafly loved, the man who 

Mfely goes to war, 
^' The fleet steed who obeys the rein, these things are 

ordered in the rules. 
12 'When, Indra, thoti, as no man could, didst plunge 

into the Ten Kin^rs' fight, 
.'- . That was a guard for every man: fi:>r he is formed 

to stay disease. 

BTliir 139.] TL 


' • 6 StantM e-*-ll SIS oalled th^Janakalpa tenm, that ii^ teppanatlj 
sontsfnins rate and ngoktionf Ibr men. The Aitareja-BiAhmava 
siplaina uim tsna diflbrwitly ; * Formaking a Ibotang be then repeate 
'Ihe/cndMjpaTenM* 'Forohildi«nam/»ia*(^pa rnodn^^ 
BsTing made the difeotiona in the aboYe manner, he plaeae people in 
.ihem.'— fHang'e Tmnilatinn, VoL IL p. 483. 

. ISStaona 1S^16 are ealled the Indraiplthle. . • Fbr by meana of 
thelndia.aonge the Derae sang the Atnraa down and defea t ed Uiem. 
In the lima way the morifioen put down their enemies by theee ■ooge.'-s-- 
Baqg; ML iM Tw Kimgif Ftgki: when India aided &ing 8ad4e who 
wm aiklMked by Im eonfidenite pfiaoee.^ See J^L V. VIL 1 S ; S9. ^-^ 

18 Easil^^^eonquering Maghavan, thou, Hero7 bentest 

Raji down, 
' Bentest asunder Baohi^a, elavest in pieees Yfitra'a 


14 Thou who didst separate the dpuds and penetntte 

the water-floods,— 
To thee, great slayer of the foe, be glory, In^ yM, 
to thee I 

15 Thev said to Uohchaisravasa running^ as side-horse 

of the Bays, 
Safely to victory, Steed, bear Indra with the 
beauteous wreatik* - i : 

16 They yoke the white mares, on the .Buy's right 

harness Uohohaisravasa. 
He joyeth as he oarrieth Indra the foremost of the 


Thksb mares come spring^g forif ard to Pratlpa 

Pr&tisutvana. -^ ^ 

■' ^■- ' ■ ■ '■■■■• 

13 Rqf%: probabW tome demon. See 9> Y. VL S6. 6, where it ia 
said by Sijapa to be the name of a damaeL BaMifa: a demon of 
drought; or^iUially, like other fiendi of the tame oUun, a dark pnrple 
doud that withholds the rain.^ See 9- V. L IDS. S ; IL IS. IS. 

15 Uckehaifrapata: the king and proto^n?^ of hones prodnoed wjth 
other trMsares at the Choming of the Oeean. See llehibhiisti,- L 
866,1094. /; 

The Section eontaining fijmns OXXtX— CZXXII ia eaOed Aitifa- 
praULpa, the Talk of Aitafa, 4 Mnni or inmiied eage of the.fMaulj of 
Aonra a deeoendant of Bhpgn. The Aitaieya-Br&hmava CfL 33^ 
•ays that one of Aitafa's eons who heard the befuining of thedifeeomne 
put his hand on his father's' month to stop it, and said that he had 
gone mad. Thut his father onrsed him for mnrdering liia sp ee sh . 
All the Terses hsTO been reoeiYed into the eaaon fornse as SM rifiri al 
formulas in the ritual of the '^ijtdtk ; and,.aooording to the Aitars>a- 
Brfthmaoa, they haye the powerof prdonging thelifs of thesaerifieer, 
of spresding the essenoe of the metres oyer the saeriftoe, aadresMmng. 
defects in its perfonnaneo. Begarded as nniiispifsdt pvodnotiQMg 
these hymns ate haidly 8nsoapfible« of intelligible tmnslatien eCi 
esplanadon. - - -*...,' 

1 PrdtinUMMA : mm of hfatisatfana, who maj be Pimtl|rfafa% - 
the giandson of Ptalkshit See Zimmer, Altiadiiohes LeUn, pJlSL* 

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[BOOi XX. 

r.Sif One of them ie Harikvikl Harik^iU, what 

'•5,6 The ezoellent, the golden son: where now hast 
thoa abaDdoned himf 

V 7#8 There where around those distant trees; three 

. Sisos that are standing there, 
' $0 10 Three adders, breathing angril/iare blowing load 

. the .threatening horn. 

11/12 Hither hath oome a stallion: he is known by 
droppings on his way, 

18,14 As by their dang the ooarse of kine. What 
woaldst thoa in the home of men? 

15, 16 Barlev and ripened rioe I seek. On rioe and - 
f barley hast thoa fed, 

17, 18 As the big serpent feeds on sheep. Cow's hoof 
^ and horse's tail hast thoa. 

19, 20 Winged with a fidconV pinion is that harmless 
: , , ,,, ,swellingof thy tongue. ^ 


.wih .I^HO earned off these stores of milk f Who took 
the dark oow's milk away f 

uji$.i Who, took away the white eow'smilk? Who 

took the black oow's milk away f 
J.> 5, :6 Question this man. Where do I ask f Where, 

whom that knowetii do I ask? 

The BtaM bring tbe ehuriot forwmid that their mMto* may r^bem 
th« gifts of the UbenU King. Cf. GXXX. 11, IS. ^ ^^ 

. 3 ^MlfiM ; or little Uj man. 
« Tks^Odmmmt. Beaaing, appamtly, her bright cheetaot foaL 

• U Thequeetiooiaaddreeeedtothehoffee. 

• 19, 90 The hone^ it leeoii^ ia iold 'that he hai alieady eaten too 
greedfljr of hard barimr and rioe which have oauaed a ewefling in hie 
aooth (lBnpa«X ^iMd, iMHimr, win lapW 
s^pennaiieoti»giai7^>^'i :' ^ .-^^T'r^, y '"~^. 

<"Thel iirni hai b^«i tknilaled by. Zfanoier,' Altbdieohee Leben^ 


I .V.-... 

VririTlSl.] Ti . 3IS9 

' 7, 8. Not to the belly opmes the grain.- The^ patient 
ones are angry now. , : .-^..•^\>. 

. 9yl0 Undecked with gems, and decked with gems: 
' deity rivalling the San : . o "<.i; 

11, 12 Dapple, Harik^ikA, and Bay ran forward to the 
liWal gifts. . ? 

18, 14 When the horQ*s blast hathsounded forth let not 
onr friend discover thee. -'<; 

15, 16 Hither to the ooVs son they come. 'i libation 
hath rejoiced the Gk>d. . - : ^ ' ; i :l 

17, 18 'Then cried they. Here he is, and,<Here ;. again 
the cry was. Here is he. . ' :;; > 

19^ 20 Then not defective be our steeds! A: splinter so 
diminutive I v .'i;;t» 

HYMN OXXXL ' ; ^ • 

He minishes, he splits in twidn :' etwdH' it and let 
it be destooyeo. ; ^*' ' 

B, 4 Varu^a with the Vasns goes: the Wind-Qod 

hath a hundred reins. 
5, 6 A hundred golden steeds hath he; a* hundred 

chariots wrought of gold, 
7» 8 A hundred bits of golden bronatb, a hundred 
golden necklaces. - • ;i' - 

9, 10 Lover of Kusa grass, Unploughedl Fkt }m not 

reckoned in the hoof 
11, 12 The ladle doth not hold apart the entrails and jkhe 
clotted blood. :c ' - u 

7, S Apijareatly the nnfed and hongiy honee are the anlgeotl ^ 
11, 12 Of. 1—4 of the pieoeding hjnm. * ^ ;^- , .:T t 

IS Tk$kor9e$ UaU: of. 9, 10 of the preceding. hjBUk:-..\^ / V^ 

IS, SO CL IS, SO of the prsoeding hjrvnn. A ifUmUrjimUyt; a 
tent orprohemadeof apointed slipof hamhoe-; a pointed -anigieal 
faietniment^ the appUeatioii of whioh,iii)l.i^jefjL$i|^ borae.who esfiba 
iwMn lampaw ' . .^ ^ . •-'. v*. ^ 

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rag BTMva of 


%Z, 14.TIU4, O Mav^Ariki. is mioe* Thy treM Itra 

standing in a damp. 
.1$, 16 The plain domestio aaerifioe, tiM taorifioe with 

boning dang. 

IT. 19 Afvattha, Phava, Khadin» leaf taktn from the 

19t,S0 The man penraded thoroughly liea on the ground 

as he were slain. 
^1, 98 The biestings ooljr have ihey milked : onie-and-i^^ 

half of the wild ass, 

2S And two hides of an elephant 

"^ ' Thiv too the single bottle-gourd, the botUsp- 
gourd dug from the earth, 

8, 4 The lute dog up from out the ground : this the 
7 wind stirs and agitates. 

•■^■^■^^— ^-^-^■^■— ■^■^""'■■^^"^■■""^■^""'""^■■■"■^"■■^■■^■■^^■■■^^■^^■""^■^■■^""■^^■^■^■^". 
IS Ma^iMisd : tba word means nut of iron, scoria, droat. Hera 
i it Appeal* 10 ba the itneoiaplimentaiy name of foma female. 

IS, 16 DwmuiUMtarifici: 'TtM domeatio fire waa lighted bj eaeh 
homebcMar on hia manriaga, and the aimpla ritea, the PftkajaiiMM, 
*weie eaailj parfomied. *f A log of wood,** tajs Professor Max MOiIer^ 
** placed oo the Are. of the hearth, an oblation poured oat to the gods, 
:sr alms giTSS to BrlhsMipaa, ihia ia what coostitotea a F&kayajna.'* f— 
B. Ch. Dntt. Hkloty of Oriliatioii In Ancient India, Book II., 
Chapter L Bmrmimg dmm^i perlonned with dried cow-dnng for fuel 
i of wood. 

17, 18 Moftt: a beantifol flowering abrab or small tree (Orialea 
Tomentosa). It ia m en tjooed together with the ApKMa (Fiona 
BeligiQaa) and Kkmiwa (Aoada Catechu) in A. ¥. V. 5. 5. irolw: a 
tiee (OJosanthea Indica) with hard wood of which the axlea of 
ehariota and carte werajnada. « - 

%% WUd mm: the 

anfanal caQed FumarAn. See A. T. VI. 7%'t*, 

. 1 MoUU^omird: (Uganarla Vnlgaria Bar). The dried sheQ waa 
VnsdMswater>c^aBdalaaaasnwiaicaIinairamaot|aVi9Aar kind 
si Istai- 

4 Mrfsntfiyitslei: BBak^^U an Aeolian lutfp. . y^. a^ ^ 

BTJa 134 ] rsa ITttdBfA^rMDA. 


M' if 6 Let him prepare a nest, thev sajr : he ihall ob« 
tain it strong and stretobecL 

K 7, 8 He shall not gain it nnspread ont Who amo^ 
these will tonch the lute ? 

' 9, 10 Who among these will beat the dram f How^ if 

he beat it,, will he beat f 
1 1, 12 Where beating will the Goddess beat again* again 
about the house ? ^ 

l8, 14 Three are the names the oamel bears^ Qolden ie 
one of tiiemi he said. 

15, 16 Glory and {iower, these are two. He with black 
tufts of hair shall strike, 


Two rays of liffht are lengtiiened out^ and the man 
gentijr touches them with the two beatings on 
the drum. ' i '^ 

Maiden, it truly is not so as thou» O maiden, fimdest. 
Two are thv mother's rays of light : the akin . ia 
i guarded from the man, ^,.*.v 

HiRi are we sitting east and west and north and 
south, with waters. Bottlc'^ouxd Tessela. 

• 16 ff$ mik b'ack t^fit fif haw: cr, He^ the Dttrk-srssted God 
(ftlfasOAs^MX that ia, Bodim. 01 A. V. IL 27. 6 ; XL 1 7. 

.There are fiTenofsataniaa, ail with the refrain, Uaiden, ft tml/ 
is not as aa thoo, maiden, lanciest A mere Utsral translation of 
these would be unintelligible^ and the matter doea not desennt 
expansion or explanation. Thoe six stannsase called the PtSTahlikAa 
or Enigmatical Versea. The Ckida bewildered the Aauaa bytheir 
ladtaoon, and so defeat^ them ; and sacrifScen similarly bswflder 
and defeat their enemiea by using them aa sacrificial lormulaa See 

Bang'aAitangra-Brlbma9a»yoLU.p.i30..... ; v^ m 

\ . ** 

. These six stanmaaraeaUtd the liijftis^ysTerBes^bsioause the G^ 
leoognised snd defeated the Asmaa by UmIt means, .'^y using them 
as litmgieal lonaulas sscrificssa slasisnngnfat awl dalsat Cheif eosnisa. 

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^2 Here etet and wert and north and south 8it the 
oalves spriDkltng. Cards and oil. 

3 Here east and west MXkd north and south the offering 

of rioe olings on. The leaf of the Asva^tha tree. 

4 Hei« east and west and north and soutii adheres 

when touched. That water-drop. 

5 Here east and west and north and south in iron 

mayst thou not be caught. The oup. 

6 Here east and west and north and south fiian would 

it elasp what would not elasp. Emmet hole. '^ 

Bangl herehei& A dag. 
S Swidi I it is gone. Fallmg of leaves. 
S Crunoh I it is trodden on. A cow's hooC 
4 These Gkids have gone astray. \ Do thou, Adhvaryu, 
quickly do thy work. 1 

There is good resting for thecows. Take thy delight 

« singer, the Adityas brought rich guerdon to the 

Singer,* they went not near to it Singer, 4hey did 

not taJt e the gift. 

' VtfMs 1— 3 SIS cftUad ths PfemtirAdh* or Frurtrmticii. Imomim with 
tkmn ths God. frulntyd tbs •tt-^.fl thji*'"!,!^^ 

^^a;»i« fnatomi. th. hcMtil. itttMnpU oT their «Mini(M by natiDg 

and Morifionn any d. UkMriM bjr oring 

it Th«7toiiltoTMWinai.tort. Sua-. S-IO «• cJW th. 

MMl d«f eitUd 

iw^t^^G^ OflSuins. Th. AitM^y»-Br»hiiim». glT.. th. iol- 

5:a4j:sidr?M^in -^rf-o^,/* sj*-.-'^^ 

J A iSL^mZ^x ddkikimdm; in niun tor iMr MditMiM in tU 

Jrrj/j^ 135.] r£r rii. i4S. 

7 Singer, they went not near to that; but, singer^ they 

accepted this : . 
That days may not be indistinct^ nor sacrifices 

8 And quickly doth he fly away, .the White Horse 
- swiftest on his feet. 

And swiftly fills his measure up. 

9 Adityas, Rudras, Vasus, all pay worship unto thee. 

Accept this liberal gift, O Angiras, 
This bounty excellent and rich, this ample bounty 
spreading far. 

10 The Gods shall give the preoioua boon : let it be 

pleasant to your hearts. 
Let it be with you every day : accept our. offerings 
in return. 

11 Vouchsafe us shelter, Indra, thou to be. invoked 

from &r away. 
Bring treasure hither to reward the fiur-fiimed bard 
who praises thee. 

12 Thou, Indra, to the trembling dove whose pinions had 

been rent and torn 
Gbivest ripe grain and PUu firuit, gavest him water 
when atbirst 

7 Thai: theearth. Thi§: tha White HonMh« Son. Tkaida^ 
majf nol b$ indittinei : as they would be withoat the Sun. At it 
•eemt impoitible to foroe may mum oat of udia cdn of the toxt, I adopt 
Tnt WeWa conjeotniml om enda t iop (IndiMho StudiMi, IX. p. 306X 

HSd tfMAII. 

11 StaniM 11—18 are oalled the Bh^taohhad, or Danling Povei; 
from the effeota prodnoed bj their employaient bj the Goda in their 
eonteat with the Aaoraa. Stmilai^ their radtatioii wiU enable the 
aaorificer to oreroome hia enemy. 

IS Fi^ui (Ganqra Arboiea^ *attee of immenae aiae^' gioving on 
the moontaina of Cormnandel, ete.» whera it Mowoma during the hot 
aeaaon, and the aeed ripena aboat three or four montha after.'— 
Eoxboigh. Aoeoidtng to othera it ia the SalTadora Peraioa» a lathcr 
unoommon m i ddl»eiaed tree whioh produoaa flowera and fruit all the 
jear round. I cannot tnoe the atoiy raf ened to ; bi^ it aomewhat 
raaemblea that of the 8up|^iant Dove in the Mahibhirata. See 
I from the Blmija^a, Eto., pp. SS7— 331 (2nd JSd.) .i. r: ;i^ 

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144 *faM VTMtra or ^ \io6ic JtA 

19* Tht ready pnuaer loudly Apeaks though fieisieiied 

triply witn a strap. 
h . Tea, he oommends the fresheniiig draught, depre« 

elites iMguor of disease. 

' HYMNCXXXVL (See Appendim). 

EsB Of ErarlPA Sionoir. '^ 

^^. . Whbit, foul with secret spot and stain, ye hastened 

onward to the breast* 
-,.. .Alllndra's enemies were slain and passed away like 

froth and foam. 
> 2 Indra is he, men, who gives us happiness : sport, 

urge the girer of delight to win the spoil 
Bring ^uiokiy down, O priests, ibither to give us aid; 

to dnnk the Soma, Indra son' of Nishtigrt. 
•8 So have I glorified with praise strong DadhikrAvan, 

conquering steed 
i JSweet may ne make our mouths; may he prolong 

the days we have to live. 

Taken from $. V. X. 105. 4; 101. 12; IV. $9. 6.; IX. 101. 
VIIL SS. lS-t-17 ; 83. 7-^. 

1 Fowl wUk mrei spot «md ttmn: wuuf44radhdniklh : the exaet 
meenhig of the word which it not found eUitwhere it nnoertain. See 
8. P. Lezioon, a r. Prof. Lndwig temntUten ' ponjeetondlj '«>• 
mm^^^*u rafbnde (f^' otUing out like lla^^^TM. U teemt to be a 
.tefy abotiTe snd indeoent epithet applied in ^ original hjmn te 
Arijrit or malignant witehea LiUfiiikondfiHui^s hmdMiifd^m^h s 
frethf at a bomdi^ or peihapti impotent^ 

, S I follow Si/apa in hit interpreiatioQ of the finft line although iu 
eorrtetnett it open to doabt Praettovt Ton Both^ Lodwigi and Grate* 
inana eiplain it diilbfently. FUh^fgtii taid to be AditTthe mother 
of Indra. . ieoofding to Sijava the meaning of the name it 'She who' 
awaUowt up her rival Nithfip ti a Diti.' 

a iMMlMMn/ a a^jthieal being deteribed at a kind of divine 
hoBue^ and piohabhr a pereonifieafioa df the motaing Sna^ 8eeA.T. 
IiLI«.6^i r- 

/ 4 The Somas yety rioh in sweets, for whioh the sieve' 
is destined, now, 
Effased, the soaroe of Indra's joy. May your strong 
jaiees reaoh the Gh>ds. 
. 5 Inda flows on for lndra*s sake— thus have the deities 
deolared. ' ^ . 

The Lord of Speeoh exerts himself^ mler of all, 
.because of might 

6 Inciter of the voice of song, with thousand streams 

the ocean flows. 
Even Soma, Lord of Opalenoe, the friend of Indra, 
day by day. 

7 The black drop sank in Ansumatl's bosom, advancing 

with ten thousand round about it. 
Indra .with mieht longed for it as it panted: the 
hero-hearted laid aside his weapons! 
S I saw the drop in the far distance moving, on the 
slope bank of AnsumaU's river« 
Like a black cloud tiiat sank into the water. Heroes, 
I send you forth. Gk>, fight in battle. 
9 And then the drop in Ansumatt's bosom, splendid 
with light, assumed its proper body ; 
And Indra, with Bphaspati to aid him, conquered 
the godless tribes that came against hinu 

.4 7^ imm; or filter, through which the Soma jttioe it ran to imrifyik 
' 6 Imdmt Soma. Lord ^ Speech: at giving eloqnenee tothoee who 
drink it. 

7 Tht hlaek drop: the darkened moon. ^fifimalC.' a mjatieal 
river of the air. Tm thouoand : probably, demont of davknett ; the 
nomeralt are without a tabttanuve. it ii pam$od: while ttiiving 
againtt itt aitailanta Laid aoide hU ^ooapom: after ^yq"t-^g thei^ 
deiiumt and rettoring the darkened moon. 

8 Indra addrettet the liamta 
S&ra^eaEpUintttantat7--edifRnrentl7, in aoeoffdanet with a legend . 

whioh wat piobabl/ toggetted bjr thit pattage. He takes drapoih 
IfiMyii^ maek diop^ to mean * w twift moving Kyithpa^/ an Atnm 
ordemon who with ten t h onta nd ol hit kind had oec np ied the hadkt 
of the river Anfumati, whieh, he sayt, it the Tamnna or Jomna, and» 
wat there deftated bj JMr% Brih^vsti, and the liarata* SeePksf. 
OoweU't NoU in Wilsop*t Tmntlation. > ..m.^;- ^ fi 

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10 Then, at thy birth, tboa wast the foeman, Indra, of 

those the seven who ne'er had met a riral. 
The hidden pair, the heaven and earth, thoa foundest, 
and to the mighty worlds thou gavest pleasare. 

11 So^Thnnder-armedl thou with thy bolt of thunder didst 

boldly smite that powei which none might equal ; 
With weapons brougbtest low the might of Snsh^a, 
and, Ipdra, foundest by thy strength the cattle. 
/12 We make this Indra very strong to strike the mighty 
Vfitra dead : 
A vigorous Hero shall he be. 
IS Indra was made for giving, set, most mightyt o'er 
the joyous draught, 
Bright, meet for Soma, famed in song. 
14 By song, as 'twere, the powerful bolt which none 
may panry was prepared •*. ^ 
Lofty, inviucible he grew. 

ItfDRA, great in his power and might and, like Par« 

janya, rich in rain, 
Is u^gnified by Vatsa's lauds, 

S When the priests, , strengthening the Son of holy 

Law, present thteilr gifts. 
Singers with Order's hymn of praise. 
S Since EaQvas with their lauds have made Indra com- 

plete the sacrifice, 
Words are their owh appropriate arms. 

10 Tkn Hwm: Kfithas, Tfitis, Nsmnohi, SamlMurA, sad othsis.— 

1 1 f stAfs ; the FMPbhsr, oot of tlis ehief daiikmi ol d^^ 

Tbken from 9. y. V|IL 6. r— 3. 

1 Pmjmtjfa: the God of ths lainy olood. See A. V. L 3. 1, note. 
Tmtm: a IfUti of tl|e funilj of Ks^n^ sad eeer of theorigmal hTiiui. 

S Sm^koipLtHo: Indm bora' in aoooidsiioe with eternal kw. 
OrvkrV AjiMa t^jw^eiieV.eoiig saitsble to the pneoribed BMrideee. 
.^a renCr.sfVlAMr.eii|fiigyw«^NFMl<flrM/ ^th^.dseUiesU wespoai ■ 

To help and favour Vatsa now, O Af viot^ eome ye 

1 bitherward. 

Bestow on him a dwelling spacious and JBeoore, and 
keep malignities afar. 

2 All manliness that is in heaveii, with the Five Tribes, 

or in mid-air. 
Bestow, ye Asvins, upon us. 

' 8 Remember K&9va first of all among the singers,- 
Asvins, who 
Have thought upon your wondrOus deeds. - 

4 Asvins, for you with song of praise this hot oblation 

is effused, 
This ^our sweet Soma juice, ^e Lords of wealth and 
s spoil, through which ye think upon the foe. 

5 Wha^ver ye have done in floods, in the tree, Wonder- 

workers, and in growing plants, 
Therewith, O Asvins, succour me. ^ 

What force, Nftsatyas, ye exert, whateyer, Gods, ye 

tend and heal. 
This your own Vatsa gains not by his hymns alone : 

ye visit him who offers gifts, 

. Taken from 9. V. VIII. 9. I— 6. 

1 VatM : apparantly saother nsme ol 9Mi^l^>^nM^ tlie Ijiakk ol Um 
original hjiBii. 

4 LordiiifweaUk and spoil: or, aooocding to othen. Lords oif impid 
'■teeda. TJUnk %gxm thi ^ : meditate upon the destmotioa ol tlie 
fiend Vntim. 

6 Wkaitmr f$ ha9$ dmu: P)rof. Wilson paraphraeeib after SAjava: 

* preierve me with that (healing virUie) deposited bj joaintbewaten^ 
in the treee, in the herbs.' * * ; >i.-.::. 

* 'TVtken, in eontinnation ol tiie preoeding'hjsinyfhim $. V; yilL 9l i 

6—10. . . '. ■ ..- \ ^^'^ 

I iir^M^FSt ; aooeBmonnamefaithe$ig¥edalortheAf¥ini|deri¥ed' 
l^the Indian ^eommeotaton Aram ^iia«(*slal|fa^*BOt-imtfu^ Ttmd 
' ' ef . *Aad ma/ the' Affini, the iiifine ]^ el phjiisiaM^ ' 

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S Now bath the Rishi splendidly ihoiigbt out the 
Afvios* hymn of praise. 
Let the Atbarvan poar the warm oblntion forth, 
and Soma very rioo in sweets. 
.S Te Asvins, now ascend your oar that lightly rolls 
upon its way. ^ 
Hay these my praises make you speed hitherward 
hke a.doud of heaven. 

4 When, O NAsatyas, we this day make you speed 

hither with our hymns, 
Or, Afvins, with our songs of. praise, remember 
K49VA specially. 

5 As erst EakshlvAn and the l^shi Vyasva, as erst 

DUghatamas invoked your presence, 
Or, in the sacrificial chambers, Vainya Prithl, so be 
ye mindful of us here, O.Asvins. 


CoMi as home^ardians, saving us from foemen, 

guarding our living creatures and our bodies. 
Come to the house to give us seed and p£kpring ; 

and w iMJUth' (9. y. ym la a); and "tlM AsTina. leeobea ol (ba 
Ooda, Agniy bava obaaad Qaath far from ta with mighty powar ' (A. 
y. yiL ai. li na ^lAorMM ; tha priaat who haa moial ohaiga ol 
Iha aaariOoial flra and tha Soma. I follow Prof. Lodwig in taking > 
drt araa yi aa i^ oominativa and not aa a locatiTa aa SAyapa doaa: 'ha 
viU aprinkla tha aweat-flavouiad Soma and tha fkarwm (oblatijpn) on ; 
tha ^rtaiii— ftra>*— Wilaon. 

5 iCaMM^; aaUad Aofija or aoo<if Ufy, a ranownad 9iahi of tU 
r ol Fajm and aaar of aaratal hvmna of tha Rigfoda. He ia 
linA-y-iy. Se.aandXyni. S. !& rpof^a: al^ifro. 
mana/flMotiooadinlLy. BookynLZ>lryiiUilMMM.* aooof MamatA, 
ttiaaaarofmanvh]rmnaof thafigyada;, f smimi /YMI ; Ptitht aoa • 
sfyaM. SaafX y. yilL la 94. ^ ^ 


STMN 143.] 



2 Whether with Indra ye be fiurin^, Asvins, or resting 
in one dwelling-place with Vlyu, 
In concord with the l^libhus or Adityas, or standing 
still in Vishnu's striding-places. 

8 When I, O Asvins, call on you to-day that I may 
gather strength. 
Or as all-conquering might in inur, be tiiat the 
Asvins' noblest grace. 

4 Now come, ye Asvins, hitherward : here are oblations 
set for you ; 
These Soma draughts to aid Yadu and Turvasa, 
these offered you mid Ka^va's sons. 

. '5 Whatever healing balm n yours, NAsatyas^ near or 

far away, 
* Therewith, great Sages, grant a home to Vatsa and 
to Vimada. 

TooBTHBR with the Qoddess, with the Asvins' Speech 

have I awoke. 
Thou, Gknldess, hast disclosed ttae hymn and holy 
gift firom mortal men. * • 

2 Awake the Asvins, Goddess Dawn I Up, mighty 
Lady of Sweet Strains 1 * 

Rise straightway, priest of sacrifice t High glory to 
~ the gladdening draught I 

3 VM^^i itrtdin^-piaea : from %hioh ha mada hia thvea great atridaa 
hia riaing, oulminatkMV and aetting, aa tha Son ; or in hiadafljoooiaa . 
through eartht air, and heaTen. 

3 TKai : the gianting of mj prajar. # 

4 Focfiiaiuf TVcrsofa/theeponymiof twoof thaFiTeAiyaaTV^ - 
repraaanting the tribea thamaalTea 

6 At¥lto Vimada : aa ja did to yimadai aoooiding to Sijapn. The ^. 
lAoient Biahi yimada waa apeoiallT protected and fanraiad bj tha :. 
Afrma. See?, y. L 5L8; 112. 19; lie. 1; 117. aO^X.^ 4. . , 

Continned front 9. y. yilL 9. IS^Sl. 

I TU GiMeu: J>awn^ Th$ Afnm^ Spmck: yik« £^!^ecb..whe 
glorifiea the Afvina ;«.«. tha hjma that pimiaaathaBW . 

39 • 

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Z Tbou, Pawn, approaching witb thy lij^t, shineet to- 

ffether with the San, t. • x i^ xu^ 

.^ And to this maaproteoting home the chanot of the ^ 

^^ Asvins comes. ^:^ 

4 When yellow sUlks giTe forth the juiee as cows from 

adders poar their milk, / 

And voicea soand the song of praise,, the Asvins 

• V • worshippers show first 

5 Porward for glory and for strength, protection- that 

* shalt conqaer men, . /^ # 
And power and skill, most sapient Ones I 

•e When, Asvins worthy of oat lands, ye seat yoa la 

the father's house 
•' With wisdom or the bBss ye brmg: 


^ Wi invocate this day your^ car, far^preadmg, U^ 

Asvins, even the gathering of the sunlight,— 
> Car praised in hymns, most ample, rich in treasure,, 
fitted with seats, the car that bearet h Sflryj. 

4 TtUow 9talki : of 'Soma planU. 

R F^ATMAfvi for ahrv : ^▼mnoe Mid.ooma to give os glory, etc. 

6 it^^S^TSLVin the «orificW bJl of the father of the 
toii! t^^Jiiljl^ who m-titote. the -^^^e. T^ 

•Uiia ba eootiiiiitloiiof 4, although the coontnoo to interrupted 

^ ^i^t^rrffil:^ takeT^ «. V. IT. i4. 1-7, 57, 3;; 

WLranT'tSe^i-^ and obeervee: •Am^m 

.-2rronl?Lplained,^ •-'•^""^''^"••.^^r^^^SSi^ 
^M^tor, of ^ whatthe latter to ihtended fbjr to «^. «»P^"^ 

' S« ^STapSm wiUi Iteht, w the eun.' Professor Giasemann 

SJiai^^d1^^S^^ .whlchhaetenatotheimlk' 84r^^ 

. S^d^iJ^ih. Son, that to, Oie «inlight which ^ AfTu« ^ 

^mT^tSArra. it to lekted. waa denioua of gifinf hto daughter 

TlM?^e^eed iJti^ he who ehould fint reaoh tha.aui^ a^ goal, ehwUd 


S^l!£!b\^ fiiahedhiiinedtot^lj faito. their ehaootf-Witoon. 

BriiB I4X] 



2 Asvins, ye mined that glory by your Gk>dhead, ye 
Sons of Ueaven,. by your own might and power. 
Food fbUoweth cfose upon yomr bright appearing^ 
when stately horses ia yoor chariot draw yon. 

S Who bringeth ^ou to-day for help with offered 
oblations^ or with hymns ta drink the joices ? 
Who, for the sacrifioe'iB ancient loTCTr tumethyois 
hither, AsvinSi. offering homage % 

4 Borne on your golden car, ye onmipresent t oome to 

this sacrifice of oars, Nftsatyas^ 
Drink of the pleasant liquor of iha Soma i giye 
richer to the people wha adore you. . 

5 Come hitherward to* us from earth, ftomheayenr 

borne on your golden chariot rolling lightiy. 
Suffer not other worshippera to stay jrou : here are 
ye bound by earlier bonds of friendship*. 

6 Now for us botb^ mete out, O Wonder-Workers, 

riches exceeding great with store of heroes, 
Because the men have sent you praise, O Asyins^ 
and Ajamllhas come to the laudation. 

7 Whene'er I gratified ^ouhere together,, your grace 

was given us, O ye ridk in booty. 
P)rotect, ye twain, the singer of your praisea: teyoi^ 
NAsatyas, is my wish directed. 

& Sweet be the jdants fi>r ua, the h6a;vetts^ the waters^ 
and full of sweets for us be air^s mid-region I 
May the Field's Lord for us be full of sweetness,, 
and may we follow after him uninjured. 

9* Asvins, that work of yours deserves oor wonder, the 
Bull of firmament aqd earth and heaven ; . 

. Yea, and your thousand promises in batUe. Coiae 
near to all these men and drink beside us. 

6 A><i: prieetaaad'histitutonorthe ■aeriilMc 4jfnMka§': aeoi 
or the ^ithTe familj. • " ;' 

8 2^/Ve{(r«>£oriit said ta^ either Bndiaor^i^ 
VondietLooL * » * 

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^••.1 : S «.^ VI 

• • f 


yr'r r^ - 

L Latik TiBsioir or fiauom omtiid nr nu Earauas 


IJ, IvDu Of Hnora. 
IIL OnnsAL Lnr or HncNt im YssaM 


IV. ImwoL Of NiMMb wca / 

Digitized by* 


Digitized by 



/ V 

i'.:\ Jf.') ■ .' "^ •■'>'« ' ' '••' 



Book XX. 126. 16,17. 

16 Indrftpl speaks. Nod iUe fortis (ad Venerem) est 
otyus mentala laxe inter femora dependet ; fortis 
vero est ille cujas^ quum sederit, membrom pilosam 
se extendit. Super omnia est Indra. 

117 Indra speaks. Non fortis est allecoias, quum sederit, 
membrum pilosum se extendit; fortis- vero est ille 
•cujas mentula laxe inter femora dependet. Super- 
omnia est Indra. 

Book XX. 136. 

Si quis in hujus tenai rimapneditae feminae aoeastias 
fisoinum introm'ittit» Taccae ungola^ram et SaJcidar 
ram pisdiam more pudenda ^us a^tantor. 

.2 Qaam magno pene parvula ejus pudenda vir percutit^. 
huo et mac Ula increscunt veluti duo asini ia solo 

;8 Quum parvum,.admodum parvum, Zisipbi Jujubae 
quasi grsnum in eam-incidit» ventris ^us partes 
interiores, yelat iirerno tempore arundoi eltentae 

Stanias 1 — 10 of ihii hymn are called the Ahaaim Verne, that 
ie, 'Erotica. B7 reditmg them it ie said (JStarey^-'BAhinayai . TL 36) 
4hat the priest aecuree efibpring for the aaorificer. 
' 1 Sakuiarum: tiieBakalale-aemaD rapidly-moViiig fish. 

^ In iolo orenoio : where theee animals sti^ find food enough te 
4nrell them oat 

'9 Zta^liki J^^^Am: the Jvjuhe or Ber 'tree^ whiA grows.idldsnd. 
yirodiioesA small edihleiruit. 

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Digitized by 



4.Si Dii mentalae iDtamescenti £ftyerant» cam femor* 
ibas sttis se osteotat femina tanqnam Tero testi. 

5 MagDopere deleptata eat arnica : fit eqaas solatos 
, adveDiena Yooem edidit.: VagiDam, javenial pane 

peroate : medium femur paratum esC 

6 Amipa, pilam auperausi dixit : Ut tua. Arbor I (rer- 
, b^) piii8unt» aic etiam nunc (hio me permolit). 

7 Arnica eum alloquitur : Turn etiam to defecisti. Ut 

tua» Arbor I (Terbera) piuaunt, sic etiam nunc (me 

8 Amica eum alloquitur : Tum etiam iu defecieti. Ut 

ailvae ignis inflammatur, sic ardent mea membra. 

9 Amica eum alloquitnr : Fauste infizus est penis ; 

arboris fructn celeriter fruamur* 

10 Amica cum fuste gallum circumourrit. Nos nescimus 

quae bestia pudendum muliebre in capite gerat. 

11 Amica post currentem amatorem currit: Has. ejus 

boves custodi tu. Me futue : coctam oryzam ede. 
IS Fortunatus, Amica^ te opprimii Bona est magni 
Tiri^ fututio. MAcrum pinguis femina obtineat 
Futue me» eta 

IS Sine digito muleta Taeca vananharam produciti 
Magna et bona est Aegle Marmelos. Futue me, 

4 fffv iaii : ths gemtiwai$kib49al^ •ppeum to be used here for the 
aative»M in later Sftiiakrit See Geklner, Yedisohe Stodien, L p. 281, 
who has giren a German tnuulatioii of the totm. 

- a Awiiiea : wmkdtuigt^; * quite naked'; amistreie. 

6 i'i^lvei : a moftar. Arbor: meaning here the wooden peetla Ct ; 

11 i^ Met emlecif; wliile the lover ieotherwiae engaged. These 
words are addraned to looie bjstanderi 

IS Ymmtmkmrmm':' ibi9 meaniiig of ihe word ie tmeertain. -^ly/e 
Mmrmdo$: the BUfa or Bel» a kind of wood-apple^ the fniit of whiob 



14 Infelixy Amica, te opprimit. Bona est magni viri 
' fututio. Flava puellula, opere sue perfecto, pro« 
. currit. 

15 Magna certe et bona est Aegle Marmelos. Bona est 

magna Ficus Glomerata. Mi^us vir nbique 
opprimit Bona est magni viri fututio. . r 

16 Quem macrum fiftctum puella flava pinguisque capiat 

sicut poUicem ex olei cado ^)ssorem i^um extranat. 

14 Ii^elix: ¥kUvah; meaning <a feeble lover' in oppodtioa to 
imdevdht fortunatus, *aetrongorgoodloTer/olirenel2. SeeVediedhs 
Stodien^ I; p. 280. . . ' ./ . lu i 

16 /'of«or0ei.veensuobeoenoir''e ::';.'.; .v;'*, '.irnn --.i..".''^ 
B/ waj of purification after reciting theee erotio TerMi, .the prieei 
hat to recite the Didhikrf Teree (A. Y. XX. 13T. 3X and tU PAfamAnl 
linee,(9.V.lX.6T.Sl— ajr).: T'i /i," . r 

: ',:'■• l' ■'^ ■?.' •-;"*. A.:':' -''t.-i .-i.i,'^.""' '• % '.fii - 1.-.0/-;- ;, 
:,;:; ."ii:- -'^'^r-f ■>;..,.:•! 1),^ vi>' ^i' -^ 

, . . \ . .71. • i«- ;/•, ', *.-;; -1 

♦ • . 

Digitized .tjy 


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,. . V-. . . . 


'• ;' "u ".'"• ''* •'. 


» ' ' ' 

t '-. 

I t 

!■■ 1 • . 

■ .A ■ 













A ohann agftiiurt witohoimft .*. ••• .. 1 

PorushAy Primoral Man or HumaDitj penonifi^d ••• t 
A oharm to teoure kog life, iMahhy prosptri^, and 

Imho ••• . ••• ••• ' 11 

A charm to deatroy Tenomoua aerpeata ••• Id 
A tiharm to 0Tevl3m>w a mtil and giiin gtrengCb,, . 

^gnity, long life, children, and general proapari^ 18 

The gloiificalaon of an aU-powerfol amnlet ••• "SI 

Skambha, the Pillar or Fulonun of all eiSatenoe ••• S€ 
Speoolstiona on the Sopreme Being and ooamogdoi- 

cal and theological aubjecta ••• ••• 34 

* The Sataudanft or HnndnBdfold Oblation ... ' :4S 
A glorification of the ■acred Cow aa rnpreaenling the 

radiant heaTcna — • 49 

An.aoooinpaniment to the preparation -and prMent- 

ation of a Brahmaudana ••• ••• 51 

Pniyer and praiae to Bhava, Sarra, .and Budra ••« . -57 

A glorificaticn of theOdanaor dUation of boOedrioe^ 61 

A glorification of PHlpa, Breath or \IM Spirit ... 64 

A glorification of the Brahmachirt or reUgiona atodenli i68 
A prayer to all DiTinitica and Sanctitiee for deUrei^ 

ance from diatreea ' ' ..« .«• 72 
A glorfflcation of the Uchohhiah^ or Beddoe of 

Sacrifice ••• ••• ••• 75 

Ontheoriginof iomeGoda and the creation •olinant •80 

Am incantation lor the deatmetion d a hoatile aon/,; 84 

Am incantation with aimOiOr pnipoae m- <88 

BOOK xn. 

1 A hymn of prayer and praiae to PjpithiTi or deified 

Karth • , ••• ••• •.• 98 

il A funeral hymn, ' and deprecation of Agni the Oon- 

aumerof corpeea «••. .«•«. 102 

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tBOMt Of uncus* 






An aooompaniment to tlie preprntioii and presento* 
tkm of Monfioiai offiBringt bgr « hooMl^oftdar and 
hit wife^ with pimyer for protpefitj end happinMi 
on Murth and in heaven ••• . 

On the da^ of giving wm to BriUunam; and the 
dn and danger of withholding the gift .••• 

Ob the aame inbjeet ••• «•* 


The glorification olRohlto, a tern of Kre and ol 

the Son .-. ••• 

TheglorifioaUonofihe Snn at AdiQ^ SAiya and 

Bohita ••• ••• *'* 

A glorifioatioa of Bohita, with a malediction on the 

man who wronga a Brihman ••• ••• 

A glorifioation of the Snn as the one only Deity. ••• 

BOOK JTf. \ 
On the Bridal of Sdryl, and man^fe WBBfonieaitt 

general ••• ••• . •" 

Onthoiameiabjeot,ooiitinned ••• 

The hypeiMifl^ glorifioatioa .of the Viiljm or 
ITryan Noo-oonformisl ,,-•*' "* 

Hm iMMb oootinned 

','^j'//. • 



. *•• 



Okithtpiopfiatiooand nie of ho|y water, with a 
po^erlorparifioi^^f^ vt 





















. S04 


* 805 





3 A oharm to eeenre>Tacioiis bleedngt - 

8 A oharm to secqie power and long life 

4 Aoharmtoaeoarelonglifoandaoooiia 

5 A oharm against evil dtoeams. 

6 A oharm taarerieril dreamland to 

to an enemy •••• 

7 An imprecation on an enen^ ••*• 
S An imprecation on an enemy ..» 

9 A diarm to aecoie wealth and fblioity* 

1 A prayer to Indra, identified with Tiidi^n and the Snn» '' 
. for the loTC of Ck)d8,meD; and beaita, general pro- ^ 
teotion and prooperityy and all earthly and heaTonly "^ 
hleeainga ••• •#» . •- 909 

1 An accompaniment to foneral ceremoniea.and aacrl- , 

ficial offerings to ancestral spixita ••• . S15 

3 A funeral hymn, taken mainly from the lEfigreda ••• . 387 

8 A funeral hymn, taken partly from the 9igveda ••• 330 

4 A funeral hymn, composed partly ol Tcnea ikom the 

9igTcda ... .•#-'. •.. *• 347 


1 An accompaniment to the o£El9ring of nlCztObktion, . 359 

3 A hymn to all Waters ... — S59 

A hymn to Agni for protection and prosperity 300 

A prayer, accompanying saerifice^ Iob the attainment '■'■ 

of a wish ... • ••• .•• . 301 

A prayer for riches •»• ..-• ; 301 

The FumsharSfikta, on the myit&oal Sacrifice of : 
Purusha ... ... . ••• 303 

7 AhymntotheSuaandvarioiiaiheaTsnty bodies lor . 

protectioa and prosperity ... ' ... ^ 305 

8 A prayer to the Lunar Mansions and other Powers ^ 

for protection, and prosperity ••• ••• . . 307 

9 A prayer fcNT general protection and ptospciity * M. ' 308 

10 A prayer for the. same •.•••, '^ .. ••• . ^^ 
11. A continuation o£ Hymn 10 . •*.. / •.• .' 373 
13 Apiay«rtoUshMorJ)awn:foKtrealthand.loiwlif^ ^ 37S 

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imisz df HTmnu 


A pitjer lor aid aiid<Tiotof7 In bfttUr 

A hjmn after Tiotorj - ' ' ••« ••• 

A prayer for peaoe and* •eoority.... 

A prayer for eeciirity firom danger 

A prayer lor proteotioD from daagere in all direetioM, '' 

iT prayer for seoiirity and peaoe on all aidee- ' ••• 

A hymn reoonmiending-theiNPOteoUon of Tariont Gode, 

A prayer lor proteetioo from death and miefbrtone, 

A tingle line* giring the namee of the ohief ¥edio 

A^proeehymnol homage to Tarioos portions of the 

AthanrapTeday to the ^^ihie^ and to Brahma ~ ••• 
. A proee hymn o£ homage to Tarione portions of the 

Athanra-Teda claiied aooording to the nnmher of. 

TerMS whioh their hymns oontain 
A henediction on a newly elected King ••• 

A ohsrm t!6 be used when' a young oz!is first yoked, 
A hymn aooompanying inTesttture' with an amulet 

oTgold ••• .•••• ••• 

A benediotofy hymn ••• ••• 

A charm ftir the destruction ^'enemies' \ 

A continuation of Hymn 88 ;•. 

A protectiTC charm* aooompanying inTcstiture with 

aoamidiieof Darbhagrass ••^- 
A charm to ensure general prosperity, accompanying 
. . selMntestitare with an amulet of Udumbara . . . 
Acharm, withran amulet dDarbha grass, tosubdue 
. . enemies and win the affection of others 
•A protectiTC and benedibtiTC charm* !•• < 

A protectiTC charm addressed to the panacea csIKmI 
• Jangi^a • «.. ... «.. 

A afanilar charm addressed W the sam» 
A charm against dissase and eril spirits ' ' > ••• 
Acharm to sscurs kng life find dominicn' tc^ a' 

prin^ «... ''"^i '. ■■'••■ "w.V ' ' ■ '"' " * ... 

'ApsotectiTecharm ^'' •*. ; ' '••• ' 

AprotMiTecharm ''' ' •;;* '* *...' 

A prayer lor pardon of error kr sacrifice^ 'and for. 
strength, and lils •'''•;U: •'"'•-"' "*^ •*-^.." 




• 883 

' 885^^ 

' 88r 


^ 890 


' 898 



• 89r 


iHDn w HTiom. 


A benediction on a newly elected king . . .;. 

In' praise of Brahma, Prayer, or DeToticn* ; . Z 

]bi praise oe Brahma, Prayer, or DcTOtion^ . 

A curative and proteoti?echana... . 

A cucatiTc and protedtiTe ohaim .., , , 'Z 
A charm accompanying. inTcstiture with an amulet • 

that ensures safety and Tictory... ... 

*A liymn to Night for protection from fiends, robben, ^ 
snakes, and wolves .„ ^^^ J 

48. A hymn to Night for protection ... []] 

49 A hymn of praise and prayer to ITigfit ..! / 

A hymn to Night for protection and ptospeiity ... 
A sacrificial formuk •..;.': -.,.-. 

A hymn to Kima or Diosiie •- Z 

A hymn to KAk or Time 

A hymn to Kik ; a oontinnatiopi oC the *pi«ceding 
hymn ... ... ' 

A hymn to Agm fbr protection and peoqMitgr ;.. \ 
A hymn to Sleep ..^. ^ -^ 

A charm against ctU dreams- ..: . «>. i 

A prayer for pro^Mrity, aocompanyinga saorificef ... - ' 
Au expiatory hymn accompanying- sacrifice:? . . .^ : 
A prayer for poelect bodily and mental healtb^ and 

A prayer for long life^ prasperi^, and final happi^:^ 
ness in heavent ,. .... ^^ 

A prayer fr>B the lore of Gods and mea- . \, . *Z 
A prayer,^ with sacrifice,, for long life and: prosperi^i ' 
A prayer to i^ for children,, long life^ and various. ' 
blessings* ••• "• . .^ ,• .., r 

A hymn to Agnl identified witii the Suni . ••• 

A l^rmn to Agni as the Sua ...,;.; . .*. ,. r^. . 
A prayer for len^^Ufe * .,^ 

A preluninary sacrificial fbnnuW.... ^ . ^^.-, 
AprayerorcharmfoBlonglile ^ .„ 

A charm for long.lifb .. . ,». ; ; .^ - 

A hymn, accompanying lOMtftms^ Bu wealth' and . 

AsaorifioialloBnula. " r.^: ' .•.^•. .rw •^ 


. 51 






899 ^ 




31 f 










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1-186 HjnuMi MiM eompletor «»m oomporita or pAteh* 
. ivtwk,addiwMd almost «ioUiiifT6lj to* Indm, and 
goiarany token directly Aod wtthouC VMiMts ftom 
hTmns end portions ef hjmns of the figreds ... SS1-4S2 

kuntIpa section. 

A bymn in preise of the good gotenunent of King 

Kennonft ••» ••• *** 

..^ fiaorifioial foimules •••^ 

^^-al»-"lS3 The TWk or Babble of the MnnlAitafs 

' *" '^ 13S The Enigmatical Veraes .». ••• 

The Ajijfiisenja Yenes 

Tenes called Fnistrntion, Abuse, the QodiT Offering, 
and Danling Fower . ••• •«• 

Erotica •- — 

Em) or TBI KuMTlrA.SnoxioH* 

AoompositehjmaiBpiaiseoflndra I 

In praise of Indi» ••»'••• 

A h jmn to the Afrhis 

Ckntinnation of ihe preoeding h jmD 

Hjmn to tho Afrins •*• ••• 

H7mi^te<DawnandthoAfvin« "» •*• 









\ . 





^igit^doL Aikaitvm* 




Book I. 

Book IV. 

Hymn. VevM. Page. ] 

Hymn. Veise. Page..' 

Hymn. Vene. Page. 

99. 17-90 340 

67. 4 107 : 

69. 8 347 

93. 94 ' , 499 

.67. 6 107 ;. 

74. 9,3 346/ 

94. 9 346 

' 67. 6 107 : 

76. 16 \ 110 

96. 16 37i 

67. 7 106 - 

76. 18 384 

31. 16 103 

67. 8 107 

75. 19 94 

39. i4 47 

68. 10^ '369 


89. 10 330 

. *, 

V BooK.VII. 

97. 175 

Book V. 

5. 68 .136 

109. 4 360 

9. 9 376 

16* 10 n , 396 

164. 1 339^ 

4. 6 36< 

41. <. 104,105 

164. 9 339,340 

49. 4 376 

89. 6 . .973 

164. 1-99 46&464 

46. 7,8 349 

104. . . 396-399 

164. 9.147 464470 

60. 1 349 

163. 1 . Jl59, 

164. 96 369 

83. 8 163 

164. 97 ' 363 


164:40 363 

Book VI. 

40. 6 374 

164. 60 399 

98. 1-7 161,169 43.11 114 

191. 4 974 

98. 7* 364 

47. 17 970 ; 

191. 8 997 

98. 8 449 

103. I 152 

191. 8^9 973 

47. 6 366 

47. 11 379 


Book IL - 

47. 19 374 

73. 4 197 

39. 6,7 347 

47. 13 ' 374 
47. 96-98 314. 

110. 1 197 

Book HL 

47. 99-31 316 

Book X. 

99. 10 111 

69. 9 66 

5. 6 188 . 

99. 16 376 

64 9,10 339 

9. M, 6 7 . 

46. 1 m 

68. 10,11 366 

. 9. 4,6,7 8 


Digitized by 


Digitized by 


I hUfi or BTmra and 

fti^9idm. AtkMrfm- Jltig9€iU 



fignda, AtharfM 

. 13. 6 
17. I 
1& i 
19. i 
.42. 9.10 
42. 11 
66. 2 
60. 12 
63. 10 
77. 4 
82. 3 

85. 18,19 
87. 1-23 
87. 22 
94. 5 
97. 16- 
101. 3^ 
101. 4 
103. 13 
109. 1-7 . 

121. 10 
129. 4 
131. 6 • 

m. T 


141. 1-6 


152. 2 

159. 1 

161. 1-4 


Bjmn. ¥•!■•. P^. J 

Bjmn. y MM. Pl«e. ■ 


163. 74 - 

30. 4-6 



164.3,4 269 

80. 7 



165. 259 

80. 7.» 



165. 4 261 

80. 18-10 



173. 4,5 293 

46. 6 



173. 6 376 

60. l-» . 



178. 1 372 

60. 18 



179. »6l 


337 , 


180. 2 339 




180. 3,2 37L 




184. 1 2S0 

81. 1-8, 7, » 371 


184. 2 229 

83. a 



189. 262 ; 




191. 1 ««o i 

• r 

84. 7.» 



84. 10-18 




84. 13-16 



Book L 

84. 16 



S. 44 m 

86. 6 



4, 1-3 879 

86. 1 



4. 4-10 SSS 

»4. 1 



S. S-10 383 

104. 9 



e. M 843,366 

106. 1 



6. 1-4 383 

114. 7 


131, 132 

«; 4 S60 

116; 1- 



.6. 9-10 384 

116. 1,8 


171, 172 

«. 7A*»»i 

116. 4,6 


192, 193 

7. 14 860, S6( 

187. 1 



7. MO 384 

131. 8-6 

890 . 


7. 10 360 

133. 7 



8. 1-4 884 

139. 8 


147, 148 

8. 4-10 886 

164. 17 



.8., 8-10 87ft 




9. 386 



• 25 

12. 1-8 414 

'* 403 

28. 18 880 

Book If. 


84.18 887 




8». 88» 

88. 1 




i|uonn>A. 467 




Hymn. Vene. Pag». 
23. 19 240 
36. 2,4,5 380 

36. 37 321 

37. 2 .380 
41. 10:12 337 

ftigv0da. Atharvth fitgvsda. 

Book VI. 

Hymn. Verie. Page. fiymn. Verie. Pkga. 
2. 6 255 3. 9, 10 368 

17. 3 325 
17. 15 273, 3n, 

6. 9 
27. i-15 

32. 15 

33. 11 
33. 13 



37. 8-11 
40. I 
40. 1-8 















Book 17. 
2. 16-19 239 




39. 6 
44. 1-7- 
50. 1-6 
50. 10 
57. 3 


1, 2 222 
1-3 426 
6 444 

Book V. 
. 1. 1 149 
6. 4 258 
40.^ 4 328 

22. 357 

45. 22-24 394 

46. 1, 2 
46. 5,6 

46. 9, 10 

47. 1 
47. 8 




Book VII. 






32. 12, 13 375 

SB. 16 246 

32. 18, 19 395 

32. 26, 27 394 

35. I-IO 270,271 

35. 11-15 272 

97. 10 334 

98. 397 

Book VIII. 

1. 1-4 396 

1. 12 179 

1. 13, U 423 

2. 16-18 335 

3. 3,4 415 
3. 5, 6 424 

3. 7, 8 413 * • 

3. 13, 14 369 

3. 15, 16 326, 375 

4. 1, 2 425 
6. 1, 3 446 
6. 4,6 417 
6. 10-12 423 
9. 1-5 447 

9. 6-10 447 * 

9. 11-15 448 

9. 16-21 449 

11-. 1 317 

12. 1.3 421 

12. 16-18 421 

J4. 1-6 344 

14. 7-10 345 

14. 11-15 .345 

15. 1-3 376. 
15. 4-6, 1.3 376 

15. 7, 9 417 

16. 1-3 364 

16. 10-12 364 

17. 1-3 322, 360. 

17. 4-6 322 
17. 7-13 323 
21.1,2,9,10 330 

21. 13, 14 422 ■' 

22. 7, 8 388 - 
24. 16-18 378 
24. 19-21 379- 
24. 22-24 379 • 

31. 10 388 

32. 22; 23 425 
33.1,2 370 
33.;7.9 -370 

33. 7^. 1-3 372 • 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 



LOT Of Sim AMD ^ 

» nxm Tn riotmu. 

fij fm im , AikarfMh Jfigmdtu AiAanrth ^igveda. 

48. 11 
* 4& M 
45. 4048 
47. 17 

47. 18 

48. 1. 8 
80. 1»8 
80. 8,8 
6a 18 
88. 1-8 





6a 14 . 
77. 1,8 

79. 1»9 

80. 7 

81. 19-31 
81. iMO 
88. 1-8 
88. 4-6 
83. 7-9 

85. 18-17 

86. 10^13 

87. 1-8 
87. 44 

87. 7-9 

88. 5-7 . 
88. 10-18 

9a U 




415 . 

1 i7 
















' Bjvok. YwM. Page. ' 
1. 1, 3 869 
^ 3. 1, 3 869 

8. 10 «434 
4. 9. 434 

9. 8 450 

Book DL 

86. 16 355 

86. 19 355 

86. 48 . 339 

101. 4-6 444 

Boos X. f 





319, 330 


341 . 

















14. 10-13 
14.18|15,14 337 

14. 16 337 

15. 1,8^8 338 
15. 4 335 \ 
15. 6 335 > 
15. 7, 11, 5 

8,9 343 

15. 18 348 

16. 1, 8 837 
16, 8 388 

Hymn. Yeno. 
16. 4 
16. 5 ^ 
16. 6 
16. 7 
16. 8 ' 
16. 13 
16. 18 

16. 14 

17. 1 
17. 3 
17. 7-9 

\ 17. 11 
17. 14 

17. 34 

18. I 
18. 3 
18. 8 
18. 4 
18. 5 
18. 7 
18. 8 
IS. 9 
1& 10-18 
33. 84 ^ 

40. 10 
40. 13 
40. 18 
58. 8 

56. 1 

57. 1 
57. 8 































899 , 

834 . 






401 . 

OBsnuL UR or Hnura avd 

ifiOfiDA. 488 

'• : V 



9vMick Athar^ fUgwti*, 





Hymn. Van.. Pkg.. 

Qynui. Ymm. Fkg.^ 





96. 1-0 846 

183. 1-8 


81. 3 


96. 6-10 S47 

139. 8 




96. 11-13 348 



89. 17 


101. 8 316 

164. 1.4,M8S9 

86. 18 


101. 13 441 

165. 4 


85. SO 


103. 1-9. 11 378 



8S. 33 


104. 3-4 8i9 

16a 1-6 


85. 31, 33 


104. 8 343 . 

161. 1-6 


85. 46 


1«7. 4 301 



85. 37 


117. 8 14^188 



85. 9SA\ 


ISO. . 417 

164. I 


80. 43 


131. 8 158 

171 I 



438 ' 

133. 6 3(6 

184. 1 




131. 4i7 


fV^iimeei m Index 0/ Stmm, Mk^ muUt figmitu 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 


': V r 

{" ' ' 


;f ' 



Abhuit» the name of 

. ~ a one^y Soma oere- 

moay, 77; ooe of 

the lanar maiiaiotia» 


AbhiplATai a oertain 
Somaoeremooyf Sd7, 
409, 421. 

AborigiDes, 350; im 
D&sa, Dasyu. 

Ach^ya, religious tea- 
cher, 68, 69, 71 iio<^ 

Action, tacrificial pcr- 
soDified, 80. 

Adder, 16, 17, 438. 

Adhrigu, a ^Aahi, 378. 

AdhTftiyu, tlie priest 

who performs the 

practical work of 

sacrifice, 56, 105, 

' 197,250,298,442. 

Adhvaryus of the Oods^ 

Adipnrusha, the Pri- 
mal Man, 34 nott. 

Aditi, Infinity, Infinite 
Nature, Mother of 
Ciods; type of ma- 

. temity; 51, 53, 61, 
102, 112, 139,144, 
US, 156» 191, 193» 
199,219,222, 240, 
. Aditya, Son of Aditi, 
"^ , especially the Sun- 

' Ck)d or Yaruva, 37, 

193,197, 198,212, 
219, 251, 257, 316» 
374, 442. 

Adityas, sons of Aditi, 
a class of Gods com- 
prising Varuva, Mi- 
tra, Aryaman,Bhaga, 
Dakftha, AAsa, and 
one or two others, 
30, 43, 47, 72, 73, 
103, 117, 152, 160, 
186, 189, 238, 240, 
247, 248, 269, 271, 
272, 274, 276, 277, 
296,314, 377,427, 

Agastya, an ancient 
]^shi,238;iM VoL 
I., Index* 

Aghif va, appar e n 1 1 y 
the name of a ser- 
pent, 16. 

Agni, God of Fire and 
Light, 4, 9, 13, 14, 
18-22, '26, 32, 33, 
35, 37, 38, 40, 41, 
45, 46, 50—52, 55, 
56, 63, 72, 74-78, 
80, 81, 83, 87, 90, 
94, 96, 9), 101-105, 
107-110, 115-117, 
119, 124, 125, 129, 
131, 135, 137, 138- 
14Q, 148-151, 153, 
161, 168, 169, 171, 

172, 175, 180-182, 
189,190,193, 194, 
197, 199,201,203, 
205, 208, 213, 219- 
223, 226-228, 231, 
232, 234, 235, 237, 
239, 240-244, 246, 

. 248-252, 256, 258, 
960, 261, 263, 267- 
271, 977, 282-284, 
290, 295, 299, 301, 
302, 312, 313, 316, 
317, 319, 321, 322, 

\ 330, 335, 380, 391, 
404, 411, 414, 415, 
419, 433. 

Agni, consecrator of mai 
riage, 171.^ 

— ^remoTsr ol gnUt, 

*— giTcrcf children, 

-^-giver of wealth, 
222, 415. . 

- — ^Hotar-prieat, 45, 

Krairyftd, Flesh- 
eater, foneral ^re^ 
90, 102-105,108-110, 
129, 131, 227, 228, 
935, 237, 244, 249. 

— ^Ughtning,201,299. 

— — punisher ol fioilti^ 
r egu lator of the 
74. • 

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iNDtz or irAxn, vro. 

AgBi, fspraseotothr* ol . AhaTant7«» the eMtern 
priMthoodt 199. aaorifloiAl. fire^ 19* 

ttorifioiftl fira» 40. 191, 947, 381. 

thyer ol B&kiha- Ahi, the drAgoo or 

MM, 411. 

— .-^an-Ood, 95, 87, 
• 96, 195, 140, 151, 

159, 948, 919. 
..,-,— tjpo of brido- 
. groomi, 188. 
Agnit, tepftrato manU 

olond-sorpont of 
drcMight, 925, 947, 
949, 409. 
Ahibudlmja, the Dra- 
gon of the Deep, Ml 
fttmoepherie deity, 
878 note. • 
leitfttioiieoftheOod, AI]idrlgiiA,daetoliidr» 
70,118, 140, 141,878. mod Agni, 78. 
Agoi-Soma, the two Air, pereonified, 82, 271 
Gods Ma dual deity, Aitareya-Bribmapa, 28, 

Agn:dh, Fire4iiidler, 

one of the prieete, 

Agoldbrlya hearth, 98 

87, 77, 88, 89, 93, 
98, 118, 125, 134, 
185, 149, 151, 154, 
187, 188, 433, 435- 
487, 441, 44i, 458. 
AHafa, the name ol a 

Agniliotra|fif;-eaori8o6^ Ifonl or inspired 
77, 194. eage, 487 fioU, 

Agoieh)oina, Praiee of Aitafapndipa, Aitafa's 
Agni, the aimpleet Talk or Babble, a 
form of Soma mori- portion of the Kun* 
floe, 48, 78, 77, 118. Upa Seotion of the 

Agnyiidheya, the oere* A. V., 437 naU. 
mooial depoeitioo of Aja,theimmortal spirit, 
the fiieon the hearth, 228«e<«. 
77 fiolr. Aja, a morifleial goat, 

^Agrahiyapa, mid-Ko- ' 228 not$. 

Tomber to mid-De- Aja-Ekap4d(aX the Un- 
eember, 189. bom One^footed, the 

Agrionltorib pefaonifled. Son, 184, 272. 
80 nets. Ajamtlhae, deeeenda^ts 

Ahana^yaTenee,apor- ofthefiihiAJamilha, 
^tieooftheKontApa, 451/ 
459. > AkhapfaU, Deetfoyer, 

a title of Indra, 323. 

Aldebaran, prinoipal 
star of a lunar man- 
sion, 268 note. 

All-oreatingTen, the, 76, 

AU-Ood, 29, 240. 

Altar, 115, 138, 140, 

AmivAsyA, night of new 
moon, 198 note. 

Ambrosia, 134, 221 

Amrit, amrita, neotar, 

. milk ; rain; 134, 220, 
221, 248, 262, 269. 

Anava, a ohief or repre- 

j sentatiMof the Ana- 

' Tas or Ana tribe, 425. 

AndentOne, the, Indra, 

An^haka, a fiend slaia 
1^ Bodra, 57, 58 

Angiras, a great patri- 
arobal $ishi, 2, 66, 
261, 291, 292, 296, 
312,326, 332, 401, 
415, 443. 

Angirases, desoendants 
of the Rishi, 24, 29; 
226, 239, 240, 247, 
280, 348, 345, 361, 
894, 899, 401, 402, 

Angirasa, deeoendantof; 
ordefoted to, Angi- 
ras, 8, 89, 180, 261. 

mn or wamwb, no. 


Angirases,207,279,442JLpsarases, 43, 72, 78,:lijvm^ya,aonof lijuni* 
Angirast, belonging to 86, 87, 96, 100, 173, 858. 

Angurases, a oow, 130. 177, 294, 312. Aijoni, eon of Aijnna, 

Animals, domestio, 198. Aptya, dwelling in the 858. 
Animated Being (yaib. waters of air ^ a title Aijnn!, a double hmar 

ikdm), 10, 87, 41. of Trite and a dass of asterism, 266. 

Aniruddha, the oonsort deities, 314, 418; Mf Afka, the Son, 251. 

of Dawn, 204. Trita. Armoor, 816, 996w 

AAfa, the Distributer, Apy&yanam,theprooess Army, personified, 88^: 

anAditya,72. of watering the stalks 89. ^ 

Afifumatt, a mystioal of the Soma plant, Arrows, 969,999. 

ArundhatI; a plant used 

in oharms, 295. 
Aryaman, one of the. 
169,179,178, 268^ 
270, 332. 
tree, Afya(sX 290, 327, 394, ' 
^ 957, 491. 
AnHhAryapaohanlgni, Arbuda, a fiend of Aiyan(s}, 219,918,835, 
fire (w oooking the drought, 84, 409. 997, 950^959,978, 

Sriddha in honour of Arbudi, a serpent-like 985,991. 
the Departed, 102 demon, 84-89. 
note, Arohanlnas, an anoient 

ApiUL,nameof awoman ^ishi, 288. 

healed by Indra, 167. Arohimago, 2iiote. 
Apimiiga, a plant used Areturus, 266 tiols, 
in oharms, eto., 279 ; Ardhaka, a demon slain 

river of the air, 445. 114 
AnuHLdbl,' name of a Ararat, the Indian, 296 

lunar mansion, 266. note, 
Anu(s),atribe,385,425 Ariti, Malignly perso- 

noi€$. nifted, 109, 174. 

Anush^up, one of the Ara^, the name of a 

ohief Yedio metres, hard-wooded 

279. 440. 

A f&pAlas, Guardians of 

A shij h a, mkUune to 
midJuly, 189 aoIc. 


Mf YoL L, Index. by Rudrs, 57. Ash^ski, sightly day 

Apastamba,aoelebrated Ardour, personified, 21, after full moon, 19$ 

writer on ritual, 125. -80. note. 

193. Ard|r4»»lunarasterism,A8ita, Whiter aaerpeni- 

Ape, Vrish&kapi, 428 266. ^ demon, 119. 

note, Aries, the head of a Asmund,.236. 

Apollo, the Greoian Dra- lunar asterism, 267. Ass, figurataTS^ a rival 

gon-slayer,47fief«. Aristotle, 12. > worahipper, 990. 

Apri hymns, 78. Aijuna, grandlsther of — — wOd, 491, 44a 

Apsaras, a oelestial Indm's friend Kutss, Asuntti, spbiUile dei^ 

nymph, 219. 958. • fied, 245.. ^ . , 

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vnmt 0* luMU, no.' 

Ami., Lorl Ood, 81«, Atiritti, » fona o« lWey,«6,7*.M,llS.. 
SM^aiS, 348,401. Som* iMiilto^ 4«. **7.. ^ 

»«,4«,«l. W^ 143, AtiHdmAboMUJMMrfBaodUyM*, »"»•«« 
- 197. tHk »l, 317, p«to« tfi«Kuiiap«, M» •»•»«« T««>hw. 
4S& 436. 411-443. 44J iwtt. 74iio««. 

44r44t o«U|ii.44«»o«.; Bd. modem name of th. 

•^2r«.«-«.2e8.---lort..3»l. ; B^fen-d^h. 363 jjj. 

. jj7^ — _niootli% I8». Benfey. Prol.Th..8»3, 

AfviD^tlMtwinlMnldt Antomw, 108, 188. »84. M*- 

^tD%in^ 18, S3. 30k Awful God, *h^ »«*»«• ^' »^ '"i"'* *^' 
7a.80.»4.14Mft6, 1»0. -„*******"^ iu-i 

161-1^ re*. l«». A«.th..Ag«i«liglit- B«ga«o^ ^ AW. 
178 173. 383, 371. atog, 33«. 1». 378, 3»a, 8«1. 

ni i?! S7i. tvL Ay^ a «id>i. 401. 335. 368. 488. 483. 
SM 308. 318, 3»8, Ayodhy*. 397 m4*. Bhidf., mid-Augort to 
S8s! 391. 437. 488, I70, 111.; • BTtog U- »ld-Sept«ib«i 189 
443 447-461. ing ; » imi»'« bmm } "o<«> 

Atha^a. 10k 84. 47, 884. 339. 376. Bhag^ "JT^i^iS 

^1r!?T3:844.86.. £^^8.89^ 

318. 388. 419. 448. B*ontti«. «3« «<* fj^t n«' iS 

^.fc^Hogh—kW. IWbaja.akl«dclgi«^ !?' IJ J iS iS^ 

^.u!!L..«iU. VR.S79- 116. BU»vit»iUnloniiiiig 

-"^r^ P^^ •lun^-lari.mSee. 

Aite^^«d»pftoil»3L M47. 3^T. . 

unaoL OF VAim^ no. 

BhamU, thn Wanrior, B<^, in the numriage 
Rodns 381. oeremonj repreteuti^ 

Bhiiatay 60 noit. tire of Idtoit wii^ 

Bhava, a God, oompa- 173. 
- nioQ of Budia, 4, 57t Brahnum»ajar;diT]ne 
60, 67. 73, 73, 123, lora ; priarthood; SO, 

189, 130. 

Bheda, a man who re- 
filled to giTO hit 
oow to India, 187. - 

Bhrftja, one of the • 
goaidianeof theee-. 
leetialSoma, 161 noli. 


37, 37, 70-73, 93» 
138, 139, 197, 378, 
880, 881, 898-30Q, 
— ^theDirineEeMnoeb 
Supreme God, 89, 3i', 
83, 138, 139, 169, 

326, 368^ 437. Biahml, Brahman, the 

Bh&takrita% OreatiTe PhenomenalCreator, 

7, 9-11, 33, 34, 38, 
48, 61, 63^ 69, 76, 
76,80^83^ 89,128, 
191,369, 380,881, 
portion of theKonti- Brahmach4ri(aX religi- 

Bh&U^pati, Lotd of 

BhAteohhad, Dealing 

Power, name of a 

pa, 443 Hole. 
Bird, the^ the Son, 147, 

Bkok AnteJope*! ekin, 

63, 69,niO. 
Blaok Bird, 316. 
Bloomfield, Ptof. U., 

846, 346. 
Boar, 100, 439; m 

wad Boar. 
Bodj,diiaolation of the 

homan 184. 

one atodent(aX 68- 
78, 878. 
Brahmacharya, religi- 
ous itudj and edf- 
rtetraint, 70^ 71. 
Brahman(a)r prleet(sX 
48, 66, 68, 103, 107, 
108,117,120, 133- 
186^ 160, 163-166, 
178, '808, 860, 308, 
380383, 360, 381, 
lof the^418. Brfthman(a), 80, 60, 
Bow, 409, 410. 63, 66^ 66, 117, 181- 

Bowl, the ek J, 36. 124, 126-131, 160^ 

Bowla, heaTen and . 163,166,166, 168^ 
earth, 403, 166, 313, 344, 863^ 


890, 393, 893, 3ir, 

318^ S2Q, 410. 
BriLhmana oalled Goda» 

130^ 318. 
Brihmapa, 38, 4Q, 64. 

Brah m t Q at p ati, another 

name of Brihaepati, 

87, 103, 141, 368, 

BrAhmas, Godlike Be- 

ing% 10. 
BrfthmaTtdanat, boiled * 

rioe distributed to 

Breaker-np^ the^ Agni 

of the funend pile^ 

104, loa 
Bridal, Bridi^ Mf Mar- 
riage Oeremooiea. 
Bfihaspati, Lord of 

Prayer, 38-86, 61, 

63^ 166, 169, 171, 

178,180^ 193,197, 

803,206,848, 861, 

Bfihat^ an important 

S&man, 161, 186^ 

188^ 189, 887. 
BrihatI, a Yedio ] 

63, 130, 16(^ 

Bronghton, T. D., 
BcynhiM, 836. 
Bnddhistdoetrine^ pio- 

mulgator of, 186. 


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^^-~~^ » odaiia (obl*- 

B«I1« the ttemig, the 
male, Iii4r»> 331, 
384, 334, 348, 349, 
361, 367, 393» 394, 
399, 407. 

Agni, 136, 801, 

841, 846, 416. 
Ml amalet, 394. 
Bohlte, 137. 

■ ■Merifiee»66, 7a 
. 819, 866. 
) Son, 13S^ 368, 
367, 461. 

«^— the thnndertiolt, 
388, 391. 

^yaniva, 819. 

^ YiiXx%, 47. 

BnUs, prieite, 416. 

BofBter, the, Agni of 

CUur, the Sun, 136^ 
. 139,140,164. 
— ^Agni, 146. 
OUvee, ■onbeftmii^ 164. 
Gunele, 433, 441. • 
Oer, one-hofeeb 487. 
• ■ h ymn, 389. 
GhmiToimM, Agni, 107- 
. ll0^138;iiiOoKpie- 

Gbrpenter, 81 
Outer of the 
ankers of 
Sir . . 


.Oeetee origin of the Cleanier, jthe FMei^ 

four, 863. prieet, 38. 

Castlee, ttioogholdB of Okmd-Ood, 333. 

drought -demone, Colehrooke, 171, 836, 

doad-eastlee, 363, 836, 366. 

401. Comet, 369. 

Ckttle, nye of light, Command, peieonified, 

■anbeami^ 164^ 333, 83. 

403. Coniarreatio, 170. 

— — strenmi of imfai. Conqueror, a pereonifi- ^ 

399,401. oation,86. 

aittle-raiding,S94,434.Conseomtion, 93, 198. 
QKf% oloud thatimpri- Coneorts of Gods, 74, 

■ons the rain, 384. 364. 
Celeettal Tribes, the Constelktions, 198^ 366* 

Gods, 9. — — perronified, 73. 

Chaitm, mid-MMoh to Cmisumptaon, 13, 103, 

mid.April, 188. 104, 178, 183, 394- 

ChakMTika, a bird,the 397, 410. 

Chakwl, 181. Corpse^ter,fnneinlfirs, 

Chak^us, Visioo, 306. 103, 104, 107, 110. 
ChakwA, Chakwt, 181 Corpus Poetioum Bo- 

note. roale, 363. 

Chandim, the Moon, 43, Cough, 69. 

86, 899. Couiser, 'single, of the 

Chandramis^ Chandra- Sun, 163. 

mas, the Moon, 78, Cousin -ri^aV enemy, 

90,878. \%mU. 

Charu, amess of boiled Cow, Dawn, 140. ^ 

rioe; a caldron; 63, Pylfni, 373. 

360. . ——sunlight, 403. 

Ohhindogya-Upani- «— — the saored, repre- 

ihad, 38. ssnting bright hei^ 

OhiuA, the name, of % Ten, 46^0. 

lunar a8terism> 866. <«-^the sacrificial, 43- 
: Chnmnii, \ demon, 46, 831. 

36a I —of Plenty, 66, 861. 

Cioerob 18.. . ^ . i— symbol of bounty. 

Citron-wood, 88. ': 396, 399. . : 

niBBX or VAioa, no. 


138, 149, 166, 164, 

178, 187, 304, 831. 

833. ^1. 339, 340, 

366, 366, 373, 873, 

304, 308, 387, 331, 

344, 366, 367, 391, 

394, 419, 449, 460. 

Cow, the Sun!, 348. Dadhikr.*, verse addres- Dawn(sX 8, 34, 38, 39, 

— »the Bcihman's, sed toDadhikiiTan, 73, 133, 136^ 137, 

130-131. 464 note. 

Cow-killer, 186. Dadhyach, 863 noK. 

'. « a distfaiguish- Daityas, fiends, 16. 

ed guest, 136 wU. Daksha, 187, 166, 319, 
Cow-kiUing, 136. 366, 367. 

Cowell, Plnof. E. B., Dakshipa, southern sa- 

369,374,446. orifioial fire, 347, 381. 

Cows, rays of light, 99, DakshipA, 77, 141, 198, Dawn,' Lord of, Consort 

389, 337, 346, 403, 374, 443 lu^ of Ushas, 804. 

403. Dames, wives of Gods, Day, 8, 73, 166, 803, 

— giTon of abund- 74,371,30,364,433. 307, 306, 308, 313. 

snoe, 301. •>— -wateri, 63, 336. Day and Night, 37, 34, 

-waters, 399. Dawns, f!^ 36, 38, 78, 147, 191. 

waters mixed with Damsel% Day and Night, 199, 307, 316, 317, 

Soma juice, 430. ' 37. 367. 

Cowstall,theplaoewheroD&naTas, demons, 33. Death, 49, 66, 70^ 71, 

Somaispresed, 816. Dancing, 99, 106. 
Creation,I«ofdof; 31, 64.D4nus, fiends, 418. 
—— Lords o( 143. Dftrbba,akindofgra8s, 
Creation-myth, Indian, 14, 10, 74, 386-387, 

368. 389^391, 319. 

——Scandinavian, 363. Darvi, 16, 66. 

CreaUve ^is, 99, DA8a(sX 836, 386, 360, Deer, spotted, steeds of 

348, 360^ 376, 367, 868, 418, 431. the Ifaruts, imin 

'Creator, the, 8, 9, 37, D&sa colour, 86Q no^r plouds, 38L 

81, 164, 191, 316. Da^agva, 378. Defeat, personified, 804. 

Crow, bird of ill omen, D4s^ 118, 131.- • Delhi, 363. 

113,316. Dufopasi, i^ kind of Deluge^ legend of a, 

snake, 17. 396. 

DABBtn^ a prot^ of Dasyu(s), 34, 98, 331, Demiurgi, orsative ^ 

Indra and the Af- 603, 337,.338, 389, shis, 376 woU. 

vins, 368. 346, 361, 368, 363^ Deshtit,4iT|i»eInstrao- 

Padhtcha, 363 fiefs. 378,494. tross, 48, 66. 

DadhikiAs, 363 iwU. Da^yMkyer, Indnir Desire, 61, 861, 300. 

DadhikriLvan, personi- 394. Destiny, 119, 130. 

• .fication of morning Daughter «milk-|naid, Pestrp^ei^ thsb Agni ol 

Sun; 444.. . . 443iielrr -tlie{onenlpae^l04. . 

107, 136, 138, 304, 
318, 346, 369. 
Deaths^ one hundred- 
' and one modes 0^74. 
Decline, 131, 410. 

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nroiz or y Aim, no. 

Dtttniotioii, penoDi- DtrghataniM, a oelebfrnt-Dashikaa, a olaai of go- 

fied, 5S, 113» 174, ad ^uM^ 448. bliiit, 305. 

804, 3ie, 411; 412. DiHipp6MmDoe,penoni- Diitt, K Ch.rl80,wl40. 
Deranitlia.Godi'Oifor- fied, S04. Daly, 86. 

ing^ oMiie of a por- Distaiioa of liaaTOD Djaua, HoaTonperwrni- 

tkm of the &imtipa from earU^ S7. Aed, 304, 352, 401, 

' Seetioo of the A. V., Dierributer, the, At^ 402,408 ;«MHeaTeii. 

442 note. anAditya,72. 

I>eTaiihi,adiTiiie9Mbi»I>iti, an abetniotioii, Eagli, 100. 

122 nol€. the aDtithesIa of the Sun, 144^ 147, 

Derae, Bright Beings Aditi, 57, 61, 191, 148, 202, 256» 319. 

God% 436 noU. 199, 444. 

Defotion, 27, 156, 185, DivodAsa, name of a 

188,190,197,206,208. Uberal prince, oaUed 

Begent of, 151. alw> Atithigva, 339 

Dewy f roete, 98. noU. 

monthe, 189. Domestic animala, 189. j 

Dhartar, theSupporter, Dra, a word of onknown 

India, 316. meaning, 75. 

Dhatar, the Creator, Dragon, the^ Ahi or — Consortof Agni, 168. 

24, 80, 81, 87, 165, Vritra,349,351,354, India, 94. 

409. East, the^ direction to 

—of the Deep, Ahi- which sacrificers 
budhnja, an atmcie- torn. 111. 

Earth, 13^ 2o, 29, 32, 
49, 5«, 73, 75, 93- 
102, 136, 141, 143, 
157, 168, 182, 190, 
193, 198, 203, 230, 
231, 234, 240, 241, 
243, 256, 263» 278, 
316, 394. 

. 166, 170,^173, 224, 

DliaTa, name of a flower> 
ipg tree, 440. 

pheric deity, 272ao<e. Eclipse, 142, 143. 
DhruTi a large saeri- Dragon-fights, 47 note. Caasinr(s) of, 269, 

fioial bdlsb 248. DrsTipmUs, Dravi^o^ 319. 
Dhoni, name of a de- das, Wealth-Giver, a Eggeling, Dr. J., 56. 

moo, 358. tide of Agni, 322, Ehni, Dr. J., 171, 218, 

Dice, 119, 292. 381. 310. 

Dikshi, a eooseerating Dream, 315. Eight-wheeled chariot 

rite^ 77, 9^ 180, 194, Dreamer the Spirit of oftheSan,67. 
- S^ ^9- ' eril, 412. Ekiha, a one-day saori- 

DiUt, the Hindi name Drink of life, 145 ^m^ fice, 77. 

of Dehli, orDelhi. Amrit. ^ Elephant(sX 5, 370, 440. 

862 mHt. Drah(s), femalespirit<s) Empyrean, th^ 134, 136. 

Dire^, litutioal, 7a of mischief 205, 275. Endceing-stioks, 140. 
Director, the directing Dnihynsatribe^385iiotfffEkicompasser, the,ya. 
.Pri^:316. Dneesa^ 1 mU.^ mpa, 146. V . 

mmr or kaukb, ma. 


Ender, the. Death, 204. 

Enigma, 146, 147. 

Enigmatical Yereea, 
nameof a portion of 
the KunUpa, 441 

Eros, 261, 309 noecf. 
Erotica, Ahanasya Yet- 

see, name of apor- 

taon of the Kontlpa, 

Etasa, 179, 355. 
Evil-eyed, 174. 
Evil spirits thatrbeeet 

women, 411, 412. 
Ezaminers, the stan, 

Ezoroism, 411, 412. 
Expanses, the six, 78, 

Ezposuro of corpses, 

—of the aged, 232. 
Eye, formed from the 

Sun, 83. 
' returns at death 

to the Son, 228. 
— ofMitra, Yarupa, 

and Agni, the Sun, 
• 419. 
— ^the eril, 301» 

Fame, 187. Fin, 28, 7a 

Father, theOreat,Brsh- —and water at Roman 

mA, 191. marriages, 175. 
-Dyaus, Heaven, —the householder'^ 

78, 103, 352. 194, 248. 

-— Indrs, 399, 416, —funeral, sm Funeral 

423. fire. 
Brihaspati, 191, -^— - religions fer^ 

^1- vour, 311. 

Fathers, Manes, Spirits Fire^rill, 145, 

of the Departed, 3, Rro-kindler, 316. 

18, 25, 43, 46, 49, Fire-priest, 419 naU. 

52,55, 56, 68, 73- Firo obUtton^ 77. 

75, 79, 87, 10^ 1<>7, Fires, the three sacrifi- 

109,112, 117, 124, cial,191, 249. 

160, 168, 175, 182,.Vwithinthewaters,202. 

183, 194-196, 218, —within the w»ters of ^ 

223234. 237, 238, the earth, 98. 

240-245, 2 17, 252- Firmament, 198. 

254, 256-258, 26Q, personified. 73, 203. 

First Cause of creation. 

Faith, 26, 77, 156, 
186, 191, 192, 198. 
'Falcon, bringer of 

Soma, 219. 
Falsehood, the sin of , 

-^— « wickedness, 402. 

314, 333. 

Fervour, roligious, 26, 37 
32, 33, 35, 55, 68- Five Bace^ TribesL 
71, 80, 93, 118, 127, Peoples, 95, 99, 255 
135, 156, 185, 229^ 237, 257, 373, 385^ 
230, 298, 320. 891, 425, 447, 449. 

Fever, 59, 60, 66, 293, Five regions, 150. 
3^7- • Five^ivisioned, num. 

Fetter, band attached 112. 
to the foot of a corpse^Five-hofsed car of the 
106. Sun, 36. 

Field, Lord of the, Eu- FleshWter, Agni of the 
dra or Agni, 451. funeral pjle, 90, 108, 

Fiend-slayer, Indrs, 47. 129, 131 ; MsOctpee- 

Filter, through which eater. 

the Soma juice runs, Flood, Lady of the, an 
255,316,373. . Apsaias, 219. 

Finisher, th% De^th, Food, personified, SO 
369. * note, 119. • . 

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Digitized by 



FoodeM^ tba Sua, aa. 


Fom, Child of, Agiii» 
415; m Straogtbr 
Son of. 

Foftof Godt»of BrAhiiMi 

* UiehiiiQMibody, 10. 

Forfet of AborigiiMt, 

..^of iron* 314. 

Foiirfegioiia» 101, 211. 

^BMtMi 342. 


.--^waten, 160. 

Fonr-footod, AlUrf, 

Friend. tlM^lfitn, 222. 

Fkog» ambleiii of oool- 

Fuel deified, 2a 
Fanend oeremoiiiei, 

105-110. 225-258. 

fii«. 10M04, 108, 

. 110,201. 


CkmbliDg, 118, 

CtodbarfA, tlie, ftoeke- 

tial Geniw ekeely 

^eonneeled wHIi Uie 



137, 171.173, 177, 

I^Midhervl, a oyp^ 
c. ekia to ChndhMrfMb 

818. . 

imMDc OP lumab no» 

GkllapatJl^ a hovM' 

bolder's wettMm sa- 

ored file. 108, 191, 

247-249. 981. 
Q&thA, Song penoni- 

CMUhis. traditional 

iongt. 48. 191. 
Qaufa* Boe Oawm, 

wild bnU. 340 imX«. 
GaTftmayana. a yeai^ 

long Somaoerfmonj, 

77 note. 
Gijatri, one of the 

ohief Vedio metrea; 

a ipeelally laered 

Teree in that metre; 


279. 354. 
Geldner. Prof..l5,181. 

Oenesia. the Book of, 

94. • 
Genii, 73. 74. 
Ghfiticht. a ipeelet of 

make, 17. 
Gbritam. elarified but- 
ter, 198. 229 aotef. 
Goad, a itimnla ti n g 

hjaKn,408. ^ 
Goat, MMvifiokJ, 228 

GodrSnpionie, 14. ^ 
Godlnami an e eiential 
oeffBony, 138 mU, 
Qode, Do^M, Biiglit 

Gods of earth, air. hea- 

Ten. 73, 285. 315. 
——not originally im-. 

mortal, 242 RoK. 
-'-^namberof the, 28, 

.—parents of the, 

— prieetiofthe.248. 

— »riatenofthe.206. 
^~^ ooneorUof the,74, 

•*«-^welling-plaoee of 

the^ 267 fio(«. 
Goddeee. Cow. 43, 44. 
U. Earth, 99. 101, 
.— Dawn. 419, 449. 

of mom, 39. 

178, 202. 269. 
Gold, 99. 166, 185, 

239. 255, 283-285, 

315, 351, 374, 443, 

446, 439. 

flight, 55, 118. 

«~.«prieats'feer 43, 

Golden Eagl% the Son, ^ 

— — thonderitolt, 388.^ 
GddeiMokNiied, . the, 

Gold-hned, theb the 

Son, 37, 
Goldstfioker, Fkot Th., 


mm pp triioEi, «ia 


Cfot^ a 9Uhi, 238, HaYia. eaorificial fbod, Rilli. peraonffifd, 7X 
aSZ ^^ obUtiod.808. Him4layi^296,30a 

wotama% 356. Heart, region <A, ten Hindu, 9a 

GrAhi^ a murderont fe- flngert wii-e^ 262. Hi^^>yaga^bha, Geim 
malefiend, 108, 114, Heave^ personified, 20, olGo3enLittht.lW 
203.205,206.303. 49.73.75,101,102. Jlpatl. 19,15.58 

n : ^ ^ .. ^*^ ^^^' ^^^ ^^ H<ae,dfawingthnmgha. 

qfMpingde»on,Gfihl, 255,278,303,304, ^00^^21^187 

^**1- 352.367.451. Holy fieinge, 87. 

48. 254, 427. 433 iioce. . — ^Though^ 272l 

Qranmann. Prof. H., Heaven and Earth, Homer, 167, 178, 81JL 
41, 333, 391, 407, pereonifled, 61, 63, Homeetead,God^thi^ 
134, 178, 207, 820, igni, 55. 
221, 258. 270, 271, Hooey, 829, 247. 
874-276. 978, 279. Honey-wfaip, 30. 
352. 403, 405.^419, Hopkine, Matthew, %. 
422. Hoiaoeb4. 

Heaven-Earthiaaadoal Hmo. aaerifioe, 76. 
Deity, 169. Horsestealing, 808. 

254. Beayfii. the thiidTaolt Horses, of the Maiot^^ 
I>»k- of, 247. 445. 

Heavens, thre^ 26, 42, — of Vkyo, 100. 439. 
152. 233. Hotar, one ol theohlel 

Hell, 12, 435 noiis. priests. 45. 4^ 197. 

Balp-mowiw 79, 191, Hemp. 74. 221. 250. 298, 380^' 

?<>^v Heniy, M. Victor, 133- 381,391. 

HaAsa. the Son, 37, 136. 140, 142. 145, Hotars. the Poor. 78. 

67. 148, 152. . 149.150,153,155.158. the twp CelestiaL 

HariknikA, HtUe Uy Herald, the. Agni, 414. 316/ ^ 

mare, 438, 439. Herdsman, the, Agni, Hoond, 429. 

Hasta.nameof alonar 202. Hooae-Lpid, Agni. 56u 

asterism. 266. the Son. 143. 414. 

Haog. Prof. BC.. 28. 37. Heroes, the Marots. 445. Hooseholdei^s aaerod 
98. 125. 13^ 149. Herriok. 174. fiv^ 381 : sm GIrha* 

151. 154, 291, 319. Herverar Saga, 147. patya. 

Havirdh&nas, Soma Highest, the, 150. Homani^,p^r8onified,8. 
oarts or barrows, 98, }{Ulebrandt. Prof. ^ 9oiidiodohiefc,Maroiat* 
,177, 241. 71, 82, 113, 231, • 391, 39<. ; 

•31 .-.'-•'• • •'. ' 

Great ^ishis, 76. 
Gregory, St., 11 
GriU, Dr., 283. 
Goardiao Grace, 39. 
Godron, 236 aoic 
Goerdon, priesU' fee, 

77, 280. 251. 

274. 278 ;fM 

OonnhiM. 236 iieCf. 

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IHDBS or VAinH, Eir. 

Himdrad Mitomms n- aUyof thffKshatrijM, lr\, Reercati<m p«ri9> 
tmml dnntkn of 4, 15» 14, 16-18^ 21, nified, 187 
Iiiiiiumlife^l05,169| 28, 32, 4042, 40^ Iraoiaus, 232. 
172, «33, 2W, 282, 65, 71, 72, 7ft, 76, Iron. 316, 319, 347. ' 
319, 411. 80, 81, 84, 8ft, 87- U^ Power, a erentit^ 

— :wiiiteni;ditlo^ia6, 91, 91, 94, 99« 109, abBtiiiuJtion, 82. 
313, 377, 411, 427. 110, li», Il9, 133, ffilna. Lord, RoleiV » 

-'^— ^ng«,ditUH411. 13ft, 13«. 141, 142, nrnmeof Radm, 189, 

jeM. ditto, 411. 132, lft4, 138, 163, 190, 197. 

HundrwlMd'aM ' 166, 167, 178, 179, ItiiOM, lagendMy i«. 
dMtlii,74 186, 187, 193, 19ft, oords, 19L 

Hnndrad Pdw«n, Lord 196, 201, 209-211, 
or(SaUkim»ii),liMli«t <32, 224, 229, 238- jAOATtjOaeoftheobief 
337, 342, Hi, 383. 240, 243, 244, 246, Yedio metra, 279. 

Hnndradfold OUatioii,- 2ftft, r61, 263^ 268, jMnAdagni, an anoiaiit 
4344. 270, 271, 273-279, fUshi, 238. ' 

HttDdredliaifodAimf. 281-283, 287, 288, JanakaliMi VenM, a 
let, 294. 293, 298, 299, 302, ' portioa of the Hon-' 

Hiiiidf«d4iYed Obkp 303, 320432, 434, Upa Seotioii of tbo 
Hoo, 411. 436, 437, 443. A. V., 436 note. 

Huntings 42^. Indra,fath6raBdnothef JiutgSda,aplantortrco 

Hjena, 100. of, HeaTeoandEBrUi, used in elianns, 291- 

403. 293. 

I^ a Ooddeea of dero^ -— mothen of, 406. J&Uyedas, Knower of 

• tion, 81, 191, 231. — - « King, 281. ' beings, Omnitoient, a 

IkaliTAkil, a famooa — -diabelieVen fn, 350. title of Agni, 13, 26, 
King of the Solar Indra-Agni, ae a dual ftl, ft2, ftft, 103, 13ft» 
dynaety, 297. deity, 138, 169, 207, 136, 220, 211, 227, 

ImmorUUtjinfaeaiM, 276, 279. 228, 242, 247, 249, 

232, 318^ 345; fM Indra-gflthAs, eonge ia 236, 260, 276, 301, 
Falhen. honour of Indra, 436. 318,319,3291 

— — g itm hy Indr&9t,Indra't eontort, Janndiee^ 300, 

Soma, 117. 176, 191, 428432. Jirala, J iTidA, VtTlfier, 

— — inehildrMi, 36. Indo, Soma, 244, 2ftft, names of two plants 

ladigtfkies, 38ft nols. 409,440. ' or two speoiea of 

*Iv8^, Greek name of Indos, 93. plants, 296. 

the Sindhu, 93. . Initiation, 6a Job^ the Book of, 47* 

ladra, Tatelaiy Ood of Intention, personified, Juhn, saerifieia) ladle, 
the iijans, sspeei- 261. 248^ 234. 


I50RX CT NAlllS,.RTa 


JtfjnH or Ber tree^ Karikrata, species of Kiiie.hei(TeiMaiidearths^ 

4ft3. snake, 16. 406. 

Jnmiia, 445. Karma, a^tion^ 80. . King^ Yantva, 21, ^\ 

Jupitef^ 333. Klrttika^ mid-October 72, 207, 2^, 257,' 

Jyesbtha, mid^Ktay to tomid-NoTemher,189. 274,279,983. 
* mid-Jdne, 189. Kasar^tla, a TenouKms •' — Ysma, 224, 226^ 

Jjreshthi, the name of serpent, 1ft, 17. 227, 233, 246, 260^ 

alunarasterism,266.' Kasyapa, an aneient 233. 
Jyesh^haghn', another Rishi, 57, 61, 13 1, 

name of the same 2i 3, 238, 811. 

asterism, 266 nelsi Kafyapas, 137. 

Kaurama, king of tho 
Kabbu, mcianing un- Rusamas, 433. 

known, 61. Kauravya, Kauravyan, 

KakshV&n^ an ancient 

$tshi, 2n8, 248. 

281, 282. 
■ good gof emBMBt 

of a, 433, 434. 
Kings the t«i eonlSt^ 
descendant of ^nm, Kinfoka, Batea fn»t 
434. dosaino. 

Kakiip,ametreof8-i-l2Kaufika43AtnM 19, 4fi, Kirata(sX a barbaiow 
^8sylUbles,136. 142. - race, 16. - 

K&la, Time peitenified, Kavi, fathei^of UfanI, Kirrhaiiae, Axrian*a 
148; 809-312. 393. name for Kiriilai^ 

Kalis, a class of mythi- Kirya, son of Kari^ 16 note, 
oaldice-lovingbeings, U^anft, 3l3, 393. Klfiptis^ Orientations^ 
*7- KAvyas, 224. name of a portion of 

Ka]m&9hagr!Ta,iiayiog Kelly (Folk-tore), 167. the Kontipa, 435 
a dark-spotted o^k, Keto, the l>nigon'stail, na^^ 
name of a serpent- 269 n^ Kra^ld, doipso-eater, 

like demon, 120^ ^hadirs. Acacia Gkte- Agni of the fbneial 

tkaiM. Desinf penoni- chii, 22, 24,99,1<0, i^e, lOi, 108; ess 
lied, 6l, 124, 204, 440. FSineral fin. 

261, 309. . Kimtdins, a elass ct Kp'pa, the aam of a 

Kapra, an ancient demons, 166, prince 420w 

$ishi, 238; 368^ 4^3, Kindler, the pHset w^ Kriflnn^ a gaaidias of 
447, 419. Ugbu tbe sadHfidaJ the 

kio^»r 448. 3r^ 321, 381 ; see 161 1 

Kapvas, 326, 33ft, ai74, Agkf^dh. Kritfapa, a d«niNi» 445, 

42ft, 44(t. Kine, lain eloua^ 310^ 446. y 

Kapi, Ape, Yrialb'tkapi, 403. l^rittikiiu^ Hdades^ 

429. itrsamsofrainand a ln»tf m ansion^ 266. 

Karaoja, a demon, 339. light, 384, 38^ 401 tt^ Witchenll^ 1^ 

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tif»n OF HiMBS, vre. 

• the prinotlj ormili- 
I tai7 oidert 48» 128, 

180, 191 
Knmbbtkai, a okn of 

• dcmooib 105. 

ofaniAii» Z2S. 
XonUpis ft Metioii of 

Wth*^*^"*! iojr«ttj, 198. Law, liAtoiml order of Megedha, South Behajv 
Xshatrij% % neo of the Univene, 88, 63, 186. 

98, 159; 891, 889, MAgadha, a profeedon- 
817, 148^ 869, 876, al minstrel, 186. 
878^ 401, 407, 408» Magh4, a lanar mao- 
446« iioii, 163, 366. 

iof,lDdra,446, MAgha, mid -Januaiy to 

rifioe, 488. mid-Febniarj, 189. 

Lead, need ae aehaniii MaghaTan, Bounteous 

101, 105, Ua Loid,atiUe of India, 

Book XX. of the A. Leopard, 806. pauim. 

y.,488. Ufe,Lordof,Pntj4patl, MaghaTans, wealthy 

Knrlim, a speoies of 14,8137,89,68,49, householders^patrons 

metre, 161. 811. of8acrifioe8,351»ote.' 

Kuru, aa anoientldng^ Lightnings pevKmified, Magio of fiends, 898. . 

484 noii. 188. hymns, 79. 

Knmhshetrs, a district Lights, the three, '83. \ spells, 369. 

in N.-W. India, 363. Like to like, dissolution Msgioians, 384. 
Knsa grm^ 74, 285, of the body, 83a Mahlbhiiata, 437, 448. 
489. Lion, 100, 306, 403. MabAdeva, Gi^at God, 

Knshfha, a medicinal Little Red Riding-hood, Radra,128,154, 186^ 

plant, 89<^397, 315. 156. 190. 

Xufika% descendants Lokapilas, Guardians Mah&n4mn!, name of 
ofKufikaaudYisvl- of the Quarters, 40. certain SimaTcda 
mitra, 843. Lord Supreme, Agni, 30. verses, 76. 

Kntsa, a favourite of Lord of Riches, lndra,47.Mahnrshi8, Great 9i8hi% 

India, 889, 858, 893. Lotus flower, the body 76, 80, 81. 
Ko?itsa» according to' of man, 41, 151. Mablrrata,' part of a 
84yana a man's Love, Kima, 809. year-long Soma sacri- 

namcb 894. Ludna, 174. flee, 76. 

Knyikva, Harvest-spoil- LunarMan8ion,265-367.Mah4yama, Great Yama, 
' er, a drought-fiend, LudwigsProf.A.|Mmsi. 154. 

858. Mahendra, Gnat tndra» 

IfAODOKKiii; Pnor. A. 154,155,311. 
Lani Hivdked, 71 A., 854. ' Maht, a Goddess <a de- 

Lampa8S,i88» 439 iro<ei.lfadhukaf I, honey-whip, votion, 81. 
LaQga«get»H»ic^ 100. . 80 ncie. Hahidhara, a famous 

Laaghter, jenbiified, lladhnvidyA,know1edge CommenUtor, 5^ 
"^'^ ' '^' of Soma, 868 ncft. 363, 364, 874. 


.nrmEz or kamrs, wo. 


Mahttuki, a ftiame of 

the sacred Cow, 46. 

Maids, Dawn andNight, 

Male, the Primeval, 34. 
Malignity, personified, 
13, 108, 109, 118, 
137. 158, 174, 175. 
MamatI, an ancient 
Man, the first, 315 

——Primeval, 6, 34, 

—Soul of the Uni. 

verse, 363. 
•— *the making of, 81* 

■' ■ a saorificialvictim, 

——the only naked 

animal, 118. 
Man, Isle of, match- 
. maker in, 181, 163 
. MapfdrikA, abusive 
« name of soine female, 
Mane% 103, 107, 134, 
160, 196, 356, 357; 
•H Fathers. 
Manning, Mrs., 98. 
Manntts, 98 nete. 
Mantra, 311 
Manu, ^8, 148, .178, 
851, 396* 397, 876, 
•^— Law Code ascribed 
U^ 81. 

Manyu, Passion, Ar- Measurer of time^ the 

dour, personified. Moon, 78. 

31, 80, 197. Medh&tithi, a ^ishl. 

Mare, speckled, Dawn, 371. 

137. MedUtor, Agid. 4U 

Marriage,^ ceremonies nole. 

of, 161—183. Meeting, 191 
Upholder of, Dhi- Merit, 344. 

tw. 1T3. Metres, 854. 

Maruts, StormGods, Middle Air, personified. 

48. 55, 56, 87, 115, 101. 

183, 153, 155, 165, Might, personified, ^ 

169, 195, 330, 340^ oht, 376. 

369, 371, 873, 374, Milk-msids i* daughter^, 

377,303,331, 329, 438. 

844, 861, 364, 866, MUton, 391. 

877,880, 383, 884, Mind, 30^ 187, 188^ 195. 

891, 393, 403, 404, « — ^Masterofthe^spirit 

413, 417, 481, 437, of evU dreams, 411 

430,445. Mischief, personified,!! 

Massagetae, cruel cue- Misery, personified, 304. 

tom of tiie, 331 Misfortune, 100, 101 
M4tali,nameof Indra's MisUaud Fogs, p«no» 

charioteer, 334 uMi. nified, 88. 
MAtall, a divine being, Mitra, 16, 30^ 73^ 87, 

75,334. 134,187, 14M51, 

Mltari?van, Wind, 36, 179, 187, 316, 83^ 

41, 45, $$, 70, 100, 888, 369, 371, 874, 

153, 169, 186^ 805^ 

878, 806, 816, 417. 
419, 436. 

MitarifvarX apparent- MitmrYaruva, IS, 64^ 

ly rivers, 411 . 188, 14^ 169, 804, 

Matchmaker, 181, 181 307. 
M&tsya, King of the Mizt Oblatico% 851 ^ 

Mktfljas. Monier-WiUiamib Sir 

Mat^as, a people in , M., 365,. 811 

Korth India. :. Month, intercalary, 85, 

Measureroftheregiod,, ,^51. 

Agni, 4L. : . jiiooth% 35, 74t 79, 807. 

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486 nnNix or NAiim, bto. 

Mood, 13, tO, Se, S8, Kada, the flnof oHm- Nigbt«adMoniliig»889 
32. 37, 38| 66, 70, qnial oblatknia, 102, noig, 
73^70.113,137,151, 103. Nflanalihna, haTing 

166. 160, 161, 164, NagftDAm, of onknowii bUok dawa, the fan^ 
100^131)^ 199,322, meaning. 296. eif nl nama of oerUin 

258^ 263, 263r 267, Naghlrisba, of unknown hymn* of tbo A. V., 

• 369,278^284, 283, meaning, 296. 279. 

399,362, 45a Nahu«baB.apeople,357. Nine^ tbe^ Naregra^, 

^New, 187, 198, 199. NaUeliairM, lunar man- 226 ao/<. 

.:— Fall,187,198,199. tioni, 160, 265-267. easke, 155. 

Mornings 204. 219.350. Nam?, the name of a -^ — earths, 78. 
IIbniingi^213,220,22i, man, 339. _Ooeaue of air, 78^ 

241 Kamnehi, HoM-lut, a skiee, 78. 

Hotbenb HeaTon and droaght-fiend, 339, supporte. 155. 

Eerth, 419. 346, 358, 428, 446. —-HXMnpanioDe. bride- 

Hoiintain%penoiii3ed, Nanne, 236 noU, groom's friende, 170, 

271. Nirada, a divine ftiihi, Kine-portalled, the 

Geotns oi; 357. 122, 123, 126. human body, 41. 

• — • €load% 351, NarlfeAea, Praiee of Ninel^, need indefinite* 

36Q, 362. Men, a title of Agni^ ly, 3. 

Ifoomen, female at 160,265-267. Ninety-nine etrong- 

fnneials, 13^ NlrftaaAst(e), songe in holds, 325. 

Iffigsfinsb a loaav ae- prsise of heroes, 161, Nirfiti, Destruction, 56, 

terism* 266. 191. 82. 174, 175, 204, 

Mrltyq, Death, 106- KAsa^ras, a title of the 206, 240, 300, 302. 

• 107, 119, 120, ISO, AfTins, 28, 447*449, ^NishMas, faidigenons 
813, 331, 369, 279, 451. barbarians, 385 fiofs. ' 
il! 3. . Nanbandhana, the Ara- Nish^i - Diti,aeooiding 

Miola, faasna firs, ' lat of the Hindus, 896. to Slyapa, 444 noes. 
SOI. Nandhasa, an important Nishtigr?, a name of 

84man, 188, 189. Aditi,Indn'e mother, 

NaTsgvss, a mythical 444. 

prieetly rsee, 226, KiTids, hymns of iutop 
MUei;, P^ f. }L, 239, 856. ^ cation, 78. 

pamim. Nldbansm, the finale Nodhas, a fishi, 355, 

MttsicTio^liile, 404, ofa8&maa,77. 356. 

Kight, 34, 73, 154, Nyarbndl, a demonol 
156, 159, 273, 303- the sir, 84, 85, 87r 

If air. Dr. I 



* k '^ 


Korthem regico, 112. 

IXDU OF HAiin^ no. 


OciAX, 272, 278, 386, P^isa, a tn^, Butea fttf^ the ButeaFioo. 
414,416, Frondoea, 99, 254. doea, 254. 

of air, 394. PWohaudans, offered IVyaya, ademon, 339. 

Oceans, four, 284. with a fivefdd mees Ptofo, Rib^ daughter 

Odanm(s), mess(es) of of b<Mled rice^ 42, of Menu or Man, «2. 
Uilodrice, 42, 54, 54 iiofes. Ptoichclihqia, a Vedio 

96, 61-64, 111, 114, Pa^d(sX malerolent de- Rishi, 380, 387, 390^ 
1 15, 1 18, 120. mons, 302, 343, 402. Fkssion, penonified, 

Oedipus, 146 note. TkHkUJ^ composed of 21, 197. 
Omnific, Vifvakannan, &wo pails, man, 112 P^upati,Loidof Beasts^ 
' 101, 135, 277, 316. note. : esorifioialTictims,60t 

-^ — Indrs,386. FsAkti, asetof fire^a 190,196. - . 

OKI, the DiViueSelf, 29. metre; 119, 136, 140, P^ur^amlsf. night of 
One.alonctlic,155,146. 150. fuU moon, 198 jio«iw 

One Deity, 154. Ftaanesh(hin» the Su- Fkuisha, mid-December 

One^y sacrifice, 77. preme Being, 9, 20, to mid Januaiy, 189. 
One-footed, the, the 29, 69, 118, 134, P^Tamlna, Wind per- 
Sun, 134, 272. 116, 137, I5jrt. 191, sonified; a title of 

Ordiiincr, 106, 154. 197,311. Agni; 10, 41, J86, 

Order, cosmic, 93-95, Fsranymphs, 80. 199, 211. 

151, 152, 159, 163, P&iaskara^3ril»ya^&tia,Pivamlna,diie toSona 
311, 213, 221, 332. 201. Payamtoa, 76. 

^-^Son o^ Pmjipati; Ptour^ perbape wild P&Tai»4nt, a verse bt 
^^'* ass ; para$mmkmf honour of Soma Pb^ 

*— •MTifice, 216, 241, accusative esse^ 43L iramlna, 320, 454. . 
440 fioiM. Pearl 333; . 

Parents, the^ VeaTon Padu, a piot^ of th^ 
and EsrUs 231. Afvins, 15, 1(6. . - 

F^uMhiaitlokfrenclde- Pestle, 113. 
ills' the sacrificial PMerson, Pto^ P., 328^ 
dre^ 140; 264. 350, 351« 

P^rikshi^aMbevalSiuftPhAIguna, mid-Febm: . 
Paipta, Fedu'k hone, 434. ' aiy to mi4-Maieh» 

1.3, 16. PiMia»y», €k)d of the 189; 

Pisjrs, name of an an. Bain^Umd, 8, 16, Pbalgunis, part ct- % 
cient9Jsbi,448iiola 46, 65, 711^ 9^ 99^ double Nakshatia^ 
nkflyajnss,sim^6do- 271,287,446. 162,266. 

ittssticsaGrmcee, 440 Pitijtaya'e wife, Pfithh Physicians, the Afnns^ 
^«tEwth,W. ^,447,449x* 

351, 446, 
Other Folk, spiriU of 

darknees, 86, 8a 
Oi, India, 109w . 
Oxen of Nighf schariet, 

ihe Stan, 307; 

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iftDn or MAinit wn. 

paii,aiqpMiMof tvK 

PillllllAt}» UIM of ft 

- Pl94ftpltrij*Jfia, gftat 

ill, 213, 849, 861» FrkUka, a iiulpent^*. 
S68» S69, f7r-S79, mon, 119. «. 
881 , 803, 81 1. PriMthood, penonified, 

Fkmj4pfttiibtlietan,148 198. 

ti. Prie«ti» oftUed Godit 

Fkmkrt, a oerUln Somia 846. 
MrifiM» 77. -^^liUriaity to, 488. 

. ttdOthlj MMitteml PvAfA, BvMLth, Vital PriuMTil Man 6, 84, 
■emoe, 888 *Mi, Spirit u a daitj, 84- 19);Embodiadtpirilb 

Piadlir, 839, 68,188,187,197. 863^864. 

PS|ieha(«)* deoKNi(t), Prtpa^ tlia taond Pri^adijya, a tpaoklad 
100, 1 18, 1 1 7, 880. syllable OH, 841 noU. or iprisiUad butt«r 
^UM. Pkot, 888,180. PMfitM, the Bntlmiaii'e oblation, 90 nou. 
PiyiOn^aolanof de- portlo^of Havie, Prishitakt, the bride'a 

mona, 808. 808 noU. garment, 179. 

Hants, penonified, 80^ Pvaaka^ra, k Yedie Prifni, mother ol the 
180,877. $isy,888,826,868. ^ Manati, 138, 188i 

«*-«KiQgo(,8oliia|888Pratlh4ra,thereeponae 278. 
. nelf. in ehanting, 77. Pfish^akudoonsiat- 

PWiadei, 888 mU. Pkmttpa, a prinee, 808. ing of 84mant, 04. 
Pl«itjr,p«iSoiii8ed,870.Pkatiah^ the name Pfitht, the^name of # 
Pliny, 98. ofaS&man. King, Ua 

MygMny, fiidkiatioqi Pratirldha, Fnittration,Prithivt, the Godde« 
ol, 486. name of a portion of Earth, 08, 98, 108, 

PMnr,oneQtthep9ieatiy theKantlpa,442iioK. 20S;fMBarth. 

881, 888, 881. PkaUfiaTaa, a prinee^ Priyamedha, a^ 9ii^ 

Piower, peieonified, 81 487^ioli. 886. 

P^nlntio^ spiead oi; Pkatisnttaam » prinee^ Priyamedhae, 404,406, 
iOl. 487iio<«, . Piobe, raigioa], 439 

Ilidyalnb the. heafon Pdltieutvana, aoii ol nOe. 

oi heaTona, 888. the %boTe,.4^7 n^c Proeh|hapadaa, two liH' 

pkajipati, LordofCieaf PraTahlikAa, Enigiftati- nar ^r'^'^^*^, 866. 
tnree, 7, l^ 81» 84, eal Yenee, ^portion ProieotMr, tfae^ Afoi, 
17, 8146, 89, 64, ol theKl|nt4p% 448 808. 
66,67,69,70^71, iiole. Pforidenot. 888. 

ft, 70. 80^ 88, 87, Player, 18, 80, 87, 868, IWim Book o(, 800, 
101,108,149, 186, 870. . 814,880. 

/ |4«, 100, 178, 180,.-i^LDffd to, 101, 898. PmUrraiA, name of a 
191, 19i^ WJ, 896^ -^ - IkWa, 99,. ImuMrinaDiioii, |86, 

nmn op v am, nvo. 


Pinandht,Oodofwiidomqi7AunM^ the Thiee, RAmyA, a ^^^ «f 

or Plenty, 169, 870. 41 note. Night, 807. 

Puio(|4», a aaortfidal Quarters of the iky, Kathantaim, an import- 

rioe^)ak% 180, 848 80. 40, 78, 889. ant Saman, 62, 181, 

pJST M ^A'^ 0"^i«i<rfthe,40. 101, 186, 188, 189. 

Pmipa, old t«ditu». Batharv1,a«,eoleicC 

My low, 79, 191. lUoMoinM, 418. serpenl^ 10^^ 

Purifier, the Potar- B4dhas, Soooess, a li^ Baohi^a, adi^oght-do. 

priest, 881, 881. v j^ mansion, 266. moo, 801 437 

Powhitaof the God% B&hn, the demon of Baven, 12, 810. ' 
r^^' ^ipWb 143, 869. Real,th^l09,16OneSfc 

P«n»tepersoni8ed.861.IUibhf, a ritialistie Reality, 160 noi.. 
"ni(e), the ohief and Terse, 161. Reaping, 487. 

members of a tribe, Rain, personified, 180. Red God, the, Agni, 880. 

858, 380, 891 neie. Rain months, 189. Reed of gold, the, Agnl. 
Puruhanman, a Yedio Rains,the,9$,100,188^ 83. . ^^ 

^9«shi,IO0 859,864. Regions, the, 80, 84, 38; 

Piirukutaa,aprinoe,808.RaiTata, the name of a 41, 48, 78, 93, 868L 
Paruml4ha.Paramllha, Saman. 134 i,o«e. Religious stndy. 70^71. 

838,410. R4ianya,amanofthe notes. 

P^vas,ali^endai7 prinoely order, 198, Residue of saorifiosu 

King, 876 note. J63, 890. . deified, 70-78/^ 

Pnrudia^Pfirush^Pri. Rij^sfiya, • wUgtoo, Ra«>l„tion, per«»lfi«L 

a*l Man, Embodied ooionatlon-oeromony, 80. ' *"'*~"^ 

Bpirit, 64, 10, 89, 76 note. R^Ulnnaraeterism. 

84,83,106.198,868.R|jayakshma, pulmo- 866, 867 noteL 
Pwusha^6^ the nary oonsomption. ReveUtion, peroonified. 

Purusha.Hymn,X.80 410 note. 188 '^•"^^^ 

of the Sigreda, 868. Raji,p,obaWyademon, rU oI; 186. 

'^' ^^- 9ibhns, the thiosu 8ri 

P8shan,aSun.God,giTerR4kshasas,demons,l00, 418,449.^ 

xa prosperity, guide 116, 894, 887, 371. Rio^ 66, 99, 118. 

of travellers and of Rakshas-kilTer, a title RioeHsake, 180 
^escmlsofthedead, of Agni, 411. ?ioh, ?ichas,* saor^l 

72. 188, 163, 160, Ram,th^Ind,u,870. ^r«L(^^ 

i;^lioJ?•.!^^^^^'^^'•»^ 78,79.190,264:818: 

pJIvlI; ' ,>"^ Riches,Lo«iof,Ind».47. 

'^•'Jl j""'" **^. ?•»«"• the Assyrian Ri^t, 64. 74, 98, 10^, 

9mfH9, Air-Qod, 5^3, • 190, 806, 208. ^ 

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figrecU. minor referen- 
«M to the, 11 15, 

S8, 41, 46, 50, 51, 
60, 63, 78. 79, 99, 
li»5-107. 110, 135, 

• 140, 14S.I49, 151, 
153, 155, 156, 159, 
161, 16i, 167, 168, 
171, 174, 191 201, 
S04, 210, il5nl7, 
219-330, 333-247, 
350, 351, 253^ 355- 
358. 331-36^ 365, 
370-373, 375, 393, 
398, 307, 309, 316, 
. 317,330;«iiGeiieiml 
List of 9> y. H jmiit 
.and Venei. 

BajifTaa, a fMous wor- 
shipper, 339. 

^ibnuM, a okn of 
tuDoful spinte, 334. 

ypanrJiaya, Kiofof 
the BufMiiai, 433 


Kitus, SoMomi. 381. 8ach1, Might, perwmi- 
lUvora, ponoui6od, 73, fied as lodra's Con- 

271,378. sort, 158, 376. 

Robber, 304, 307, 308. Saored Books of the 
Bohipt, Dawn, 117; a East, 43, 53, 55, 56, 

lunar asterism, 366. 
Bohita, a form of Fire 
146, 148-151, 153, 

68, 109, 111, 113, 
116, 135, 140, 193, 
195, 201,358, 283» 
28i, 396, 318, 356. 

fishKeX <» Sit «^. ftSt 
55, 56, 63, 87, 89, 
99, 106, 203, 311, 
337, 239, 330, 248, 
25<^ 269, 291, 39^ 

— Orsat,76. 

— 8e?en,th^20,36, 

fisUs' Childm, 130, 

|ttta,Uw,Order, Bight^ 

Bohitas^ hymns to Bo- 414 mete. 

hits, 143 note, 281. Saorifioe, personi^ed, 
Bope with Fangs «- 30, 29, 46, 56, 93^ 

serpent, 304. 187. 191, 193, 374. 

Bozbaigh,I>r.W.(Flora— chief element in 

Indica), 443. creation, 117. 

Both, Prof. TOO, 143^ -^— of Purusha, f^U 

340, 3^8, 403. 365. 

Bojal BitCb 76. BesUoeo^ deified, 

Bnyaltj, persoi^ed, 75-78. 

.193. —heavenly, the typo 

Bndra, father of the of earthly, 135. 

Maruts, 57^0, 67,'—^ — typifying and origt* 

71, 75, 109ki 127, nating creation, 143« 

154, 156, 189, 190, of, 1, 2, 4, 5. 6, 7, 

' 196, 323, 371, 313^ nights, 77. 

381, 411. «— -Htf twelve days,et0v» 

Dogs of, 6a 77. 

Bndras, Mamts, 30, 73, monthly . Anoes- 

103, 269, 371, 273| tial, 256. 

276,277,413^443. —-^natuna phenomena 
Biga, perhaps a name connected with, 381* 

of the Son, 301 - — -ship, 40a 
Buma, a prince, 435. — — •« thraad, 152, 43K 
B6pak&s,beaatifal Ape*' Sacriacer, wife assodaU 

arases, 86. ed with, 1 10-130, 343, 

Bttfama, a prince, 435. 388, 4ia 
Bttfamas, a people, 431 -.—wife and child as^ 
sociatod with, 411 

woxx or VAMis, ira 


fiacnficial animsls, W. Simaveda, 61 76. 71 ^aUpatbvBrahmavi. 4, 

cord, 68, 69, Sambara. a drought- 24, 35, 43, 53, 94, 

—enclosure. 337. 381 fiend. 351, 353, 446. 101 111.113, 192, 

^fees, $e€ Dakshipl Samson, 147 uoie. 239, 251, 4U 

^ 108. Samvatsara, the Year, Satandani, ofoed with 

grass, 285, 368; 159 irote. a hundwd rice-mesa- 

Mi Sacred Grass. Saikkalpa, BesoIutioD es, 42. 45, 54. 

implements. 201 penonified, 80. Sattn^aptotiactedSoma 

po»t(s).98,99,238,Sa6kasuka, Agni the ceranony, 76, 151. 

Ul, 371. 398. Bwake^up, 104. 298. 

-. session, 76. Stokh4yana^|ihya Satya, T^th, Bealitr 

WcUn^goestohea- Siitca, 1G8. 159 aol«. . 

ven, 41 Sansa, Prsise personi- Saritar, the Sun as Im- 

«adinvM fiffpias, 205. fied, 370. peUer, riTlficr, 18. 

^hyat^krt, a certain Sanskandha, riieumatio 23. 35, 41, 64 72 

one-day saeri$ee, 77. pain. 291 * * 

EAdhyas. ^ dass of Siunami. messenger or 

.Gods, 49, 51 264, hound of India, Daw^ 

*W. or monnng j^reeie, 

Sage, the one highest, 229, 394. 

*•• SarapyA, wife of Viras- 

SihniUrAtras, certain vin. 216.235. 231 
rdigiouscereuKwies, SarasTatt, rirer and 
^^' CJoddess, 81, 174, S&ys^^. 41 44 133 

fakra. the mighty, Ii>. 176, 203, 233, 272, 146, 157. ' 
dia, 98, 334, 3?9, 288,428. ' Scent, thechaimoteristSo 

393,399,421. Sarra. aOodoonneoted of earth. 96, 

fakula, a smaU fis^ with Bha^a, 4. 57, Schennan,Dr.J..9.11 
„ t^\ W, 67, 78, 75. 132, 29, 31, 34, 38, 41 

9akuni. a bin) of ill 129. 190. 68. 71 85, 142. 262. 

^pmen.l2aele. 9wyMHn. a district 265.311.311 * 

9lkTam.aS4man.l34 and lake, 361 Sdndiah. IfahAiijah. 

Jl^*. 9a*akarpa,a^i.447. hjssupentitiousfear, 

9akvart(s),S4maTefses.l^tabhishak, a iMniir 111 

^^' ^^' HMmsion, 266. /Scorpion. 16 100 

fl4ma,S4man(s).20,39, 9atakfatu.LoidofHun.Se^40lnc<^ " 
30, 34, 54, 61 76, dred Powers, India, Seas, penonified. 71 
79, 151. 16... 186. 167, 337. 373. ^S^mT^ 
m, 190. 364, 376. 430, 431 -^-^ tlw, 38», ^ 

101117, 131 151 
154, 161-163. 165, 
168-171. 173. 176. 
178. 180. 181. 221 
234. 238. 240. 267, 
371, 283; 287, 288, 
301. 303, 306, 308, 

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ixraz or XAMn, no. 

SaMOo-Locda, 74. Swen pHeate. 411. Simiook. 167. 

Smmnm. «4, M. 4*1 — «»y« o' *•»• ''•^ """• *•'*'* •*• **• 
•S M. T4, T», M, W. W9, Ml. ^poiiWim«ito»,48». 

J-0™ol. «4. 61, »5. 61. 68, TS. »». Stadhu. th« Indu* 96, 
.^^?W7.sW m.t69.i70.l77, 167. m »00, »49. 

^ y^„^^ 93^ ...^Biven, 46, 3S4, ffindut. 9» nod. 
*W189. 3*»t »*l- SingWooted, the, the 

"•^^ ^ Suns, 161. Siw(t),ii»meofat4iii. 

iu»«nt/ftV 14.17. SB. Titi^l •i'^ ^•^^ » ^^ *'^ *'*• 

flMmimi, no. 146, Smii4i6id«i, bymii, Six expwitat, 78, lOB. 
8fta45B. 401. 160. 

,M. Shft4Ti6#»Bf4hiiiii^ mlint, regioof, 

ibMidicfUtfoli, US. 
401 noli. ' Sbatp, 413. 

Cilitt^fil Bif«n, Shtller, 813, 419. 

45 40S. Bbip, 366, 3^8. -^ 

«_!U»mimitiii» 411. — •i^orliU)e,109,408.SUfp. penonifirf, 303, 
«._disUii06% 46, 46. — liwittX 396 noO. 304,313,314. 

401. 396 noli. Snikkai, 16, 16, 74, 87, 

fl'amrttmf— -^ 8lio4a«k nami 

j^ 3W. erifioa, 77. 

.--Floodi9 46,46. Siok^lW. 
a hoffMi o# Um Sun, Signrand, 47. 

144, 146, 309, 366, Sigufd, 936. ?^.!f^, 150 

347 SIkni one, th^ Agnl Snow, Hilb oC, 169, 

— .iiUti, 401 -ali. of Uia fan«a pUi^ 3»M^ ^l** ««a 
„^l,^„ t^l 104. Sobhwi a ¥itbi, 138. 

^..^BMllMolBribit- 9iinid4f»f«m*l«dtmoii8ol^^ Song, 317, 
pall, 399. oldiMMO^m. .368. 

134, 817. 
Skj, pmoDiftad, 30i, 


ol a ■»- 100 ; «ii Serpentt. 
SoiUka, a finiahod lo* 
Ugious amdmitillB 

ufDBZ or HAMn, sra 


Soma, 4, 8, 18, 10, 23, Sphinx, riddle of the, Strabo, 181. 

26,40, 46, 65, 70, 146. Strength, penonified, 

78, 74, 81, 112, Spies of Gode, 216,117. 196. 

115, 120, 124, lis, —of Night, the Stan, Son of. Agni, lio, 

136, 144, 159-161, 304. 415, 416. 

164, 169, 171, 188, Spirit, 78, 309. String of eNeriflee, 40. 

196, 108. 140, 157, Spirits, world of. 111. Saoh-an-ooe,' i/.ori^^ 

165, 170, 174, 176, Loid of, 75. 105. 

177, 179, 181-183^ Spring, 98, 188. ^nohi, mid-Maj to mid- 

2S99, 316, 450. months, 188, 189. Jane, 188. 

—the Moon, the food ^riUldba, repast in Sodis, a oelebnkted king, 
of Gods and Fathers, honour of the De- 163, 3H, 413 nelc 
160. parted, 101. S4dra, 1, 105, 163, 318. 

•—.exhilaration pro- ^rilTapa, mid^ulj to ^nkra, mid-June to 
duoed bj drinkiog^ mid-August, 189,166. mid-Jolj, 188. 
372. Sravishfhas, a lunar Summer, 98, 188. 

— and SuiA (wineX asterism, 166. ^months, 188, 189. 

husband and wif^ l^iingaTfish, name of a Sun,^Sun-Qod, 13, 15, 
191. man, 313, 314. 18, 35, 37-39, 41, 

— - king, 181. Srotrijra, a 1 earned 47, 66, 70^ 94, 101, 
Sovoerer(s), 1, 4, 5, Brilhman, 9, 193. 

301, 301. Sruva, a small saorifi- 

Soul, the Supreme, 41 dal ladle, 149. 

not4. Stall, the home of the 

- — the Uniyersal, 161 Maruts, the air, 398. 

naU. , Stars, 190. 

--— theiiidifidual,161 Stedfast ngions, 111, 

wu. 196. 

Southern fire, 191. Steed, the Budd/, the 
-^.-region, abode of Sun, 365. 

133, 140, 141, 145, 
146, 160, 161, 153, 
156,159, 164,190, 
193, 197, 109, 116, 
132,151^163, 166, 
169, 171, 179, 184, 
309,310, 314,350, 
374,384,413, 416, 
435, 450. 
—regarded as a hoa- 

Yama, lOi, 111 Steer, the Strong, the tile power, 156. 
Southems,Fathen,148, chief, m BulL «— — and Moon, 61, 63^ 

149. Stega, a Irord of un- 71, 159. 

SpeanoftheMaruts,381. known meaning, 153. Sfinfiti, Pleasantaess^ 
Speech, 104, 449. Stoveneon, Dr., 149. aname of Dawii,t66. 

— *the GoddeiM, 7. Stone, thunderbolt, 138. Suparptanillusotyperw 
—-Lord of, 136, 104, Stones, HeaTen and sonification, 14 mni%. 

445. Earth, 349. Supporter, the, 40^ 

Spenser, 1, 178. Storm, personified, 186. ^3, 316. . T 

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IKDW or KAMtt, »!«. 

l,g Soy&imn. iMM ot » nty, w. 

IlK?» S^STfoodoirer^ltolWl. P«h||P. ^ 

_^for w«H, ,,^ „e ,43. ToDpMt^Tods, »*> 

SUA. «plrit««» Mqttor, ol»m.tloa, »6. W7, T« ««»«. -— ^ 

iortitaton of -orl- 1«» *»<«• ^ L.««,.tU. US 

»A !?*«-« B 13 otwllp.e.MSiw«*. Ten.«ngeripMM«gJ« 
SArra, the ana, 5. i'» «" "wp^t t«,-» sm 

855, »W, 8»7. iU, "«• TbouL.AAiy*' j«»n.«y. 

41I.4».4W.4». 8jrj«U^~JJ^ - „^ 

DMgbtw. 8««irgbt, 97iT«k^ "f* ** * vTiO* 

«m. Mi. W. 44t Ta««'»*-*'"'''^ ZI«m^ «4. 
ftUi«,SS9. BrttB»^ I. •». jj, 

Threto hearcot, SC, 43, 

— lightt, W, S37. 

MAtarifrant, 884. 

-Qiialiti«t, 41 noU. 


—Soma Tetielt, 43 k 

— 'Stridet oC Vkhpu, 
91, 449. 

— ^ Sims, 881. 

«— -Bjllablet of wor- 
ship, t50. 

— TAulta of hoaven, 

Three^And-thir^ Dei- 
ties, 38, 81, 818, 
330, 367. 

threefold Waters, 384. 

Three-peaked Hill, 8(H>. 

Marati, 404. 

Thuoder, perMoified, 

Thnoderbolt, penoni- 

— — •> aacrifice, 886. 

Tiamat, the great 
Dragon of Chaldean 
tradition, Z5Z naU. 

Tiger, 100, 10^ 398. 
808, 808. 

Tigers, two fires, 108. 

Time^ personified, 148^ 
309, 810. 

Tiraf^iHlji(sX name of 
asnake, 16,17. 119. 

TiUns, 61, 371 note. 

Trsdiiion, porsonifiedf 

l2fl>BX OF XAMBS. BT& 

Trasadasyu, Terror o^ 

Daayiis. a Caoioiis 

king, 358. * 
TreasnroHshest, tbe 

heart, 10,11. 
Trikadrukas, three 

Soma ycssels, or three 

days of a Soma cere- 

TrikiiVs a three-peaked 

mountaiu, 300 nnt4. 
Triple-footed, the. an 

cMman with stafl^ 

146, 153. 
Trishandhi, ■% batUe- 

loring demon, 87-91. 
Trish(np, one of. the 

obief Vedic metres, 

3'i7, 379, 831, 333. 
Trita, an ancient deitj 

of the atmosphere ; 

also mid to be the 

name of a '^iM; 

^Iptja, 314, 418; 

431 ; see Aptya. 
Tritsos, name of atribe^ 

888 Hole.' 
Truth, 36^ 118, 141, 

—-'Son of, ludrn. 40.1. 
Tugrya, Bbnjyn son of 

Tngra, 416.' 
Tunrafa, the eponymns 

of a tribe, 359, 435, 

Tarratas, 385 mote. 
Tsnrayipa, the name 

of a King, 389. 


Tunrlti, a hero aided ' 

by Indra, 355. 
Trashtar, tbe eelesttal 

Artificer. 64, 73. 81, 

83. 106, 118, 169. 

170, 316, 315. 331, 

371, 316, 363. 
TwelTc^y sacrifice 77. 
Twenty-eightfold, tbo 

lunar month, 365. 
Twic^bom, regenerat* 

ed by inTestitnrt. 3iO. 
Twioe-ten kings, 889. 


dta's horfee^ the chief 

and. prototype of 

hnrseSf 437« 
Uchdihishfe, the Resi- 
due of Saorifics^ 75- 

Udgitar, prieat chanter 

<rfSlma hymns, 76. 
Udnmbara, the Gk>> 

meroQS Fig tree, 387, 

Uktfaya, a certam 8ub4 

ceremony, 77. 
Unborn, the. the Sao; 

the Creator, 83, 41, 

134, 373. 
UniTcree^ Architect of 

the, 101 noU. 
Upabhfit, one of the 

sacrificial ladles, 348.' 
UpahaTya, an cbUticn, 


tpcstisee, 362.^ 

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tirOBZ or 9AMMM, Bta 

tJpaTmktart Diitoloff; TaifradeTl, Um Bntk. 

oiM of tkt priatli^ mmniT Cow, ISO. 

916 noli. VaifHoaca, Dtftrtoall 

Ur?mft aeelobratod men. a title of Agni, 

ApMiaa. 376 iioCa SO, S9. 94, ISS, S06, 
UfaniorUfaaisKATTa, 908. 

IndfA'a fritnd, 943, Yaiija, a maa of tbo 

993. , third oaato, 86t. 

Oabaa, Dawn, 3^ 38» yaitlna^&t^^ a tmt- 

39, 137, 199, 14(^ ise on ritoal, 116, 

904, 966, 979; «M 308. 
. Dawn. Vaitaetata, ioo of Vi* 

ioonwMioi; 904. Taavin, Mann, 997 

UalHuli,ayodieMiti% noli. 

979. Yljapeja, an important 

monJ OoTornor of 

- 30, 91, 93^ 40, 49, 
70, 79. 119. 116, 
119, 191, 137, 151, 
164, 163, i;0, 171, 
179, 187, 193, 196, 
907, 917, 919. 999, 
993, 996, 238, 9i6, 
967, 969, 968^71, 
974, 976, 977, 979, 
301, 316, 404, 417, 
419, 496, 439* 

YarooaaS&iTa, tho 
Siin43od, 146, 366. 

Urij, iathir of tho Soma oeremon/, 76. Tail, a bfmnu) oow, a 
J^tiahi KakahlT&n, TIk, Spoooh, 968^ 449.^ oow. 190 1 

Uttaril Todi, tho 
thorn altai^ 99 iMlf. 

TiCBAiPATi, Lord of 
Speodi, «136, 137, 

Tala,oaTo, hollow o1oad,^Mluit>. 9l •aorifieial 
pononifiod as a oiolamation, 14, 136, 
dronght^lomon,986, 166, 197. 
398, 339, 333, 346, Tadsh^ha, a gnat To- 
349, 361, 399, 409. dio ^iahi, 938, 318, 
Va]aga,anoiiionaohann, 368, 494. 
4 noli. Taudithaa, 399, 368, 

Yaau, Good Lord* 341, 
3ia 374. 

Tainjra, Pfitht ton of Vlmadora, a Yodie 91- 

Vona,448. ohi, 938. 

TairAja, tho namo of a TAmadoTTa, tho namo 

SAman, 187, 189. of a SAman, 187- 

Yair«pa,ditto,187,189. 189. 
Yairdpat, a pcioat^ la* Yanaapati, troo; wood- 

mil/, 996. on poatlo; aaorifioial 

YaiiAkha, mid-April to poat; 119, 116. 

mid-Majr, 1 88. Yangpda, a domon,339. YAta, Wind poraonifiodt 

Yalifadont NiTid, a Yarana,aplantnaod in 16,61,73,186,971; 

bymntothoAll-Ood^ inoantations, 11-14. «iiYAjn. 

98 mote. Yarooa, Enoompaptor; Yataa, a Yedio |tiahi, 

Yaifndovt,aTomad- originaUj tho Starry 446,447,449. 

diowod to tho All- Hoavon ; an anojont YAjraaa, namo of an 

Qodi,106. YodieOod,tMohiof andont prinoo, 997. 

Yaaui, a dam of Qoda; 
103, 964, 969, 971, 
979, 976, 977, 439, 



ja, 366fioM. 
Veda, 37. 
—-tho proaoval, 

Yedaa, 30 fiole. 

YAyo, tho Wind Cod, VimA, a kind ^ Into, YlWamanaa. « Yodio 
41. 90,111,164,160, 440 note. Vi^hi. 379 noK. 

!?f' llt'JJ!}'V!' ^'^^ "^ riTor Bd^ YifvAfliitfa, a l^mbn. 
971, 976-978, 983, 174. YodioBidii.98.174. 

999, 399, 391, 449. Yiper, 16-17. ^I^mST 

YAyya, TarWU,orSat. VirAj, k divine beings YiavAmitme, 916, 964. 
jaararaa, eon of Ya/- the produot of epeoo- YifvAvaitt, diiof of tho 
lation, 3Q, 66, 69, 70, GondUrrAe, 177. 
83, 138, 166, 191» Yifr* DoTai, AHGod^ 
31 196, 964. or Ukiitonal God% 

YirApa, a deecendldit 66, 106, 130, 180^ 
^ , - ^ Angiima, 996. 968, 977*979, 996. 

Yeda, a hunoh of gsiue Vifikha., ono of tho Yital Ain^ LmthfogL 
needinaaorifio^319 lukiara«t«fjema,96t. 10, 90, 197« 
«•«. YiealyalfA, a thoOtlfig YivaevAn, Brilliant, tho 

VedAnta,7i.o«<. paSn, 800. Son; aeaorifioer; 99, 

YedAnti8ta» 7 note. Yidikendha, a rheiuna- 916, 91(^ 999, 994. 
Yedl, fire-kooeptaolo, tie pain, 999. 996, 939, 938, 946l 

altar, 941, 991 wm. YidipU, Worfceror P^ 969, 397, 337, 376. 
Yodieohe Studien,' 16^ tador; h foiln of the Yl*, toOaianft nnknOirlL 
Son, 19, 37, 49, 78, 76. : ^ 

94, 190, 147, 174, YiAt/a, a diiof of a 
196, 909-919, 994, band of Noi-eon. 
937, 968, 969, 971, fdnniit li^An WAo- 
363, 409, 417, 491, detrn, 18W88, 199. 
^^' 196, 197-199, 981. 

three atridee YpahAkapAjft, wile oi 

328, 360» 396, 464; 

m Geldoer, Pieohd. 
Yena, the Morning Sun, 

909, 946. 
——a prinoe, fathor of 

Prithh 448 no<c 
Yictor, it pHreoniAoa- 

tion, 86. 

of, 19, 37. 

BJMorifioe, 414. 

Yibhfdaka, atKoWhOee 
.note were need as YiahAtanorYidinyAn, 
diee, 999 note. the day in the mid« 

Yidhartar, SnppOitor, die of a aaoiifiolal 
SArya or Soma, 40. eeedon, 78. ' 

Yiklindu, eome itn- Yiffajit, the name of a 

knowb dieeaae^ 191. one^j laorifioe, 77. Y^trfa, YTittte, thodiief 
Yiliptt, one of a daee Yifrakarman, OmniAo^ and other dteoneof 

ofoo#a,196^ ArohiteotofthoUnl^ 

Yimada, an andent term, 101,136,136^ 
9iehi,449. 977,978,316. 


YrithAkapi, 430. 

YfidiAkapi, Ifdo or 

•trong Ape^ laid to 

be Ittdfa'g eon, 49S* 



of Book IX., 433. 

dronghi; ^ 

396, 397, 398, 336^ 

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nn>n or utAMm, ivo. 

SdS-355, 857. 85S, Wettoni ngifm. rnM WamMi, the Waton 
361. 364, 376, 188. by Soms. 111. oallad, 54, 55. 

894. 403. 416, 417, White-foot, ao Arrow attend feetiTals.480. 

437. 446. 447. perMiiifled. 80. 90. — evU ipirite thai 

.▼fitnrdayer, Iiidra.87, White Hone. ^ Sua, beeet, 41 1. 411. 
91. Ill, 311, 314, 448. ' Woidt. play opon, 846. 

319, 386, 841. 870, Whitney. Piol, 114, Worid^neatoft, 51. 55, 

878. 405, 407, 418, 157. 868. 99, 148, 150, 176. 
416, 418. Wide^trider, Indra aa 

Sftiya, 411. the Sim, 391. Yaoo. ehief of a Yedier 

Tyaosa. a demon of W|d3we, aooieat one- tribe, 359, 449. 

darfcneeaanddvooght, tooi regarding. 136. Tadna, 385 note. 

817. — ^marriage of. 136. Yajfi&yajfliy», the name 

Tyaffa. a Tedto fishi, Wife, euprema^of, 168. of a Siman, 187-189. 

879, 448. Wild aee, 431 not4. Tajonreda, 79,191,311. 

—boar, 100, 4(^. Tajna, laoriAoial text, 

WA£Lii,H.W.,171.391. ^bnll, 340. 897. . 19, 30. 74, 76. 98, 

Wanderer, the, India m an, 306. ; 188, 190, 164. 311. 

aa the Son. 884. Wllaon. Prof. H. H., TlLjy&. a eoneeoraUng ' 
Wateir% 18-11, 18, 17, 107. 161, 161. 164, eaorifidal ▼efee,l97. 

45, 70, 78. 75, 101, 165. 168, 118, 110, Tama, the King of the 
. 174, 181.187,191, €ipa$iim. Departed, 11, 18.40, 

196. 1«8. 101, 151, Wind. penoni6ed, 13, 71, 75. 101. 108, 

159, 160. 171. 177, 18. 47. 66. 141. 198. 

178, 197, 800, 801, 188. 439 ; $$€ YAta. 

854. -' WbAJQod, 41, 160; 

■■ freera from dn and $m Vita. Tiyu. 

defilement, 101. VHne, penonified, 191. 
.—-Boll of the, 101. Winter, oold of. 100. 
— ohadofthe. Agni, monthe, 189. 

1^6, 171, 199. Winten, $$$ Hnndred 

«r— Dame of the^ 116. winter*. 
■ 8 e rin 6fthe^6a Witohoraft, 11,89, 169.< 
WeaTing.8i. ——embodied, 1-5. 

Weber, Pkol ▲., 161, Witoheiy, 8, 5. 164. * 

164,167, 168,170, Witohe«, dwelling 01,1. TamI, Tama'e eiater, 

171, 178, 175, 181, Winid, 5. 115-118, 131. » 

188, 185,186,158. Woman, the fiiali 115 TamnnI, the rirer 

H5, 167, 41^ 448. mm. Jumna, 445 nelt. 

105, 107. 110-111, 
119,115,131, 154, 
181,196.108. 104, 
115-118. 111. 114. 
117, 119-184. 138, 
141,143, 145.146. 
150. 151. 153. 154, 
157, 179, 318-815, 
343,389. \- 

— the fint who died, 
115, 138, 141. 

I Doge of, 119. 

mrax or VAinHi. na 


Y^eka. 98 166, 408. Year, the, pereonified, Y4pa. aaerifieial atako^ 
Yatit,araoeofaioetiea. 14,74.159. * 99,. U6. 

29, 316, 368. Ymir, SoandinaTian 

Yltua, efU epirite, 19 World-Giant, 163. 

nole. Yoke, symbolioal of 

Yitttdh4Qat,demonaor agrionlture, 166 

•oroeren, 11, 801, noli. 

408,418. Yoke, drawing through Zone, •aorifictal eoid. 

Year, the, 198, 35 nol*, opening in, 167. 69. 

Zaua, 358. * 

Zimmer, Prof. H., 19S, 

117. 181, 136, 804, 


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Tift m. Hm SftftarbatiiiMviindiMbtij 
« TIL • iMtof ttti«lfl«^ib«iidl«iiiifiifeH<bot)feMyoLII.pwU»,ik0to) 

tnndatod bj Frof . Aafrwht b Ittdiidiii ISbidSM, L pp. 1S1-440L 

Bain-Goda (m6 ^Y. V. «S-e9), add tbiir iBflarate M mmIi ii 
proUU J ref errwl to in Uiis and th* prwuding atenaa. 

• ffl • Iff nNH< GrAhi /n- OrAht 

» 0S • 4 from below iMd <?nfJU for {TrMI 

» 96 • V7 read thooaaad-ajad ftt hviidrad-^fid 

» 100 * 18 read gotd-ooloorad fpr gold ooloorad 

» Itl • 6 of notaa imtert, b after ISl 

• S05 • ff from below, after ^O.^ldiAko A. HilIablri)Mlt»Tara|^«ad]Ci^ 

pp.88— 90. 
» MS * 6 rwi oreepiiig thing /n* aavarad part 

• ... • 8 of note mOiiUuU A$ U win m crup im g ikUg: 

•HMUani (Uterally, teatieoktiM), appaaring to I 
tha & P. Lasieoii, a amaU inaaoti 

• S68 • at the and of the laat note «U [The traadatfodp ^Uka pli«aing ia- 

aaote' biiaa and hum* la maailtatly wroog. tha ralriiD, aa it 
atanda* ia hopelew ; «ad it will ba baal^ perhaps to adopt BUooa- 
fiald'a oo^jeotural loading jNfMT iaataad of MtMT (Owtribatiooa to 
Interprotetion of the Veda, Seoond Sariaa, p. lOX add traaalato 
'Uka ipuatulaaof tha Apaohite;' that mat the lafga add hard . 
tumoura paaa a way like the amaUar add aoftar aerofolooa awattiop^ 

• 9«a • 14 after TAtudbAnaa<iMin Tour ba>b of valfiffnlpowar with Tamd 

hath allied itMll and jw^ 8, marUdg a aaw ateaii^ to HaN^ 

• 804 • lOfwoifDnmkSn/arTrOatad 

» 808 • laat of notaa read (MiU lor (MM 

• 807 • 6ofnoteafiai{OiAhi>br€k«hl 

» 814 • 8, 6 nAtiUaU If from a tcaa that Iralt hath fdlaa dowawaid, if 
aught from air, that tari^jr ii Tljrtt. (Baa Baarad Books af th« 
Eaat, XXX. pw 188). 

• 888 ■ 7 of notaa rmi rain-oloiid fof rain 

• 889 • 19 raMl OdUii >br OfAhl 

« ... • Uat of notaa read <7r4Ai for tiMAI 

» 484 • 8 of notaa mil 81 /or 88 

• ... • 18 of note read Saparift lor AyMTfll^ 

• ... f 18 of note after aook; <Mir« Day and ]r||^;a«imd llaatt{ Mii 

AipamJf aa 

• ... # 18af BoteiliffSAjaddKlght; 

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I i from btlow read wkgkHthdf^ for mrtAgknukUk 

4 from Mow fWMl AfApilM /n* AfApdM 
rmtd Yujfu for Ywjnt 

5 from bdow mil the /n- toh. 
(F frtim ImIow rmd BwaMMnu ftr BnthhMiQia ^ ^ ^< 
% at notmriad hoDoriiiodlj for honorifloJilljr 
t from Mow f«Ml YaifftUiA ybr Ytifdilift 
brt of text mil tfAoa /n- IfAiM 
iMt of notrn, reod /ftf mi for /ftfiM 
IS, Iff, 17 ««a4 IfAnik /or IfAM 
S from bdow mil rdioi /n- rtUel 
19 fwuf vngMot /n* vnguml 
BombMr of pog% mil Siff >- ta 
SO fwuf no /n* b 

4 from bilow fwuf imteood /n* imtood 

5 after pr^M imri % fall itep. ^ 
10 After moa iM<rl • oomma / \ 
«frtimMowtf«r«oiboforoA.y. ! 
0, 14 nod AttoholiAi^franm /n* XJMbtifnmm, and 

iBdOK MOOffdilli^. 

i of aotet t9kd A mtkekmH > $rmmm lor imdUri f rin ma 
4 rMi AfvaUlm >- Afira|Um 











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